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Story Year 2005-2001 Interim

Metru Nui Lies Abandoned

  • For the next 1,000 years, all but one of the sea gates leading to the waters around Metru Nui remain closed.1
  • Keetongu travels the universe, seeking to help other victims of the Visorak.2
  • Dume spends the next 1,000 years watching over the empty city of Metru Nui, aided only by the Rahaga on their occasional visits.1
  • Dume wants the longfangs loose in the city to be trapped, but the Rahaga refuse, claiming that they are now part of Metru Nui's natural environment.1
  • Dume uses his noble Kanohi Kiril to begin repairs on Metru Nui during the thousand years it is abandoned.3
  • Close to 1,000 years ago4 Dweller is permanently assigned to a post on Metru Nui to monitor events there for the Shadowed One.45 He remains hidden in the Archives, concealing himself from the Rahaga and anyone else who wanders down there.4
  • Although the Shadowed One is aware that the Rahaga turned the Avohkii over to the Toa Metru, who took it away from Metru Nui, and are now staying in Metru Nui, he purposely hides this information from Seeker so that he cannot achieve his goal of vengeance against them and will continue to serve him.6

A Year of Peace on Mata Nui

  • Makuta and Vakama honor their agreement: Makuta does not attack the Matoran for one full year, and Vakama does not destroy the Vahi.7 The Matoran enjoy a single year of peace on Mata Nui.8
  • Upon arrival, the Matoran and Turaga dismantle the airships used to carry the sleeping Matoran to Mata Nui and use their parts to help build the six villages.98 They also construct parts of the Kini-Nui temple, shrines to the legendary Toa, and an observatory.8 Shortly after their arrival, the Matoran and Turaga use parts of the airships that brought them to Mata Nui along with natural resources to build the villages.10
  • Vakama uses the mask-making tool he used as a Matoran on Metru Nui as his firestaff, serving as his tool and badge of office.11
  • In their first year on Mata Nui, the Matoran are able to travel freely from place to place on the island of Mata Nui.1210
  • The Matoran construct six villages (Koro) on Mata Nui, where they live for the next 1,000 years.13
  • As Turaga, Vakama, etc. supervise the construction of the six villages on Mata Nui.14
  • As a Turaga, Vakama supervises the construction of Ta-Koro.7
  • As a Turaga, Onewa supervises the construction of Po-Koro.15
  • As a Turaga, Whenua supervises the construction of Onu-Koro.16
  • As a Turaga, Matau supervises the construction of Le-Koro.17
  • As a Turaga, Nuju supervises the construction of Ko-Koro.18
  • As a Turaga, Nokama supervises the construction of Ga-Koro.19
  • Shortly after the Turaga and Matoran's arrival on Mata Nui, they finish the construction of the Kini-Nui, which was partially built by the Great Beings.2021

Rahi Migrate to Mata Nui

  • The Infernavika migrate to Mata Nui and make a home amid the lava near Ta-Koro.22
  • The Gukko migrate from Le-Metru to Le-Wahi.23
  • The Archives moles migrate to Le-Wahi.24
  • Brakas appear on Mata Nui, where they prove to be an annoyance, often stealing fruit from Koro storehouses.25
  • Kavinika make their way to Mata Nui, surviving in the depths of the Le-Wahi jungle.26
  • The crystal climbers migrate to the frosty wastes of Mount Ihu.27
  • The dermis turtles migrate to Ga-Koro.28
  • A small number of Kuma-Nui migrate to Mata Nui. Koro defense forces are routinely dispatched to keep them away from the villages.29

Matoran Subsist on Voya Nui

  • The Matoran of Voya Nui find that they need to struggle to survive in a hostile climate with limited resources. Nevertheless, survive they do, constructing new villages, setting up their own government, and working together. At the time, none of them realize the true significance of Voya Nui, hiding place of the Mask of Life, or that Axonn and Brutaka share the island with them.30
  • Without their Turaga, the Matoran of Voya Nui have to survive on their own.13 Even without their leader, they adjust to their environment. They do an excellent job of governing themselves, seeing to their own needs and defenses, all without Turaga or Toa.3132
  • While remaining hidden, Axonn and Brutaka aid the Matoran of Voya Nui over the years.33
  • At one time, there are multiple villages on the island of Voya Nui.32
  • The Voya Nui Matoran build the Matoran Cliff Village to protect themselves from dangerous Rahi. The village is heavily defended and constructed like a fortress.34

