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Story Year 2005

Aftermath of the Visorak Invasion

  • With Rahi loose all over the city and hunted by Visorak, the city becomes a dangerous place.[1]
  • Badly damaged in the earthquake, Le-Metru becomes home to many of the species of Rahi which have escaped the Archives.[2]
  • Archives moles respond to the Visorak invasion by running and hiding. They can squeeze into places far too narrow for Visorak and can remain there until the Visorak get frustrated and leave. Visorak sometimes spin webs over the openings of those spaces, trapping the Archives moles inside. Bomonga makes a point of looking out for anything that looks like stray webbing down below, freeing Archives moles and coaxing them, with difficulty, out of their hiding places.[3]
  • Bomonga tries to catch Artakha bulls but has limited success because of their high intelligence.[4]
  • Rock raptors suffer badly from the attacks of Visorak Roporak until only a few specimens remain. Their aggressive, independent nature makes it impossible for the Rahaga to help them against the Visorak. Most rock raptors are captured or killed.[5]
  • Sea spiders first appear in the sea off Ga-Metru after the Visorak arrive in Metru Nui.[6, 7] The Rahaga quickly discover that the sea spiders are a natural predator of the Visorak, one of the only ones known.[6]
  • The Visorak make efforts to capture blade burrowers with limited success.[8]
  • Iruini has difficulty capturing cable crawlers and enlists Bomonga's help. Bomonga's ability to stay still for hours and lure them close proves very useful, since surprise is the only way to snare a cable crawler.[9]
  • Some Kikanalo remain on the northern plains of Po-Metru, although their numbers are decreasing as the Visorak take a stranglehold on Metru Nui. They are too proud to hide and challenge the Visorak head-on, losing more often than not. Pouks does what he can to save them.[10]
  • Kikanalo herds wane during the Visorak invasion. This forces catapult scorpions to wander out of Po-Metru in search of food.[11]
  • With much of the chute system damaged, chute lurkers have to find other hunting grounds, making them targets for the Visorak. Norik encounters a number of these creatures and notes that they seem lost and confused.[12]
  • With so few Vahki left, crystal climbers settled permanently in the knowledge towers.[13]
  • With the Vahki otherwise occupied, doom vipers wander Ga-Metru at will. Given the difficulty of capturing doom vipers, the Visorak make efforts to contain them, often herding them into enclosed spaces and then sealing them in with rock and stone. Occasionally, another Rahi seeking a hiding place unearths one of these tombs, only to discover that the doom vipers inside were still alive and to meet its demise. Norik is compelled to save even the doom vipers from the Visorak.[14]
  • Bomonga discovers a few stasis tubes still intact in the Archives. Norik keeps doom vipers stored in them in the hopes they will remain there forever.[14]
  • Fader bulls' skill at escaping traps makes them a source of constant frustration to the Visorak. Pouks traps fader bulls by exploiting their herd mentality, using a rockslide to startle a herd and then rushing to the spot where the first member of the herd teleports in time to catch the third or fourth fader bull as it appears.[15]
  • With so many of Ta-Metru's furnaces no longer operating, furnace salamanders come to dwell atop the molten protodermis pipes that line Ta-Metru. Norik remarks that one requires patience, a quiet step, and bravery to catch them, since they are never found alone and readily defend each other.[16]
