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Icarax was a rebellious Makuta with designs on leadership of the Brotherhood. He was also the most highly skilled of his species in combat. Icarax wore the Kanohi Kraahkan, the Mask of Shadows. He was armed with a rotating shadow sword, a shield, and a Tridax pod filled with shadow leeches.2


Icarax's assigned region was Karzahni.3

Makuta Icarax was a fierce warrior of the Brotherhood of Makuta. He used his swords, Tridax pod, and Mask of Shadow [sic, Shadows] against his foes. He also carried spinning blades that could be rotated.4

Icarax specialized and focused on mastering combat.5 Icarax was a warrior.6

Icarax did not have a Toa Hagah team.7