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Vastus was the Prime Glatorian of Tesara, an experienced fighter with a hidden past. He was, if anything, over-protective of his village and its people, reluctant to leave the place undefended and often sending Gresh to fight in matches in other villages. As a warrior in the Core War, Vastus was an enthusiastic soldier. He firmly believed that the jungle tribe had the right to own the incredible substance seeping from inside the planet, and he fought bravely and even savagely in battle. Vastus led an elite unit sent to infiltrate enemy villages and perform acts of sabotage. An incident made Vastus re-examine his life, and he began to feel guilty about the things he had done. Shortly after this, the Shattering brought an abrupt end to the war. Stranded on Bara Magna, Vastus was determined that there will be no more wars. He worked with Certavus and other veterans to create the Glatorian system, which would make conflict between armies unnecessary. Although Vastus was very successful as a Glatorian, and a champion more than once, victories mattered less to him than the fact that Agori did not need to march into war over resources. A little-known fact about Vastus was that his training went beyond merely physical practice. During the Core War, he stumbled upon records of ancient meditation techniques practiced by ancestors of the Agori. Using these, he learned how to enhance his senses in combat. Although his helmet hid it, Vastus sometimes closed his eyes in battle, allowing his hearing to guide his blows. Incidents like Strakk's cowardly attack on Ackar from behind never happened to Vastus, as he was able to sense the air movement that accompanied an attack, even if he could not see the attack happening. Agori traders from Tesara had practically begged Vastus to ride with them, since it was said that he could not be ambushed. Vastus had only agreed to do this in special cases. Vastus was armed with a Thornax launcher and a paralyzing venom spear, but he was skilled with just about any weapon.3


Skilled Glatorian and master of every weapon, Vastus was a fierce defender of the jungle village of Tesara. His venom spear and spiked Thornax launcher filled even bone hunters with fear.4

Vastus was the Prime Glatorian of Tesara. Although Vastus was a better fighter than the Second Glatorian, Gresh, it was Gresh who did most of the matches that took place outside of Tesara. Vastus preferred to stay close to home so that he would be present in case the village needed defending from bone hunters or Vorox.5

Vastus was listed on the Wall of Champions.6

Gresh had argued with Vastus, who felt strongly that Glatorian should defend their own villages and not worry about others.7

Ackar was close to Vastus.8

Certavus was Vastus's mentor.9