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electrified chains

The electrified chains were a pair of chains used as weapons by Hewkii when he was a Toa Mahri.1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Each chain was attached to the back of one of Hewkii's upper arms.6 These chains gave off a powerful electric shock1, 2, 5; Hewkii could wrap them around an opponent and activate an electrical shock on command.7 They could deliver thousands of volts7 and were powerful enough to stun a Takea shark.1, 2, 5

Hewkii acquired the electrified chains when he was transformed by the Mask of Life from a Toa Inika into a Toa Mahri. Presumably, his former climbing chain was transformed into the electrified chains.CN One of the chains was snapped during a fight with Gadunka.7 Hewkii presumably continued to use the electrified chains on Spherus Magna.CN