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Lewa · Lewa Nuva

Lewa, also called Lewa Nuva, was the Toa Mata and Toa Nuva of Air, serving as a member of the Toa team that fought against Makuta to awaken Mata Nui.


Lewa was the Toa of Air. He wielded a mighty hatchet to cut through thick foliage in the treetops. He wore the Kanohi Miru, the Mask of Levitation, which let him glide gently to the surface from any height.1

High in the trees lived Lewa, Toa of Air, and his people. Lewa preferred the highest limbs, well away from the swamp waters below.2

Lewa hated water. Lewa used his Mask of Levitation to help him swing high in the trees. He loved to travel among the highest limbs of the trees, so near to the sky.3

The Toa Nuva of Air grew stronger as a result of his struggles against the Bohrok. His new air katana could be attached to his body to allow him to glide on wind currents. Combined with the power of Miru Nuva, he could now fly high over the island, keeping an eye out for potential threats to the peace of Mata Nui.4

Lewa Nuva's color was green, his element was air, and his village was Le-Koro. He had the ability to control wind, which allowed him to create tornadoes and hurricanes. He commanded the air and could calm windstorms. He could combine his power with Gali Nuva to create thunderstorms. His tools were two sharp blades that could cut through dense jungle growth; they could also be used as glider wings, allowing him to soar above the trees. His mask was the Kanohi Miru Nuva, the Great Mask of Levitation.5

Lewa Nuva was rash, bold, and often plunged into situations without considering the danger. His experiences gave him respect for the perils of Mata Nui, but he still loved adventure and exploration.5

Lewa was guided by impulse.6

Because of his experience with the krana, Lewa was the only Toa who could hear and understand the Bohrok's communication. For example, he was once able to understand a Tahnok Va. He found it unsettling that the swarms still had access to his mind, but it certainly came in handy. Lewa was the best of the Toa Nuva at moving quickly and silently.7

It took Lewa a long time to feel comfortable after being controlled by the krana. The other Toa, particularly Tahu, treated him differently. Some felt sorry for him; others seemed nervous that he might turn against them. Then, when Lewa finally felt like himself again, his elemental power was lost, making him feel like a stranger in his own land again. He hated the idea of having to walk on the ground.8

Lewa could fit his twin air katana onto his arms and legs, turning them into glider wings. Lewa could command the wind to keep him flying. Without his elemental power, shifting winds made it impossible for him to control his flight. Still, at any point, Lewa could descend safely to the ground using his Mask of Levitation.8

Lewa did not like being on the flat earth. Although it was better than being in the water, which he positively hated, he always felt clumsy when he "groundwalked," not like when he was swinging through the trees.8

Tahu always liked Lewa, even if their ideas about being a Toa were very different. Lewa saw it as fun and adventure, Tahu as a serious task. However, much changed in the few weeks leading up to their search for the Kanohi Nuva: Lewa taken over by the Bohrok, the Toa Nuva splitting apart, the loss of all their powers. Tahu was no longer certain whom or what he could trust.8

Little was known about Lewa's history prior to his first appearance on Mata Nui. He had an intense dislike of water. From the start, his impetuous nature got him into trouble. He was the master of air, able to create everything from a light breeze to a cyclone in a matter of seconds. He was extremely agile and nimble, moving through the treetops like a Rahi. He was also a highly skilled flyer. He rarely took life seriously; to him, being a Toa was an adventure. Although all six Toa were the same age, to an outsider Lewa might have seemed like the youngest of the group due to his boundless energy and sense of fun. Some of that enthusiasm is dampened after he was taken over by a Krana, as if he suddenly realized that being a Toa was not a game. He carried an axe as a Toa and twin air katana as a Toa Nuva. He was the only Toa to have worn both an infected mask and a krana at different points in the past. He most often wore the Kanohi Miru or Miru Nuva.9

Lewa Nuva relied on his high-tech jet pack to fly and his Mask of Levitation to help him do complex maneuvers. Tanma acted as a living source of light energy for Lewa's Skyblaster.10

When Lewa Nuva piloted the Axalara T9, his Kanohi mask had a targeting heads-up display.11

For Lewa, Toa Mata of Air, life as a hero was all about adventure and fun. He loved to explore, rarely worried about danger, and considered every threat just another challenge to be overcome. Although all six Toa were the same age, to an outsider, Lewa would have seemed the youngest. He never took things very seriously. With his ability to glide on the winds, he often said he felt sorry for those who had to spend their whole lives on the ground, or worse, in the water (Lewa hated the water). Early on, Lewa had no interest in being part of a team, feeling that he could handle everything on his own. Unfortunately, his reckless, daring nature often led him into trouble. After having his mind taken over by both Makuta Teridax and the Bohrok, Lewa was forced to grow a bit and realize that being a Toa was not all a game. He had to win back the trust of some of his teammates, especially Tahu, who worried that Lewa might still be under the influence of their enemies. As a Toa Mata, Lewa wore the Kanohi Miru, the Mask of Levitation, and carried an axe. Extremely agile in the air, he was clumsier on the ground, so he preferred to do battle in the sky or in the treetops.12

As a Toa Nuva, Lewa wore a Nuva version of the Miru which allowed him to share his levitation power with others nearby. He carried two air katana which doubled as glider wings.13

Lewa found himself extraordinarily prepared for the battle in Karda Nui, since he already had experience flying. Lewa's adaptive armor allowed him to fly. While in Karda Nui, he carried a Midak skyblaster which fired bolts of light and wielded an air saber. His Kanohi Miru Nuva, the Mask of Levitation, gave him the ability to maneuver better while in flight.14

When Lewa was in physical contact with Tanma, he was able to access Tanma's memories. Tanma, in turn, was able to act as a living energy source for Lewa's skyblaster.15

Lewa was capable of breaking Reidak's arm.16

Other Information

  • Lewa didn't speak treespeak in early media. When BIONICLE: Mask of Light was in production, Greg Farshtey was told to change the comics to make Lewa speak treespeak and Lewa was retroactively canonized as having always spoken treespeak.17
  • Pronunciations of "Lewa" were all over the place, even in the office where Greg Farshtey worked. He pointed to The Official Guide to BIONICLE as the official pronunciation for the sake of clarity.18
  • An early, scrapped version of the story bible stated the Toa Mata had different ages, with Lewa being the youngest. This was changed and the Toa Mata were made to all be the same age.19

Kanohi Found

Original mask.
One of the first masks found by Lewa. Found in the jungle, inside of a cavern, at the bottom of a pool of water. The entrance of the cave was guarded by a Nui-Jaga. Lewa was almost thwarted by plants that tried to drag him down.
Found by Lewa in Onu-Wahi, before Onua's meeting. Guarded by a Rahi.
Found sometime after Tahu's Kaukau was found.