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Axonn was a member of the Order of Mata Nui.[1]


Brutaka was once Axonn's best friend. Immensely powerful, Axonn was a champion of justice long before the first Toa ever came to be. He watched in sorrow and anger as the Piraka seized control of Voya Nui and vowed to fight their efforts to steal the Mask of Life. Axonn wore the Kanohi Roden [sic, Rode], the Great Mask of Truth. His enormous axe could cleave a mountain in half, as well as fire pure energy from its tip. The true extent and origin of his powers remained a mystery.[2]

Axonn was at one time a member of the Hand of Artakha. After the Hand was disbanded, Axonn wandered for some time, using his powers for petty conquests. Eventually the Order of Mata Nui recruited him, offering to put his skills to good use. Axonn was assigned to Voya Nui to safeguard the Mask of Life, partnered with Brutaka. Axonn and Brutaka defeated a number of enemies who attempted to claim the Mask of Life.[3]

Axonn was present when Voya Nui broke off from the southern continent and shot through the roof of the Matoran universe, surfacing in the ocean waters above. When the Piraka arrived on the island, Brutaka betrayed Axonn and aligned with Piraka. Axonn eventually defeated Brutaka in battle, destroying the antidermis vat in the Piraka's stronghold. Axonn later opened a passage into the cord leading to Mahri Nui for the Toa Inika.[3]

Axonn wore the Kanohi Rode, the Great Mask of Truth. His axe could fire energy blasts and cleave virtually any substance. In addition, Axonn had massive strength and a number of special powers, among them the ability to heal insanity with a touch of his hand.[3]

Axonn could provide illumination by sending energy through his axe.[4]

Axonn's mind was well-shielded against mental attack.[5]

Axonn and Brutaka were members of the Order of Mata Nui and long-time friends. Axonn started out as a member of the Order's predecessor, the Hand of Artakha. He served with the Hand until it broke up. Both Axonn and Brutaka had enormous power. Axonn wore the Kanohi Rode, the Mask of Truth, and carried an axe.[6]

Axonn was immune to antidermis.[7]