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Story Year 2001

Takua Collects the Toa Stones

  • Takua's habitual wandering away from his job finally angers Vakama so much that he is exiled from Ta-Koro.1
  • The Turaga fear that Makuta might attempt to steal the Toa Stones. Takua's life changes when the Turaga ask him to travel the island and collect the Toa Stones.2
  • Turaga Whenua is captured by the Vatuka in the tunnels of Onu-Wahi.3
  • Before the coming of the Toa to Mata Nui, the Onu-Matoran's Vuata Maca tree is poisoned.4
  • Takua is asked to locate two Vuata Maca Crystals to cleanse the Vuata Maca tree and make the fruit safe again.4
  • Takua uses a Volo Lutu launcher in Onu-Wahi during his search for the Vuata Maca Crystals.5
  • Takua retrieves the two Vuata Maca Crystals in Onu-Wahi in order to cleanse the Vuata Maca tree of poison.6
  • Takua later rescues Whenua from the Vatuka.3
  • Takua journeys across the island of Mata Nui to retrieve tools stolen from the Turaga of the six villages, as well as the Toa stones.7 Takua has a number of adventures, including retrieving the stolen tools of the six Turaga and gathering the Toa stones, which he uses to summon the Toa Mata to the island.1
  • Takua collects all six Toa stones and brings them to the Kini-Nui, placing the stones around it.2, 8, 7
  • One year ago9 Takua uses the Toa stones to send a signal that brings the Toa Mata to Mata Nui.9
  • When Takua is done placing the Toa Stones around the Kini-Nui, beams of light shoot up into the sky. A beam of energy suddenly shoots from the stones, sending Takua flying into the sky. In doing this, Takua unwittingly sends a signal which calls the Toa Mata's canisters to travel to shore from the sea and open, revealing the Toa inside. Takua is carried high into the air by one of the beams, sending him flying into the sky. He crashes on the beach of Ta-Wahi and slams into the ground, unharmed but suffering from amnesia.2, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 2, 8, 7
  • The power in the Toa stones is expended sending the signal.16
  • The energy within the Toa stones is used to send a signal to the Toa Mata. The stones no longer have enough energy to turn Matoran into Toa.17
  • The Toa stones remain on Mata Nui.18

The Toa Mata Arrive on the Shores of Mata Nui

  • The population of Mata Nui is about 1000.19
  • A year before the Toa leave Mata Nui20 The Toa Mata arrive on the shores of Mata Nui in canisters.20 After a millennium, the Toa Mata finally arrive on Mata Nui. However, they all have badly damaged memories and no idea of where they are or what they are supposed to do.7
  • The tide begins to turn against Makuta when the six Toa Mata arrive and oppose him.21 Makuta Teridax guesses who the new Toa are and what their mission might be, and he sets out to test their power.7 Just as Makuta Teridax believes the Matoran's spirits are ready to crack, the Toa Mata arrive, giving them new hope. Wanting to find out whether the newcomers are truly the Toa Mata, he sets Rahi against them, knowing true Toa will be able to defeat them with ease.22
  • The Toa arrive on Mata Nui remembering nothing but their own names and a few snippets of frightening and confusing dreams.23
  • The Toa first awaken on the island of Mata Nui.24
  • The prophecy foretelling the arrival of six heroes on the island of Mata Nui comes to pass. The six Toa, each with awesome elemental powers, come to Mata Nui to begin their quest.25
  • The Toa rebuild themselves painlessly.26

Tahu Awakens

  • Tahu's canister washes up on the shore of Ta-Wahi.27, 15
  • Tahu looks around at his surroundings. He is standing on a sandy beach. Looking out at the ocean, he sees waves breaking over a coral reef, and beyond that, nothing but water stretching to an unbroken horizon. His mind is a haze of memories and dreams, and he is uncertain of who he is or why he came here. He is able to remember his name, Tahu, but to his frustration he cannot remember anything else. He notices several red pieces lying in the sand, next to the polished canister that brought him here. Two of them turn out to be blades, shaped like flames, which fit together into a sword [sic]. When he swings the sword, it feels heavy and awkward, and he jabs it into the sand. Then Tahu notices his mask lying nearby. Once he puts it on his face, he feels a surge of power. He grabs his flame sword, and to his surprise, it now glows and sparks with fire. Still, Tahu is overcome with despair, not knowing why he is here or what he is supposed to do. In frustration, he shouts and sends a bolt of fire into the air from his sword. He realizes he has great power, the power of fire, but this only raises more questions, which makes him feel frustration and rage and tempts him to turn that power against the world around him. Somehow, Tahu knows he cannot give in to this urge, and he reassures himself that the answers will come.28
  • Tahu emerges, assembles himself, and heads into the Charred Forest.15 He is wearing a Kanohi Hau when he first washes ashore.29 Like the other Toa, Tahu's memories are badly confused when he arrives on the island of Mata Nui.30

Lewa Awakens

  • Lewa emerges on the shores of Le-Wahi, wearing a Kanohi Miru.12, 31, 29

Onua Awakens

  • Onua's canister washes up on the shore of Onu-Wahi. He is wearing a Great Kanohi Pakari when he washes ashore.32, 13, 33, 29
  • Onua feels a surge of strength and power when he first puts on his mask.28
  • Onua instinctively heads underground.32, 13

Gali Awakens

  • Gali emerges on the shores of Ga-Wahi, wearing a Kanohi Kaukau.10, 34, 29

Pohatu Awakens

  • Pohatu's canister washes up on the shore of Po-Wahi.35 He is wearing the Kanohi Kakama when he first appears on Mata Nui.36, 14, 29

The Guard Finds Tahu in the Charred Forest

  • In the Charred Forest, Tahu walks into a Rahi trap set by Jala. The Matoran set him free upon realizing that he is the Toa whose arrival they have awaited for so long.15
  • When Tahu arrives, Vakama welcomes him but does not share any information about Metru Nui or his life as a Toa.37
  • Tahu meets Jala for the first time.28

