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Lesovikk was a Toa4 of Air and a member of the first Toa team ever in existence, originally stationed on one of the southernmost islands. His best friends were the Matoran Sarda and Idris.5 His closest friend in his Toa team was Nikila. His team consisted of eight6 Toa; the other seven besides himself were a Toa of Fire, Stone, Water, Lightning (Nikila), Gravity, Sonics, and Iron.7


Lesovikk and Sarda were inside the Pit when Mata Nui rose.8

[Lesovikk] was a member of the very first Toa team ever in existence.9

Lesovikk was a Toa of Air and a member of the first Toa team ever in existence. Originally stationed on one of the southernmost islands, the team clashed with a wandering tribe of Zyglak. During the battle, Lesovikk hesitated for a fatal split second. As a result, the zyglak gained the upper hand and killed all of the other members of the team. Only Lesovikk escaped. Returning to his home village to warn them of the impending danger, he found that the local Turaga had gone mad and shipped the entire Matoran population to the realm of Karzahni. These included Lesovikk’s best friends, Sarda and Idris. Guilt-ridden, Lesovikk became a wanderer, convinced he was not worthy to be a Toa. An attempt to rescue his friends from Karzahni met with failure (nor did he realize that those particular Matoran had already been transported to Voya Nui by that time).10

Toa Lesovikk wore a Kanohi Faxon, the Mask of Kindred.10

Lesovikk was once a Matoran.11

Lesovikk was created by the Great Beings.12

Lesovikk's destiny had not been completed.13

Lesovikk's destiny wasn't connected to the Ignika.14

It was still possible for Lesovikk to complete his destiny even though his teammates were dead.15

Lesovikk was a Toa of Air.16

Other Information

  • By February 2007, Greg was still unsure what final color Lesovikk would have and was therefore unsure what element he would be. The last time he had seen him the figure was green, so he assumed he would be a Toa of Air.17