  • In some strange way, the ice vermin's Rhotuka spinners seem to have absorbed the seismic energy of the quake, making them a serious threat to Metru Nui.[17, 18, 19] They begin attacking larger creatures in packs.[19] Their increased presence in the city also leads to clashes not only with the Visorak, but also with Kavinika and stone rats, weakening all sides and making them easy prey for the Visorak. The constant use of their spinners causes even greater damage to Metru Nui. Many ice vermin accidentally bury themselves with tremors of their own making.[18]
  • Packs of Kavinika prowl all around the outskirts of Ga-Metru. With the Matoran gone, Kavinika rule the night in Ga-Metru. They scale buildings and hide in the shadows to spring on prey below. The Visorak use this characteristic against them, often baiting them into an ambush.[20] Strangely, the Kavinika's population actually seems to be increasing at this time. The Rahaga believe that something in one of the Ga-Metru labs is causing the Rahi to duplicate in some mysterious manner.[21, 20] This gives the Kavinika some safety in numbers and makes Ga-Metru even more dangerous. Iruini remarks that even after the Visorak are dealt with, they will need to figure out how to round up the Kavinika and discover why their population is increasing before Metru Nui is overrun.[20]
  • The Lohrak seem to become a pet project of the Visorak. Mutated Lohrak are three to five times normal size and extremely destructive. It is possible that the Visorak plan to mutate and enslave Lohrak for future conquests.[22]
  • Metru mantises prey on the Visorak, and the Rahaga consider them a potent strike force against the invaders.[23]
  • With the city largely dead, phase dragons have nothing to chase and, in their boredom, become more problematic. They begin chasing anything that moves and will even charge and attack to get something to run, often misjudging their own strength and doing serious harm.[24]
  • Rahaga Gaaki is determined to capture proto drakes for their own protection.[25]
  • Visorak Boggarak menace the razor whales. Since the razor whales are not accustomed to having enemies, they seem not to understand the need to hide or flee, and the survival of their species is in peril.[26]
  • Gaaki once witnesses a sea spider back away in fear from a Bohrok Krana in a display case in the Archives, although she has no idea why.[7]
  • Of all the Rahi in Metru Nui, only the silver chute spiders seem to escape the notice of the Visorak. Norik reports seeing the Visorak sweep through the Metru, capturing every Rahi in sight, while completely ignoring the silver chute spiders. He guesses that perhaps they sense a kinship with the creatures.[27]
  • Tarakava around Metru Nui become even more dangerous after the Great Cataclysm, as their undersea nests have been disturbed.[28]
  • All ash bears formerly contained in the Archives are now free.[29]
  • The Brakas escape from the Archives.[30, 31]
  • Longfangs emerge from the tunnels beneath the Archives to feed on the surface following the Great Cataclysm.[32]
  • In the months since the Visorak's arrival, Metru mantises start preying on them as well. This prompts Sidorak to assign two Kahgarak the task of hunting down and capturing every Metru mantis in the city. Knowing they are an enemy of the Visorak, Norik and Bomonga make a special effort to capture Metru mantises and keep them safe in the Archives, hoping to unleash them as a strike force against the hordes at the right moment.[33]
  • Iruini and Bomonga suggest that the Rahaga should unleash Metru mantises on the colony drone pens, wrecking the enclosures and setting the drones free. This would go a long way toward crippling the hordes' operations. However, Norik and Gaaki refuse to go along with this plan, pointing out that the colony drones would probably be wiped out by other Rahi. They are unwilling to sacrifice the fate of a species even to stop the Visorak.[34]
  • After their alteration, the Vahki continue to patrol the city in small squads, often clashing with Visorak. Eventually the Visorak destroy them all.[35, 36, 37]
  • Kahgarak guard the Coliseum.[38]