The Prisoners of the Pit Subsist in the Ocean

  • Unable to breathe air or leave the ocean, the Barraki carve out what empires they can and dream of vengeance against Mata Nui and the Brotherhood of Makuta.35 They form new armies made up of squid, sharks, and other sea beasts.36
  • Unable to reclaim his kingdom, Pridak contents himself with creating a new one under the sea, assembling an army of Takea sharks.37
  • Kalmah leads an army of giant squid.38
  • Carapar assembles an army of Keras crabs and Pit war tortoises. Carapar controls an area rich in resources, and he is sufficiently powerful to keep the other Barraki from claiming it.39
  • Mantax continues to be a loner, spending half his time buried in the sea floor, waiting for prey to swim by, and the other half doing things unknown to anyone else. In fact, he is using this time to explore his former prison, searching for proof that the Barraki were betrayed from within.40 Convinced that the Barraki rebellion failed because one of their number betrayed them, Mantax spends years after their escape from jail trying to prove it.41
  • Ehlek takes control of the northern reaches and builds a massive fortress.42 Ehlek constructs a fortress for the Barraki after they escape from their prison.4344
  • Nocturn becomes a sometime lieutenant of Ehlek. His dim intellect makes him a but unreliable, but he does have a fierce loyalty to Ehlek (when he remembers who Ehlek is).45
  • Disturbed by his new appearance and reluctant to be part of any more Barraki schemes, Takadox retreats to a cavern where he spends most of the next 1,000 years. Anything he needs is provided either by his underwater insect army or by Carapar, whom he frequently entrances.46 After escaping from prison, Takadox forms an army of undersea insect life and uses his hypnotic power to force Carapar to do his bidding.47
  • With the prison area of the Pit shattered in the Great Cataclysm and the jailer, Hydraxon, killed, Maxilos and his "bloodhound" Spinax wander the waters without purpose.48
  • Over time, Takadox's frequent hypnosis of Carapar affects Carapar's ability to think clearly.49

Av-Matoran Subsist in Karda Nui

  • The Av-Matoran displaced from their homes by the quake during the Great Cataclysm build villages atop the upturned bases of the stalactites which broke off from the ceiling of Karda Nui and buried themselves in the ground after the quake. These villages are linked to each other by vine bridges. Transport between villages is also accomplished by means of flight packs worn by the Matoran.50 The Av-Matoran create villages on the upturned bases of the stalactites and live in harmony and peace for more than 1,000 years.51
  • The Av-Matoran go to the Karda Nui swamp only when necessary.52

Icarax Rebels against Teridax

  • Rather than oversee repairs to Destral following the Great Cataclysm, Teridax returns to his lair at Mangaia, readying himself for the prophesied arrival of the Toa Mata, who are key to the Plan.53
  • Given Teridax's apparent failures in Metru Nui, Icarax begins to grumble in earnest about his leadership. He proposes his own plan: to seize Metru Nui, Matoran or not, and from there to launch an unstoppable wave of conquest through the Matoran universe.53 Shortly after the fall of Mata Nui, Icarax loses faith in Teridax's leadership and attempts to conquer the universe through force.54
  • Icarax has the audacity to try to enact his plan without approval from the rest of the Brotherhood. He sets out from Karzahni toward the south with a small army of Manas. He conquers a number of small settlements on the northern continent before Teridax confronts him.53
  • Teridax and Icarax face off in an epic battle. Icarax is the better fighter, but Teridax proves more cunning. Teridax allows Icarax to pummel him for hours until Icarax becomes exhausted. Then, with minimal effort, Teridax uses his power to turn the Manas against Icarax and surround him, and he uses every power at his disposal to defeat Icarax in humiliating fashion. Teridax allows Icarax to live, warning him that he will only continue to tolerate him as long he proves useful.53 Teridax confronts Icarax and beats him after a battle that lasts for days.54
  • Icarax later makes light of his battle with Teridax. He remains a danger to Teridax and his Plan.53
  • Over the next 1,000 years, Mutran busies himself with creating Rahi in competition with Chirox.55

