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Ko-Matoran were residents of Ko-Koro or Ko-Metru. They had white armor and commonly wore white or light-blue masks. On Metru Nui, Ko-Matoran were primarily scholars. On Mata Nui, they were master trackers and trap builders. In both locations, they tended to be quiet and not very social.1


In Ko-Metru, Ko-Matoran spent a lot of time pondering, paying little attention to their surroundings. Even workers like chute station attendants would do this, in hopes of one day securing a position in a Knowledge Tower. Unfortunately, this also made it hard to get their attention.2

Ko-Metru scholars were very serious, talked very little, and hated to have their researches disturbed. They were far from being the friendliest Matoran, but they were among the wisest. They tended not to get along too well with Onu-Matoran, who spent all their time archiving the past. Ko-Matoran believed the future was much more important.3

In Metru Nui, Ko-Matoran were known for many things. Their devotion to learning was second to none. Their ambition to become Knowledge Tower scholars was incredibly powerful. Their attitude toward Matoran from other metru was usually cold, and sometimes bordered on rude. Since they almost always had their attention focused on a tablet, a carving, or some complicated philosophical problem, they often missed things going on around them.4

Ko-Matoran were known to dislike crowds and to be happier on their own.5

On Metru Nui, the Ko-Matoran had a reputation for being cold and hard, which was a result of their dedication to their goals. Virtually every Ko-Matoran hoped one day to work in a Knowledge Tower, so they spent their time studying and learning as much as they could. They had little patience for distractions from their studies.6

It was said that some Ko-Matoran, once they entered the Knowledge Towers, would spend their entire lives there, never setting foot outside.7

Ga-Matoran schools rarely enrolled Matoran from other metru, with the exception of the occasional Ko-Matoran through an exchange program. It was also popular for Ko-Matoran to sit in on lectures.8

On Metru Nui, Onu-Matoran and Ko-Matoran private collectors tended to be the ones most interested in buying rare items from Matoran smugglers.8

The Ko-Matoran scholars on Metru Nui studied the stars above Metru Nui to divine prophesies of the future and the will of the Great Spirit Mata Nui.9

Ko-Matoran were affiliated with the element of ice. On Metru Nui, they were the seers and scholars of Metru Nui. On Mata Nui, they were trackers and trap builders.10

Ko-Matoran had a natural limited resistance to cold.11

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