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Hordika Dragons

The Hordika Dragons were eight Dark Hunters1 transformed by Visorak venom into lizard-like beasts. They had natural strength and agility, as well as an electric charge which flowed through their claws. The Shadowed One used them primarily as debt collectors.2


The Hordika Dragons were eight lizard-like beasts who served the Dark Hunters. They were originally Dark Hunters which the Shadowed One had exposed to Visorak venom. They were savage, violent, vicious, and treacherous. They proved to be a discipline problem since their creation. However, the Shadowed One had uses for their fearsome aspect: he found them most helpful in collecting debts from clients who were reluctant to pay. They fulfilled this role with some regularity, to the Shadowed One's chagrin. Eventually, the Hordika side of the Hordika Dragons would take over completely and make them useless, as the Shadowed One was aware.3

The Hordika Dragons had enhanced strength, agility, and tracking sense. They also had a natural electric charge that flowed through their claws. This power could be turned on and off at will and allowed them to electrocute anything they touched.3

All Hordika Dragons were of the same species.4

Keetongu had the ability to save the Hordika Dragons.5

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