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Airwatcher was the code name of a dim-witted, winged Dark Hunter who was assigned to patrol the northern mountains of Odina. He had a chest-mounted launcher that projected energy webs that could bind to targets, and he carried a staff that shot a stream of powerful acid. His wings allowed him to fly for short distances, and he usually attacked from high above.


Airwatcher, as he was code-named, served as one of many sentries protecting Odina, patrolling its northern mountains. His powers were formidable, but he was incredibly dim-witted, making him of limited use as an operative and consigning him to permanent assignment at headquarters.1

Airwatcher rarely left anything behind of intruders, making it difficult to determine his effectiveness. His wings allowed him to fly for short distances. He had chest-mounted launchers which projected energy webs that could bind to targets. His staff shot a stream of acid which he used to disintegrate victims caught in his webs. Airwatcher normally struck from high above. He was known on occasion to attack rocks, trees, and other Dark Hunters in his zone. For this reason, Dark Hunters never dared to enter the area where he patrolled. Airwatcher was specifically trained not to attack the Shadowed One or Sentrakh, allowing them to travel to his area and hide items from the other Dark Hunters there.1

Airwatcher was active as of story year 2006.1

Airwatcher was a winged Dark Hunter2 who patrolled the mountainous northern regions of Odina. More powerful than he was intelligent, he was known to attack rocks, trees, and even other Dark Hunters. His chest-mounted launcher projected energy webs, and his staff fired acid.3

Airwatcher carried a staff which shot a stream of acid, and a launcher mounted on his chest projected energy webs.4

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