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Takadox was one of the six Barraki which menaced Mahri Nui. Before the Barraki's rebellion, Takadox was the least visible of all the Barraki, generally staying in his fortress and using his hypnotic power to make make his lieutenants carry out his will. The commands he made them deliver were so harsh that they became targets of hatred throughout the empire, resulting in many of them being slain by Takadox's subjects. Takadox possessed a hypnotic power and carried long daggers and a squid launcher.[1]


Takadox was the great manipulator of the Barraki. He was physically the least powerful of the Barraki but mentally one of the sharpest. He could sit motionless for days on end waiting for prey to make a wrong move, and then attack. He used his power of hypnosis to make others do his bidding, and so rarely had to run the risk of executing his own plans. Prior to the coming of the Mask of Life, he rarely left his cave – he simply mesmerized Carapar into getting whatever he needed. He controlled an army made up of underwater insect life. His weapons were twin knives and a squid launcher. His power was hypnosis.[2]

Slyest and most treacherous of the Barraki, Takadox preferred to use his hypnotic power to force others to fight his battles for him. With his army of undersea insect life and his cunning intellect, he was one of the more dangerous Barraki. His weapons were twin knives and a squid launcher. He had the power of hypnosis.[3]

Takadox's body could glow in the dark, an ability he used to lure unsuspecting prey in close and to frighten his enemies.[4]

When Jaller, Nuparu, and Hahli encountered Takadox on Artidax, he said that the other Barraki belonged in their cells. Takadox was wearing a water-filled helmet on his head and was holding a crude stone dagger.[5]

Takadox was a sneaky, treacherous villain, always out for himself and trying to use others. Takadox carried a squid launcher and a pair of knives.[6]

Takadox's hypnosis ability would work on organic beings like Glatorian and Agori, but it would take a lot more effort. To really control them, he would need to reinforce the hypnosis a lot, requiring more than one session.[7]




“Actually, we thought perhaps you, Carapar and those Toa might have persuaded him, and then … eased him out of this life,” said Takadox. “But don’t worry, Kalmah. I told them you would never do such a thing.”

“Of course not,” said Kalmah.

“For one thing, you’re not that smart,” Takadox finished.[2]