The Toa Metru Cross the Silver Sea

  • The Toa Metru reach the shore of the silver sea around Metru Nui, realizing they need a ship to cross it. They find a Vahki transport, but there is nothing to keep it afloat. Onewa and Matau chop up the dead Karzahni's trunk and strap the wood onto the bottom of the craft, making it seaworthy.[39]
  • During the Toa Metru's journey back to Metru Nui, Vakama encounters the fire entity. He defeats it by using his Toa power to draw all of the heat out of the chamber, causing the entity to freeze. Vakama falls unconscious from the effort, and the entity is gone when the other Toa Metru arrive.[40]
  • The Toa Metru use the Vahki transport, named the Lhikan II, to sail back to Metru Nui.[41] Matau again acts as pilot of the Lhikan II.[42, 43]

The Toa Metru Land in Le-Metru

  • The Lhikan II is shipwrecked. Matau's mood is not improved any by the fact that Nuju blames it on his piloting.[42]
  • The Toa Metru return to Metru Nui in an effort to rescue the rest of the Matoran.[44]

The Toa Metru Head toward the Coliseum

  • The Toa Metru encounter a wounded ash bear (Graalok) in the Archives and combine their powers to heal her.[45]
  • The Toa Metru hide in the Moto-Hub to avoid a Vahki squad.[46]
  • After reaching Mata Nui and then returning to Metru Nui, the Toa Metru encounter Visorak.[47]
  • Although he once read something in the Archives about the Visorak, Whenua does not immediately identify them. Vakama criticizes him harshly for this.[47]
  • The Toa Metru encounter and defeat a Lohrak mutated to monstrous size by the Visorak on the loose in the Moto-Hub.[48, 46, 22]
  • Shortly after Vakama scolds Whenua, the Toa Metru are captured by the Visorak.[47]
  • Eager to prove he deserves to be a Toa, Vakama recklessly leads the Toa Metru into the heart of the city, where they are captured by the Visorak.[49] When the Toa Metru return to Metru Nui to collect the sleeping Matoran, they walk into an ambush set by Visorak spiders and are captured.[50, 51]

The Toa Metru Are Mutated into Toa Hordika

  • The Toa Metru discover that the Coliseum has been taken over by the Visorak horde and its leaders, Sidorak and Roodaka.[44]
  • Roodaka plans to turn the Toa Metru into Toa Hordika and lure Vakama into taking over as commander of the Visorak horde.[52]
  • Roodaka has the Toa Metru transformed with Visorak venom into Toa Hordika: half-hero, half-beast forms which are monstrous mockeries of their former selves.[44, 53, 54, 52, 55, 49, 56, 47, 51]
  • 1,001 years ago The Toa Metru are transformed into Toa Hordika by Visorak venom.[57]
  • Vakama sees their capture and mutation as another example of his poor leadership. The other Toa Metru, and Matau particularly, blame Vakama for leading the Toa Metru into the trap that results in their mutation into the Toa Hordika.[42, 49] Matau blames Vakama for their mutation, believing that as their leader he should have been smart enough not to lead them into a trap.[58]
  • Roodaka talks Sidorak out of having the Toa Hordika immediately executed, since she wishes to use their powers to free Makuta.[55]
  • Just as the Toa Hordika are about to be killed, the Rahaga rescue them.[51]
  • Norik saves Vakama after he has been mutated into a Toa Hordika.[59]
  • The Rahaga save the Toa Hordika from certain death and educate them about their new forms, powers, and hopes for a cure.[60]

The Rahaga Mentor the Toa Hordika

  • After the Toa Metru have been mutated into Toa Hordika, Norik tells them that Keetongu is their only hope for a cure.[61] The Toa Hordika learn that the only possible cure for their condition is a legendary Rahi beast known as Keetongu, which some of the Rahaga believe is hidden somewhere in Metru Nui.[51]
  • The Toa Hordika and Rahaga launch a search for Keetongu in Metru Nui in the hopes that he will cure the Toa.[61, 62] They seek Keetongu even as they fight the Visorak throughout the city.[51]
  • 1,001 years ago The Toa ally with the Rahaga and Keetongu to fight the Visorak.[57]

