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Vultraz's arch-enemy was a heroic Matoran named Mazeka.1


Once, Mazeka and Vultraz were close friends, but then the Matoran took different paths. Vultraz became a servant of the Brotherhood of Makuta, but Mazeka fought for justice as an agent for the Order of Mata Nui. Trained by the Order of Mata Nui to be an elite spy and skilled warrior, Mazeka rode his armored swamp strider into battle in Karda Nui. He had pursued Vultraz all over the universe and was ready for the showdown with his former friend. His swamp strider was equipped with a Midak Skyblaster mounted on a turret that swiveled 360 degrees.2

Mazeka was once a scholar trying to solve the mysteries of the universe with his mentor.3

When Mazeka fought Vultraz five years ago, he wielded a dagger.3

When Mazeka fought Vultraz in Krakua's village, he wielded a sword.3

Mazeka asked for training in fighting skills from the Order of Mata Nui: how to win clean, how to win dirty, and how to use a blade, his fists, and any kind of weapon. After his training, Mazeka was able to take on much larger and stronger opponents with melee combat. For example, we was able to fight his way past two members of Krekka's species by disarming one of them and dazing the other with a blow to the face. He carried a dagger which he could throw. Although one of the guards was holding a sword, Mazeka disarmed the brute with his own dagger in one swift motion. Mazeka was also able to knock two Order of Mata Nui guards off their feet inside the base on Daxia. He also knew how to "disappear" when he had to, using the shadows to his advantage. Jerbraz trained Mazeka to memorize details about his surroundings; he used this to memorize the layout of the base on Daxia.3

Mazeka was unsympathetic when dealing with the rogue Fe-Matoran crafter who helped Vultraz and even crushed his mask after he got the information he wanted from him. Mazeka's need for revenge on Vultraz mattered more to him than anything else.3

Mazeka knew that a Toa would risk everything to save the helpless, even if it meant letting a villain escape and put more lives at risk in the long run. Mazeka supposed that this was why there were so few Toa left and did not feel compelled to follow the same ideal.3

Mazeka's mind was shielded from mental intrusion thanks to his Order of Mata Nui training.3

Mazeka had hated Vultraz for years, but he wanted to beat him fairly and see him brought to justice.3

Mazeka underwent five years of extensive training and repeated battles with Vultraz.4 Mazeka rebuilt himself during his five years of training.5

Mazeka was a full Order of Mata Nui member.6

After the Matoran universe shut down, alternate Teridax and Mazeka did much the same as everyone else: surviving and trying to build a new life in a new place.7