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Brutaka was a member of the Order of Mata Nui.3


Brutaka was once a loyal guardian of the Matoran and Axonn's best friend. Convinced that Mata Nui had abandoned his people, Brutaka turned selfish and corrupt. Powerful and enough to defeat six Toa with one blow of his double-bladed weapon, Brutaka alone was as great a threat as all of the Piraka combined. He wore the Kanohi Olmak, the Mask of Dimensional Gates.4

After Brutaka was mutated by the waters of the Pit, twisted spikes jutted out of his armor, and what looked like a long dorsal fin ran down his back. He could fire blasts of raw power from his hands5 and from his sword.6

He was a seasoned warrior, having a longer history of battle than even Makuta. He could break through stasis fields with his sword.6

Whereas Axonn was a warrior, Brutaka was more of a scholar, versed in the art of the sword. His intelligence and ability to analyze facts quickly were seen as a good combination with Axonn's raw power.7

Brutaka began his life as a lieutenant in the army of Makuta but rapidly grew dissatisfied with the regimented existence he led. He was recruited by the Order of Mata Nui and turned into a roving troubleshooter, achieving many great things but also causing his share of trouble. For instance, he once used his mask power to transport a Tahtorak from its home island to Metru Nui.8

Brutaka and Axonn defeated a number of enemies who tried to claim the Kanohi Ignika.9

Brutaka turned against the Order and was banished to the Pit.8

Brutaka carried a twin-bladed sword and wore the Kanohi Olmak. Exposure to antidermis had the strange effect of strengthening him rather than enslaving his mind. The extent of his powers is unknown, but he had enormous strength, had the ability to shoot energy from his sword, and was formidable enough to have defeated Axonn on one occasion.8

In the alternate universe of the Toa Empire, Krika had heard Matoran legends of a Brutaka. It was said that he was a great hero who guarded a valuable treasure.10

After being the Pit, Brutaka was tall, lean, and strong. He wore a domed helmet and carried a wicked double-bladed sword.11

Brutaka could hurl bolts of energy from his sword.12

After falling into the pool where the Makuta species was created, Brutaka floated three feet off the floor. Green fire crackled from his eyes and the tips of his fingers. His armor had cracked in numerous places as the tissue it covered expanded. An aura of pure power surrounded him that was so bright that Axonn had to cover his eyes. It was Brutaka's body and Brutaka's voice, but the words he spoke came from the "essence of the Makuta species." Brutaka had a grip of iron, and his touch burned.12 The changed Brutaka had a voice like thunder.13

Makuta antidermis had an effect on Brutaka. Absorbing it somehow made him stronger.12

Brutaka's mask was shattered by a bolt of energy from Makuta Teridax. Even without his mask, Brutaka seemed frighteningly powerful. He glowed green and floated several inches off the floor. He claimed to know all that Teridax had forgotten.13

Brutaka's mind was well-shielded against mental attack.13

Brutaka and Axonn were members of the Order of Mata Nui and long-time friends. Both Brutaka and Axonn had enormous power. Brutaka wore the Kanohi Olmak, the Mask of Dimensional Gates, and carried a twin-bladed sword.14

Brutaka's powered-up state after being immersed in the Makuta pool was going to last for a while. He was closer to the power level of a Makuta than that of Tren Krom.15 Brutaka's changes were long-lasting but not permanent.16

Brutaka got his Olmak from the Order of Mata Nui.17

After falling into the Makuta pool, Brutaka possessed the powers of a Makuta.18

Brutaka was quite a bit taller than a Toa.19

Brutaka was probably 10-11 feet (2.2-2.4 bio) tall.20 Axonn and Brutaka were the first line of defense for the Kanohi Ignika.21

Axonn and Brutaka were equally smart.22

Brutaka was not truly evil, he had lost his faith in Mata Nui and had nothing to replace it with, leaving him a void inside spiritually.23

When he expressed dissatisfaction with Mata Nui abandoning "his people", Brutaka was referring to all peoples of the universe, not just his species.24

Brutaka was a member of the Hand of Artakha.25

Brutaka held the secret of where the Mask of Life was hidden, so he had enormous willpower to keep that secret from being read in his mind or tortured out of him. This naturally made him more resistant to any form of mind control.26