The Toa Hordika and Rahaga Search Metru Nui for Airship Parts

  • After becoming a Toa Hordika, Onewa finds it difficult to control his rage.[54, 63]
  • Whenua finds that the lure of being a full Rahi is strong. It is only the presence of Rahaga Bomonga that keeps him from running off and joining the wild packs of beasts that roam the city.[47]
  • Matau has the hardest time adjusting to his new appearance.[42]
  • Nuju finds his intellect under siege after the transformation. His rational side wars with the beast within. He finds his already short temper becoming hotter and nastier.[64]
  • Unlike the other Toa Hordika, Nokama seems to revel in her newfound connection with nature and creatures of the sea. This and her frequent bouts of rage worry Gaaki, who fears that Nokama might lose herself.[53]
  • Matau is torn between rescuing the Matoran and searching for Keetongu, who might hold the key to a cure.[42]
  • The Toa Hordika must challenge the Visorak for control of the city.[65]
  • After the Visorak have taken over Metru Nui, Krahka surfaces again, challenging Roodaka to single combat. Roodaka wins and uses Krahka as part of a plan to undermine the confidence of the Toa Hordika.[66]
  • While searching for Great Masks in the Great Temple, Toa Hordika Nokama and Rahaga Gaaki encounter a Gate Guardian. Nokama uses her water power to reveal its true form.[67, 68] Nokama comes very close to being defeated by a gate guardian, and only Gaaki's sharp thinking saves her.[69]
  • To Nuju's displeasure, he is teamed with Rahaga Kualus, who persists in wasting time talking to Rahi in their own language.[64]
  • Kualus insists that Gukko is not the correct name for that species of bird Rahi and that the term might even be an insult in their language.[70]
  • Nuju becomes the first to ride a Gukko, much to his surprise. Kualus and Nuju take off on the backs of Gukko birds.[71] Kualus and Nuju are believed to be the first to ride Gukko.[70]
  • Bomonga saves a night creeper from a Visorak in Onu-Metru.[72]
  • Oohnorak use their mimicry to trick Matau into opening a hangar door to let them in.[73]
  • Onewa and Pouks see a herd of Kane-Ra in front of a cave. For any confusion regarding the mention of Kikanalo in place of Kane-Ra on p. 56 of BA8, see this post: The TTV Message Boards [source].
  • Onewa stumbles upon a secret lair of Makuta. Consequently, the Toa Metru discover evidence that Ahkmou, Ehrye, Nuhrii, Orkahm, Tehutti, and Vhisola may have been destined to become Toa instead of them.[74, 75, 76, 54, 77, 78, 79]
  • The news that Nuhrii may have been the destined Toa of Fire sours Vakama's mood. Vakama becomes convinced that his becoming a Toa was a mistake from the start. He grows increasingly bitter and distant from his friends.[49]
  • Pouks sees through Krahka's impersonations. Pouks persuades Krahka to side with the Toa against the Visorak.[80] Onewa helps to convince Krahka to ally with the Toa against the Visorak. This proves to be an important turning point in the struggle against the hordes.[63]
  • Krahka later turns on Roodaka and sides with the Toa and Rahaga against the Visorak horde.[66, 81]
  • Krahka allies with the Toa against the Visorak.[82]
  • Although Krahka has believed for a long time that she is the only one of her kind, Pouks reveals that many more of Krahka's species once existed in another land, but that they were reportedly overrun by the Visorak and presumed to be extinct.[66, 81]

A Major Battle between the Toa Hordika and Visorak

  • By order of Sidorak, the Zivon is summoned and appears on Metru Nui.[83]
  • Krahka summons the Tahtorak, who allies with her. Krahka rides the Tahtorak into battle against the Visorak horde and the Zivon.[66, 84]
  • Krahka, Onewa, and Pouks ride on the back of the Tahtorak.[80] Pouks rides on its back from Ta-Metru to Le-Metru. He is amazed by the experience of feeling the city shaking with each step it takes.[85]
  • Pouks theorizes that "the answer" which the Tahtorak demands is how he came to Metru Nui, so far from its home.[84]
  • Even as an ally, the Tahtorak proves to be extremely dangerous and destructive.[85]
  • The Tahtorak fights a great battle against the monstrous Zivon. The Tahtorak's thick hide proves vulnerable to the Zivon's stinger.[85] During the struggle between the Tahtorak and the Zivon, Krahka spots a Kahgarak about to unleash a Rhotuka spinner that will send Tahtorak into the zone of darkness. Knowing she cannot save him, she slams into the Zivon, forcing it into physical combat with the Tahtorak. When the spinner hits, all three are transported into the realm of shadow.[86, 66, 84, 83] Krahka, Tahtorak, and Zivon are last seen vanishing into the Zone of Darkness, with the Tahtorak and Zivon locked in combat.[81, 85, 87]
  • The Toa Hordika ally with Krahka and the Tahtorak and score a victory against the Visorak.[51]
  • The Toa Hordika capture a Visorak fortress and rebuild it as a fortress for themselves. They add a special Kanohi mask gateway charged with elemental powers to repel the spiders.[88]

