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Reidak was a Dark Hunter2 and later a Piraka.3 He possessed the elemental power of earth, thermal and infrared vision, and the ability to adapt to defeats so that the same method could not be used to beat him twice. He carried a Zamor launcher and a combination buzzsaw and drill, which could turn ground into quicksand on contact. He was known more for his brawn than his brains.4


Reidak, "the Tracer," was the brutal enforcer for the Piraka. Reidak believed in throwing boulders first and asking questions later. Although smart and cunning, he preferred to rely on his raw strength to see him through. He carried a zamor sphere launcher and a combined drill and buzz saw capable of turning solid ground to quicksand. Reidak also possessed infrared and thermal imaging vision. He also adapted after every defeat so as to be virtually invincible.5

Reidak was inclined to destroy things indiscriminately. His impatient, emotional nature led others to believe that he was a dumb brute; however, this belied the fact that he combined raw power with intelligence and cunning. As a Dark Hunter, Reidak exhibited an unwillingness to plan, disregard for the concept of stealth, and an intense dislike of enclosed places such as cells. In addition to his great strength, Reidak had the unusual ability to adapt after every defeat, making it impossible to beat him the same way twice. He possessed infrared and thermal imaging vision.6

The Shadowed One did not understand well why Reidak chose to defect and join the Piraka.6

As a Dark Hunter, Reidak was rumored to be a skilled tracker. It was not a skill he used often, preferring simply to destroy entire towns until he found whomever he was looking for.7

Vezok realized that Reidak was a lot smarter than he seemed.7

Reidak loved fighting and demolishing his enemies. One of his happiest moments as a Dark Hunter was guarding a fortress against Brotherhood of Makuta forces.7

The strongest of the six Piraka, Reidak was also quite intelligent, though he rarely showed it. Reidak had the ability to adapt to any defeat, so he could not be beaten the same way twice. Reidak was a highly skilled hunter and loved destruction. Though he was intelligent enough to make plans, he did not bother. He felt he was strong enough to beat any opponent without needing to come up with a strategy first. He disliked Avak a great deal, since the prisons Avak created were the one trap he could not escape. Reidak carried a zamor sphere launcher and a combination buzzsaw-drill tool. He possessed infrared and thermal imaging vision and elemental earth power, which could only be used in combination with other Piraka.8

Reidak was not stronger than Teridax.9

Reidak and Krekka were not vastly different in strength.10

Reidak was stronger than Carapar and Krekka but weaker than Nocturn, Teridax, Axonn, Brutaka, and Botar.11

Keetongu was probably around Reidak's strength level.12

Reidak's described strength was less about his ability to lift heavy objects and more about his ability to survive falls from high places, boulders being dropped on him, and the like.13

Lewa was capable of breaking Reidak's arm.14

Reidak's infrared vision was essentially the same as thermal vision and allowed him to see heat patterns.15

Adaptation Power

Reidak's adapted defenses stacked – if he was immune to two elements and defeated by someone using a third element, he would become immune to all three.16

If Reidak were knocked out by Kazi's echo forks, the echo forks would not have worked when used against him a second time.17

Reidak's ability was fast adaptation, not fast learning.18

Avak was capable of imprisoning Reidak despite the latter's adaptive powers. Defeating in Reidak's case meant he was knocked out or in some other way physically or mentally beaten. That was the type of thing Reidak was capable of adapting to, not confinement.19

Reidak could adapt to mask powers. He could also adapt to non-powered physical attacks such as thrown rocks. However, the powers had to be used to defeat him rather than block or annoy him.20

Reidak's adaptation power was shared by his mechanical parts and his organic ones.21

Reidak could become resistant to the lightning-laced elemental blasts of the Inika if he were defeated by one.22

Reidak could never be defeated by an attack he had adapted to.23

Reidak could only be killed by a single attack of a type that had never been used against him.24

It's uncertain whether Reidak's ability to adapt allowed him to come back from death (for example, being ripped in half) in addition to non-lethal defeat.25

Reidak was probably physically stronger than Carapar given his adaptive power.26

Reidak didn't become physically stronger after his defeats.27

Other Information

  • In marketing, Reidak's nickname was "the Tracer," and his tagline was "100% Hunter, 0% Chicken."8
  • The bios in Piraka Attack stated that Vezok and Reidak were the stupidest Piraka. This was inaccurate, as shown in the books.28