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Le-Koro was the home village of the Le-Matoran on Mata Nui. It was led by Turaga Matau and protected by Toa Lewa. The village was built in the treetops above the Fau Swamp. Visitors to the area could often head the Le-Matoran up in the trees, chattering to each other in treespeak. It was protected by the Gukko Bird Force led by Kongu.1


High in the trees lived Lewa, Toa of Air, and his people. Lewa preferred the highest limbs, well away from the swamp waters below.2

Le-Koro's Toa was Lewa Nuva, its Turaga was Matau, and its villagers were the Le-Matoran. The treetop village of Le-Koro was disguised to look like hanging jungle weeds. However, this was not enough to fool the Bohrok; the village was heavily damaged by the Lehvak and was rebuilt only recently as of mid-story year 2003. Then the tall trees were once again alive with the chatter of Le-Matoran, although the swamp below remained a fearful place where none dared to go.3

Le-Koro was a treetop town.4

The drums of Le-Koro could carry messages over long distances.5

The Fau Swamp was the swampy ground of Le-Wahi. Since it was too soft and muddy to build homes upon, the Le-Matoran were forced to make their homes in the trees.6

Built in the treetops above the Fau Swamp, Le-Koro was the village of Air and home to the Le-Matoran. These Matoran spent most of their time among the treetops and vines, chattering to each other in a dialect of their own called "treespeak." Le-Koro was defended by Matoran riding Gukko birds. The village was badly damaged by the Bohrok but later rebuilt.7