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Story Year 2006

The Piraka Defect from the Dark Hunters

  • Before turning traitor, Vezok's last mission as a Dark Hunter involves three Turaga and an ancient tablet of some value. The mission is successful, but Vezok never returns with the tablet, meaning it must be hidden somewhere.[1]
  • Hakann hears a rumor that the Matoran are returning to Metru Nui, led by a group of Toa, and are planning to reclaim the city. This is surprising news, as everyone knows that their Makuta drove them out of the city and will not let them return. Reportedly, Makuta is dead and buried under rubble. Furthermore, one of the Toa is a Toa of Light, although the Brotherhood of Makuta has firmly stated for centuries that no such Toa could ever exist. Hakann has the idea to desert the Dark Hunters and loot Makuta's lair.[2]
  • Hakann tells Zaktan about Makuta's demise and his plan to loot Makuta's lair, although he does not mention the Toa of Light. Zaktan arranges for transport and insists that only he, Hakann, Avak, Thok, Reidak, and Vezok be involved, proclaiming himself as the leader. Leaving [Odina] without authorization is punishable by death, but all six agree that taking that risk is preferable to continuing as slaves of the Shadowed One.[2]
  • After centuries of stealing, burning, and kidnapping on behalf of the Dark Hunters, the Piraka decide to strike out on their own, guaranteeing a death sentence from their former employer.[2]
  • Six Dark Hunters defect from the organization and form a loose alliance called the Piraka.[3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]
  • After Vezok joins the Piraka, since the Shadowed One values the tablet slightly more than disciplining Vezok, he considers striking a bargain with Vezok when captured.[1]

The Piraka Loot Makuta's Lair

  • Still floating in Mangaia without a body, Teridax senses that the Great Spirit Mata Nui is dying. He knows that the Toa will soon realize this as well and that they will seek out the legendary Mask of Life to save him. He tries to think of a way to delay their finding it so that his ultimate plan can still succeed.[10]
  • Believing Makuta to be dead, the six Piraka travel to Mangaia to loot his treasures.[3, 5, 11, 7]
  • One month ago[2] Avak rows Zaktan, etc. through the silver sea toward Makuta's lair. Hakann retells the rumor he heard and reveals that one of the Toa with the Matoran of Metru Nui is a Toa of Light. This comes as a shock, as the Brotherhood of Makuta has dismissed the existence of a Toa of Light as impossible for centuries. However, they know that the Mask of Light is real, because they have seen it for themselves. Zaktan is inwardly pleased, since this means the prophecies from the fortress chamber are coming true. Zaktan says that this new rival to the Brotherhood opens up an opportunity for the six of them to become a new force in the universe. He proposes using the weapons and power found in Makuta's lair to carve out their own empire. Vezok points out that this makes them Piraka, as Ancient had once called them years ago. The six of them arrive at the entrance to Makuta's lair. Just above the water is a stone terrace leading to an ancient gateway clogged with stone. The Piraka get to work clearing away the debris, which is apparently the remains of a massive stone door.[2]
  • After an hour of digging, the Piraka find Makuta's broken suit of armor. The chestplate is crushed, the arm and leg armor is cracked in several places, and in some place it is little more than flattened metal. Only the Kanohi Kraahkan seems to have escaped damage. Checking if Makuta is still alive, Zaktan removes the mask, then sends his protodites through the cracks in the armor, searching for organic tissue. Instead, he finds no sign of organic material. The Piraka struggle to explain how this is possible, and finally Thok theorizes that maybe the Makuta had evolved beyond needing organics at all. Reidak claims the mask for himself, but as soon as he touches it, a pulse of dark energy hurls him against the stone wall. Reidak defiantly takes the mask by both hands and is pummeled with energy bursts. When he can take no more, he hurls the mask off the terrace and into the sea. The Piraka continue clearing the stone rubble away. Meanwhile, none of them notice wisps of green vapor hovering near the ceiling and the smoky tendrils drifting down toward them.[2]
  • During the raid, Reidak attempts to seize the Kanohi Kraahkan, only to be lashed with dark energy.[5]
  • The Kanohi Kraahkan is lost beneath the sea surrounding Metru Nui when Reidak attempts to steal it.[12, 13]
  • Teridax receives the answer to his problem of delaying the finding of the Mask of Life when six ex-Dark Hunters calling themselves "Piraka" come to loot his lair. Subtly influencing their minds, he implants the idea that they should journey to Voya Nui, rumored hiding place of the Mask of Life. Since the Piraka are thieves by nature, it takes little effort to convince them to go. Teridax also makes a few other suggestions, including the construction of a great crystal vat to house his energies on the island. In fact, Teridax does not actually believe that the Piraka, a collection of misfits, robbers, and brutes, will succeed in stealing the mask; he simply needs them to frustrate and delay the Toa, turning time into his ally.[10]
  • Makuta uses his powers to telepathically influence the Piraka to go to Voya Nui and seize the Kanohi Ignika.[13, 14, 11, 7] Of all the Piraka, only Zaktan has an idea of what is happening and why.[7]
  • When the Piraka finish clearing away the rock, they step into the lair itself. The place has been badly damaged; Rahkshi cylinders are shattered and kraata are slithering all around. Doors have been blasted open, and walls are scorched from shadow and light energy bolts. Avak discovers that an entire wall at the end of a corridor has been breached. They take care to avoid the pool of energized protodermis in the center of the chamber. At first, their search of the lair proves frustrating. All they find are notes on Rahi experiments, unfinished pieces of equipment, and other oddities.[2]

Vezon Is Created

  • A matter of weeks before Destiny War Chapter 5[15] Hakann finds a wicked-looking spear in the back section of the armory. While tinkering with it, Hakann accidentally fires a bolt of energy from the point of the spear at Vezok. Vezok falls over in agony, and an instant later, Vezok is lying on the ground groaning, next to another being who had not been there before. The new being gets up, muttering about how he and Vezok are one and the same, and how Vezok should be eliminated. He snatches up the spear and is about to fire it at Vezok, when he realizes it might create another one of him. Reidak pins the new being to the wall, and Thok notices that the shaft of the weapon reads Spear of Fusion. He realizes Hakann used it in reverse, splitting Vezok into two beings, the other one being a "vezon" (the Matoran word for "double"). The new being decides to take the name Vezon. Clearly deranged, Vezon says he needs to eliminate the rest of them to keep the secret that he is a half-being. Vezok throws himself at Vezon and wrestles him for the spear. Thok notices that Vezok's usual cold intelligence is gone, replaced with pure anger. Zaktan breaks up the fight, but Vezon manages to hold onto the spear.[2]
  • In Mangaia, Hakann finds the Spear of Fusion and, while toying with it, accidentally fires it in reverse mode at Vezok, unleashing a burst of energy which strikes him. This splits Vezok into two beings, the second being nicknamed "Vezon" (the Matoran word for "double").[3, 14, 16, 11, 17, 18] Being only half an individual, Vezon is hopelessly mad.[18]