Lewa Heads toward Le-Koro

  • Lewa explores the island, knowing little but his own name. His dreams have been dark and chaotic and fill him with fear.28
  • Lewa finds himself on a branch overlooking a canyon. Without a second thought, he grabs a hanging vine and uses it to swing across the canyon. Thrilled, he realizes that the air is his ally. He reflects on his dark dreams, but reassuringly pushes those aside and decides to look for answers.28
  • Lewa finds himself drawn to the lush, dripping jungle, where he feels at home. When he comes to a stand of Volo trees, he jumps onto a slender branch, which ejects a baby Taku out of its nest. Without thinking, Lewa extends his arm in the direction of the falling bird, and the wind carries it aloft. Lewa catches the chick and puts it carefully back in its nest. From this, Lewa realizes that the wind answers to him.28
  • Lewa has to endure Rahi attacks before reaching the village of Le-Koro.12

Kopaka Awakens

  • Matoro sees Kopaka come ashore.38
  • Kopaka's canister rests on a beach of a rocky, mountainous coastline. Ussal crabs crawl over its surface. Suddenly, the lid of the canister pops off, and its contents explode outward onto the beach. Kopaka assembles himself from his scattered pieces. He has slept for a long time, and he remembers having dark dreams. After finally putting on his Kanohi mask, he moves on, determined to stand against the forces of darkness and evil.38
  • Kopaka's dark dreams come from the sensation that things aren't right in the Matoran Universe after Mata Nui has been asleep for 1000 years and the Makuta have taken over.39
  • Kopaka emerges on the shores of Ko-Wahi, wearing a Kanohi Akaku.11, 29
  • Kopaka walks inland through snowy, mountainous terrain. He realizes that his mask lets him see through solid rock. He spots a small figure spying on him nearby and calls out to him. The figure tries to flee, but Kopaka creates a coating of ice on the ground that brings the stranger sliding back to him. Interestingly, Kopaka realizes that his ice power comes from within himself – his sword is but the focus. Kopaka asks the figure who he is and why he was watching him. The figure introduces himself as Matoro and says he saw Kopaka come ashore. He explains that everyone on the island of Mata Nui has been waiting for Kopaka, as well as others like him. Kopaka finds Matoro's story to be confusing and incomplete, but he senses that it matches the tale told in his dreams. Kopaka learns that he, along with others, has been summoned to challenge a mighty evil. To do that, they must find the Kanohi Masks of Power to gain the power to do so. Matoro explains that the masks are scattered and hidden all over Mata Nui, guarded by creatures or hidden in places no [Matoran] could reach. Matoro mentions that Turaga Nuju, the village elder, spoke of a Mask of Shielding hidden in the Place of Far-seeing, apparently some kind of riddle.38
  • Kopaka almost immediately encounters Matoro, who is the first to meet him.11, 40

Kopaka Saves Matoro and Meets Nuju

  • Kopaka and Matoro walk together, while a Nui-Rama secretly follows them. The two come to a chasm, where Matoro explains his people are planning to build an ice bridge in Kopaka's honor. Kopaka is about to make his own bridge when the Nui-Rama flies at them, knocking Matoro over the edge. Kopaka dives after Matoro and grabs ahold of him as they fall, then breaks their fall by creating a cushion of ice from his sword. Matoro exclaims that Kopaka truly must be the Toa meant to save them. Now that they are safe, Matoro tells Kopaka that the creature was called a Nui-Rama.38
  • Kopaka encounters one of the powerful Rahi among the icy peaks of Mount Ihu.41
  • In Kopaka's first heroic act and Rahi encounter on Mata Nui, a Nui-Rama attempts to knock him and Matoro off a cliff, but Kopaka saves Matoro.11, 40, 42
  • Kopaka and Matoro find themselves face-to-face with Nuju. Nuju explains that when the Nui-Rama wear infected masks, they are servants of Makuta. Nuju saw how Kopaka saved Matoro with no thought to his own safety, and he is convinced Kopaka is the one they have been waiting for. Nuju tells Kopaka that this island, Mata Nui, and these mountains, are Kopaka's home, and that he has the power of ice. He explains that their people were once strong, until Makuta came and brought evil to the land. To defeat Makuta, Kopaka will need the Great Masks of Power. As Kopaka already knows, the first to be found is at the "Place of Far-seeing."38
  • Matoro brings Kopaka to Turaga Nuju, who explains that the island is besieged by the forces of Makuta and his Rahi, although he mentions nothing about Metru Nui or its past.11, 43 Nuju speaks directly to Kopaka in Matoran out of respect for him.44
  • Nuju speaks Matoran because he is trying to convey urgent information to Kopaka and there isn't time for it to be translated.45
  • Turaga Nuju mentions the other Toa to Kopaka. He also explains the Rahi. The Matoran tell Kopaka that there is a mask at the top of a mountain, a place they call the Place of Far-seeing. Kopaka sets out to find the mask as soon as possible.28

Onua Heads toward Onu-Koro and Meets Onepu

  • Onua arrives knowing nothing but his own name. Although he feels like he is missing something, he pushes his worry aside and starts digging a new tunnel underground, falling into a comfortable rhythm.28
  • Onua digs his way into a large cavern lit by a lightstone atop a pillar, evidently made by others living underground. He follows a tunnel in the far wall. Turning a corner, he is surprised to find a mural featuring an image of himself at the center, along with five other, similar figures. Onua senses a vibration in the wall and continues down the tunnel to follow it.28
  • With the next twist of the tunnel, Onua finds himself in another enormous cavern, which appears to be some sort of park with a small stream running through it. In a small pool, Onua reads the word "Onu-Koro" spelled out in gemstones. Onua then sees a small figure hurrying across the park and calls out to him. The figure stops short and exclaims, and for a moment, Onua is worried that they do not speak the same language. The figure bows and greets him as "Toa Onua," saying his people have been waiting for him for a long time. He says Turaga Whenua will want to see him right away. The figure introduces himself as Onepu, a Matoran of the village of Onu-Koro.28

Onua Meets Whenua

  • Onepu leads Onua through a series of tunnels and caverns to another large cavern, this one with dwellings carved into the walls. Onepu tells Onua to wait by a fountain, which includes a statue of Onua himself, while he fetches the Turaga. Soon Turaga Whenua appears and welcomes Onua. Onua explains that he does not know who he is or what he is doing here. Whenua says the legends foretold that the Toa would remember little when they arrived, and he reveals that there are five other Toa. Each Toa draws power from a different element – Onua's element is the earth itself. The Toa's purpose is to use that power to fight a mighty evil named Makuta. Hearing the name stirs up a dark image in Onua's mind. It is said that only the Toa have the power to stand against Makuta. The success of the Toa's quest is not certain, only that it is their duty to try. Whenua explains that Onua's power comes from within himself, but it is focused through his mask: the Pakari, the Great Mask of Strength. The mask gives him great power, but Whenua goes on to explain that one mask will not be enough.28
  • Whenua explains to Onua that the masks are hidden all over the island and Makuta has set his Rahi creatures to guard them.28
  • After going underground, Onua meets Onepu and Turaga Whenua.13
  • When Onua arrives, Whenua informs him of the threat Makuta poses to the island, but he withholds any information about Metru Nui and his career as a Toa.46