Makuta Menaces Mata Nui

  • Mata Nui is once an island paradise, until Makuta comes, bringing darkness and fear. A prophecy foretells that six heroes of legend will appear to save the island.56
  • After the Great Rescue, Teridax turns his attention to Mata Nui rather than taking over Metru Nui because he does not want the Matoran back in Metru Nui until his plan calls for it.57
  • Over time, as after-effects of their time in the Matoran spheres, the Mata Nui Matoran's bodies shrink in stature, and they lose all memory of their lives on Metru Nui.1358 Due to the effects of the canisters in which they were imprisoned, the Matoran gradually lose their memories of Metru Nui and come to believe that they have always lived on Mata Nui.10 Although the Matoran do not remember their lives on Metru Nui, the Turaga do, and they never stop dreaming of returning to their homeland.8
  • After the Matoran lose their memory, the Turaga realize that they cannot share the truth about the past without jeopardizing their safety. Vakama suggests that the Turaga never tell them about Metru Nui until some chance exists that they can return.7 Nokama is the least comfortable with the arrangement, although she agrees.19
  • The Matoran do not remember living on Metru Nui, or anywhere but Mata Nui. Only the six Turaga recall when and why they first came to the island. For thousands [sic] of years, they keep those secrets to themselves. The Turaga choose not to share the tales of Metru Nui with the Matoran, feeling that would be cruel to remind them of a home they might never see again.59
  • 999 years ago60 Makuta uses infected masks to take control of Mata Nui Rahi beasts and sets them against the Matoran.60
  • After a single year of peace, Makuta attacks again, this time using Rahi beasts controlled by infected Kanohi masks. At first, it seems strange that Makuta does not unleash all of his power to enslave or wipe out the Matoran. It then becomes obvious that he is only trying to keep the Matoran penned in their villages, scared, and far away from Metru Nui.8 Makuta Teridax's control of the island's wildlife makes travel over land too dangerous. As a result, the villages are largely isolated, and the differences in their societies become more obvious.10
  • After the Toa Metru have transported the Matoran to the island of Mata Nui, Makuta becomes a constant menace to them. Operating out of Mangaia61, one of his numerous lairs, he uses infected Kanohi to take over Rahi and harass the Matoran. This makes overland travel highly dangerous. In fact, Makuta is not trying to destroy the Matoran, but simply trying to keep them from ever returning to Metru Nui, knowing that if they ever do, Mata Nui might reawaken.6212 The Matoran spend much of the next 1,000 years fighting off Rahi sent by Makuta.13 The Turaga help to defend the Matoran from the Rahi attacks.1455 For almost 1,000 years, Makuta Teridax attacks the Matoran of Mata Nui with wild Rahi, storms, and plagues, all designed to break their spirits.63
  • Kraata first appear on the island of Mata Nui. Makuta uses them to take over the island's Rahi.64
  • Makuta fits the most powerful Rahi with infected Masks of Power, making them servants of his dark will.65
  • Makuta's constant attacks makes travel between the koro difficult and dangerous. Nevertheless, the Matoran do not back down. They form defense forces such as the Ta-Koro Guard, the Ussalry in Onu-Koro, and the Gukko Bird Force in Le-Koro to protect themselves. They anxiously await the coming of Toa, legendary figures whom the Turaga claim will save them from Makuta.8
  • Perhaps because they prey on Rahkshi, Makuta makes extensive use of Muaka when setting Rahi against the Matoran.66
  • Makuta uses Tarakava against the Matoran on Mata Nui.67
  • Several Kane-Ra specimens make it from Metru Nui to Mata Nui, only to be fitted with infected masks and put under the influence of Makuta.68
  • 1,000 years before the Toa69 Rahi under Makuta's command steal the Noble Masks from the Matoran villages. The masks remain missing until the coming of the Toa a thousand years later.69
  • Kraata plague Mata Nui since long before the Toa arrive. It is the kraata who infect the Kanohi masks that Makuta uses to control the Rahi. The Turaga hunt them in secret for years. They trap thousands of kraata inside special stasis tubes and hide them away in a cave on the outskirts of Po-Wahi.70
  • Kraata are a significant problem on Mata Nui, sent forth by Makuta to infect masks and bring Rahi and Matoran under his sway. Many of these Kraata are trapped by the Turaga and placed into stasis tubes hidden in a Po-Wahi cave. The Turaga choose not to kill the Kraata they encounter, believing that their energy will simply return to Makuta.71 The Turaga do their best to track down and trap kraata all over the island. These kraata are sealed away in special containers, and the containers are hidden in a vast cave.64
  • There are caverns where the Turaga forbid any Matoran to enter, although they will not say why.72
  • Unaware that the Toa Mata are drifting in the ocean, the Matoran struggle to survive Makuta Teridax's Rahi attacks.73
  • Over 1,000 years ago74 Jaller rapidly becomes an important figure during the construction of Ta-Koro, helping to defend the site from Rahi attacks. Vakama appoints him captain of the Ta-Koro Guard, a position he holds for over 1,000 years.74
  • Onepu establishes himself as a great rider of Ussal crabs.75
  • Onepu is appointed captain of the Ussalry.75
  • Shortly after the construction of Ko-Koro, the Ko-Matoran establish a guard post at the North March.76
  • The Tarakava Nui wrecks early efforts to build Ga-Koro until Turaga Nokama and the Ga-Matoran temporarily drive it off.77
  • During her early years on Mata Nui, Maku thoroughly explores the Hura-Mafa River.78
  • Maku is almost killed on the Hura-Mafa river by a Takea that has wandered into the river and become lost.78
  • After becoming a Turaga, Nuju stops speaking Matoran and only speaks in the Rahi language taught to him by Kualus. His stated reason for doing this is that anyone who is not willing to make the effort to understand him is not worth his time to talk to. In the next 1,000 years, he is only heard speaking the Matoran language twice.18
  • Nuju eventually abandons speaking Matoran altogether in favor of the Rahi dialect he learned from Kualus.79
  • Once on Mata Nui, Matoro swiftly builds a reputation as an efficient tracker and hunter of Rahi.80