Makuta Inspires the Piraka to Claim the Mask of Life

  • Suddenly, without knowing how or why, Zaktan has a profound realization: the reason the Piraka came to this place was to find the Mask of Life, a Kanohi mask of great power which is hidden elsewhere. Somehow he knows that the mask is hidden on an island far to the south, in a place of fire. The mask has been coveted for ages and is older than the universe itself. Zaktan takes this to be the opportunity he has been waiting for to enter into the Brotherhood of Makuta's plan. All of the other Piraka seem to have the same revelation at the same time. The Piraka start bickering over whether they should let Vezon come along; wanting to waste as little time as possible, Zaktan reluctantly agrees to allow it. Avak points out that the mask has been hidden for thousands of years, so there is no need to rush. Still, all of the Piraka feel that they need to make it its hiding place, the island Voya Nui, with best speed. None of them seem bothered that they now know the name of the island without ever having heard of it before.[2]
  • Vezon promptly betrays the other Piraka, steals the Spear of Fusion, and makes for Voya Nui in search of the Kanohi Ignika.[17]
  • Reidak starts wondering aloud why there are no guardians in the lair when an explosion disintegrates part of the lair and throws the seven of them against the wall. A massive creature emerges, which Zaktan identifies as a Mana Ko [Mana-Ko]. The Mana-Ko fires another blast which destroys the stone terrace where their boat is docked, cutting off their escape. The Piraka prepare to fight the beast, but Vezon is nowhere to be found, having taken the Spear of Fusion with him. Zaktan orders them to split up. Avak uses his power to imprison the Mana-Ko in a glass-like structure which reflects its blasts back inward. This appears to be working, until a second Mana-Ko blasts through the wall behind them. Avak's concentration is broken, and the other Mana-Ko is freed, trapping the Piraka between the two of them. Both Mana-Ko stop dead, as if waiting for them to make a move. Hakann waves his hand, and a Mana-Ko responds by firing a blast that blows a large hole in a side wall. Hakann figures that they react to movement. Vezok convinces the Piraka to make a dash for the new opening in the wall. He shoves Hakann out into the open as the rest of them make a run for the exit. Hakann dodges blasts from both Mana-Ko and tosses a broken piece of Makuta's armor to distract them, then manages to make it through the hole. The chamber the Piraka now find themselves in is a dead end. The pursuing Mana-Ko blast a hole in the wall, allowing the Piraka to escape.[2]
  • A bizarre chase ensues; every time a corridor ends in a dead end, the Mana-Ko obligingly blast a new exit in an effort to destroy the Piraka. The path turns into a steep and narrow incline. Soon Zaktan notices that the Mana-Ko have stopped advancing at the bottom of the incline, just watching even though they were close to eliminating the Piraka. A wall blocks the way up ahead. Zaktan, Hakann, and Vezok use their vision powers to bring it down, although it takes longer than expected. The Piraka go through the opening to find themselves in another world – the surface of the island of Mata Nui, at the Kini-Nui. They find the intense sunlight, tropical climate, and fresh air revolting. The Piraka appear to standing in the midst of a natural temple. A huge mountain towers over them, and carved into it is an image which Zaktan recognizes as the Mask of Light.[2]
  • Zaktan disperses into a swarm and floats up into the sky. He sees deserted villages in the distance, as well as pieces of wood and unfinished boats on the beach. There is no sign of Toa or Matoran, confirming the rumors that the Matoran of Metru Nui fled beyond the sky after the cataclysm and have now returned home. Zaktan supposes that the Mana-Ko were forced to stop short because Makuta forbade them from coming to the surface of the island, so as not to kill the Matoran he intended to rule. Zaktan also notices six Toa transport canisters arranged neatly at the base of the mountain, a perfect solution to the problem of getting to Voya Nui. Zaktan also comes with the idea of using the Toa canisters to help the Piraka masquerade as Toa to any Matoran who might be living on Voya Nui. Even if the Matoran do not remain convinced for long, it might buy them enough time to find the Mask of Life.[2]
  • Within the hour, the Piraka haul the Toa canisters down to the beach. Avak manages to figure out how they work and charts a rough course to Voya Nui with Zaktan's help (neither of them wonder how they inexplicably know the island's location). Zaktan reminds the Piraka to act like Toa once they arrive.[2]
  • The Piraka enter the canister. Hakann helps Vezok inside; then, when no one is looking, he uses his heat vision to weld the hatch shut, hoping to drown Vezok.[2]
  • Hakann sabotages Vezok's canister in a failed attempt to kill him.[19]
  • The Piraka leave shore, knowing that there is no turning back to the Dark Hunters, ensuring that they will be actively hunted down as traitors.[2]
  • As a result of the division, Vezok loses his ability to think strategically and comes to rely on brute force in combat.[11] Vezok is determined to be whole again one day.[18]

Vezon Arrives on Voya Nui

  • Vezon uses a Toa canister.[20]
  • Within the last month[21] Vezon is the first of the Piraka to arrive on Voya Nui.[21] Vezon travels to Voya Nui in search of the Mask of Life.[22]
  • Vezon is able to make it to the Chamber of Life and touch the mask itself, but at that moment he is cursed by its power.[17]
  • The Ignika fuses itself to Vezon's head and creates Fenrakk by mutating a Fenrakk spawn to a larger size. The mask fuses Vezon to Fenrakk and uses them as additional guardians. Vezon is condemned to remain the unwilling guardian of the mask, with the knowledge that as long as he possesses it, he cannot die.[23, 24, 17] Vezon wields the Spear of Fusion in this role.[16] Vezon finds himself fused to the Mask of Life and forced to remain its guardian. He is partnered with a monstrous spider, Fenrakk, and given two powers by the mask: the ability to see a limited time forward into the future, and the ability to absorb the kinetic energy of any blow directed against him. He was also granted immortality for as long as he wore the mask.[22]

The Piraka Arrive on Voya Nui

  • As the Piraka make their way to Voya Nui, Hakann sends a message to the Shadowed One through one of his agents, outlining their plan, location, and destination. This is in order to hasten the elimination of his companions and to gain favor just in case their rebellion fails. Without this tip from Hakann, the Shadowed One would not know where the Piraka were or what they were seeking.[25, 19]
  • Thok travels with the Piraka to Voya Nui but intends the entire time to betray them and steal the Mask of Life for himself.[6] From the beginning, he knows and counts on the fact that none of the Piraka trust each other. He makes alliances with each of the other five, promising to share the power of the Mask of Life with them, when he has no intention to do so.[26]
  • Avak is smart enough to sense from the start that something is not right with the Piraka's pursuit of the Mask of Life, but he never realizes that they are being influenced by Teridax.[27]
  • Usually cool on the outside, Vezok is (correctly) convinced that the other Piraka are out to get him. He particularly dislikes Hakann because of the Vezon incident.[18]
  • Hakann makes a secret alliance with Avak, but he already has plans to betray him and all the others and steal the Mask of Life for himself.[28]
  • The Piraka come to Voya Nui in Toa canisters seeking to steal the Kanohi Ignika, the Mask of Life.[29, 5, 20, 30, 21, 8]
  • The Piraka successfully invade Voya Nui, posing as Toa.[10]
  • Since none of the Voya Nui Matoran have ever seen a Toa in person, when the Piraka come to Voya Nui claiming to be Toa, most Matoran believe them. Only a handful question why Toa would be so nasty, destructive, and brutal.[31]