Gali Heads Inland

  • Just after her awakening, Gali swims through the sea, not knowing who or where she is. All she knows is her name and that she belongs in the calm, cool blue of the sea. She has no certain memories, but she remembers a sense of urgency in some of the fragments she does recollect. The sea is full of life, but she feels strangely alone. As she swims, she feels a shivering tremor in the water. A large number of sea creatures – a brightly colored eel, schools of fish, crabs, snails, a small shark – race past her, fleeing something up ahead. Gali swims around a large coral reef to see a gigantic creature heading toward her. The creature [Tarakava] has long, powerful arms and wears a dingy-looking mask over its face. Gali is too late to outswim the creature. She considers using the coral for cover, but dislikes the thought of the creature damaging the living coral. Instead, her instincts take over as she kicks off from the coral toward the surface. Once she breaks the surface, she extends her arms, and the waters start to respond to her. As the creature surfaces nearby, an enormous wave pushes Gali toward the shore faster than any creature could swim. Gali realizes that she can command the seas.28
  • A few minutes later, Gali walks onto the beach and looks around, strangely reluctant to leave the water. Across the beach she sees a thick, dripping jungle which begins where the sands leave off. She is drawn by the humidity of the place and cannot resist exploring it.28

Pohatu Arrives in Po-Koro and Meets Onewa

  • Pohatu visits Po-Koro and finds out that he is the Toa of Stone. Turaga Onewa tells Pohatu about many things: the strange, dark history of Mata Nui, the masks hidden throughout the island, and the five other Toa with powers as strong as his own. Pohatu learns that the mask he wears is the Kanohi Kakama, the Great Mask of Speed. Onewa also tells him that the Kini-Nui, the main temple, is located on the far side of Mount Ihu. Pohatu notices that the words unity, duty, and destiny come up again and again. These three concepts have given the Matoran a purpose, something to strive for always.28
  • Onewa informs Pohatu of the threat Makuta poses to the island, although he withholds the information about Metru Nui and his career as a Toa.47

The Toa Learn of Their Quest

  • The six Toa come to Mata Nui to save it from the evil Makuta. Shortly after their arrival, they encounter the villagers of the island, and their leaders, the Turaga. They learn that the key to defeating Makuta is to obtain the fabled Kanohi Masks of Power, which are scattered around the island and protected by deadly beasts called Rahi.41
  • By the time the Toa arrive, they find that the Matoran have built a civilization on Mata Nui and that Makuta has firm control of the underground.48
  • When the Toa arrive, the Turaga choose to tell them only part of the truth about the past.49 The Turaga inform the Toa about the Kanohi masks.50 The Turaga tell the newly arrived Toa Mata that they must seek out and retrieve the Kanohi masks (the same ones they hid as Toa Metru). Each Toa must acquire one each of the Kakama, Miru, Akaku, Kaukau, Hau, and Pakari.51
  • The Matoran universally welcome the coming of the Toa, believing they will reawaken Mata Nui and defeat Makuta.52 They call them the "Toa Mata."20
  • When the Toa first arrive on Mata Nui, each of them has one Great Mask. Since they are not powerful enough to challenge Makuta, the Toa go on a dangerous quest to collect all the Great Masks.29
  • To save the island, each Toa must collect six Kanohi Masks of Power. Their quest takes them beneath the ocean and to rivers of molten lava.53
  • To defeat Makuta, the Toa must gather six Great Masks of Power. Their efforts take them into great danger, as they face Makuta's Rahi.25
  • Makuta uses the Rahi under his control to guard the hiding places of the Kanohi masks, which the Toa desperately need.54
  • The waiting of the Matoran and Turaga has come to an end. Six mighty warriors known as Toa have arrived on Mata Nui, each controlling a force of nature. To triumph over Makuta, they must gather the Kanohi Masks of Power, which give them greater skills, abilities, and wisdom. The more masks they collect, the more powerful they become. Finding the Masks takes great courage, since Makuta controls the land, sea, and sky of Mata Nui. He also commands a host of terrible creatures known as Rahi, as well as the Manas. If the Toa hope to win, they must find the power of the Masks.38
  • Although they are six heroes with one destiny, the Toa do not always find it easy to work with each other. Still, they come together when it counts. Soon after their arrival on Mata Nui, they must set out to find the sets of Kanohi masks that will give them great powers. They have been hidden all over the island, and Makuta has set his vicious minions, the Rahi, to guard them.24
  • Each of the Toa must collect six [sic, five] Noble Masks in addition to the Great Masks.41

Pohatu and Kopaka Meet

  • Pohatu departs from Po-Koro to see the rest of the island. Behind him, the Matoran of Po-Koro are gathered on the wall surrounding the village, watching him go. When Pohatu gives them a wave, they wave back and cheer. Pohatu comes across three words spelled out in cobblestones in his path – unity, duty, destiny – and recalls how these concepts came up in his talk with Turaga Onewa. Pohatu decides to explore the island and put his Mask of Speed to the test. He directs his gaze to the top of Mount Ihu and starts running with immense speed. The landscape flashes by in a blur, going from the yellow of the desert, to brown with flashes of green, and finally to white.38
  • Kopaka heads up a mountain in search of the mask at the "Place of Far-seeing."38
  • When Pohatu comes to a stop, he is standing in a snowdrift overlooking a frozen lake, and the steep, icy slopes of Mount Ihu rise above him. Pohatu finds this power exhilarating. He heads up the mountainside, knowing that the Kini-Nui is on the far side of Mount Ihu and that he can likely find the other Toa there. In the distance, farther up the slopes, he notices a silver and white figure gliding down the mountain slope on his feet – another Toa. He races up the slopes, excited to meet this fellow Toa.28
  • Pohatu loses sight of the Toa for a few minutes as he travels across a narrow valley, walking through waist-high snowdrifts. On the other side, Pohatu faces a precipice; judging from where he last saw the Toa, he determines that the Toa should be on the snowy slope just on the other side. He decides to take a shortcut and races straight through the solid stone.28
  • Pohatu explodes through the rocky bluff in front of Kopaka, accidentally raining boulders down on him and trapping him. Pohatu apologizes and tries to help Kopaka out, but Kopaka replies icily, annoyed that Pohatu caught him off guard. Kopaka uses his blade to freeze the rock, then smashes them apart to free himself. Pohatu playfully kicks a leftover boulder, which sails off into the distance. Kopaka realizes this stranger must be another Toa, but he has no interest in meeting the others. Without a word, Kopaka simply continues toward the Place of Far-seeing. Pohatu follows him and introduces himself. Kopaka brusquely gives Pohatu his name but makes it clear that he does not want to be bothered. He slides over the ice and leaves Pohatu behind, but Pohatu chases after him, suggesting they team up. Kopaka says he works alone. Although Kopaka finds Pohatu irritating and chatty, he finds his witty reply mildly amusing and supposes that his strength could come in handy, so he agrees to allow Pohatu to come along.38, 28 Pohatu asks if they should look for the other Toa or for masks first, and Kopaka simply gestures toward the mountain peak.28
  • Shortly after his meeting with Nuju, Kopaka encounters Pohatu. Pohatu meets his first fellow Toa in spectacular fashion, accidentally burying Kopaka in a rockslide.11, 14

