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Ko-Koro was the home village of the Ko-Matoran on Mata Nui. It was led by Turaga Nuju and protected by Toa Kopaka. Ko-Koro was hidden beneath a massive ice block that separated two glaciers and surrounded by huge crevasses that could swallow the unwary. It was severely damaged by the Rahkshi.4


Kopaka, Toa of Ice, and his people inhabited the frozen wilderness of Mount Ihu. This area was dotted with ice bridges built by the Matoran in honor of Kopaka.5

Ko-Koro's Toa was Kopaka Nuva, its Turaga was Nuju, and its villagers were the Ko-Matoran. The ice village of Ko-Koro was hidden beneath a huge ice block that separated two glaciers. Enormous crevasses dotted the surrounding mountains, where a traveler could disappear forever. Ko-Matoran were master trackers and trap-builders. The Ko-Matoran aided many other villages in the struggle against the Rahi and the Bohrok.6

Ko-Koro was in a hidden location beneath an enormous ice field. During the Bohrok invasion, the Tahnok eventually managed to melt the village away as if it had never been.7

Ko-Koro was located at the end of a snowy valley, set into one of the steep cliffs that rose on the far side. It was accessible only by a bridge of ice which stretched over a deep chasm. The village was protected by a wall.8

Hidden beneath a massive ice block that separated two glaciers, Ko-Koro was the village of Ice and home to the Ko-Matoran. Ko-Koro was surrounded by huge crevasses that were big enough to swallow even a large Rahi. Villagers lived either in caverns inside the glaciers or in huts made of ice. A group of Matoran called the Sanctum Guard provided defense. Ko-Koro was heavily damaged by a Rahkshi attack.9