The Toa Nuva Learn That Mata Nui Is Dying

  • Following the return of the Matoran to Metru Nui, it is discovered that Mata Nui is not just asleep, but dying.[32]
  • One month ago Turaga Dume reveals that the Great Spirit Mata Nui is dying.[33]
  • Tensions grow between Dume and the other Turaga, since he has never needed to share his rule before. As crises mount, he grows short-tempered with the others. He finds it difficult to understand the close, personal relationship which the other Turaga formed with the Matoran they governed.[34]
  • Shortly after the return to Metru Nui, Dume tells the Toa Nuva that Mata Nui is dying and that they must travel to the island of Voya Nui to retrieve the Kanohi Ignika, the only item which can save his life. Dume dispatches the Toa Nuva to Voya Nui.[35, 36, 37, 38, 32, 39, 40, 41]
  • Takanuva remains in Metru Nui on guard by order of Turaga Dume.[42, 43]

Recent Dark Hunter Activities

  • In his most recent mission, Lurker makes an example of some bothersome Turaga, ensuring that their Matoran will keep quiet and continue to pay for the Dark Hunters' protection.[44]
  • Lurker is sent to investigate rumors that Makuta has been killed by Toa.[44]
  • The Dark Hunters send agents to stop the Piraka.[8]
  • Amphibax is on assignment off the coast of Voya Nui, keeping track of events there.[45] The Shadowed One's spies report on the Piraka's activity on Voya Nui, a place considered dangerous even for the Dark Hunters. For the time being, the Shadowed One waits for them to leave.[46, 47]
  • Ancient is teamed with Voporak in a search for the Mask of Time.[48]
  • Some Matoran laborers on Odina attempt to escape. The Shadowed One sends Charger to track them down.[49]
  • Conjurer attempts to absorb the power of a Brotherhood of Makuta member and overloads his own system. He becomes temporarily inactive, and it is unknown if he will reawaken.[50]
  • A dispatch from Dweller to the Shadowed One indicates that only Takanuva remains to guard Metru Nui. This suggests to the Shadowed One that soon may be a prime time to seize control of the strategically vital Metru Nui. The Shadowed One considers having Dweller take a more active role, strike at the Matoran, and prepare the city for seizure by the Dark Hunters. The Shadowed One gives Dweller the mission to track Takanuva and strike at him when he is at his most distracted.[51]
  • Eliminator is currently on an island waiting for a Dark Hunter to commit the sin of failure.[52]
  • The Shadowed One recently dispatches Firedracax to an island where there is reportedly a colony of Visorak. The Shadowed One expects, hopefully, that he will encounter operatives of the Brotherhood of Makuta as well.[53]
  • Gatherer last reports that he is on the trail of a mysterious third organization at play in the universe, besides the Dark Hunters and Brotherhood of Makuta. The Shadowed One eagerly awaits his findings.[54]
  • Gladiator is back in the arena on Stelt, this time as the Shadowed One's spy, investigating rumors that Sidorak's people are trying to reassemble the Visorak horde.[55]
  • Kraata-Kal gets into a fight with other Dark Hunters and must spend time recovering from his wounds.[56]
  • Kraata-Kal, recently recovered from his fight, is part of a team being assembled to capture the Piraka.[56]
  • Lurker has yet to return from his mission to investigate rumors that Makuta is dead, and his status is unknown.[44]
  • As he often does, Savage is overcome by madness and is confined to his specially prepared cell in the Shadowed One's fortress until he calms down.[57]
  • Sentrakh is active hunting the Piraka. He has orders to capture them or, if they prove troublesome enough, to eliminate them.[58]
  • Most recently, the Shadowed One dispatches Subterranean to meet with a tribe of Frostelus to discuss an alliance, believing that his ugly appearance will put them at ease.[59]
  • Tracker is employed seeking out a renegade member of the Brotherhood of Makuta who is in hiding from both his former comrades and the Dark Hunters.[60]
  • Lately, the Shadowed One begins to suspect that Vanisher may be working for the Brotherhood of Makuta as well, and he ponders how best to use that information. In order to test this suspicion, the Shadowed One dispatches Vanisher to the nearest Brotherhood of Makuta fortress to gather intelligence. He sends another Dark Hunter to spy on him, and a third to spy on both.[61]
  • The Shadowed One compiles a roster of his most valued and effective Dark Hunters for his own personal records, taking account of their current whereabouts. In case this record should fall into enemy hands, he uses code names for active operatives and omits those on sensitive assignments.[62] He includes entries for the six of the Piraka but has the seventh one, the one for Vezon, torn out and burned.[63]
  • Somehow, Ancient discovers for Voporak that the Vahi has been brought to Metru Nui.[64]

The Piraka Continue to Deceive the Matoran

  • The Matoran build the Piraka stronghold under orders from the six Piraka.[65] The Piraka stronghold is built by forced Matoran labor.[66] The Matoran build the Piraka stronghold for the Piraka before they realize the villains' true natures.[67]
  • The Piraka stronghold serves as the Piraka's headquarters on Voya Nui. It houses the crystal vat in which Makuta's energy form lurks.[66]
  • The Piraka build close to a dozen Piraka outposts on Voya Nui to defend approaches to their stronghold.[67]
  • Hakann casually vaporizes a herd of Kikanalo, explaining that they were "blocking his view."[19]
  • Avak and Hakann combine their elemental powers to cause a stone-lava monster to appear to emerge from inside Mount Valmai.[68]
  • Piruk learns much of the Piraka's plans by sneaking into the Piraka stronghold and eavesdropping on Zaktan.[69]

The Piraka Develop Zamor Sphere Launchers

  • Avak designs and builds the Zamor sphere launchers for the other Piraka.[70, 71] Avak is responsible for the construction of the zamor sphere launchers used in the invasion of Voya Nui.[27]
  • Balta helps steal one of the Piraka's Zamor sphere launchers.[72] The Matoran Resistance steals a zamor sphere launcher from Avak.[31] In an act of daring, Balta steals a zamor sphere launcher from Avak, enabling Velika to copy the design.[73]
  • In her most important moment of the struggle against he Piraka, Dalu single-handedly ambushes and defeats Avak.[70, 74, 31, 75]