Kopaka Finds the Kanohi Hau on Mount Ihu with Pohatu

  • It takes only a short time for Kopaka to reach the summit, and surprisingly Pohatu is not far behind.38
  • A few minutes later, the two arrive at the peak. Kopaka immediately spots a mask lying in the snow. From what Turaga Nuju told him, Kopaka recognizes it as the Kanohi Hau, the Great Mask of Shielding. He places it over his own mask and feels its power settling over him. Checking that he can still use the power of his original mask, he activates his Mask of X-Ray Vision and looks through the ground, seeing down to the rock and minerals below. Looking to the south, Kopaka sees through the craggy bluffs and notices several bright spots of color far below in the foothills. Kopaka realizes with dismay that these are the other Toa. Although he is tempted to ignore what he saw, he knows that he must meet them eventually. Kopaka abruptly tells Pohatu to follow him and heads back down the mountain without explanation.38, 28
  • Kopaka and Pohatu find Kopaka's first Kanohi mask, a Kanohi Hau, atop Mount Ihu.11, 55
  • From Mount Ihu, Kopaka spots a gathering of other beings with his Kanohi Akaku, who turn out to be the other four Toa.11, 55

Pohatu and Kopaka Fight a Kane-Ra

  • Kopaka moves slow enough down the mountain for Pohatu to keep up. When they are about halfway down the mountain, they hear a massive roar from up ahead. A massive, puffing, two-horned creature [Kane-Ra] bursts through a nearby snowbank and skids to a stop. The creature charges at the two startled Toa, who start sprinting back up the slope. Pohatu tries to run, but he loses his footing on the ice. Kopaka slides back down the hill to help him. He waves and shouts to try to distract the beast, but after a moment of confusion, it returns its attention to the fallen Pohatu. Kopaka notices that they are in an open field with little cover. To one side, the ground drops away into a deep, icy ravine. Kopaka decides to try to get the creature to fall into the ravine. By the time Kopaka has a plan, the creature is almost on top of Pohatu, who is still struggling to stand up. Kopaka grabs Pohatu just in time as he skis past. The beast lunges and misses, burying its horns in the snow, then charges angrily after the Toa. Sliding toward the ravine, Kopaka stabilizes his feet, and the Toa shoot over the chasm, landing in the snow on the far side. The creature, on the other hand, tumbles down the ice and falls into the depths of the fissure. Pohatu thanks Kopaka, and Kopaka peers into the fissure to see the beast still bellowing and struggling at the bottom, then starting to climb back up. Pohatu walks to the rocky cliff nearby and starts kicking huge chunks of rock into the canyon. Sensing this is too slow, Pohatu brings his fists down on the rock, and the cliff explodes into a barrage of rock that falls into the ravine. Kopaka now sees that the creature is buried in rock and will not be able to escape for a long while. Kopaka tells Pohatu that this creature must be one of the Rahi which the Turaga told him about.28

