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Keetongu was a powerful Rahi once unknown on Metru Nui and believed to be a myth by the populations of other lands. Legend stated that Keetongu's single "eye" could see the good or evil in any being, and that he would grant his cure only to those of noble spirit. His rotating shield array could absorb any power used against him, and his blade claw could cleanse a being of Visorak venom. Keetongu's true power was said to come from his armor and Rhotuka spinners. His armor channeled the power absorbed by the shield array, and his spinner could send that energy back at his attacker. In this way, he could counter any attack made on him.1 His Rhotuka launcher was a natural part of his body2 and was his primary offensive and defensive tool.3 Most recently he traveled the universe, seeking to help other victims of the Visorak.1


Even to many of the Rahaga, Keetongu was considered to be a myth. It was said that Keetongu came from a powerful species of Rahi that was hunted to extinction by Sidorak and the Visorak horde until only one specimen remained. This Keetongu chose to go into hibernation until the day he was needed. His resting place had never been found before story year 2005.4

Keetongu was an unusually powerful Rahi. His blade claw had the power to cure any being mutated by Visorak venom. His rotating shield array absorbed any power hurled against him, channeled that power through his armor, and allowed him to send it back at a foe through his Rhotuka spinner. Keetongu's true eyes were hidden behind a crimson orb, which served as a decoy to his enemies. Legend said that this eye could see the good or evil in anyone he encountered, and that he would only grant his cure to those who were truly deserving, since it took so much energy to reverse the damage done by Visorak venom. Keetongu was vulnerable to the Rhotuka spinners of Roodaka and Sidorak, and massive amounts of Visorak venom might have caused harm to him as well.4

Keetongu was physically stronger than Sidorak.5

Keetongu's counteragent abilities were the only known cure for the effects of Visorak venom.6

Keetongu was a "mythical" Rahi. His spinner power was such that his shields absorbed, and his spinner sent it back against his opponent. His allies were the Toa Hordika and Rahaga. His preferred tactic was to pit strength against strength. Keetongu was native to the same island as the dreaded Tahtorak, and in fact those monstrous Rahi served as mounts for those of Keetongu's species.7