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Po-Wahi was a barren, rocky wasteland located in the far northern region of Mata Nui. It was home to Po-Koro and the Po-Matoran. Numerous Rahi lived here, including Nui-Jaga, Sand Tarakava, tunnelers, Husi, among many others. Po-Wahi suffered some damage during the Bohrok invasion but was largely spared by the Bohrok-Kal and Rahkshi.[1]


There were canyons in Po-Wahi that were once full of life, with Matoran living in the caves above. They were driven away by the Bohrok. [It seems like Pohatu was referring to permanent residences, although this is unclear.][2]

Po-Wahi was also the site of some abandoned caves.[3, 4]

Po-Wahi was a barren, rocky wasteland.[5]

Po-Wahi was a barren, rock wasteland in the northern section of Mata Nui. It was the site of the village of Po-Koro.[6]