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blizzard blade

The blizzard blade, also called the ice bayonet1, was a bayonet-like weapon formed by Kopaka Nuva's adaptive weapon while he was in Karda Nui.2, 3, 4 Like the rest of Kopaka's adaptive armor, his adaptive weapon changed shape to suit his environment, and it took this shape in response to his presence in the sky of Karda Nui. The blizzard blade was attached to the end of Kopaka's Midak skyblaster like a bayonet5, alongside a laser sight.4, 3 The blade allowed Kopaka to more accurately focus his elemental power of ice. Of Pohatu, Lewa, and himself, Kopaka was the best at firing both an elemental blast and a light blast (from his skyblaster) at the same time.2 Like the rest of Kopaka's adaptive armor, the blizzard blade was made of protosteel.6, 7 This adaptive weapon was a separate object from the rest of Kopaka's adaptive armor8, although the blizzard blade could not be taken off from the Midak skyblaster and used separately.9 It presumably took on a different form sometime after Kopaka left Karda Nui, although Kopaka did use it again in Iron Canyon.10