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Crotesius was a fire tribe Agori from Vulcanus known for being headstrong, bold, and daring, both in and out of the arena. He was a champion vehicle driver and intended to hold that title, so he was always looking for new weapons or sources of power for his Cendox V1.1


Crotesius discovered the Cendox V1 half-buried in sand near some ruins to the north of Vulcanus. Crotesius had never figured out what powered the vehicle. The Cendox was powerful for its size, but its attacks depended on facing an opponent head-on. In battle, Crotesius used the boosters to accelerate in turns so that the sides of the Cendox were not exposed to enemy attack any longer than necessary. One of Crotesius's favorite tricks in the arena was to hook an opposing vehicle with the front blades, then pull back on the stick, kick in the boosters, and hurl the other vehicle through the air. The Cendox was equipped with powerful boosters that could provide short bursts of great speed. These were Crotesius's favorite feature because they helped him outdistance pursuit in the desert. The mounted Thornax launcher was usually used for non-explosive Thornax. Crotesius preferred to damage an opposing vehicle and slow it down without disabling it, then finish it off with the blades. "Cendox" was an Agori word meaning "serpent strike." The original name of the vehicle, if it had one, was unknown; Crotesius gave it the name Cendox V1.2

Raanu encouraged Agori like Crotesius to master vehicle combat precisely so that there would be some defense against the Glatorian in case they ever turned on the Agori.3