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The fiercest and most feared warriors in all of Bara Magna, Skrall were bred from birth to be merciless fighters. A combination of rigorous training in all the combat arts, harsh discipline, and natural skill combined to make the Skrall seem virtually unbeatable. Skrall society was broken into three distinct classes: warriors, elite warriors, and leaders.2


Bone hunters were distantly related to the Skrall of Roxtus.3

The toughest and most dangerous Glatorian, no Skrall warrior had ever lost a match. They were armed with a Thornax launcher and rotating, razor-sharp shield.4

Vorox had problems with Skrall. Skrall hunted Vorox for sport or kidnapped them and caged them in Roxtus.1

Skrall were of the Rock Tribe. They were located formerly in Roxtus and later in the wastelands. Their equipment was a saw blade shield and a Thornax launcher.1

Skrall were the fiercest, most feared warriors in Bara Magna. Utterly merciless, they were a major threat to the Agori villages and were still considered a danger even after being driven from their former home city.1

Skrall warriors did not have individual names. They received names as a reward for service to the legion.1

There were three classes of Skrall: leader class, elite warrior class, and warrior class.1

Female Skrall possessed psionic powers. They were hated by the males and forced to live in their own settlement.1

Warriors made up the vast majority of the Skrall army. Tough and resourceful, Skrall warriors valued obedience, courage, and loyalty. Their social system encouraged these traits, as warriors who disobeyed orders or ran in battle were immediately executed. The Skrall way of life was built around conquest, with no room for compassion or other "soft" emotions. Skrall warriors were normally armed with swords, razor-edged shields, and Thornax launchers. When mounted for battle, they rode either sand stalkers or rock steeds. All Skrall Glatorian came from the warrior class.2

Elite Warriors were the top fighters in the Skrall military, born stronger and faster than standard warriors. Elites were often sent on special missions, either to spy on the enemy or to cause destruction in opposing camps or villages. Their high status meant they got to choose the best items from any loot that was seized to keep for themselves, as well as their choice of weapons.2

Leaders were destined from birth to be the superior class. A leader Skrall was taller and stronger than either Warriors or Elite Warriors and had the responsibility for taking charge of a legion. All leader-class Skrall except Tuma were killed by baterra.2

Among the many strange things about the Skrall was the fact that very few of them had names. A Skrall warrior was just called "warrior," unless he did something particularly brave or heroic in battle. Then he could be rewarded by Tuma with a name of his own. Receiving a name was considered a great honor by Skrall, and warriors would take great risks in order to be considered worthy of one.2

One of the mysteries about the Skrall was the apparent absence of any females in their city of Roxtus. In fact, when the Skrall migrated south to Bara Magna's desert, they left an enclave of females behind in their former territory. Skrall females were, if anything, more vicious, treacherous, and lethal than the males. They were more than willing to kill male Skrall to ensure that they got the best food and water supplies for themselves.2

The Black Spike Mountains were home to the Skrall. Few ever went there by choice, since the Skrall regarded any who entered the mountains to be trespassers.5

Tuma was the leader of the Skrall.6

Skrall traditionally gave little thought to how weapons worked and focused instead on what they did, and so when Atakus found his special swords, no one in the rock tribe knew how to make more of them or repair them.7

The northern desert, close to the Black Spike Mountains, was home to bone hunters and Skrall patrols. Skrall sometimes used rock steeds as mounts.8

Skrall warriors carried Thornax launchers.9, 10

The Skrall were considered a race.11

Skrall kidnapped Vorox for unknown purposes.12

Tuma was a member of the Leader class of the Skrall race, the highest of the four strata in their society.13, 1 As such, he was taller and stronger than a normal Skrall warrior and had spent virtually his entire life as a ruler. Tuma was the last Leader-class Skrall still alive on Bara Magna.13

In story year 2010, the Skrall had been defeated but not destroyed. They were ready to take revenge on Mata Nui, the Glatorian, and the Agori.14

Skrall did not have individual names; they were just called Skrall, which was the name of their group, unless they distinguished themselves and so earned a name.15, 16 The Skrall were considered part of the Rock Tribe. There were many more Skrall than there were non-Skrall Glatorian.17 Skrall was the name of the species, not the tribe.18

Not all Skrall looked the same, and some carried different weapons according to their role in the tribe. All Skrall were black.19

Skrall were not of the same species as Glatorian, which is why they were stronger and faster than they were.20

Only Tuma had the authority to grant a Skrall a name. It was otherwise forbidden, most likely even for nicknames.21

There were easily hundreds of Skrall.22

Individual Skrall differed in appearance in some respects, but easily hundreds of them looked exactly like the Glatorian set version.23

During their time in the Bara Magna desert, the Skrall were under strict orders regarding how much of a conflict they were allowed to spark with other Glatorian and villages.24

Tuma's race was a different class within the Skrall species.25

The Skrall were soldiers in the Core War.26

Only a small percentage of Skrall worked as Glatorian.27

Skrall rarely traveled alone; they traveled in patrols, heavily armed. Vorox were smart enough not to go after them, and if Skrall saw a huge number of Vorox, they were smart enough not to ride into their midst.28

It is likely that, in order to reproduce, male and female Skrall agreed to meet every so often for mating purposes. The female Skrall did not have a leader class. They were more egalitarian and less class-conscious than the males. It was not necessary for both the father and mother to be leader class Skrall to have a child who was of the leader class.29

List of Skrall

  • Branar
  • Stronius
  • Tuma