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Glatorian species

This is not an official term.

The Glatorian species was an intelligent race of organic, bipedal beings that inhabited Spherus Magna (including Bara Magna and Bota Magna). They were generally about 7.2 feet tall, being about the same height as Toa and taller than the more diminutive Agori species. Like many living things on Spherus Magna, members of the Glatorian species had mechanical implants designed by the Great Beings integrated into their bodies and were covered in armor, although their bodies still consisted mostly of organic tissue underneath. The Glatorian arena fighters on Bara Magna generally came from this species. The proper name for this species has never been learned; the term "Glatorian" was merely a job title applied to arena fighters in the Glatorian system. The Great Beings were super-intelligent members of this species.