The Toa Hordika Prepare for the Great Rescue

  • Toa Hordika Nokama makes a point of defending razor whales from the Visorak Boggarak.[89] Although the razor whales seem not to understand to the need to hide or flee, Nokama tries her best and takes the loss of each creature very personally.[26]
  • Pouks does what he can to save the Kikanalo, who are too proud to hide from the Visorak. He wishes that he had Nokama's old Mask of Translation to communicate with them, although he doubts they would listen. He estimates that in two or three months the Kikanalo will be wiped out by the Visorak, who have the advantage in numbers.[10]
  • The Kraawa once kept in the Archives is loose in Metru Nui, and no one knows where it is. Pouks often mulls over the problem of how to capture it without striking it and activating its special ability, a puzzle that continually nags at him.[90]
  • Rock raptors increasingly come into conflict with Visorak Roporak. They seem to meet their match, and their numbers dwindle rapidly. They are so territorial and aggressive that they will not let the Rahaga anywhere near enough to capture them. The Rahaga fear that their species is in danger of extinction. Pouks, Iruini, and even Kualus all try and fail to capture rock raptors, at one point leaving Bomonga up to the task.[91]
  • Whenua seems to take a liking to Orkahm's former Ussal crab, Puku. He goes so far as to suggest that the Toa bring her with them when they leave Metru Nui.[92]
  • Months since the arrival of the Visorak[33] The Rahaga compile a guide to the Rahi beasts of Metru Nui, carving records of the various species currently loose in the city into stone.[1]
  • As the one best suited to comment on the gate guardian, Gaaki later remarks that they are vicious cowards, hiding behind a false front so they can attack at will.[69]
  • From hearing Nuju's accounts of frost beetles, Norik remarks that it would almost be better to leave them to the Visorak, since they could cause a great deal of damage to the knowledge towers now that they are unguarded.[93]
  • Whenua states that capturing ice vermin needs to be a priority because of the damage they cause to Metru Nui with their quakes and because of the possibility of the Visorak mutating them into something worse. Bomonga remarks that finding them is easy, but that the trick to capturing them is to keep them from bringing buildings down.[18]
  • Pouks asks Vakama about the Kanohi Dragon. Vakama knows only that Lhikan and ten of his comrades fought a great battle and drove it away long ago; Lhikan never cared to share more of the tale.[94]
  • Kualus teaches his strange Rahi dialect to Nuju.[95]
  • Kualus later teaches the language of Rahi to Nuju, which will later become the only language Nuju ever speaks.[64, 96]
  • The Toa Hordika are forced to stay one step ahead of the Visorak for weeks as they search for a means to rescue the Matoran from the Coliseum.[97]
  • The Toa Hordika are ready to take the battle to the Visorak, beginning with the watch towers used by the Visorak to monitor the city. While Nuju and Vakama travel to the Archives to rescue missing friends, Nokama and Matau have been dispatched to scout Visorak defenses.[97]
  • The Toa Hordika are preparing to mount an attack on the Coliseum, now headquarters for the Visorak horde and site of the Matoran captivity. Sent to scout ahead, Nokama and Matau have managed to infiltrate a Visorak guard tower by sneaking in under a battle ram. However, Roodaka has ordered that particular ram to be burned in the furnaces. Meanwhile, the other Toa Hordika launch a plan to capture the tower, the sole guard post on the way to the Coliseum.[98]
  • The Toa Hordika construct six airships to carry the Matoran to Mata Nui.[99]

The Toa Hordika Retrieve the Makoki Stones

  • The Toa Hordika retrieve the Makoki stones and use them to unlock the Avohkii. Fearing that the mask's bright glow will attract the attention of the Visorak, Onewa uses his Rhotuka spinner to conceal it in a block of stone.[100]

The Toa Hordika Find Turaga Dume

  • The Toa Hordika discover that Turaga Dume's canister malfunctioned and that he is free.[101]

