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Kanohi Nuva

Kanohi Nuva were masks exposed to energized protodermis and transformed.1 They were more powerful than standard masks and granted the user the ability to share the mask's power with anyone in close proximity.12 They were worn by the Toa Nuva.1


Each Toa Nuva had to collect six Kanohi Nuva Masks of Power to defend Mata Nui against its enemies. A Kanohi Nuva allowed the user to share its energies with those nearby.3

When the Toa were transformed into the Toa Nuva, they had to collect a new set of masks: the Kanohi Nuva.4

The Kanohi Nuva masks were the most powerful of all Masks of Power. There were 36 total Kanohi Nuva masks, six different masks for each Toa Nuva. A Kanohi Nuva allowed its user to share its energies with those nearby.5

Kanohi Nuva appeared a dull grey when not being worn.6

Artakha created the Kanohi Nuva and delivered them anonymously.7

Shared Kanohi Nuva powers were not cumulative.8

If someone besides a Toa Nuva wore a Kanohi Nuva, the mask would prevent him from being weakened like any other mask, although he would be unable to use its powers.9

Kanohi Nuva powers could be shared with non-Toa, including Matoran.10 The effect did not decrease with range, but it did cut off after a certain distance.11

Kanohi Nuva1

  • Akaku Nuva
  • Hau Nuva
  • Kakama Nuva
  • Kaukau Nuva
  • Miru Nuva
  • Pakari Nuva