All Six Toa Gather for the First Time

  • Pohatu and Kopaka skid down the mountain for a few minutes in silence.28 Kopaka finally tells Pohatu that he saw powerful-looking strangers from the peak. The two come to the top of a steep hill and see four bright spots standing out against the stone and dirt in an open area down below. Kopaka wonders if the other Toa will be allies or enemies.38, 28
  • Lewa rapidly makes contact with the other five Toa.12
  • During the Toa's meeting, Lewa seems unable to stand still for long, doing frequent blackflips and handstands. At one point, he grabs an overhanging branch and swings himself around it with both hands.28
  • Gali notices the two newcomers. Pohatu jumps down to join the group. Tahu introduces himself, and Pohatu introduces himself and Kopaka, unintimidated by Tahu's fiery glare. Kopaka stays quiet, but Gali looks him over and senses that there is more beneath his cold exterior. Kopaka catches her gaze, and she quickly turns away. The Toa make more introductions, and soon they are trading stories of how and where they each awakened. Kopaka says little, thinking of the future and of the mysterious Makuta. Tahu blusters about his journey to find his village, Ta-Koro, at the top of a volcano [sic], and Kopaka wonders if he is up to the task or is just full of hot air. Kopaka also takes note of Onua, who speaks less than the others yet listens attentively, leaving Kopaka to wonder if his subdued exterior hides a busy mind or an empty one. Just then, Lewa punctuates a comment of his by backflipping onto a nearby boulder and doing a handstand. Kopaka notices he has a lot of energy, but it flows out of him uncontrolled. Kopaka then turns to Pohatu, recalling his bravery in their fight against the Rahi. Kopaka is astonished that Pohatu was willing to trust his life to a stranger when they jumped the ravine. Finally, Kopaka turns to Gali, whom he finds difficult to read. Her gaze a moment ago seemed to see into his mind and heart, although Kopaka doubts this is possible. Gali interrupts the Toa's conversations, suggesting that they discuss what comes next. She supposes that despite their elemental powers, their best weapon is their minds. Inwardly, Kopaka heartily agrees. Tahu says they need to find their masks as soon as possible, and Pohatu mentions that Kopaka has already found his Mask of Shielding. This irritates Tahu, which Kopaka is pleased to notice. Onua mentions that, according to his Turaga, the masks are hidden all over the island and guarded by Makuta's Rahi. Tahu impatiently tells the Toa to split into pairs to find the masks quickly: Gali and Lewa to search the jungle and beaches, Onua and Kopaka to check the caves of Onu-Wahi, leaving Pohatu and himself. Lewa interrupts, questioning why they would bother traveling in pairs if they want speed. Onua argues that Tahu's plan strikes a plan between speed and caution. Gali disagrees, believing that the Toa have been brought together for a reason and should stay together. Pohatu agrees with Gali, pointing out that the Rahi are not to be faced alone. Kopaka still does not agree with Pohatu, preferring to work alone. Tahu breaks in impatiently, insisting that they follow his plan. Kopaka is disgusted by Tahu's loud-mouthed leadership style. Tahu senses Kopaka's disdain, but he pushes the feeling aside to focus on the important task at hand. The Toa are back to arguing when suddenly, without warning, the earth cracks open in front of them, splitting the clearing in half. All around, the ground quakes, and bolts of lightning strike right by where the Toa stand. The Toa leap away as trees and shrubs start to burst into flame. A huge bank of dark clouds rolls in, unleashing a torrent of rain and hail. A violent gust of wind blows down from farther up the mountain. Gali realizes this must be the doing of Makuta. As soon as she says Makuta's name, the storm stops abruptly. Since Makuta clearly knows the Toa have come, Tahu says they need to find the masks as quickly as possible.28
  • Gali hears Kopaka speak of the monsters called Rahi.41
  • The six Toa meet soon after their arrival. From the start, Gali must spend a lot of time keeping Tahu and Kopaka from arguing.10 Despite some misgivings, Kopaka agrees to team up with the other Toa.11, 13, 14, 15
  • Tahu's instincts lead to his becoming leader of the team, although he frequently clashes with Kopaka, who objects to Tahu's recklessness and impatient nature.30 Gali is often the only one holding the group together, frequently intervening in fights between Tahu and Kopaka.56
  • Early on, Tahu and Kopaka begin to get on each other's nerves, a condition that only grows worse with time.11
  • Early on, Lewa has no interest in being part of a team, feeling that he can handle everything on his own.57
  • Despite the threat of the Rahi, the Toa decide to go their separate ways in the Quest for more Masks of Power.41
  • No matter how many times Tahu repeats his plan to split into pairs, the other Toa refuse to agree with it. Kopaka and Lewa insist on taking off on their own. Even Gali seems too distracted to argue the point; she is the only one who has not visited her village, and she is eager to find it now. The Toa go their separate ways. Tahu stomps off angrily without a particular destination in mind.28

Lewa and Gali Part Ways

  • Lewa begins a friendly rivalry with Gali, which grows out of his intense dislike of water.12
  • In the jungle, Lewa helps Gali by pulling her up out of a thrashing pool of water which she describes as "angry." The two exchange some friendly banter, and Lewa expresses his disdain for water. Gali regrets that the Toa will be splitting ways rather than working together, but Lewa prefers to search for the six Kanohi Masks of Power on his own without anyone else slowing him down. Lewa swings off into the jungle on his own.41

Tahu Finds the Kanohi Akaku in Onu-Wahi

  • Tahu's anger drives him aimlessly over the foothills around the base of Mount Ihu, then onto the fiery slops of the volcano. He supposes that he might as well start searching for masks in his home region like Kopaka. The thought of Kopaka and his smug reticence worsens Tahu's anger, and he accidentally shoots a bolt of flame from his sword that melts a pile of stones. Jala shows up unexpectedly and greets Tahu again. Jala has come to see how Tahu's search for the masks is going, asking if Tahu has some kind of plan for finding them. Tahu is angry to have a lowly Matoran question his tactics, but he admits that he does not have anything specific in mind. Jala tells Tahu that, according to legend, a Kanohi Akaku lies within the deepest cavern of Onu-Wahi. Jala points Tahu to a nearby entrance to the underground tunnels. Tahu rushes toward the entrance, and Jala wishes him luck in the dark underground.28
  • Tahu travels through the dark, twisting tunnels of Onu-Wahi. The darkness is oppressive and unwelcoming, but Tahu forces himself to move on, lighting the way with the flame of his sword. The tunnel takes him deep, deep underground to surprising depths, going on and on much longer than expected.28
  • Finally, Tahu steps out of a tunnel into an enormous cavern. A howling wind blows through it, and only steps ahead, the floor drops away into a pit whose bottom Tahu cannot see. Tahu spots a ledge on the opposite wall of the cavern beyond the pit and thinks he sees a mask on that ledge. Tahu also spots a narrow stone bridge stretching out from the near wall and disappearing into the darkness. Tahu starts balancing his way across the bridge over the chasm, slowly and carefully. After a while, he grows impatient and tries to take a bigger step, but the wind nearly sends him into the abyss, and he catches the bridge with his arm, dangling from it. With difficulty, he manages to climb on top of the bridge again. Tahu continues slowly along the bridge when the air is suddenly filled with a loud hissing, and dozens of small creatures start swarming across the bridge from both directions. The bright red, fist-sized creatures look like a cross between a scorpion and a giant wingless firefly with deadly-looking pincers. Tahu kicks at them as they swarm up his legs, clamping onto him with their pincers. Tahu tries to blast some of the creatures with flame, but they merely glow brighter, seeming to absorb its heat. At the same time, the bridge starts to melt from the heat, preventing Tahu from using his power of fire. Recalling how Gali said the Toa's best weapon is their minds, Tahu forms an idea. He puts down his sword and hangs from the stone beam with both hands. Remembering a move he saw Lewa do at the meeting, he starts swinging from the beam and builds up enough momentum to swing himself around and around the bridge. As he spins faster, the scorpion creatures lose their grip and are hurled into the darkness. Once the creatures are gone, Tahu flips himself back onto the bridge. Tahu feels a pinch from one last creature which managed to hang on. Picking it off himself, he notices that it is wearing a tiny, pitted and pockmarked mask over its face. Curious, he pokes the mask, and the creature pinches his finger. Tahu hesitates to chuck the creature away and manages to pick the mask free. Once he does so, the creature goes limp, and scurries away peacefully when Tahu sets it down. Tahu wonders what this means, and a gust of wind blows the tiny mask out of his hand and into the chasm. Despite the small loss, Tahu picks up his sword and crosses the bridge to the far side. He finds the mask on the ledge and places it over his own mask. He feels a rush of power and sees the veins of minerals and trickles of water in the rock walls with the mask's X-ray vision.28