  • Matoro's most important role on Mata Nui is easily as Turaga Nuju's translator.18 Because he must interpret Nuju's arcane language even at the councils of the village leaders, he is privy to knowledge he cannot share with the other Matoran, putting him in an uncomfortable position at times. He learns many things from sitting in on Turaga meetings, none of which he can share with his fellow Matoran.80
  • As a Turaga, Matau becomes known for his sense of humor as well as his bravery. He particularly likes playing pranks on Turaga Nuju.81
  • As a Turaga, Nokama gains a reputation for deciding issues based on logic, rather than emotion, and listening to every side carefully before making a decision.82
  • As a Turaga, Onewa learns from his past mistakes and turns into a fine leader of Po-Koro.83
  • The fact that the Turaga have decided to hide the Matoran's past on Metru Nui suggests that all the old legends, particularly those of Toa Lhikan, will be lost forever. Years after the Matoran's awakening, Vakama hits upon the plan of sharing some of Lhikan's exploits and preserving his memory without revealing he was a Toa through the fiction of Lhii.7 Vakama and Nuju craft stories of Lhii, said to be the greatest Matoran lava surfer of all. Vakama begins telling these tales, basing Lhii's exploits on those of Lhikan. Lhii's absence is blamed on his death in a surfing accident. Vakama even goes so far as to tell Jala that he is part of the "clan of Lhii," a reference to the fact that Jala unknowingly wears Turaga Lhikan's Noble Hau. This is Vakama's way of ensuring that his hero will never be completely forgotten.8485 Although the Matoran have lost their memories of Lhikan and Metru Nui, the Turaga still want to keep Lhikan's legend alive. They create tales of "Lhii," a champion lava surfer, and his heroic acts.86
  • Onewa jokingly suggests that Matau call his staff the "kau kau staff" after the noise made by Brakas in the trees. The name sticks, and Matau's tool is called a kau kau staff from then on.87
  • For a number of years, Le-Matoran come to Kanae Bay to attempt to overcome their dislike of water by swimming in the clear waters. The efforts prove to be dismal failure, and Matau finally persuades them that trees are far better than water, anyway.88
  • Because of the large number of extremely dangerous Rahi which make their home on the Kumu Islets, efforts to colonize them fail.89
  • The Ta-Matoran farm lava.90
  • Nuhrii serves in the Ta-Koro Guard with honor.91
  • Kongu develops an incredible skill at dealing with Rahi. He becomes the best bird-wrangler in all of Le-Koro.92
  • The Matoran eventually learn to tame and ride Gukko. Gukko riders become the main defense force of Le-Koro.23
  • Kongu becomes captain of the Gukko Bird Force.92
  • Tamaru fails to become a Gukko rider and ends up working as the keeper of the Le-Koro throwing disk range.93
  • At one time, Matoran hope that Keras can be as useful to them as Ussal crabs, but their hostile nature makes it impossible.94
  • Much to the Turaga's dismay, Kirikori Nui appear on Mata Nui.95
  • Matoro is credited with discovering that Kirikori Nui are afraid of Nui-Kopen.95
  • Fake Rahi wasps are constructed to try to scare the Kirikori Nui away.95
  • The Matoran discover that the Makika's acidic venom is useful for tunneling through earth and rock.96
  • When the Matoran are in danger, Onu-Koro is a good place to hide. In the worst of times, Onu-Koro tunnels are used to get messages from one village to another.97
  • The mysterious, gel-like substance known as protodermis is mined on Mata Nui for years, its origins unknown.98 On Mata Nui, very little is known about the substance known as protodermis. The Matoran of Onu-Koro mine it for many years as a source of energy, but even they are uncertain of what it is or where it comes from.99
  • The Ko-Matoran aid many other villages in the struggle against the Rahi.100
  • Turaga Onewa invents the sport of Koli during a dispute between the carvers of Po-Koro and the miners of Onu-Koro. Seeking a way to settle the matter without violence, he conceives of a competition between the two koro, and Turaga Whenua readily agrees.10115102 Onewa, along with Whenua, invents the sport of kolhii.83
  • Kolhii becomes the most popular game on Mata Nui.83
  • Due to the dangers of traveling to other villages, most koli matches are intramural to the koro.101
  • Onewa becomes known for his firm and fair resolutions of disputes, earning him the nickname "Referee."1583
  • On Mata Nui, Kopeke's true artistic gifts begin to show themselves. He is a highly respected carver, known for his ice bridges and sculptures in honor of Toa Kopaka. In addition to being a fine sculptor, he is also an athlete, excelling at both Huai snowball sling and Koli.103
  • Ahkmou attempts to make a living selling "lucky Ghekula" to superstitious Matoran, until Onewa puts a stop to it.104
  • Before the coming of the Toa, Hahli spends most of her time fishing and mending nets, too shy to voice her ideas or opinions.105
  • On Mata Nui, Huki is a Koli champion and trusted aide to Turaga Onewa. He leads the Po-Koro team to multiple to numerous Koli championships and wins the Copper Mask of Victory multiple times.106
  • On Mata Nui, Vakama works with Kapura to teach him the secret art of traveling long distances very quickly by moving very slowly. Although some consider him not to be very bright, Vakama sees great potential in Kapura and makes him a trusted aide.107
  • As a Matoran living in Ta-Koro, Takua never feels he fits in. He is not content to work all day long and never get to travel and see the island. As a result, he often wanders away from his job, to the displeasure of Turaga Vakama.108
  • Makuta causes the Shadow Plague by reducing shadow Kraata to pure essence and transforming that essence into an airborne virus. Those afflicted become influenced by the will of Makuta. Makuta eventually abandons this project when he realizes that the effects do not have the permanence of infected masks and that the limited supply of shadow Kraata makes the effort impractical. The effects of the virus eventually fade from those afflicted, but not before large parts of the various Koro have been damaged, requiring years of repair.109
  • Makuta kills an Order of Mata Nui agent sent to Mata Nui.110
  • Takua once finds himself walking through a stretch of jungle while being stalked by a monstrous Nui-Jaga. Whenever he moves, the Nui-Jaga moves; whenever he stops, the Nui-Jaga stops. He is worried that if he turns to face it, it will kill him, but if he leads it to Ta-Koro, it might harm others before being driven off. Takua is saved by a sudden inspiration. He changes direction and leads the Nui-Jaga straight toward a Muaka cave. The Muaka attacks the Nui-Jaga for intruding its territory, and Takua escapes.111

