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Tobduk was one of the Order of Mata Nui agents who contributed information for the Order's guide on locations.1


Tobduk was a senior Order of Mata Nui agent. He was tall, easily 10 feet in height. Although he looked very lean, it was deceptive – he was all wiry muscle. He wore a Kanohi Sanok, the Mask of Accuracy, which was appropriate given his role as a killer. This particular Order member got the ugly assignments and thrived on them. He was most famous within the group for planning the deaths of or personally slaying everyone who knew the location of the island of Artakha, including other Order members and a Makuta [Kojol]. Although one would expect someone like him to be cold and calm, Tobduk was in a perpetual rage. He fed on anger, his and others, and it made him stronger. Mazeka battled Tobduk a few times during his training but always lost. Every time, Mazeka's frustration and anger would grow in him during the fight, making Tobduk even stronger. In his own words, Tobduk was "made for war." His eyes somehow managed to gleam and yet remain cold and dead at the same time. Tobduk carried a dagger which he kept in a sheath on his hip.2

With Tobduk's mental shields up, neither Makuta Tridax's mental attacks nor his telepathy were able to get through to him.2

Tobduk carried a nasty looking staff. Its shaft was inscribed with Matoran symbols, and its head was carved in the shape of a doom serpent's head. Tobduk caused a beam of white-hot energy to lance from the staff. He used this to incinerate Makuta Tridax's free-floating antidermis within moments.2

Tobduk's name meant "survivor."2

Tobduk was emotionally scarred by the event when the Visorak wiped out his village. By the time he had escaped to Stelt, the horror of all he had seen had changed him. When the Order of Mata Nui took him in, they gave him the name "Tobduk," meaning "survivor." Tobduk found this ironic, since he his old self did not survive emotionally. According to Tobduk, "I'm not who I was... and I'm not what the Order wanted to make me. I am no one." His eyes gleamed with a mixture of rage and madness.2

Tobduk was of a non-Matoran species. He was very tall and dangerous in appearance. He had a harsh and malicious laugh. He considered himself to be the most dangerous enemy of the Makuta.3

Tobduk was never part of the Hand of Artakha.4