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rock raptor

The rock raptor was a successful predator in Po-Metru. They suffered badly from the attacks of Visorak Roporak until only a few specimens remained. Before the Visorak invasion, rock raptors were known for capturing much larger prey by using their natural tools to trigger rockslides. Their aggressive, independent nature made it impossible for the Rahaga to help them against the hordes. Most rock raptors were captured or killed.1


Rock Raptors were among the more dangerous of Po-Metru Rahi. They preyed upon larger animals, particularly Kikanalo, using a unique method. A Rock Raptor used its natural tools to dig out caves in the mountains in Po-Metru as living space. It could then use those same tools to weaken entire slopes and bring them down in a rain of stone on Kikanalo herds or wandering Kane-Ra. Stunned, the larger creatures were then easy prey for the raptors.2

Rock raptors were found around the Po-Metru Sculpture Fields and were one of the main predators in the district. Rock raptors were not very aggressive toward Matoran. They were cunning hunters with an uncanny ability to bring down prey much larger than themselves. They preyed upon large animals like Kikanalo using a unique method. They used their natural tools to dig out caves in the mountains in Po-Metru as living space. They could use these same tools to weaken entire slopes and bring them down on Kikanalo herds or wandering Kane-Ra. Once stunned, the victims became easy prey for the rock raptors.3

During the Visorak invasion in Metru Nui, rock raptors increasingly came into conflict with Visorak Roporak. Unfortunately, they seemed to meet their match, and their numbers dwindled rapidly. Worse, they were so territorial and aggressive that they would not let the Rahaga anywhere near enough to capture them, their only hope of protection against the hordes. The Rahaga feared that they were in danger of extinction. Pouks, Iruini, and even Kualus all tried unsuccessfully to capture these Rahi, at one point leaving Bomonga up to the task.3

Spiny stone apes had a sort of symbiotic relationship with the rock raptors also living in Po-Metru. While seldom found living together, the spiny stone apes often used the abandoned caves and tunnels which the rock raptors carved out of the canyon walls. The rock raptors seemed to tolerate this behavior, perhaps because of the spiny stone apes' considerable ability to defend those places.4

Rock raptors had menaced assemblers' villages in the past.5

They carved caves out of canyon walls, which were the favored lairs of spiny stone apes.6