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"Fire" described flames produced by combustion. "Plasma" described hot, shining gas. Toa of Plasma could not produce flame or directly burn objects, but they could create fires by shooting plasma at materials to ignite them. Toa of Fire could not shoot beams of superhot, shining air because their power required combustion. Toa of Plasma could possibly heat solids into plasma. A common plasma attack would create a brightly glowing, cloud-shaped beam with no discernable flames.1

Toa of Plasma were likely male.2

Other Information

  • Greg Farshtey stated in October 2006 that he couldn't comment on what colors Toa of Plasma might have in case such a Toa was released as a set and it had different colors. However, the example color he gave was orange, which ended up being one of the primary colors of plasma.3