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Toa Hordika

Toa Hordika was the term for a Toa who had been mutated by Hordika venom and so became half-Toa, half-beast. For details on the Toa Metru team when they were mutated into Toa Hordika, see Toa Metru.


Toa Hordika was the name given to the six Toa Metru when they had been transformed into half-hero, half-beast forms by Visorak venom. The Toa Hordika were equipped with new tools and Rhotuka launchers but constantly had to fight with their own bestial sides.4

The Toa were half Toa, half Rahi.5

The Toa Hordika had natural Rhotuka launchers as part of their bodies6, which were their primary offensive and defensive tools.7

The Toa Hordika's faces could not be infected.8

The Toa Hordika could do anything with their Rhotuka that they could have done with their elemental powers as Toa Metru.9

The Toa Hordika could not charge anything with their tools besides their Rhotuka.10

Toa Hordika were physically stronger, but had weaker willpower and less discipline than standard Toa.11

If the Toa Metru had remained Hordika, their physical appearances would have continued to change.12

The extent of the Toa Hordika's elemental rhotuka were the same as their normal Toa elemental powers.13

Other Information

  • In BIONICLE 3: Web of Shadows, the Toa Hordika only have one tool each. This was done for the purposes of their animation, but they canonically had two tools, as depicted in the comics, books, and sets. The sets are the official look of the characters.14