The Piraka Enslave the Matoran with Antidermis

  • The Piraka use Zamor spheres filled with a small portion of Makuta Teridax's substance to take over the minds of the Matoran population on Voya Nui.[10]
  • Makuta allows his essence to be used in Zamor spheres to enslave the Matoran population of the island.[13] Zaktan creates these Zamor spheres filled with antidermis.[7] No one is aware that antidermis is Makuta's very essence.[76]
  • Dezalk is the first Matoran to be enslaved by Zaktan using antidermis. He is ordered to lure the other Matoran of Voya Nui into a trap so they can also be enslaved.[77]
  • Dezalk carries out his orders, and the Piraka use antidermis to enslave the Matoran of Voya Nui.[78, 77] The antidermis is in fact Makuta Teridax's essence.[79]
  • The Matoran Cliff Village is the site of the Piraka's ambush of most of Voya Nui's population.[80]
  • The Piraka enslave most of the Matoran, with those who remain forming the Matoran Resistance.[81] When the Piraka enslave the Matoran population with zamor spheres, only six escape: Garan, Piruk, Velika, Kazi, Balta, and Dalu.[31]
  • The Piraka easily take control of Voya Nui.[7]
  • One month ago[33] The Piraka seize control of Voya Nui.[33]
  • The Piraka allow six Matoran to escape and hide in the mountains.[10] They form the Matoran Resistance, hiding in the mountains and harassing the Piraka. Although far weaker than their enemies, they do have some successes.[31]
  • The Piraka begin their search for the Mask of Life (looking in the wrong place).[10]
  • The Piraka, initially believing that the Ignika is located somewhere inside Mount Valmai, put the enslaved Matoran to work draining the lava from inside it. At least one Matoran dies during this time by falling into the mouth of the volcano.[68] The Piraka try to empty the volcano Mount Valmai of lava, believing the mask can be found that way.[82] Some of the Piraka believe that Mask of Life can be found in the Green Belt and that its power has made the plants grow.[83]
  • The Piraka repurpose a caravan crawler into a war machine, partially cutting away its shell to make room for a battle platform with a multi-Zamor sphere launcher.[84, 85] The massive, ill-tempered creature is difficult for even the Piraka to control, as it is easily distracted by the lava streams of Mount Valmai.[85]
  • The Piraka build nektann to defend key points on Voya Nui.[86]
  • Nektann can be found in the Nui Caves.[87]
  • Thok and Reidak discover a Toa canister on another part of the Voya Nui beach, one that does not belong to the Piraka or the Toa Inika. The tracks leading away from it belong to Vezon. It is not clear where Vezon got this canister. This discovery means that Vezon found his way to Voya Nui ahead of the other Piraka.[2]

The Toa Nuva Arrive on Voya Nui and Are Defeated by the Piraka

  • The Toa Nuva travel to Voya Nui in Toa canisters, following the Piraka.[29, 20]
  • Less than one month ago The Toa Nuva arrive on Voya Nui in search of the Mask of Life but are defeated and captured by the Piraka.[33]
  • The arrival of the Toa Nuva comes as a surprise to the Piraka, if not to Makuta Teridax. Although it does not suit Teridax's plans to have the Toa Nuva killed on Voya Nui, he nonetheless enjoys their defeat at the hands of the Piraka.[10]
  • Avak joins the other Piraka to fight the Toa Nuva and Toa Inika.[70]
  • The Piraka encounter and fight the Toa Nuva on Voya Nui.[5, 41, 30, 7]
  • During the Piraka's initial fight with the Toa Nuva on Voya Nui, Reidak is able to break one of Lewa Nuva's air katana.[88, 38, 5, 89]
  • Avak battles the Toa Nuva alongside the other Piraka, at one point imprisoning Kopaka Nuva.[27]
  • It takes the power of three Toa to temporarily defeat Reidak. What the Toa do not realize is that Reidak has the ability to adapt to any defeat, so he cannot be beaten the same way twice.[89]
  • Vezok fells Onua Nuva with a final blow, ending the initial battle with the Toa Nuva.[11]

Jaller Organizes a Strike on Metru Nui

  • The Toa Nuva have disappeared.[90]
  • Jaller grows angry at what he sees as the Turaga's reluctance to share information and calls a citywide strike.[90]
  • Finally, Turaga Nokama breaks ranks and tells Jaller that the Toa Nuva were sent to find the Kanohi Ignika in order to save the life of Mata Nui.[90, 91]

Jaller, Takanuva, and Others Head toward Voya Nui

  • Shortly after the Matoran have returned to Metru Nui, Jaller assembles a team of five other Matoran – Hewkii, Nuparu, Kongu, Matoro, and Hahli – which leaves Metru Nui in search of the Toa Nuva. Nuparu has to leave before getting a chance to study the salvaged Exo-Toa armor. The position of Chronicler is left open with Hahli's absence.[92, 93, 94, 95, 90, 96, 97, 91, 98]
  • Less than one month ago Six Matoran led by Jaller search for the Toa Nuva.[33]
  • Takanuva joins Jaller and company.[43]
  • Jaller leads his team of Matoran on a dangerous expedition from Metru Nui to Voya Nui in search of the missing Toa Nuva.[99]
  • After Jaller's departure, Pewku is not adopted by a new owner, although she befriends Kapura.[100]


  • One week ago[101] A ship from Xia lands on the southern coast of Zakaz, unloads some cargo onto the sand, and leaves. The cargo later disappears.[101] This implies that one of the faction leaders may have contacted the Vortixx and made a deal for weapons and equipment.[102, 101] This means that the balance of power may shift rapidly on the island.[101]

Brutaka Allies with the Piraka

  • The coming of the Piraka causes Axonn and Brutaka to turn against each other. Convinced that Mata Nui has abandoned his people, Brutaka turns selfish and corrupt. He plans to aid the Piraka in their quest to get the Mask of Life, then defeat them and take the mask for himself.[103]
  • Axonn watches in sorrow and anger as the Piraka seize control of Voya Nui and vows to fight their efforts to steal the Mask of Life.[103]
  • Axonn rescues Balta from a cave trap.[72]
  • The Piraka clash with Axonn.[7]
  • Brutaka betrays Axonn and allies himself with the Piraka. He intends to let them steal the Ignika and then take it from them.[104, 105, 21, 106] When the Piraka invade Voya Nui, Brutaka violates every law of the Order of Mata Nui by allying himself with them. His ultimate plan is to have the Piraka get the mask, then steal it away from them.[107]
  • The Piraka forge an alliance with Brutaka, although there is something about him that Makuta Teridax does not trust. (Before the Toa Nuva arrive? [sic])[10]

