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The Boxor was a vehicle used against the Bohrok swarms. It was invented by Nuparu.[1]


The Boxor was designed by the Onu-Matoran inventor Nuparu. The Matoran on Mata Nui used it in their defense against the Bohrok and Bohrok Va. The Boxors were disassembled for transport to Metru Nui.[2, 3]

The Boxor accommodated a single Matoran occupant, who could control its two arms to fight invaders.[2, 3]

After the Matoran rebuilt themselves, they probably rebuilt the boxors so they could accommodate a larger driver.[4]

The extra parts not from the Gahlok that were used to build the boxor were probably crafted by Nuparu out of solid protodermis.[5]

It was probably powered by the same thing that powered the Bohrok.[6]