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The Kanohi Avohkii was the Mask of Light worn by Takanuva.2


When Takua first found the mask, it shone with a brilliant, blinding light. It glowed with the light of a thousand suns and floated in the lava, unharmed by the intense heat. On the other side of the mask was strange, incomprehensible writing in a language that Takua had never seen before.3

As of one month ago, the whereabouts of the Mask of Life had been a mystery to the Dark Hunters for well over a thousand years.4

The Avohkii could project powerful beams of light energy and banish the darkness. It also brought understanding, turning anger into peace and enemies into allies.2

The Kanohi Avohkii was originally forged on the island of Artakha, intended for use by a prophesied Toa of Light. Many thousands of years later, the Brotherhood of Makuta stole the mask from its creators and hid it in one of their fortresses to prevent a Toa of Light from ever arising. When Makuta Teridax's team of Toa Hagah discovered the Brotherhood's treachery, they raided the fortress and stole the mask for themselves. Despite being mutated into the Rahaga during their escape, they successfully escaped with the mask. The Rahaga hid the mask in the Archives beneath Metru Nui, in a compartment which could only be unlocked by the six fragments of the Makoki Stone, which they hid throughout the city in anticipation of a Visorak invasion. The Toa Hordika retrieved the stones and the mask. Fearing that the bright glow of the mask would attract attention from the Visorak, Onewa used his elemental Rhotuka spinner to conceal the mask in a block of stone. The Toa Metru transported the stone to Mata Nui and hid it in a lava cave. Legend said that the herald of the Toa of Light would need to find the mask, not be given it, and so the Turaga kept its location a secret from the Matoran.2

Takua eventually stumbled upon the mask while exploring the cavern where the mask lay hidden. The Turaga charged Takua and Jaller with finding the Toa of Light and bringing the mask to him. Their journey took them all over the island and exposed them to dangers from Rahi and Rahkshi. Takua eventually put the mask on and was transformed into Takanuva, the Toa of Light. It was unknown how the mask was able to trigger this transformation — it was rumored that it had been infused with Toa power during its creation and so acted like a Toa stone.2

Unlike other Kanohi masks, the Avohkii gleamed golden when not worn instead of being the usual dull color. To the Brotherhood of Makuta, the Avohkii represented the possibility of the existence of a Toa of Light and posed a serious threat.5

the Kanohi Avohkii, the Mask of Light, could project powerful beams of light energy and banish the darkness. It could also bring understanding, turning anger into peace and enemies into allies.6

The Kanohi Avohkii, the Great Mask of Light, was worn by Takanuva. This mask was made by Artakha. It was stolen from him by the Makuta and later retrieved by the Toa Hagah. Donning the mask transformed Takua into the Toa of Light.7

On the inside of the Mask of Light was strange, incomprehensible writing in a language that Takua had never seen before. When translating this text, Nokama read it as "Mapaku una-kanokee wehnua-hakeeta ah-keelahe hanoni rahun-ahk toa-nak panokeeta makuta-tahkee ohnah-koo."8 This was an ancient dialect of Matoran.9, 10 This dialect predated Metru Nui.11

It was possible for the Avohkii to be infected by a kraata.12

The Avohkii was created for the Toa of Light, but its creator didn't yet know who that would be.13

The Avohkii was not more powerful than the Vahi because Light isn't more powerful than time.14

There was likely only one Avohkii.15

The purpose of the Mask of Light was to create a Toa of Light to defeat Makuta.16

The Avohkii was one of very few masks which did not turn gray when not being worn.17

The Avohkii didn't really have any powers that Takanuva didn't have with his element. It was a counterpoint to the Mask of Shadows in that it spread hope rather than fear.18

The Avohkii was a Great Kanohi, not a Legendary one.19

Despite being one of a kind, the Avohkii wasn't legendary.20

The original purpose of the Mask of Light was to be worn by a Toa of Light in the event one was needed to oppose the Brotherhood of Makuta.21

The Mask of Light was created as a precaution, not because the creator knew for sure the Brotherhood would turn evil.22

Other Information

  • The translucent, sparkly Avohkii included in the Takanuva set is meant to represent how the mask glitters and glows when Takanuva's full power is in play.23
  • Greg Farshtey believed the clear Avohkii that came with the 2003 Takanuva set depicted the mask in active mode.24
  • The Kanohi Avohkii was never referred to as the "Mask of Enlightenment", but Greg Farshtey believed the description worked.25