The Dark Hunter-Brotherhood of Makuta War

  • After the Shadowed One declares war on the Brotherhood of Makuta, most members of the organization think this seems like declaring war on the sun or the sea. The power wielded by the Brotherhood is unimaginable, and the accepted wisdom is that the Dark Hunters will be crushed in a matter of weeks.112
  • This proves not to be the case. The Brotherhood has their hands full dealing with the aftereffects of the bioquake that rocked the universe. Metru Nui is in ruins, part of the southern continent has split off and disappeared, and this is only the start of their problems. Worse, the efforts of the Brotherhood's Visorak army to conquer Metru Nui have resulted in the death of its king and the scattering of its members all over the map. Furthermore, the Toa, now fully aware of the Makuta's treachery, begin striking at them at every opportunity. Brotherhood fortresses are under siege in many places. Their operations in some areas are almost completely shut down. Many Toa are killed in the struggle, but their efforts tax the Brotherhood nonetheless. Against this backdrop, the Dark Hunters' strategy of hitting and running, sabotage, theft, and kidnapping meets with success.112
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta remains active over the next 1,000 years, preparing for their eventual takeover of the Matoran universe.113 They war with both Toa and the Dark Hunters, for different reasons. They gain in strength as they prepare for conquest.114
  • The Dark Hunter-Brotherhood of Makuta War rages across many lands, with Dark Hunters employing guerrilla tactics against the more powerful Brotherhood. The Brotherhood uses Destral as their headquarters in the war.115116114 The war rages for over 1,000 years.117 The Dark Hunters use Odina as their headquarters in the war. The Shadowed One is confident that the Brotherhood will not attempt to storm his fortress.118
  • Amphibax's main occupation is to raid Brotherhood of Makuta sea vessels and the coastlines of Matoran-held islands.119
  • Firedracax joins the Dark Hunters for a chance to kill Visorak.120 Being at war with the Brotherhood of Makuta, the Dark Hunters are more than willing to take him in.121
  • Spinner is a Toa of Air and a member of a contentious team of Toa locked in battle with mutated Rahkshi. During the fight, Spinner is hurled into a near-bottomless pit. It is unclear how this happened, but Spinner claims that one of the other Toa did it. Spinner is close to death when the Dark Hunters find him.122
  • Spinner eagerly joins the Dark Hunters. The Dark Hunters return Spinner to health and make modifications to his body. As a result, Spinner loses his elemental air power, and he becomes enveloped in a perpetual aura of heavy and poisonous air. Spinner proves to be an effective Dark Hunter. Although he says he only wants to hunt Toa, the Shadowed One threatens him to take the missions assigned to him.122
  • Years after his capture during the Toa-Dark Hunter war, Vengeance escapes. He seeks revenge on Lhikan, only to learn that he has already been killed by Makuta. Frustrated at being cheated of his revenge, "Vengeance" transfers his rage to Makuta and swears to end his life someday.123
  • Avak originally constructs the Destral Cycle for use in exploring the rocky terrain of Odina.124
  • The Destral Cycle is captured from the Dark Hunters during a battle with Brotherhood of Makuta forces and becomes a favorite vehicle of Makuta Antroz.124
  • Zaktan once sees Manas of the Brotherhood of Makuta wipe out a dozen Dark Hunters in a matter of minutes.112

Roodaka Recovers

  • After being rescued by Makuta, Roodaka returns to Xia.125 She returns to heal her wounds and make plans for the future.126
  • It is said that Roodaka makes a second trip up the Mountain to reaffirm her power and cunning.126
  • In his most notable accomplishment, the Dark Hunter Tracker finds Roodaka after her apparent death at the hands of the Toa Hordika in Metru Nui.127128 It requires three other Dark Hunters to prevent Tracker from killing her. Roodaka is eventually "persuaded" to come to Odina to discuss her future.128
  • Roodaka is easily the most famous Vortixx, having served as viceroy of the Visorak horde during the invasion of Metru Nui. She continues to reside on Xia, although much of her time is spent off-island.129
  • From Xia, Roodaka begins working for both sides in the Dark Hunter-Brotherhood of Makuta War.125 The Shadowed One is not aware that Roodaka is a spy in his midst. Roodaka is willing to sell out the Dark Hunters for the right price.118
  • Roodaka secretly works for both sides during the Dark Hunter-Brotherhood of Makuta war.130
  • Roodaka becomes a major figure in the Dark Hunter-Brotherhood of Makuta War.126
  • Over time, Roodaka brokers deals with both sides in the Dark Hunter-Brotherhood of Makuta War, which puts her in line for rule of Xia.126

Other, Unsorted Events

  • During his Hiatus, Lesovikk battles the Rahi Nui [before defending an island against Visorak?].131

Mahri Nui Is Built on Voya Nui

  • Over time, the landmass of Voya Nui increases as molten protodermis cools to form an additional segment of land.13231 During the centuries that Voya Nui floats on the endless ocean, lava from Mount Valmai cools in the waters and forms a new land mass.133
  • 900 years ago60 The Matoran of Voya Nui build the small city of Mahri Nui on a newly formed portion of their island.60
  • The Matoran of Voya Nui build a second village, Mahri Nui, on the coast of the newly formed land. However, the land is unstable by nature.13213431133
  • Voya Nui floats a far distance before coming to rest in its new location.134 Voya Nui floats for hundreds of years before coming to rest, carrying a small population of Matoran survivors, as well as Axonn and Brutaka.135

Hurricane on Voya Nui

  • Kazi is the first resident of Voya Nui to meet Axonn.136137 Kazi is the only one who has an idea that there might be more to Voya Nui than anyone knows.137
  • Brutaka suffers a crisis of faith in Mata Nui, convinced that he has deserted the universe or died.13831 He begins to question why he should devote his life to guarding the Ignika, which was intended for Mata Nui's benefit.138 Over the last 1,000 years or so, Brutaka becomes restless. He begins to feel that perhaps the Great Spirit Mata Nui has abandoned the universe or simply no longer cares. He starts to think that perhaps he should take the Mask of Life for himself.139