Vakama Turns from the Toa Hordika

  • The cruel things Matau says help push Vakama away from his friends, which eventually leads to his joining the enemy.[58]
  • Norik is unable to keep Vakama from turning away from his allies and succumbing to his bestial side.[59]
  • In the Toa's darkest moments, Vakama abandons the team, allying with Sidorak and Roodaka.[51]
  • Eventually, Roodaka lures Vakama into allying with her and taking over as commander of the Visorak horde.[52, 49] Vakama betrays his team and allies with the Visorak.[50]
  • Sidorak approves of Roodaka's decision to name Vakama field commander of the horde.[55]
  • Vakama temporarily leads the Visorak horde as part of Roodaka's plot to overthrow Sidorak.[56]
  • After Vakama's betrayal, Nokama takes over as leader of the Toa. She leads the successful search for Keetongu and attack on the Visorak.[102]

The Toa Hordika and Rahaga Visit the Great Temple

  • The Toa Hordika and Rahaga journey to the Great Temple in search of clues to the location of Keetongu.[68]
  • While in Roodaka's service, Vakama attacks Norik and causes significant damage to the Great Temple.[68, 49, 103]
  • Vakama captures all but one of the Rahaga.[51]

The Toa Hordika Find Keetongu

  • Keetongu is discovered and joins the Toa Hordika in an attack on the Coliseum.[61]
  • Matau regrets the way he blamed Vakama for their mutation before.[58]

Showdown at the Coliseum

  • In the final assault on the Visorak's headquarters in the Coliseum, Matau appeals to Vakama to return to being a hero, risking his own life to remind Vakama what being a Toa is about. He manages to convince Vakama to fight alongside the Toa once more.[58, 51]
  • The Toa Hordika defeat the Visorak in the Coliseum, the headquarters of the Visorak, Roodaka, and Sidorak, in a ferocious final battle.[44, 61, 42, 53, 64, 54]
  • During the battle, Roodaka strikes at the powerful Rahi Keetongu, angering him.[52]
  • Roodaka betrays Sidorak when she leaves Sidorak to deal with the maddened Keetongu, refusing to help and leaving him to be killed.[52, 55, 51]
  • As Roodaka looks on, Keetongu slays Sidorak in the Coliseum's main arena.[61, 52, 55] Sidorak is killed.[104]
  • Matau convinces Vakama, who has defected to the enemy, to ally with the Toa once more.[42, 49] Vakama repents and helps the other Toa defeat the Visorak and save the Matoran.[50]
  • The Visorak are disgusted by Roodaka's role in Sidorak's death and lose faith in her.[52]
  • Using the authority he gained while on the Visorak's side, Vakama gives the Visorak orders to leave Metru Nui, and they are quick to desert and scatter because of Roodaka's actions.[52, 49, 56, 51]
  • With the Visorak gone, only Roodaka remains. Roodaka baits the Toa Hordika into striking her with their elemental powers as a means of gathering the elemental energy needed to free Makuta. The Toa Hordika do not realize that Roodaka carries a portion of the cage in which they trapped Makuta; by striking it with their powers, the Toa Hordika are undoing the Toa seal and freeing Teridax. Roodaka frees Makuta by absorbing a portion of the elemental energy of the six Toa. Doing this brings her close to death, and it appears that she is fatally struck, but she is rescued from death at the last moment by Makuta.[105, 52, 51]

The Toa Hordika Are Cured

  • 1,001 years ago The Toa defeat Roodaka, but not before Makuta is freed.[57]
  • With the Toa Hordika victorious, Keetongu uses his power to cure the Toa Hordika and transform them back into the Toa Metru.[61, 42, 53, 64, 54, 49]
  • 1,001 years ago The Toa Hordika are turned back into Toa Metru by Keetongu.[57]

Aftermath of the Defeat of the Visorak

  • As a result of the battle, Roodaka is defeated, and the Visorak are temporarily disbanded.[64] The Visorak hordes are scattered.[104] The Toa Hordika defeat the Visorak.[103]
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta's attempt to take control of Metru Nui is thwarted by the Toa Metru, the Rahaga, and Keetongu.[106]
  • Efforts by Teridax to sieze power in Metru Nui and quickly achieve domination of the universe are frustrated by Toa. Despite this, the Makuta remain the major threat to peace and security in the universe.[107]
  • It is believed the Toa may have learned the secret of rebuilding the Matoran to become stronger and more agile from the Rahaga at some point.[108]

