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Dume was a Toa1 of Fire and later the Turaga2 of Metru Nui.3


Turaga Dume was the elder of the city of Metru Nui. His home was the Coliseum.4

Turaga Dume's element was fire, and his mask was the Kanohi Kiril, the Great [sic] Mask of Regeneration.5

Turaga Dume had been a wise and just elder of Metru Nui for as long as any Matoran could remember. Under his leadership, the chute system was constructed, the Vahki order enforcement squads were created, and the Archives were expanded to their current (story year 2004) size. He was admired and respected by Matoran everywhere.5

Turaga Dume himself presided over the great akilini tournament held in the Coliseum.6

Turaga Dume commanded the Vahki and maintained order in Metru Nui.7

Turaga Dume had served as elder of Metru Nui for ages. Turaga Dume was the powerful elder of Metru Nui. It was his job to protect the Matoran from danger and command the Vahki force.8

Turaga Dume was a benevolent leader of Metru Nui.9

Turaga Dume was wise, impatient, and brave.10

Dume was not generally irritable, but began acting that way when he learned the universe was ending.11

Dume had no issue with the Inika taking over for the Toa Nuva after their defeat. All he cared about was the universe being saved, who accomplished that was not relevant to him.12

Dume may have ordered Metru Nui to be leveled rather than risk losing it had the Toa-Dark Hunter War continued.13

As of 4,000 years ago, Dume had been a Toa and later a Turaga for centuries, so he knew no fear.14

Dume wore the same mask as a Matoran and as a Toa.15

As a Turaga he wore a noble Kanohi Kiril.16

Dume no doubt had a wonderful record as a Toa.17

Dume had likely either directly or indirectly done business with Xia in the past, but wouldn't by story year 2006. He would never have allied with Zakaz.18

Other Information

  • BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui and its novelization disagreed on whether Dume was wearing his mask in his pod. Greg Farshtey took the book's side, which stated he didn't have a mask.19