Brutaka would defeat Keetongu in a fight.27

Brutaka was likely a member of a species with a homeland.28

Axonn and Brutaka were of different species and different backgrounds.29

Brutaka was a member of a species.30, 31

None of Axonn, Brutaka, and Botar were the same species.32

Brutaka wasn't from Artakha, Karzahni, Metru Nui, Voya Nui, Daxia, Xia, Odina, Zakaz, or Destral.33

Brutaka wasn't calm, cool, and collected.34

Brutaka was an Order of Mata Nui member who snapped people like the Barraki in two before breakfast.35

Powers and Abilities

Brutaka wore a Great Mask.36

If Brutaka lost his mask, he would lose access to its power but would likely not be weakened in the same way a Toa would be.37

Brutaka would probably have a similar reaction to a Toa if his mask was removed.38, 39

Brutaka's power was not near a Makuta's.40 (see Other Information)

Axonn and Brutaka were more powerful than the Shadowed One. The two of them were close to the power level of a Makuta, but slightly less powerful.41

Brutaka was more powerful than a Toa and not enormously less powerful than a Makuta.42

Brutaka was more agile than Axonn.43

Brutaka's immense power was natural, not bestowed upon him by the Order of Mata Nui.44

Axonn and Brutaka had a greater variety of powers than Umbra or Vezon and Fenrakk.45

Brutaka was a lot more powerful than any individual Barraki.46


Brutaka was not stronger than a Makuta.47

Brutaka was stronger than Keetongu.48

Brutaka was physically stronger than Keetongu but weaker than Teridax and Axonn.49

Axonn and Brutaka were about equal in strength.50

Axonn was likely a bit stronger than Brutaka, but Brutaka had advantages in height and reach.51

Brutaka was stronger than a Tahtorak.52

Brutaka and Botar were about equal in strength.53

Axonn was slightly stronger than Brutaka physically.54

Brutaka was stronger than Botar, Reidak, Carapar, and Krekka but weaker than Nocturn, Teridax, and Axonn.55

Axonn and Brutaka were probably physically stronger than Botar because their job was combat and Botar's wasn't56

Brutaka was stronger than Roodaka.57

Axonn was physically stronger than Brutaka without antidermis enhancement.58

Antidermis Reaction

Brutaka got stronger after each Zamor sphere full of antidermis that was shot into him.59

Brutaka's affinity for antidermis had to do with his particular species, not his membership in the Order of Mata Nui.60

Brutaka's reaction to antidermis was a species trait.61

Brutaka's reaction to antidermis was a species trait that had nothing to do with his morality.62

Brutaka could approach antidermis because it didn't affect him negatively.63

Antidermis within Brutaka dissipated over time, which is why he needed to get more.64

Brutaka's reaction to antidermis was a result of his particular biomechanical chemistry.65

Antidermis strengthened Brutaka because of his physiology; it did not enslave him.66

Antidermis made Brutaka stronger, but not meaner. Its effects weren't permanent.67

Antidermis probably increased Brutaka's power level by 10%.68


Brutaka's swords could electronically cut rock.69

Brutaka's sword gave off energy, but not electricity.70

Brutaka could fire a beam of energy out of his sword.71

Brutaka used his sword as a physical weapon as well as a way to channel his power.72

The energy in Brutaka's weapon came from him.73

Brutaka had two knives hidden on his back.74

The appendages that held Brutaka's daggers were mechanical. They were not arms.75

Brutaka's dagger holders weren't artificial arms, they simply held daggers for him. He had to grab the daggers with his real hands to use them.76

Brutaka always had his dagger holders.77

The blades on Brutaka's back were just extra weapons.78

Other Information

  • Greg Farshtey once said that Brutaka was once a member of the Hand of Artakha, but this was later contradicted.79
  • The additional blades Brutaka had in set form were just set adornment.80
  • Greg Farshtey referred to Brutaka's weapon as a twin-bladed sword. When asked if the official name was "Rotating Blades", he replied he wasn't aware if they rotated in the set.81
  • Greg Farshtey was asked about his apparent contradiction on whether Axonn and Brutaka had powers close to the level of a Makuta or not. He stated that an Order of Mata Nui member could certainly give a Brotherhood of Makuta member a battle, but he had not yet decided how equal in power he wanted the individual members to be.82
  • Brutaka was among Greg Farshtey's favorite sets by the end of 2006.83