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The rock tribe formed the largest population of settled Agori on Bara Magna, followed by the fire tribe in Vulcanus. Some believed the sand tribe may have been the largest, but their nomadic and hostile nature made it impossible to get an accurate count of their number.1

Some Agori traders carried Thornax launchers.2

The Agori had a saying, "Sometimes the tallest mountain is the first to crumble," which could have been said of the Vorox's regression into savagery after the Shattering.3

The Agori, or villagers, of the world of Bara Magna were a tough, independent breed. In a place where every day was a struggle to survive, they learned to use what they had around and rely on their wits.4

List of Agori

  • Atakus
  • Berix
  • Crotesius
  • Kirbold
  • Kirbraz
  • Kyry
  • Lein
  • Metus
  • Raanu
  • Sahmad
  • Scodonius
  • Tarduk