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Toa Cordak

The Toa Cordak were the first Toa team. Around 100,000 years ago, a group of Toa felt the need to come together to fight off the threats the Matoran universe faced from dangerous threats like Rahi. Consisting of eight Toa of different elements, they were given the name Toa Cordak. Led by Lesovikk, they established a base and protected the resident Matoran from threats. On one fateful day, the team engaged a horde of Zyglak. Lesovikk hesitated at a crucial moment, allowing the Zyglak to overwhelm the team. Only Lesovikk survived. When rumors spread through the Matoran universe about the decimation of the Toa Cordak, the term cordak came to be used pejoratively in the sense of "desolation."[1]