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Kanohi Nuva

Kanohi Nuva were masks exposed to energized protodermis and transformed.[1] They were more powerful than standard masks and granted the user the ability to share the mask's power with anyone in close proximity.[1, 2] They were worn by the Toa Nuva.[1]


Each Toa Nuva had to collect six Kanohi Nuva Masks of Power to defend Mata Nui against its enemies. A Kanohi Nuva allowed the user to share its energies with those nearby.[3]

When the Toa were transformed into the Toa Nuva, they had to collect a new set of masks: the Kanohi Nuva.[4]

The Kanohi Nuva masks were the most powerful of all Masks of Power. There were 36 total Kanohi Nuva masks, six different masks for each Toa Nuva. A Kanohi Nuva allowed its user to share its energies with those nearby.[5]

Kanohi Nuva appeared a dull grey when not being worn.[6]

Artakha created the Kanohi Nuva and delivered them anonymously.[7]

Shared Kanohi Nuva powers were not cumulative.[8]

If someone besides a Toa Nuva wore a Kanohi Nuva, the mask would prevent him from being weakened like any other mask, although he would be unable to use its powers.[9]

Kanohi Nuva powers could be shared with non-Toa, including Matoran.[10] The effect did not decrease with range, but it did cut off after a certain distance.[11]

Kanohi Nuva presumably could be made from level 8 Kanoka, like Great Kanohi.[12] They were not so vastly more powerful than Great Kanohi that they could not be made this way.[13] They were at power level 8 like Great Kanohi, but enhanced by energized protodermis.[14]

Were the Toa Nuva to become Turaga, their masks would become Noble Kanohi Nuva and retain their ability to share powers.[15]

Kanohi Nuva (as well as hypothetical Noble Kanohi Nuva) were not much more powerful than their non-Nuva counterparts. Their main advantage was the ability to share powers with others.[16]

In addition to the ability to share powers, Nuva masks had other advantages over Great Masks just like how Great Masks had advantages over Noble Masks.[17]

Toa Nuva could share their masks with anyone they wished, even members of different species.[18]

The Kanohi Nuva weren't geared towards specific Toa. They turned gray when removed and changed color to match whoever wore them.[19]

Other Information

  • It was once stated the Kanohi Nuva were made by Vakama using Energized Protodermis, but this idea was scrapped.[20]

Kanohi Nuva[1]

  • Akaku Nuva
  • Hau Nuva
  • Kakama Nuva
  • Kaukau Nuva
  • Miru Nuva
  • Pakari Nuva