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Hakann was a Dark Hunter[1] and one of the six Piraka who attempted to steal the Ignika.[2, 3]


Hakann, "the Bully," was arrogant and treacherous and was disliked by all the other Piraka. During their search for the Mask of Life on Voya Nui, Hakann made a secret alliance with Avak but already had plans to betray him and all the others and steal the Mask of Life for himself. Hakann wielded a zamor sphere launcher, lava launcher, and energy claw. He also had intense heat vision. Hakann's preferred method of attack was to unleash devastating mental blasts.[4]

Hakann was extremely and unapologetically duplicitous. Other Dark Hunters said they could not turn their backs on him. Even the Shadowed One thought that it was foolish of the Piraka to allow him to join their ranks. If things turned out badly on Voya Nui, Hakann would attempt to return to the Dark Hunters. The Shadowed One intended to "welcome" him back in their own special way.[5]

Hakann could generate devastating bolts of mental energy as well as blasts of heat vision. He carried a dual-use weapon with a claw on one side and a lava launcher on the other. He also carried a Zamor sphere launcher.[5]

All of the other Piraka knew that Hakann was completely untrustworthy.[6]

He was treacherous and dishonest.[2]

He had the elemental power of fire, heat vision, and the ability to perform mental attacks. He carried a Zamor sphere launcher and a lava launcher.[2]

Hakann was the most dangerous and cunning of the Piraka. There was no one he would not betray. He clashed repeatedly with Zaktan and the other Piraka. He was almost casually cruel, once explaining that he had vaporized a herd of Kikanalo because they were "blocking his view." Hakann carried a zamor sphere launcher and a lava launcher. He possessed heat vision, the ability to launch mental attacks, and the elemental power of fire, which could only be used in combination with other Piraka.[7]

Other Information

  • In marketing, Hakann's tagline was "100% Explosive, 0% Fuse."[7]