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Nocturn was a hulking, tentacled prisoner of the Pit. Being already amphibious, he had no problem surviving in the depths and proved to be immune to the mutagenic effects of the water. He became a sometime lieutenant of Ehlek. He lost an arm in a clash with Pridak; the arm grew back minus its tentacle. His dim intellect made him a bit unreliable in combat. He was fiercely loyal to Ehlek, when he remembered who Ehlek was. He had four arms, one of which was a tentacle, bulbous red eyes, and a spiked head. He was lean, muscular, and extremely powerful. He was able to single-handedly defeat giant squid and razor whales. He carried a squid launcher and sharp-bladed weapons.1


Nocturn's body could glow in the dark, an ability he used to lure unsuspecting prey in close and to frighten his enemies.2

Nocturn glowed in the dark.3

Nocturn was a lieutenant of Ehlek's. He was very strong and very stupid. Nocturn carried two swords and a squid launcher, had incredible strength, and was immune to the mutagen in the water of the Pit.4

Nocturn was Ehlek's lieutenant.5

Nocturn was not a leader, he was a follower.6

When not working with Ehlek, Nocturn hung out at a rock formation known as the Razor Whale's Teeth.7

Nocturn was stronger than Reidak and Carapar.8

Nocturn was stronger than Teridax, Axonn, Brutaka, Botar, Reidak, Carapar, and Krekka.9

Nocturn wasn't as strong as Takutanuva.10, 11

Nocturn didn't have powers outside of his enormous strength.12, 13

Regeneration was one of Nocturn's powers.14

Nocturn's regeneration power was a natural ability of his species.15

Nocturn was capable of dying by falling from a great height.16

Nocturn likely couldn't regenerate his head after a decapitation.17

Regeneration couldn't bring a being back from a fatal injury.18

Nocturn was not the only member of his species.19

Nocturn was more brawn then he was brains.20

Nocturn was not the brightest.21

Nocturn wasn't particularly intelligent, nor was he a Barraki.22

Unlike Carapar, who just thought slowly, Nocturn was basically just stupid.23

Nocturn was smarter than Krekka.24

Nocturn didn't have the mental discipline to use Kanohi.25

Nocturn was immune to Pit mutagen.26

Nocturn was immune to Pit mutagen because of the nature of his species.27

Nocturn's immunity to Pit mutagen was natural.28

Nocturn could breathe underwater naturally.29

Nocturn could breathe air.30

Nocturn's tentacle was a part of him.31

Nocturn's dwelling was a central point between the Barraki's six territories.32

Other Information

  • In November 2006, Greg Farshtey believed Nocturn was a Summer 2007 release.33
  • The most recent information Greg Farshtey had before Nocturn was found in a Walmart in December 2006 was that the set was supposed to be a summer release. He speculated that the team in Denmark may have shifted the release because Nocturn was the first recent $15 set. He was unconcerned with the early release because the character was set to have a brief appearance in the March comic anyway.34
  • Greg Farshtey did not find Nocturn to be a hard character to write for.35