The Fall of Mahri Nui

  • 300 years ago60 Mahri Nui breaks off of Voya Nui and sinks into the ocean. Mahri Nui lands on top of a Barraki fortress, crushing it.60
  • A few centuries after Mahri Nui's construction, and much later (a few centuries) than the Great Cataclysm, the landmass upon which the village of Mahri Nui rests breaks off from Voya Nui and disappears into the ocean, sinking into the Pit and taking its Matoran with it.1321314013431141 Hundreds of years after Mahri Nui's construction, its landmass breaks off Voya Nui and sinks into the ocean. It plunges down, landing atop a Barraki fortress and destroying it. The villagers are saved by the discovery of air bubbles which enable them to breathe.133
  • Hundreds of Matoran are lost when their village [Mahri Nui] breaks off from the island of Voya Nui and sinks beneath the sea.32
  • The Cordak blasters stored on Voya Nui disappear with Mahri Nui.142
  • As far as the Order of Mata Nui is later able to determine, when Mahri Nui sinks, its landmass collides with another one already there. The result is a fusion of the two, explaining why some of the natural terrain was already aquatic. Mahri Nui lands on a pre-existing piece of rock, crushing a Barraki fotress in the city.141
  • Mahri Nui crushes Ehlek's massive fortress.132 Because of this, Ehlek nurses a deep hatred of Matoran from this point on.42 Ehlek's fortress is destroyed when Mahri Nui sinks and lands on top of it. Ehlek vows revenge on the Matoran and frequently hunts them for sport.43
  • Ehlek's fortress is destroyed when Mahri Nui lands on top of it. Ehlek is hungry for revenge against the Matoran.44
  • The Matoran's initial exposure to mutagenic seawater so far below the surface reverses many of the adverse changes Karzahni made to their bodies. As a result they become taller and stronger than they had been on Voya Nui. The waters also destroy or damage many of their weapons, although at least some continue to function.141
  • The impact of Mahri Nui's fall is so great that it disrupts the Fields of Air, releasing air bubbles.132141 The air bubbles forced from the airweed gives the Matoran a small supply of air to help them stay alive.141 The airweed in the Fields of Air near Mahri Nui allows the city's surviving Matoran to survive underwater as well as to resist the mutagenic properties of the seawater.143132
  • Sarda saves himself from drowning by finding a bubble of air released by the airweed below.144
  • The trauma of the sinking of Mahri Nui damages the memories of the Matoran, leaving them with only fragmentary recollections of their lives on the surface.141 The shock of the sinking has made the Matoran forget about the existence of Voya Nui.133

Matoran Subsist in Mahri Nui

  • The Barraki initially plan to destroy Mahri Nui, until they realize that the Matoran have nothing of value to them. Instead, they are content to pick off Matoran occasionally for sport, or at times to unleash their legions of sea creatures to harass and frighten them.141 The Barraki periodically hunt the Matoran of Mahri Nui for sport and menace the city with sea predators which serve them.35132
  • Pridak prevents Ehlek from attacking and destroying the Matoran, believing that they might be of some use at some point.37
  • The Matoran's first priority is to maintain the Fields of Air, and then to come up with a defense against sea predators. They achieve both when they discover that air acts like a toxic gas to aquatic creatures.141 The Hydruka's means of defense, firing air bubbles at enemies, inspires the Matoran to create launchers of their own which can fire solid air bubbles at enemies. They use these to defend the city.141
  • In the following years, the Matoran surround their homes and buildings with large air bubbles, domesticate Hydruka to harvest air, and do their best to survive. Their memories of Voya Nui are fragmentary at best, and they do not realize that there is another civilization above them. They are also unaware that their city rests in the center of the outer regions of the Pit.132 They do their best to repair the damage to their homes and to build a new life underwater. Meanwhile, they are unaware that they have landed right in the midst of the Pit.141
  • Over time, the surviving Matoran in Mahri Nui create much larger air bubbles to protect their buildings. They fashion weapons that launch air spheres to drive away hostile sea creatures.133
  • Through careful observation, the Matoran of Mahri Nui soon discover the "safe hour," an hour each day when no predators are active in the waters.145141 They take advantage of this time mostly to harvest airweed with the aid of Hydruka.145 This becomes the time when Matoran can tend the Fields of Air or explore outside of the city in safety.141 The Mahri Nui Matoran are survivors. They learn how to take care of themselves and protect themselves in a hostile environment. They know to wait for the "safe hour," when no predators are around, to tend the fields of air. They even befriend strange beasts called hydruka, who harvest the air bubbles for them. However, nothing can prepare them for what lurks in the black water below: the Barraki. The Barraki have made that area their new home and both resent the intrusion of the Matoran and see them as prey. The Matoran defend themselves as best they can, but what saves their lives is the fact that the Barraki are in no rush to destroy them.133
  • Whenever a Matoran is able to recall a coherent memory, the Matoran is brought to the Throne of Vision to recount the tale to be recorded.141