Gali Heads toward Ga-Koro

  • Gali escapes from a Tarakava by blinding it with waving seaweed.28
  • Gali returns to the waters, diving beneath the surface. She journeys far to find her people. She is concerned that strength and daring alone, like in Lewa's case, will not be enough to fight an enemy that controls land, sea, and sky.41
  • Gali senses danger nearby. A Tarakava appears behind her, emerging from behind a rocky pillar. The Tarakava, under Makuta's control, chases Gali to test her strength and skill. Makuta believes the Toa are weak pretenders and sees nothing to fear in them.41
  • Gali sees a sea cave ahead and forms a plan. The Tarakava can match her speed but not her agility. She leads the Tarakava to the mouth of the cave, then dodges aside at the last moment, sending the Tarakava careening into the cave. Gali breaks loose rocks from above the cave mouth and covers the entrance, trapping the Tarakava inside. Gali supposes that this creature must be one of the Rahi which Kopaka mentioned. She swims off and continues her journey.41
  • Gali escapes from another Tarakava by luring it into a cave where it gets stuck.28

Lewa Returns to Le-Koro

  • While Gali travels homeward, Lewa seeks Matau's counsel. Much to Lewa's displeasure, Matau tells him that he must find the Mask of Speed underwater, inside of a cavern.41

A Tarakava Attacks Ga-Koro

  • In MNOG, Nokama and all of the Ga-Matoran except Maku are trapped in a hut that is sunk underwater. At the time MNOG was made, there were only supposed to be about twelve Matoran, but this number was retconned so that there were thousands of Matoran living on Mata Nui, so there is indeed an inconsistency here. MNOG was made before how many Matoran were living on Mata Nui was even thought about.58

Takua Arrives in Ga-Koro

  • Stripped of his memory, Takua stumbles into more adventures as he wanders the island.2
  • Takua trails Tahu through the Charred Jungle and discovers Ta-Koro.59
  • Maku helps save Ga-Koro from a Rahi attack by sending Takua to aid the other Ga-Matoran while she seeks out Toa Gali.60
  • Takua aids Ga-Koro after it is attacked by Rahi.61 He helps to save Ga-Matoran trapped underwater.2

Gali Saves Ga-Koro from a Tarakava

  • Almost immediately after her arrival, Gali saves Ga-Koro from a rampaging Tarakava.10
  • When Gali first arrives in Ga-Wahi, she saves the village of Ga-Koro from a rampaging Tarakava, immediately earning the respect and trust of the villagers.56
  • When Gali arrives, Nokama sticks to the Turaga's agreement and withholds knowledge of Metru Nui, although she is uncomfortable doing so.62
  • Nokama mentions the golden-colored Kanohi to Gali. Gali is not told much, only that the Toa are supposed to find such golden masks.28
  • Before Onua's meeting Gali encounters another of the creatures she saw just after her awakening, and she learns they are called Tarakava. After this, she respects the creatures' power more than ever.28
  • Although Tarakava cause a great deal of destruction, Ga-Matoran show a willingness to care for those Tarakava which have been freed from Makuta's dark influence.63
  • Gali is always willing to spend time with the Ga-Matoran, teaching and learning.56
  • Nokama shows Gali a large rocky peak, far from the water, where she will find the Great Mask of Levitation.41

The Toa Attempt Their Quest Separately

  • Together and separately, the Toa search for Kanohi and battle Makuta's Rahi servants.10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 The masks are concealed everywhere, from the depths of the ocean, to the tops of mountain peaks. In many cases, the locations are guarded by Rahi sent by Makuta Teridax.51
  • Before Onua's meeting Each of the Toa encounters at least one Rahi during their travels.28
  • Over time, Tahu comes to be acknowledged as the Toa's leader, though that role does not always sit well with the others.15
  • Early on in Pohatu's time on Mata Nui, Po-Koro is under attack by venom-spitting rock worms. Knowing that getting too close to the creatures would mean certain defeat, Pohatu uses his skill at kicking boulders at opponents as a means of attack. He ricochets boulders off multiple cliff walls and downs dozens of the beasts at once.64
  • Onua once saves a dozen Matoran by rapidly digging them a route out of a caved-in mine shaft, defeating a vicious doom viper along the way.65
  • Before the Toa find Tahu's Miru Pohatu and Onua encounter a pair of Nui-Rama. When Pohatu knocks the masks off one of them, the creature suddenly flies away instead of continuing the fight.28
  • Before the Toa find Tahu's Miru Kopaka meets a Kuma-Nui on his way to Po-Wahi. He notices that once its masks are knocked off, it stops fighting.28
  • Before the Toa find Tahu's Miru Onua finds his Kanohi Kaukau.28
  • Before the Toa find Tahu's Miru Kopaka finds his Kanohi Kaukau.28
  • Before Lewa meets Kopaka at the Lava Lagoon Lewa finds his Mask of Strength in Onu-Wahi, fighting a nasty Rahi to get it. As soon as Lewa knocks its mask off, the Rahi panics and flees into the tunnels.28

Lewa Finds the Kanohi Kakama in Le-Wahi

  • Lewa swings through the jungle toward his destination to find his Mask of Speed. He finds a Nui-Jaga guarding the entrance of the cave. Dodging a strike from its tail, Lewa uses his air power to pin the Nui-Jaga under a pile of branches.41
  • Lewa enters the cave and finds the pool of water where the mask is hidden. He dives in but finds it difficult to see. Weeds from the bottom of the pool suddenly take hold of Lewa and attempt to pull him down, but Lewa rips himself free with his axe and goes back to the surface, gasping for breath. Determined to overcome whatever adversary is trying to stop him, Lewa dives again and this time finds the Kanohi Kakama resting on the bottom of the pool. He puts it on and, in a test of its power, swims back toward the surface at high speed.41
  • Before the Toa find Tahu's Miru Lewa is forced to go underwater to get his Mask of Speed, much to his displeasure.28

