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Kau Kau Staff

The Kau Kau Staff was a saw-shaped tool carried by Turaga Matau that served as his badge of office. It was named after the noise made by Brakas in the trees of Le-Wahi.


Turaga Matau's tool and badge of office was the Kau Kau Staff. Its name was not related the Kanohi Kaukau, but instead was a joke suggested by Onewa based on the noise made by Brakas in the trees. The name stuck and was called a kau kau staff ever since.1

Turaga Matau's tool was the Kau Kau staff.2

As a Turaga, Matau carried the Kau Kau staff.3

Although Matau's aero slicers could cut energy shields, the Kau Kau Staff could not.4