Jaller and Others Arrive in Karzahni

  • Jaller, Hahli, etc. go through a number of harrowing adventures in search of the Toa Nuva.[94, 95, 90, 96, 97, 98]
  • Takanuva is forced to turn back when he encounters an archway through which no one with the power of light can pass.[43]
  • Matoro has the bizarre experience of feeling himself holding someone's hand in a dark tunnel, only to find there is no one there. What he does not know is that the power of the Kanohi Ignika is reaching out to him from a great distance, testing his courage and resolve.[97]
  • The Matoran find a Kanohi Suletu on their way to Voya Nui.[108]
  • Jaller, etc. find themselves in the realm of Karzahni while journeying to Voya Nui.[109, 110] They encounter and clash with Karzahni, who tries to imprison them.[109] He steals their masks and replaces them with new ones.[111, 90, 97, 98] Karzahni takes Lhikan's Kanohi Hau from Jaller, who receives the Matoran version of the Kanohi Calix in its place.[112, 113] Hahli receives the Matoran version of the Kanohi Elda.[114] Matoro receives the Matoran version of the Kanohi Iden.[115] Nuparu receives the Matoran version of the Kanohi Kadin.[116] Hewkii receives the Matoran version of the Kanohi Sanok.[117] Kongu's Kanohi Suletu is taken.[108]
  • Kongu is able to get his Kanohi Suletu back.[108]
  • Karzahni shows Jaller a vision of the terrible things which would have happened if he had failed to save Takua from the Rahkshi attack. This vision very effectively dissuades him from resisting Karzahni, and Jaller surrenders for the sake of his friends' safety.[110]
  • During the Matoran's encounter with Karzahni, Karzahni learns of the existence of Mata Nui, Makuta, and Toa.[111, 110] He decides to try to seize power for himself.[111]
  • Karzahni learns about Mata Nui and Makuta for the first time from the Matoran. Hearing that Makuta is presumed dead, he takes this as an opportunity for himself to seize power as a ruthless leader.[109]
  • Jaller, etc. escape from Karzahni[111, 109] after discovering long-abandoned Toa transport canisters.[110]
  • After the escape of Jaller, etc., Karzahni's attitude shifts. Rather than ignoring the many Matoran who wander his realm, he starts actively gathering them together and training them as if building an army. Although these Matoran by themselves would be little threat to anyone, the Manas would make them a considerable force. The Order of Mata Nui starts monitoring this situation closely, not wanting to afford any distractions when Mata Nui's life is in peril.[110]

The Toa Nuva Avoid Execution

  • The Matoran Resistance briefly clashes with the Toa Nuva in the Desert of Sorrows due to a case of mistaken identity.[118, 119]
  • Gali Nuva is cured of temporary insanity while in the Desert of Sorrows thanks to the help of Axonn.[119]

Brutaka Defeats the Toa Nuva

  • Lewa Nuva, Onua Nuva, and Pohatu Nuva temporarily defeat Reidak.[5]
  • The Toa Nuva battle the Piraka and Brutaka, damaging the Piraka stronghold, and are defeated in a treacherous attack from behind by Brutaka. The Toa Nuva are imprisoned in the Piraka stronghold.[105, 36, 37, 38, 39, 65, 40, 41] Brutaka helps the Piraka defeat the Toa Nuva.[107] The Toa Nuva and the Matoran resistance attack the Piraka stronghold but are defeated.[67]
  • The Piraka forge an uneasy alliance with Brutaka as they search for the Mask of Life. Convinced that all opposition has been defeated, they gather at the Piraka stronghold to make their plans.[103]
  • Karzahni trails the Matoran to Voya Nui.[109]
  • Jaller, Hahli, etc. travel in Toa canisters and land on the shores of Voya Nui.[94, 95, 90, 96, 98, 20]

Jaller and Others Are Transformed into the Toa Inika

  • Less than one month ago The Matoran reach Voya Nui and are transformed by lightning from the red star into Toa Inika.[33]
  • Lightning from the Red Star strikes the canisters, transforming the six Matoran into the Toa Inika.[94, 95, 90, 96, 97, 98, 120, 121] The Matoran arrive on Voya Nui via Toa canisters, but as soon as they are about to emerge, lightning bolts from a red star high above strike the canisters. The six Matoran are transformed into the super-charged Toa Inika.[99]
  • Bolts of energy from a mysterious red star transform six Matoran (Jaller, etc.) into the powerful Toa Inika.[103]
  • The lightning from the red star is a mechanism that serves as a fail-safe to create new Toa outside the Matoran universe robot in case they are ever needed.[122]
  • Karzahni watches the Matoran transform into Toa.[109]
  • Spirit stars appear above Voya Nui upon the creation of the Toa Inika.[123]
  • At one point, Vezok makes a deal with Reidak that they will share the power of the Mask of Life if they find it, abandoning the other four Piraka. Secretly, he intends to kill Reidak in that case and keep the mask for himself.[18]
  • Less than one month ago The Toa Inika ally with Axonn and battle the Piraka, Brutaka, and Vezon and Fenrakk for possession of the Mask of Life.[33]
  • Jaller leads the fight against the Piraka and Brutaka. As leader of the Toa Inika, Jaller sets out to learn from the mistakes of Vakama and Tahu. He tries to take the time to listen and learn from his teammates rather than giving orders and charging ahead.[99]
  • When Hewkii becomes a Toa, he has one thought in mind: the faster the Toa Inika find the Mask of Life, the faster he can get back to Metru Nui, to his friends and to his old life. He does not want to spend time on complicated strategies or long-range plans.[124]
  • Hewkii is somewhat disturbed that none of the others have commented on the fact that the transformation has changed his armor color from brown to yellow and gray.[95]
  • As a Toa, Nuparu remains as curious as ever. To him, being a Toa means more chances to explore the world and do things in ways that were never possible in his former life.[125]
  • Kongu is somewhat dismayed by the fact that Nuparu gets to wear the Kanohi Kadin rather than he, since he has so much more flight experience. Nonetheless, he takes it upon himself to train Nuparu in basic flight skills and discovers a newfound respect for his fellow Toa.[96] Kongu is unhappy that Nuparu got the Mask of Flight, since Kongu is, after all, the master of Air.[126]
  • Then, Kongu discovers that the mask he does have, the Mask of Telepathy, gives him telepathic powers that cannot be turned off. He spends the entire adventure on Voya Nui having to hear the thoughts of everyone around him.[126] Kongu has to deal with a very serious problem – he has not figured out how to turn his mask power off.[103]
  • Matoro is never entirely comfortable as a Toa, feeling that his background as a scholar does not leave him well-suited for the role.[97, 127]
  • Although Hahli accepts her transformation into a Toa as destiny, she is never completely comfortable with the power she now controls.[128]

