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Certavus was a legendary Iconox Glatorian. He authored the Book of Certavus, a volume detailing all the fighting moves that made him an arena champion year after year.[1]


Certavus was famous for his skill, and every fighter knew his name.[2]

Certavus was the Prime Glatorian of Iconox at its founding. His skill and incredible record in the arena had made his name a legend. Certavus was one of the founders of the Glatorian system. He was also the author of the famed Book of Certavus, which contained a record of his fighting moves and strategies.[3]

Certavus was the very first Glatorian tournament champion, and he was listed on the Wall of Champions.[4]

Certavus was Vastus's mentor.[5]

Certavus was a Glatorian from Iconox. He perished some time before story year 2009 from natural causes after thousands of victories in the arena.[6]

Certavus and Tarix got along.[7]