Formation of the Cord

  • Shortly after the fall of Mahri Nui, molten protodermis flowing from Voya Nui cools in the waters and forms a cord connecting it to Mahri Nui.141 Even as cooling lava forms a cord between Mahri Nui and Voya Nui, the residents of Mahri Nui have no idea that home is so near.133
  • Eventually, Voya Nui comes to float at a place far to the north of its starting position.31
  • Molten protodermis oozing from the core of Voya Nui cools instantly in the ocean waters, forming a labyrinthine chain of solid rock that extends from below Voya Nui to the ocean floor. The rock anchors Voya Nui in place, preventing it from floating further.31
  • The Matoran of Voya Nui remain unaware that the Matoran of Mahri Nui have survived in the Pit.134
  • After the fall of Mahri Nui, the Matoran Voya Nui make a tradition of throwing tools and other items into the water where Mahri Nui used to be, as a memorial to their lost friends.31
  • After the Mahri Nui disaster, the Matoran on Voya Nui live in peace for many millennia [sic]. They deal with drought, volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters, subsisting off of the rocky earth. All the while, they are unaware that they share the island with Axonn and Brutaka.31
  • Although there were at one time multiple villages on Voya Nui, the Matoran live together in one spot for the last several centuries for the sake of security.32

Kalmah Discovers the Sea Squid

  • Kalmah discovers a cavern filled with small, organic squid and an assortment of eggs. This is the hatchery of the sea squid. He rapidly learns that the squid are born hungry and are vampiric in nature, draining the life force from anything they attach themselves to. Seeing their possible use as a weapon, he prevents his allies from devouring them and begins overseeing their breeding. By abusing and starving the creatures, he ensures that they will always be hungry, aggressive, vicious, and ready to attack.146 Kalmah is the one who discovers the squid cave and realizes the potential of the energy-draining creatures as weapons.147
  • Kalmah discovers the squid after the Barraki have escaped from their imprisonment. He knows they can be a dangerous weapon for the Barraki, but the problem is how to get them to go where they want them to go. Kalmah builds special launchers the Barraki can use to hurl the squid at a target.148
  • After fall of Mahri Nui37 Kalmah designs mechanical launchers for use with his squid which can be used to hurl them swiftly at a target. Kalmah provides the launchers to the other Barraki in return for a larger realm undersea.38141 A clash over just how much bigger his territory should be results in a battle between him and Pridak, during which Pridak ruins the sight in one of Kalmah's three eyes.3837146 Kalmah builds the squid launchers used by the Barraki against the Matoran.147 Kalmah is blinded in one eye due to a disastrous encounter with Pridak.44
  • After fall of Mahri Nui37 Pridak clashes with Nocturn and bites his arm off. The arm eventually regenerates, minus its tentacle.453744
  • The Barraki recover the Cordak blasters lost to the sea floor when Mahri Nui sank.142