The Toa Inika Move Inland and Discover Their Powers

  • Nuparu tries to use his mask power to carry Hahli over a chasm, but he drops her, and Hahli is almost killed.[129]
  • The Piraka capture Garan and take him to their "Chamber of Truth," where they interrogate him about the appearance of spirit starts over the island.[130]
  • When Garan is a prisoner of the Piraka, Balta organizes and leads the rescue party to free him.[72, 73] The Piraka's Chamber of Truth is badly damaged in the process.[72]
  • Vezok is the first Piraka to meet and fight the Toa Inika.[11]
  • The Matoran Resistance allies with the Toa Inika.[118]
  • With some help from Kongu, Nuparu finally masters the power of the Mask of Flight. This makes him an excellent scout for the team.[125]
  • As the aerial scout for the Toa Inika, Nuparu studies some of the most important locations on Voya Nui, including the Piraka stronghold and Piraka outposts.[67]
  • Axonn gives the Toa Inika intelligence about the Lava Chamber Gate which is located just before the chamber that holds the Mask of Life.[67]

The Toa Inika Rescue the Matoran

  • Velika copies the design of the Zamor sphere launcher to provide the Toa Inika with weapons.[131, 71] Velika creates the zamor sphere launchers carried by the Toa Inika.[132]
  • Velika creates the energized protodermis-filled Zamor spheres used to cure the enslaved Matoran.[131, 132]
  • The Toa Inika battle the Piraka[30, 7], Brutaka, and others in an effort to claim the Ignika.[94, 95, 90, 96, 98, 5, 121] Brutaka joins the Piraka in battling the Toa Inika.[107]
  • Karzahni witnesses the battles between the Toa Inika and the Piraka.[109]
  • Jaller is relying on spider-like Rahi called "Fenrakk Spawn" to help smash the Piraka outposts, although Nuparu is not sure how far they can trust the creatures.[67]
  • Jaller, Hahli, Dalu, and Piruk join on a successful mission to save enslaved villagers. Along the way, Hahli argues with Dalu, who feels that Hahli has too optimistic a view of life.[128]
  • The Toa Inika use Zamor spheres filled with energized protodermis to destroy the antidermis virus affecting the Matoran of Voya Nui. This frees the Matoran from the Piraka's control, including Dezalk.[77, 133]
  • Hewkii and Matoro join Kazi and Balta to free captured Matoran. However, the two villagers instead take the Toa to a remote region of the island. There, they come upon a wounded Axonn, who has lost a battle with Brutaka. Axonn warns them that Brutaka is after the Mask of Life. Hewkii and Matoro rush to the Piraka stronghold to aid their friends in battle.[124]

The Toa Inika Attack the Piraka Stronghold

  • Nuparu, Kongu, Garan, and Velika team up. Together, they destroy a Nektann and manage to find the Toa Nuva's masks.[126] Nuparu single-handedly defeats a Nektann on his own.[125]
  • Nuparu forms a friendship with Velika during his time on Voya Nui, as both are skilled inventors.[125]
  • Nuparu destroys a Piraka outpost with his laser drill.[134]
  • Nuparu distinguishes himself by defeating nektann outside of the Piraka Stronghold.[86, 98]
  • Ambushed by the Piraka, Kongu is able to defeat Avak by increasing the air pressure around him until he drops.[126]
  • Nuparu distinguishes himself by single-handedly defeating Zaktan.[98, 125] In a feat of ingenuity, in a battle with Zaktan, Nuparu scatters Zaktan's protodites by flying directly into the swarm and then rotating rapidly to sweep them into his wake.[125]
  • The Piraka stronghold is damaged in a fight between the Piraka and Toa Inika.[65]
  • Despite some early tension, even Kongu comes to respect Nuparu.[125]

Hakann and Thok Steal Brutaka's Power

  • The Piraka clash with renegades within their own group.[7]
  • Hakann and Thok use a Zamor sphere filled with some of Vezok's power to siphon Brutaka's power into themselves.[76] Brutaka runs into a setback when Hakann and Thok strike at him and steal his power.[107]
  • Hakann and Thok attempt to steal Brutaka's power and rebel against Zaktan and fight the other Piraka with enhanced power, but they are defeated by the Toa Inika. Brutaka survives.[105, 3, 5, 6] Hakann and Thok steal the power of Brutaka and try to wipe out the Toa Inika and the other Piraka. However, Hakann and Thok turn on each other, giving the Toa the chance to strike back.[26] When Hakann and Thok successfully steal Brutaka's power, it seems that they are certain to be able to claim the Mask of Life for themselves. However, Hakann betrays Thok, attacking him from behind, and the Toa Inika are able to take advantage of their fight to drain the excess power out of them.[19]
  • A special golden Zamor sphere is used to reverse Hakann and Thok's theft of Brutaka's power.[76] Using a zamor sphere created by Zaktan, Toa Hewkii strikes both Hakann and Thok at once, draining the power they have stolen back into Brutaka.[26] Brutaka gets his power back thanks to the actions of the Toa Inika.[107] Hewkii's accurate shot with a zamor sphere launcher ends Hakann and Thok's threat.[124]
  • Hakann joins the other Piraka in trying to steal the Ignika.[3]

The Matoran Resistance Frees the Toa Nuva

  • In easily their most important moment, the members of the Matoran Resistance slip away during a major fight between the Toa Inika and the Piraka and find where the Toa Nuva are being kept prisoner.[31]
  • The Matoran Resistance, led by Garan, frees the Toa Nuva from the Piraka stronghold.[36, 135, 37, 38, 118, 39, 40, 41, 31, 136] The Toa Nuva are freed by the Matoran resistance.[33]

Axonn Fights Brutaka

  • Brutaka is still determined to seize the Mask of Life.[107]
  • Axonn faces Brutaka in combat and defeats him.[21, 106] Brutaka uses his Olmak to create a portal and attempts to thrust Axonn out of their dimension. During the fight, Axonn shatters the antidermis vat, forcing Makuta to search for another host body.[79] The battle badly damages the Piraka stronghold.[78, 104, 105, 13, 137, 65] In the heart of the Piraka stronghold, Brutaka fights Axonn. Although Brutaka deals out enormous punishment to his old friend, Axonn keeps coming, finally defeating Brutaka with a powerful blow.[107] During the final battle between Axonn and Brutaka, the vat holding Teridax's essence is shattered by Axonn's axe, leaving him without a body again.[138]
  • Krahka and Tahtorak escape the zone of darkness through the portal made by Brutaka's Kanohi Olmak and emerge inside the Piraka stronghold on Voya Nui.[139, 137, 65, 140]
  • Krahka transforms into a flying Rahi and leaves Voya Nui, heading for Metru Nui.[139]
  • Due to the hazards of the job, there are now fewer than 50 Toa left in the universe.[141]

The Piraka Descend the Stairs

  • The Piraka get a head start in the race for the Mask of Life, discovering the secret entrance in the Green Belt that leads to its underground hiding place.[142]

