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Makuta fish

Makuta fish were aquatic Rahi which lived in Ga-Wahi.[1] They were an incredibly ugly breed of fish and could leap from the water to attack larger creatures.[2, 3] They got their name during a battle in an underground cavern with Toa Metru Matau, who noted that the faces of the grotesque fish reminded him of Makuta.[3]


Schools of Makuta fish could be found in Gali's Bay. They would pursue canoes, and their jaws could easily tear the craft to pieces.[4]

Makuta fish were prey for larger creatures, like Takea, but few made any effort to hunt them down. Makuta fish were fast and cunning, with rows and rows of razor-sharp teeth in their mouths. Although any one was powerful enough to survive on its own, they preferred to swim in a school. Together, there was little that could stop them. The [Great Temple Squid] was one creature that preyed upon them.[4]