The Toa Struggle against the Rahi and Decide to Meet

  • Gali finally makes it to the peak of the great rock spire, where she finds the Mask of Levitation. Just as she sets sight on it, the rocky ground beneath her crumbles. Leaping across falling stones, she manages to grab the Kanohi Miru in mid-air and put it on. She activates its power to float gently to the ground below. However, just as she lands, she finds herself faced against two Nui-Jaga. Two Tarakava also emerge from the sea behind her.41
  • The quest for the Masks of Power has grown more dangerous with each day. The amazing feats of the Toa have drawn the attention of Makuta, who is preparing to unleash the power of the Rahi, and the natural forces of the island itself, against the six heroes.66
  • While Gali faces her enemies, Lewa prepares to journey back to Le-Koro. He summons his Mask of Levitation once again so he can swing through the trees.41
  • While Lewa swings high among the trees, he is suddenly ambushed by a Nui-Rama, which rams him from behind, knocking off his mask. Lewa falls toward the waiting jaws of a Muaka.41
  • Makuta himself eagerly watches what he thinks will be Lewa's demise. However, at the last moment, Onua emerges from underground and grabs the Muaka by its hindquarters, pulling it down. The Muaka's jaws snap shut just short of the falling Lewa.66
  • With the attack on Lewa failed, Makuta turns his attention to Gali, who is surrounded by Rahi. The two Nui-Jaga close in on her, but Tahu unexpectedly shows up and creates a wall of fire that cuts them off from her. Tahu warns Gali of Tarakava behind her, and she leaps into the air. However, a Tarakava punches her in mid-air, sending her crashing into the sea.66
  • While underwater, Gali has a vision of two powerful beings. They tell her that after the Toa find all of the Great Masks of Power, they will join together to become the two of them in order to defeat Makuta. Three will become Wairuha and walk the path of wisdom, while three will become Akamai and walk the path of the warrior. Just before the vision ends, Wairuha tells Gali that only by uniting will the Toa triumph.66
  • While fighting against Rahi, Gali hits her head on a rock. While unconscious, she has a vision of the two Toa Kaita, Akamai and Wairuha, who tell her that it is the Toa's destiny to form the two of them.10, 67, 56
  • Gali wakes up on the shore, pleading for the vision to tell her more. Tahu arrives by her side and tells her the Rahi have fled. Gali mentions her vision, but Tahu informs her that Onua has called a meeting, and that the others are waiting for them near Onua's landing site.66
  • Before Lewa meets Kopaka at the Lava Lagoon Lewa runs into Onua and Pohatu down the slopes from the Lava Lagoon. None of the Toa have found all of their masks, and they realize that the quest is more challenging than they thought. Onua calls a meeting so the Toa can form a plan and work together, and even Lewa agrees to consider it. Lewa goes looking for the other Toa.28

Kopaka Finds the Kanohi Pakari in the Lava Lagoon

  • So far, Kopaka has already found two masks without help from the other Toa.28
  • Kopaka climbs the volcanic slopes of Ta-Wahi in search of a Mask of Strength in a place known as the Lava Lagoon. He struggles in the hot environment, but the thought of Tahu floundering if he ever entered Ko-Wahi spurs him on. He soon finds himself overlooking the Lava Lagoon, where he spies the gray shape of the mask on a small, craggy island in the center of the bubbling lava pool. He loathes having to cross lava, even more so than fighting Rahi. He tries to freeze the lava to get across, but the ice lasts for only a moment before it melts again. Kopaka then freezes moisture in the air above the lava to form a bridge of ice over the first section of the lagoon. Expending more of his energy, he manages to make the bridge stretch all the way to the islet where the mask is. Kopaka starts to cross, but the bridge starts to melt and collapse into the lagoon. Despite his best efforts to keep it frozen, he is forced to retreat back to the shore. He realizes that his best chance for success would be help from other Toa such as Tahu, but he is determined to do it alone. Kopaka notices a plume of clean steam nearby and climbs up a rocky wall to discover a hot-water spring. He starts to analyze the likelihood of success if he freezes the water solid and uses the berg to float to the island, but he realizes that Tahu or Lewa would not spend so much time deliberating. He freezes the pool, then freezes and chips away the rock wall keeping it in place. Finally, he pushes the chunk of ice into the lava and jumps aboard. While the lava eats away at the edges, Kopaka paddles with his blade and reaches the island when the ice floe is about half-melted. He grabs the Mask of Strength and puts it on, feeling its power come over him. Although he is not sure if the ice will last, he uses the strength of his new mask to paddle away from the island. At one point, he accidentally jabs the side of the ice floe, and a chunk of ice hits him hard in the head. Kopaka starts to lose consciousness, and then an intense vision overwhelms him. In this vision, he sees all of Mata Nui from above. The image rushes in, as if he is falling straight toward the slopes of Mount Ihu, then swoops down to one side until he sees a large clearing. There, Kopaka sees a great temple built out of stone. Then he hears a strange, echoing voice, but Kopaka is only able to hear fragments of what it says: something about him and the others, the Masks of Power, and the name Akamai [these fragments match Gali's vision]. Kopaka snaps back awake to find himself on hands and knees on the shrinking ice, and he realizes the ice will not last in time. He decides to wait as long as he can and then attempt an enormous leap to shore with his Mask of Strength. He waits patiently for the right moment and jumps, but his leap comes up short, and he falls toward the lava. Suddenly Lewa appears, and a blast of wind propels Kopaka the rest of the way to the shore. Glad to be safe, Kopaka thanks Lewa for the help. He considers telling the other Toa about his vision, but he wonders if it was merely a trick sent by Makuta. Lewa chatters about how he found his Mask of Strength in Onu-Wahi, mentioning that the Rahi he fought fled when he knocked its mask off. Kopaka is about to go his own way when Lewa tells him that Onua has called a meeting so the Toa can discuss working together to find the masks. As much as Kopaka hates the idea of working in a group, he can plainly see that the other Toa's help is needed, and he agrees to go.28