The Toa Metru Depart for Mata Nui with the Matoran

  • Knowing they have to move fast, the newly restored Toa Metru gather the sleeping Matoran into airships for transport to the island of Mata Nui.[51]
  • Turaga Dume refuses to leave the city with the Toa Metru after their defeat of the Visorak, preferring to watch over Metru Nui in their absence.[101] The Rahaga, Keetongu, and Turaga Dume choose to stay behind and look after Metru Nui.[51]
  • The Toa Metru depart with the Matoran for the island of Mata Nui, leaving Dume and the Rahaga to watch over the city.[103]
  • 1,001 years ago The Toa Metru transport the Matoran to the island of Mata Nui.[57]
  • Traveling by airship, the Toa Metru rescue the sleeping Matoran and bring them to the island of Mata Nui. Ehrye and Tehutti are among those rescued.[75, 42, 53, 54, 78]
  • During transport to Mata Nui, Jaller's Kanohi mask is badly damaged.[109]
  • The Toa Metru bring Noble Masks from Metru Nui to Mata Nui. They also bring an assortment of Great Masks from the Great Temple.[110]

Vakama Retrieves the Kanohi Vahi

  • During the evacuation of the Matoran from Metru Nui, Vakama returns to the city on his own to search for the missing Vahi.[49, 51]
  • Voporak arrives in Metru Nui.[111]
  • The Karzahni plant kills an Order of Mata Nui agent sent to Metru Nui.[112]
  • The Karzahni plant is not dead. It grows again and allies itself with Makuta as part of a plot to trick Vakama into giving up the Vahi.[39]
  • Vakama is tricked by Makuta into believing that the events leading up to his becoming a Toa never happened and that Metru Nui is still intact. He eventually breaks free of the illusion.[49]
  • Vakama is forced to ally with Makuta Teridax to prevent the Shadowed One from claiming the Vahi and Metru Nui for the Dark Hunters.[49, 51]
  • The evidence that Ahkmou, Ehrye, Nuhrii, and Tehutti were supposed to be Toa is proven false.[74, 75, 76, 54, 77, 78]
  • Vakama discovers that the Ga-Matoran of Metru Nui were attempting to create an artificial form of energized protodermis.[113]
  • Keetongu is badly wounded in a clash with Makuta but recovers.[61]
  • Toa Vakama battles Sentrakh in Metru Nui.[114]
  • Toa Krakua appears to Vakama in a vision, claiming to be from his future and warning him that a team of Toa would one day have to go on a journey to the darkest place he could imagine (this is believed to be a reference to the Toa Inika and Toa Mahri). He also encourages him to persevere in his battle with Makuta for possession of the Kanohi Vahi and to be willing to destroy it if necessary to keep it out of Makuta's hands.[115]
  • The discovery of the Kanohi Vahi draws both the Shadowed One and Makuta to Metru Nui. They come into conflict over possession of the mask.[116]
  • The revelation that Makuta has slain two Dark Hunters turns the argument into a battle. Although severely wounded, Makuta manages to defeat the Shadowed One. The Vahi eludes them both, however, thanks to Vakama's quick thinking. The Shadowed One vows revenge and declares war on the Brotherhood of Makuta.[116]
  • The Shadowed One is defeated, and Toa Vakama thwarts the Makuta's efforts to secure the Kanohi Vahi.[51] During this encounter, a battle between Makuta Teridax and the Shadowed One sparks the Dark Hunter-Brotherhood of Makuta War, fueled by the Shadowed One's discovery that Teridax killed Nidhiki and Krekka.[106, 117, 118, 105, 119, 104, 120, 121]
  • The Karzahni claims to have slain a member of the Order of Mata Nui.[39]
  • The Karzahni betrays Makuta, and Makuta kills the Karzahni as punishment.[39]
  • Vakama prevents Makuta from taking the Vahi for himself by threatening to destroy the mask, which would unleash the power of time and rip time itself to pieces, if he attempts to take it. The two make an agreement: Vakama will leave the city with the Vahi and Makuta will not attack the Matoran for one full year, and in exchange Vakama will refrain from destroying the mask.[49, 104, 51]
  • Voporak survives the clash between Makuta and the Shadowed One.[111]
  • Sentrakh saves the Shadowed One's life after his defeat at the hands of Makuta.[114, 122] Sentrakh takes the Shadowed One back to Odina, where he can take the time to recover his health and nurse his rage. For this, the Shadowed One realizes that he owes Sentrakh his life.[122]

