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Ancient was the code name of a veteran Dark Hunter who played an important role in the Dark Hunters' founding and served as a spy for the Order of Mata Nui. He was so named because he was thought to be the only Dark Hunter older than the Shadowed One. Ancient was native to the same island as the Shadowed One, and his mercenary work there inspired the Shadowed One to co-found the Dark Hunter organization with him. Ancient ceded leadership of the Dark Hunters to the Shadowed One and became one of his most trusted operatives, while also serving as the Order of Mata Nui's spy within the Dark Hunters. Ancient proved instrumental in convincing the Shadowed One to form an alliance with the Order during the Destiny War. Despite Ancient's long friendship with the Shadowed One, the Shadowed One unceremoniously killed him in order to protect the secrecy of his discovery of the virus that cast Mata Nui into endless sleep.


Ancient, as he was code-named, was the Shadowed One's most trusted operative after Sentrakh. The Shadowed One believed that Ancient may have been the only Dark Hunter older than he. Ancient was the Shadowed One's inspiration for creating the Dark Hunter organization. Ancient was a native of the Shadowed One's home island.2

Ancient had great strength and powerful armor that was impenetrable to most physical attacks. His boots were fitted with levitation disks, activated by stomping on the ground, which allowed him to rise into the air. He carried an upgraded Rhotuka launcher capable of rapid fire. His Rhotuka spinners robbed targets of all physical coordination. He remained an effective enforcer and mercenary despite his advanced age.2

As of story year 2006, Ancient was teamed with Voporak in a search for the Mask of Time.2

Ancient was a Dark Hunter3. He was a veteran warrior who, along with the Shadowed One, formed the Dark Hunters. He later served as one of the Shadowed One's most trusted operatives. In addition to his great strength and formidable armor, he possessed boots fitted with levitation disks that enabled him to rise into the air. His modified Rhotuka spinner robbed targets of all physical coordination.4

Ancient was Toa Helryx's spy within the Dark Hunters.5

The Shadowed One and another member of his species known only as "Ancient" founded the Dark Hunter group.6

Ancient was never part of the Hand of Artakha.7

Ancient probably didn't know the Shadowed One's true name, nor did he care.8

Were he to die, the Shadowed One would have chosen Ancient to lead the Dark Hunters in his place.9

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