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Jovan was a Toa[1] of Magnetism and later the Turaga[2] of Voya Nui. As a Toa, he wore the Kanohi Kadin and carried a Zamor sphere launcher and a magnetic bolt launcher.[3]


Toa Jovan led the first Toa team to find the Kanohi Mask of Life, thousands and thousands of years ago. A Toa of Magnetism, he carried a zamor sphere launcher and a magnetic bolt launcher. Jovan later became Turaga of Voya Nui and was lost in the cataclysmic event that separated the island from its home continent. Jovan wore the Kanohi Mask of Flight [Kanohi Kadin].[4]

Jovan's Zamor spheres nullified the power of a target's weapons.[5]

A member of Jovan's Toa team wore an Olmak, which allowed them to escape Karda Nui ahead of the storm.[6]