The Piraka Face Irnakk

  • Zaktan pauses at the top of the 777 stone stairs leading to the Mask of Life. He knows that the way must be guarded, since otherwise anyone would have been able to take the mask. He takes a moment to reminisce about the Piraka's lives before Voya Nui, their time in the Dark Hunters, and the events leading up to their arrival on Voya Nui, although this brings up painful memories. Somehow, Zaktan knows that Vezon already passed this way and is waiting for them at the bottom of the staircase. Zaktan plans to be the only Piraka left standing once they have claimed the Mask of Life.[2]
  • Zaktan slows his pace so that Hakann takes the lead and disappears into the darkness. Suddenly, Zaktan hears someone else's laughter in his own head. Avak trips over a battered Hakann, who is huddled in fear in a corner. Somehow, Hakann's armor is glowing with intense heat and starting to melt. With dread, Thok realizes that he hears footsteps coming up the stairs.[2]
  • The Piraka first find themselves in a zone of nightmares, where their greatest fears become real. Here they face Irnakk, a mythological creature among their species. Irnakk easily defeats five of the Piraka, but Zaktan refuses to surrender. Claiming that he has already been through far worse than anything Irnakk can do to him, Zaktan threatens to bring the ceiling of the chamber down and kill himself and the other Piraka. With no one alive to fear him, Irnakk would cease to exist. Knowing this, Irnakk backs down.[142]
  • Irnakk is brought to life to fight the Piraka in the Nightmare Chamber.[143, 144]
  • Zaktan defeats Irnakk by threatening to slay his comrades and deprive Irnakk of the fear it needs to survive.[143, 144]

The Piraka Are Trapped in Cages

  • Moving on, the Piraka find themselves trapped in six stone cages. A voice tells them that they can escape, but only if they all open their cages at the exact same time. If any one of them opens his cage early, he will survive, and the rest will perish. Reidak betrays the group, but all six fall into deep water. Though they eventually escape, exposure to the water already begins to mutate them.[142]
  • The Piraka are exposed to mutagenic seawater, beginning a subtle transformation process which goes unnoticed.[70]

The Toa Inika Enter the Nightmare Chamber

  • In the Nightmare Chamber, a vision of Toa Lhikan appears to the Toa Inika, a creation of the Kanohi Ignika and not Lhikan's genuine form.[145, 144] The Toa Inika meet someone who appears to be Lhikan on Voya Nui more than 1,000 years after his death. This turns out to be just an illusion of the hero created to test the courage of the heroes.[146]
  • The Toa Inika encounter illusions of their greatest foes and are tricked into believing they have accidentally slain the Toa Nuva.[144] When the Toa Inika are briefly tricked into believing they have slain the Toa Nuva, Hahli openly questions whether Toa simply have too much power for any one being to handle. She advises Jaller that the team should turn back. Jaller talks her into continuing by reminding her that they owe it to the memory of all the Toa who have died fighting for justice to keep going.[128] Kongu exposes the hoax when he tells his friends that he sensed no thoughts from the Toa Nuva, meaning they must have been illusions.[126]
  • In the zone of nightmares, the Toa Inika fight beings they believe are their greatest enemies, accidentally killing them. The dead foes are then revealed to be the Toa Nuva in disguise. This leads the Toa to doubt whether they can control their own powers. However, these Toa Nuva are later exposed to be mere illusions, as was the Toa Lhikan figure who warned them not to go on.[142]

The Toa Inika Enter the Chamber of Death

  • The Toa Inika then journey to the Chamber of Death. Here they are told that one of their number must die for the rest to be allowed to go on. Although Jaller wants to volunteer to make the sacrifice, Matoro speaks up first. Matoro is destroyed and then recreated, and the Toa Inika are allowed to pass on.[142]
  • In the Chamber of Death, Jaller almost volunteers to sacrifice his life for the mission, but Matoro speaks up first.[99]
  • When the Toa Inika enter the Chamber of Death on the journey to find the Mask of Life, Matoro volunteers to die so the others can go on. He perishes but is immediately brought back to life – the chamber's test is all about the willingness to die for a cause, not the actual end of existence.[127]
  • When the Toa Inika encounter a situation where one of them must willingly sacrifice himself for the mission to continue, Matoro volunteers to die. He ceases to exist but is immediately reborn, and now truly destined to be the bearer of the Mask of Life.[97]

The Toa Inika Face the Protodax

  • The Ignika uses its power to enlarge protodites into the monstrous protodax.[147, 148] Protodax now serves the mask and will attack anyone who tries to steal it. It salvages a zamor launcher from a fallen victim.[148]
  • The Toa Inika's next challenge is perhaps their greatest on the journey. They are confronted by the protodax and Umbra. The protodax are driven off by Umbra's approach, but the Toa Inika still have to overcome the guardian and his light-based powers.[142]
  • The Toa Inika battle the protodax, which are driven off by laser bursts from Umbra.[149, 121]

The Toa Inika Face Umbra

  • The Toa Inika fight and defeat Umbra.[29, 121, 150] Umbra challenges the Toa Inika in battle and is defeated when Matoro uses his ice power to create glassy surfaces that Umbra's light form bounces off of until he is unconscious.[151] In the end, Matoro and Nuparu team up to defeat Umbra.[142]

The Toa Inika and Piraka Fight at the Lava Chamber Gate

  • Beyond Umbra's chamber, the Toa Inika come to a vast plain bisected by a river of lava. At the end of the bridge, they see a gateway to the Chamber of Life where the mask is hidden. The Piraka ambush the Toa there, and though the bridge itself is destroyed by Kongu, the Piraka win the fight.[142]
  • During a battle with the Piraka, Kongu destroys the bridge leading to the lava chamber gate.[152]

The Piraka Fight Vezon and Fenrakk in the Chamber of Life

  • The Piraka and Toa Inika fight Vezon, Fenrakk, and Kardas in the Chamber of Life.[5, 153, 23, 121]
  • Believing they have finally defeated the Toa Inika, the Piraka rush into the Chamber of Life to retrieve the Mask of Life.[154]
  • The Piraka reach the Chamber of Life.[7] Entering the Chamber of Life, the Piraka find themselves faced with Vezon and Fenrakk. Vezok, who hates Vezon, sees this as his chance for revenge, but Vezon uses his Spear of Fusion to merge Vezok and Reidak into a monstrous new being. This creature defeats the rest of the Piraka and is then separated back into two Piraka by Vezon. The experience so drains Vezok and Reidak that they cannot fight back.[142]
  • Vezon uses the Spear of Fusion to merge Reidak and Vezok into one monstrous being to fight the other Piraka.[5]
  • The fusion of Vezok and Reidak defeats the rest of the Piraka.[7]
  • Vezon defeats the Piraka.[17] The Piraka challenge Vezon and are easily defeated.[22]
  • The Piraka suffer crushing defeat at the hands of Vezon and Fenrakk.[154]

The Toa Inika Fight Vezon and Fenrakk in the Chamber of Life

  • The revived Toa Inika must face Vezon and Fenrakk.[154]
  • After the Piraka are defeated, the Toa Inika appear. They do battle with Vezon and Fenrakk, overcoming them, and then face the might of Vezon and Kardas, the transformed version of Fenrakk. They beat the two of them and claim the Mask of Life.[142]
  • Kongu uses his Kanohi Suletu to make Vezon hear the Kanohi Ignika's thoughts and realize that the mask is prepared to reject him as its guardian.[108] Using his Mask of Telepathy, Kongu reads the mind of the Mask of Life and earns that Matoro is the destined wearer of the Mask of Life, although he keeps this secret even from Matoro for some time.[127, 126]