Makuta Finds and Awakens Ahkmou

  • Makuta finds and retrieves Ahkmou's sphere.[74]

The Toa Metru Arrive on Mata Nui with the Matoran

  • Following their battles with the Visorak, the Toa Metru bring the population of Metru Nui to Mata Nui.[123] The Toa Metru make it to Mata Nui with close to 1,000 sleeping Matoran.[47]
  • Having transported the block of stone containing the Avohkii to Mata Nui, the Toa Metru hide it in a lava cave. Because legend states that the Herald of the Toa of Light will need to find the mask for himself, they keep it a secret from the Matoran.[100]
  • Having recovered the Kanohi Vahi, Vakama brings it to Mata Nui.[124]
  • When the Toa Metru arrive on Mata Nui, they bring Kanohi with them. They hide these masks all over the island in places that only a true Toa would be able to reach.[125] The Toa Metru hide the Great Masks they took from Metru Nui in various spots on the island.[110]
  • Whenua carves a tunnel in Onu-Wahi. For some reason, he carves something in Matoran letters into the stone just below the ceiling.[126]

The Toa Metru Awaken the Matoran and Become Turaga

  • A long time after the Toa Metru defeated Makuta at the Great Barrier, the Toa Metru return again to the island beyond the Great Barrier, this time with as many Matoran as they could rescue from Metru Nui. The Toa have fought many battles, made new allies, and confronted powerful new enemies. They have learned lessons about heroism and sacrifice that they will never forget.[127]
  • The Toa Metru stand on a beach of the new island, with the silver spheres still containing the sleeping Matoran spread out over the sands. In the same way that Lhikan sacrificed his power for the Toa Metru, Vakama decides that they will do the same for the Matoran. He puts his hand on one of the spheres, and his mask glows brightly. Power flows from all the Toa Metru and spreads over the spheres. One by one, the Matoran wake up, thanks to the Toa's sacrifice.[127]
  • When the Toa Metru are done, they are no longer Toa, but have become Turaga. They watch with happiness and pride as the Matoran emerge from the spheres.[127]
  • Whenua's earthshock drills transform into his drill staff.[128]
  • Having fulfilled their destiny by saving the Matoran from Makuta, The Toa Metru willingly sacrifice their power to awaken the Matoran from suspended animation in the Matoran spheres, transforming into Turaga in the process.[42, 129, 53, 64, 54, 77, 130, 49, 79, 47, 50, 51]
  • 1,001 years ago The Toa Metru awaken the Matoran and are transformed into Turaga.[57]
  • Vakama speaks to the Matoran, proclaiming that this is the island of Mata Nui, named in honor of the Great Spirit. The Matoran look around at the beach, the ocean, and the trees, which are all very new to them.[127]
  • Turaga Vakama and the others name the island Mata Nui in honor of the Great Spirit.[131, 50]
  • One Matoran, Takua, runs up to Vakama and directs his attention to another Matoran. The mask of this Ta-Matoran, Jaller [sic, Jala], was badly damaged in the transport. Vakama takes out Turaga Lhikan's mask and replaces Jala's damaged Kanohi mask with it. Jala is rejuvenated and joins his friends. A Ga-Matoran, Hahli, embraces him and welcomes him to the Matoran's new home.[127]
  • Turaga Vakama replaces Jaller's damaged Kanohi mask with Turaga Lhikan's noble Hau.[132, 109, 133] The Toa Metru give Lhikan's mask to the Ta-Matoran Jaller.[134]
  • 1,000 years ago Toa bring Matoran workers to the island paradise (Mata Nui) in airships and then transform into Turaga leaders to guide the Matoran. Memories of being inside a robotic universe are erased from all but the Turaga.[135]
  • The Matoran are safe once more, though far from home, with no Toa to protect them. It is only a matter of time before Makuta Teridax strikes again.[51]