Zaktan Catches a Glimpse of the Plan

  • The Dark Hunters' strategy of hitting and running, sabotage, theft, and kidnapping meets with success in their war against the Brotherhood of Makuta, adding to the Brotherhood's problems dealing with the aftereffects of the quake and attacks by the Toa. Over the course of several hundred years, the Dark Hunters have gone from annoying the Brotherhood to wounding it.112
  • 250 years ago The Toa continue striking at the Brotherhood of Makuta. Brotherhood fortresses are under siege in many places. Their operations in some areas have been almost completely shut down. Many Toa have been killed in the struggle, but their efforts tax the Brotherhood nonetheless.112
  • 250 years ago The Brotherhood begins to strike back at the Dark Hunters, who have managed to wound it over the course of several hundred years.112
  • When Zaktan, etc. arrive to guard the Dark Hunter fortress, Zaktan explores every inch of it, and Thok loots it.112
  • 250 years ago112 Reidak has been posted to the south wall of a Dark Hunter fortress for the last day and a half. His orders are to stop intruders from crossing the wall. So far, he has destroyed a squad of Rahkshi, one Exo-Toa, and a dozen Rahi wearing infected Kanohi masks. The opportunity to destroy invaders delights him, and he hopes the assignment never ends. In the darkness, Reidak spots a figure approaching through the woods. Zaktan tells him not to attack; the visitor is Roodaka, who quickly scales the sheer stone wall. This is Roodaka's third visit to the fortress in three months. Roodaka has been selling information on the Brotherhood to the Dark Hunters, at the risk of her own life. Zaktan himself is in possession of a tablet inscribed with a detailed map of the Shadowed One's fortress which would allow an enemy to sneak in and assassinate him. This tablet would cost Zaktan his life if discovered. Zaktan gives this tablet in payment to Roodaka. Even with the tablet, Zaktan knows that eliminating the Shadowed One would be no easy task. In return, Roodaka tells Zaktan that the Dark Hunters need to abandon the fortress; it will be surrounded within the hour and overrun in two. This leaves Zaktan and Reidak wondering why the Brotherhood wants the fortress so badly, as it is not very strategically important. Roodaka reveals that the fortress once belonged to the Brotherhood, and she hints that something important is hidden there. Roodaka leaves, and Zaktan abandons guard duty on his part of the wall to explore the fortress on his own. Reidak threatens Thok into taking over Zaktan's post.112
  • Roodaka encounters Zaktan at a former Brotherhood of Makuta fortress and directs him to a secret chamber that contains inscriptions related to Makuta's overall plan. It is believed that Roodaka never sees this information herself.125
  • Soon, Thok notices a horde of Visorak sneaking toward the fortress under cover of mist. The Dark Hunters rush to the walls of the fortress, but the scene quickly devolves into chaos. Visorak Oohnorak use their power of mimicry to shout contradictory orders in the voices of Zaktan, Ancient, and even the Shadowed One. Vohtarak make berserker charges at the base of the walls. Boggarak scale the walls and lunch their spinners at defenders, turning them to dust. Reidak and Thok put up a fight with the rest of the Dark Hunters, but Thok is mainly concerned with escape.112
  • Zaktan ignores the sounds of battle to search for the fortress's secret in the basement. He sends out his microscopic protodites to look for the smallest cracks in the floor which might lead to a secret chamber. Finally, he finds a crack and slips his entire body through to a hidden chamber underneath. He finds himself in a room with four stone walls covered in mysterious symbols. To Zaktan, they look like notes of an experiment or calculations of some sort, but overall they are gibberish. Zaktan pauses and studies only the pictograms. He recognizes the Great Hau mask traditionally used to symbolize the Great Spirit Mata Nui. Next to it is a carving of the Kraahkan, the mask worn by the Makuta of Metru Nui. Third is a symbol Zaktan does not recognize: a sharply angled crescent, points facing upward [apparently an outline of Voya Nui]. When Zaktan touches the symbol, the stones of the walls suddenly move and rearrange themselves. Once they are back in place, the gibberish on the walls now reads as coherent text. Zaktan discovers that the chamber is a chronicle written by the Brotherhood of Makuta. It relates, in detail, the events leading up to the day the Great Spirit fell into an eternal sleep. Zaktan always believed that this was a sudden event, caused perhaps by some strange power of the Makuta, and that defeating the Brotherhood would awaken Mata Nui again. On the contrary, the record shows that it was only the Makuta of Metru Nui, the most experienced and powerful in the Brotherhood, who attacked Mata Nui. The act that resulted in Mata Nui's fall actually took place hundreds of years before sleep claimed him. The walls also detail Makuta's attempt to seize power in Metru Nui, prophecies about the great cataclysm, and a dire warning that the universe might end as a result of these events. There is a hastily scrawled warning about the possible coming of a Toa of Light. In one corner, there are newer carvings detailing how long it would take for Mata Nui to die of his injuries. At the bottom of these, one word is inscribed savagely in the stone: Ignition. The worst of the writings reveal plans that are staggering in their implications and incredible in the sheer depth of evil they reveal. The Makuta will eventually trick a group of Toa into believing they have won their ultimate battle, at which point their true plan will unfold. When it is done, Mata Nui will be allowed to reawaken, but a reign of darkness will begin beyond any Matoran's worst nightmares. These plans make the Shadowed One's schemes look like idle fantasies – if they succeed, there will be no more Toa or Dark Hunters, just shadows and death. The entire universe is at stake. Zaktan's first impulse is to escape the fortress and warn someone, even if only the Shadowed One. Instead, Zaktan quickly calms down and decides to use this knowledge to his personal advantage, determined somehow to insert himself into these plans someday.112
  • During the War, Zaktan discovers documents hidden in a secret chamber of a Brotherhood base which reveal the Brotherhood's true plans. This information suggests that the Makuta actually intend for Mata Nui to be awakened. It is unknown why they think this will be to their advantage. Armed with this knowledge, Zaktan intends to seize greater power for himself.113115149
  • The inscriptions that Zaktan reads hint that Makuta needs to go to an unexplored place beneath the Coliseum of Metru Nui (see secret control room). It sounds like Makuta does not even know for certain what is there, or if the place actually exists, but is just guessing.150
  • By skill and luck, the Dark Hunters manage to hold off the Visorak for the night. Thok and Reidak follow through on their decision to desert, slipping away before dawn. Zaktan leaves as well, but he uses his impact [sic] vision to destroy the walls of the secret chamber before leaving in order to prevent anyone else from learning what he now knows.112
  • The other Dark Hunters do not realize Reidak and Thok are gone until three dozen Rahkshi come over the wall they were guarding and cut through the defenders.112

Mazeka and Vultraz Become Enemies

  • Once, Mazeka and Vultraz are close friends, until they take separate paths.151
  • Vultraz embraces the shadow and becomes a servant of the Brotherhood of Makuta.151
  • Mazeka fights for justice as an agent of the Order of Mata Nui. He is trained by the Order to be an elite spy and skilled warrior.151
  • Vultraz works in the service of Gorast.55
  • A brilliant engineer, Vultraz builds his skyfighter and equips it with stolen weaponry.152
  • Vultraz's specialty is spying on Matoran who want to rebel against the Brotherhood of Makuta.152
  • Mazeka pursues Vultraz all over the universe.151

Recent Events

  • The Mahri Nui Matoran nurse a badly injured stinger whale back to health.153
  • In recent years, the Brotherhood of Makuta shrinks due to a purge by Teridax of those he does not consider sufficiently loyal and attacks by the Dark Hunters.113
  • As a Dark Hunter, Kraata-Kal ignores his mission objectives in the interest of his own profit on more than one occasion. The last time this happens, the Shadowed One has Vezok discipline him by showing him how easily his armor can be shattered when one knows how.154
  • Onepu wins the Great Ussal Race for the last five seasons in a row.15575156
  • In an effort to crush the morale of those who resist his power, Makuta has ordered his Rahi to gather the Copper Masks of Victory and conceal them.157