The Toa Inika Fight Vezon and the Kardas Dragon in the Chamber of Life

  • At first the Toa Inika defeat the Piraka and then Vezon and Fenrakk. Under the terms of the curse upon Vezon and Fenrakk, however, any defeat results in Fenrakk mutating into a fiercer shape. Fenrakk re-emerges from the lava transformed into Kardas.[153, 23, 155] The Toa Inika defeat Fenrakk, which transforms into the Kardas Dragon.[156]
  • The Toa Inika defeat Vezon and Fenrakk, who fall into a lava river. However, both emerge unharmed, and Fenrakk has mutated into the monstrous Kardas dragon.[157]
  • The Toa Inika defeat Vezon.[17] The Toa Inika defeat Kardas.[157] The Toa Inika manage to defeat Vezon and take the Mask of Life. With the mask gone, all of Vezon's powers leave too.[22]
  • Kardas is temporarily defeated through the use of a Zamor sphere which creates a stasis field.[155] Jaller is responsible for stopping Vezon and Kardas, using a special zamor sphere given to him by Axonn.[99]

The Mask of Life Flies into the Ocean

  • After the defeat of Vezon, Matoro wrests the Ignika from him.[97]
  • The Piraka are not yet done. They confront the Toa Inika one last time, only to be temporarily halted in their tracks by Hewkii's power.[142]
  • A sudden attack by Kardas causes Matoro to lose the Mask of Life, which flies off on its own out of the chamber and up the great staircase, with the Toa Inika in pursuit.[142]
  • The Toa Inika get the Ignika in the hopes of using it to save the life of Mata Nui. However, Kardas hurls a blast of energy at Matoro, blowing it out of his hands. The mask flies away to the surface of the island, then plunges beneath the sea off the coast of the island.[94, 29, 97, 121]
  • The Piraka break free after the Toa Inika have depart. They are ready to pursue them when Vezok halts the group. He wants them to use the Spear of Fusion to merge himself and Vezon into one being again. Reidak, angered by Vezok's refusal to go on until this is done, snaps the spear into multiple pieces. The Piraka then go after the Toa Inika, leaving Vezon and Kardas behind.[142]
  • Reidak shatters the Spear of Fusion.[16]
  • Hahli dives into the sea to try to retrieve the Ignika. The great pressure almost kills her, but she is saved by a Matoran from Mahri Nui.[94] When the Mask of Life plunges into the ocean, Hahli dives to pursue it. She goes down as deep as she can before being overwhelmed by the sudden change in pressure and blacking out. She is saved by a Matoran of Mahri Nui, who dies himself in the effort to rescue her.[128]

Aftermath of the Quest for the Mask of Life

  • Velika fixes Lewa Nuva's broken air katana.[88] He furnishes him with a new one.[sic][38] Velika makes a new air katana for Lewa to replace the one the Piraka broke.[31]
  • The Shadowed One's agent off the shores of Voya Nui informs him that the Toa Inika found and lost the Mask of Life and that the Piraka are nowhere to be seen.[158]
  • The Shadowed One faces the most difficult decision of his career: whether to split his forces and make an all-out effort to claim the Mask of Life, at the risk of leaving the Dark Hunters vulnerable to an attack by the Brotherhood of Makuta. Anticipating this, the Order of Mata Nui starts taking steps to block the Shadowed One's efforts and give the Toa Inika time to recover the mask.[158]
  • The Order of Mata Nui banishes Brutaka to the Pit. The Order dispatches Botar from Daxia to transport him there.[105, 106] Brutaka is transported to the Pit, the Order of Mata Nui's maximum security prison.[107]
  • Having been rescued by the Matoran resistance, the Toa Nuva expect to join the Toa Inika in seeking the Mask of Life. However, Axonn and Botar take them aside and tell them that they must perform tasks to prepare the universe for Mata Nui's awakening, in the hopes that the Toa Inika will save Mata Nui's life and fulfill their mission. According to Axonn, the Toa Nuva must first return to the Great Temple in Metru Nui, where they will find hidden information about the tasks required. For fear of discovery by the Brotherhood of Makuta, the Toa Nuva decide to keep their mission a secret, even from the Toa Inika.[159, 41] Following their rescue on Voya Nui, the Toa Nuva are given a mission by the Order of Mata Nui. They are to return to Metru Nui and go to the Great Temple, where they will find a scroll detailing what they must do to prepare the universe for the return of Mata Nui to consciousness.[160]
  • The Toa Nuva depart Voya Nui on a mission of their own.[21] The Toa Nuva depart Voya Nui.[33]

The Toa Inika Descend into the Cord

  • Axonn opens the way to the Cord so the Toa Inika can travel to Mahri Nui.[104]
  • The Toa Inika travel toward Mahri Nui in pursuit of the Mask of Life.[21]
  • Only Axonn and the Matoran remain on Voya Nui. Axonn watches over the Matoran and prepares for the potentially cataclysmic events to come.[21]
  • Jaller names Hewkii deputy leader of the team.[124]
  • The Piraka remain on Voya Nui, scheming to get the Kanohi Ignika, unaware that their bodies are being affected by an earlier exposure to mutagenic seawater.[70, 3, 153, 23, 6, 11, 7, 21]
  • Vezok remains determined somehow to absorb Vezon back into his body.[11]
  • Undeterred, Makuta continues his pursuit of the Ignika.[13] The Mask of Life is in the deep ocean, seemingly out of his reach. Now that Teridax lacks a body again, it would seem to an outsider that he has been defeated, but in reality, Teridax's plans are moving forward. As Teridax later claims, if he truly wanted the Mask of Life, nothing would stop his getting it. However, he does not want it – he simply wants to control when and how the Toa get their hands on it.[138]
  • Vezon later abandons Kardas.[155, 157]
  • The Spear of Fusion is repaired again using its own power.[16]
  • Escaping the Chamber of Life, Kardas travels to the surface of Voya Nui, where it does battle with the giant Rahi Tahtorak.[155, 140, 157]
  • After the defeat of the Piraka and Brutaka, peace returns to Voya Nui.[21]
  • Axonn struggles to convince the Matoran of Voya Nui to stay on the island and wait for the Toa Inika to complete their quest. Many of the villagers, led by Garan, wish to explore underwater to see if Mahri Nui actually managed to survive.[21] With their fellow Matoran freed from the Piraka's domination, the Matoran Resistance remains on Voya Nui when the Toa Inika leave to pursue the Mask of Life.[31]
  • The Piraka are mutated by the waters around Voya Nui into snake-like creatures.[9, 27]