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rotating fire blade

The rotating fire blade1, 2, also called the rotating blade3, rotating blades4, or high-speed rotating blade5, 6, was a spinning, three-bladed weapon formed by Tahu Nuva's adaptive weapon while he was in Karda Nui. Like the rest of Tahu's adaptive armor, his adaptive weapon changed shape to suit his environment, and it took this shape in response to his presence in the swamp of Karda Nui.CN Tahu used the rotating fire blade to channel his elemental power of fire.CN It could be spun at high speed and used offensively and defensively to deflect incoming projectiles.7 Like the rest of Tahu's adaptive armor, the rotating fire blade was made of protosteel.8, 9 This adaptive weapon was a separate object from the rest of Tahu's adaptive armor.10 It presumably took on a different form sometime after Tahu left Karda Nui, and it took on the form of Tahu's fire sword when he was transformed back into a Toa Mata.11, 12