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Nocturn was a hulking, tentacled prisoner of the Pit. Being already amphibious, he had no problem surviving in the depths and proved to be immune to the mutagenic effects of the water. He became a sometime lieutenant of Ehlek. He lost an arm in a clash with Pridak; the arm grew back minus its tentacle. His dim intellect made him a bit unreliable in combat. He was fiercely loyal to Ehlek, when he remembered who Ehlek was. He had four arms, one of which was a tentacle, bulbous red eyes, and a spiked head. He was lean, muscular, and extremely powerful. He was able to single-handedly defeat giant squid and razor whales. He carried a squid launcher and sharp-bladed weapons.1


Nocturn's body could glow in the dark, an ability he used to lure unsuspecting prey in close and to frighten his enemies.2

Nocturn was a lieutenant of Ehlek's. He was very strong and very stupid. Nocturn carried two swords and a squid launcher, had incredible strength, and was immune to the mutagen in the water of the Pit.3