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List of Minor Legends

Below is a list of minor legends mentioned in the story.

According to the Makuta, Matoran legends were highly embellished and often based on trivial things. Krika claimed that in Matoran legend, every pile of rocks was a treasure, every Rahi bigger than a stone rat was a monster, and anyone who did not run away when thunder cracked was a hero of great courage.1

Kirikori Nui

It was said that in an age long past, the wings of the Kirikori Nui darkened the skies of Mata Nui and their ringing call drowned out all other sounds. As of story year 2002, the great insects were rare and spent their lives browsing at the edge of the Po-Wahi desert. The Turaga remembered the legends, however, and kept a watchful eye on the skies.2

See Kirikori Nui.

The Lava Rat and the Takea

There was an old Mata Nui legend about a horned lava rat from Ta-Wahi forced to ride on the back of a Takea shark to make it across a stretch of water. They were not very good traveling companions. The rat worried that the Takea would eat him, and the shark worried that the rat would burst into flames at any moment, as lava rats were known to do. It made for a very quick and very tense trip.3

An old Matoran legend told of an uneasy trip across water by a Takea shark carrying a lava rat upon its back.4

The Legend of Eternal Shadow

Toa Whenua and Toa Nuju both knew of the legend of eternal shadow, when the light of the Great Spirit would be lost. When the two suns above Metru Nui arced toward each other, they took this as a sign that the legend was coming to pass. When Metru Nui became engulfed in darkness and midday turned to midnight, and when the ground shook violently and the Coliseum started to crack, it was clear that the legend of eternal shadow had come true – the end of all was near.5

The Toa of Light

Most Matoran in the universe knew the legend of the Toa of Light. It had been around for a long time before Takua donned the Avohkii.6

See also Legend of the Seventh Toa.