The Toa Gather for Onua's Meeting and Repel a Major Attack

  • All six Toa meet in sight of a rocky peak [the Mangai volcano?]. Makuta sees this as an opportunity to defeat all of them at once. Onua explains that Mata Nui holds more dangers than any of the Toa can handle alone, and Gali insists that they need to work together. Lewa is still reluctant to team up.66
  • Just then, the peak erupts with an explosion of lava. The lava flow threatens to destroy the entire island, forcing the Toa to act. Onua has Lewa take him to the site of the eruption with the help of Lewa's Mask of Speed.66
  • Makuta triggers a potentially destructive eruption of the Mangai Volcano.68
  • Once on the mountainside, Onua has Lewa push him around the mountain while he rapidly digs a trench to catch the lava flow.66
  • In one of his earliest adventures, Pohatu runs around the base of an erupting volcano at super speed, creating a trench into which molten lava can safely flow.[sic]36
  • Shortly after the Toa's arrival on Mata Nui, Onua and Lewa counter the massive eruption of the Mangai volcano triggered by Makuta Teridax, using a combination of speed and strength to dig a trench for the lava to flow into.68, 69
  • With two of the Toa drawn away, Makuta sends in Rahi to fight the others. A Muaka emerges from the trees behind Gali. When it pounces, Gali flips onto her back and kicks it toward Kopaka, who freezes it solid.66
  • Two Tarakava emerge from the sea behind Tahu. Pohatu kicks a large boulder toward a rock face, and it ricochets toward Tahu. Tahu slices the boulder in half with his fiery sword as it flies past him, sending the two halves directly into the Tarakava's faces.66
  • Makuta causes a huge wave of sand to rise that threatens to engulf Tahu, but with little effort, Tahu uses his power of fire to turn the sand to glass. A couple of Nui-Rama crash into the newly formed glass.66
  • Two Nui-Rama grab Tahu by the arms, lift him high into the air, and drop him. Tahu does not yet have the Mask of Levitation, so he heats the air below him to slow his fall enough for a waiting Onua to catch him.66
  • Kopaka and Gali face two Nui-Jaga. Kopaka protects himself with his Mask of Shielding. Gali users her control over the underground waters to summon two powerful streams of water that knock the Nui-Jaga into the sea. Makuta sees that the Toa are more dangerous than he thought.66
  • Four Nui-Rama fly toward Onua. Onua picks up a large clod of earth and hurls it at the oncoming Nui-Rama, smashing it into them.66
  • The Toa have won their first battle, although there are sure to be more. All of the Toa, even Kopaka and Lewa, agree to work as a team to fight Makuta and find the Masks of Power.66
  • Onua's meeting goes more smoothly than the Toa's previous meeting. It ends in one unanimous decision: the Toa will work as a team.28
  • The Turaga have told the Toa that the Rahi are creatures native to the island, but controlled by Makuta. Gali hopes that after the Toa find all the masks, they will be able to find a way to set the Rahi free.28

The Toa Attempt Their Quest As a Team

  • After Onua's meeting, the Toa waste too much time on petty disagreements. Lewa keeps getting distracted and wandering away from the group. Tahu seems determined to completely disable every Rahi they encounter. Kopaka periodically gets fed up with the bickering and threatens to go off again on his own. Through it all, Gali does her best to maintain the peace. She can tell that Onua is working toward the same goal in a quieter way and finds her respect for him growing more and more.28

The Toa Find Tahu's Kanohi Miru

  • The Toa learn the location of Tahu's Mask of Levitation from a Ta-Matoran. They learn that it is underwater off the shoreline just south of Po-Koro.28
  • The Toa come to the shoreline just south of Po-Koro in search of Tahu's levitation mask. Kopaka points out that only those who already hold the Kanohi Kaukau – Onua, Gali, and himself – should go on from here. Although this annoys Tahu, Gali points out that it will be useful to have some of them stand guard on the beach.28
  • Onua, Kopaka, then Gali wade into the water, then swim out to the broad, open sweep of the sea valley. They soon spot a Tarakava heading toward them. Gali remarks that in her experience, Tarakava are not very clever, and the three of them come up with a plan to trap it. They swim toward the Tarakava. Once it notices them, it lets out a roar and barrels toward them. Just before it reaches the Toa, Kopaka freezes the water around the Tarakava solid. Onua causes the sandy ocean floor to swell up, covering the the frozen Tarakava. The Tarakava's head is left protruding out of the mound of ice and dirt. Curious, Onua swims toward the creature and causes the dirt near its head to burst upwards, knocking the mask from its face. The Tarakava immediately stops struggling, then wails in dismay as it tries to wriggle free, now ignoring Onua. Onua and Kopaka recall similar times when Rahi stopped fighting when their masks were knocked off. The three realize that Makuta controls the Rahi through these masks. Gali notices the gray mask they seek lying on the white sand nearby and scoops it up, and the three Toa head back.28
  • Gali finds a Kanohi Miru on the rocky floor beneath the ocean.53

The Toa Split into Two Groups

  • At some point, the Toa decide to split into two groups. Pohatu, Lewa, and Kopaka go to Po-Wahi for Pohatu's Kanohi Kaukau, while Tahu, Onua, and Gali go to Le-Wahi in search of Pohatu's second-to-last mask.28
  • Pohatu, Lewa, and Kopaka come to the top of the highest bluff in Po-Wahi to retrieve Pohatu's Kanohi Kaukau. The mask hangs tantalizingly halfway down the sheer rock face. At the bottom of the cliff is an enormous Nui-Jaga. Lewa offers to use his Mask of Levitation to retrieve the mask, but Kopaka and Pohatu protest that it is too dangerous. Without a care, Lewa goes ahead and jumps off the cliff. He snatches the mask as he falls past, then summons a gust of wind that gives him a quick lift toward the top of the cliff, using his levitation power to float the rest of the way up. Kopaka admits Lewa uses the Mask of Levitation well. A gleeful Lewa tosses the mask to Pohatu.28
  • Tahu, Onua, and Lewa come to the rainforest of Le-Wahi and spot a Kanohi Kakama [sic, this cannot be Pohatu's mask] in the knot of a tree near the top. Onua has trouble seeing through the bright sunlight. Onua suggests that Gali use her Mask of Levitation to retrieve it, although she says she has not practiced with it much yet. Before Gali has a chance to protest, Tahu impatiently burns the entire tree to ash, and the mask falls safely to the ground. Before the flames can spread, Gali summons a rain shower to put the fire out. It is clear that Tahu did not consider the danger his fire posed to the rest of the forest. Gali remains upset with Tahu for thoughtlessly burning down the tree, which provided homes and shelter to plants and animals. She stalks off into the jungle in anger.28

Unsorted Adventures

  • Lewa and Kopaka challenge a number of Muaka shortly after arriving on Mata Nui, defeating them and removing their infected masks.70
  • Onewa once teaches Pohatu how to collapse a pile a stone by laying his hands on it and carefully identifying the stone which supports all the others. Once this stone is found, destroying it collapses the pile. Onewa tells Pohatu that his knowledge of rock is older than the rocks themselves, although Pohatu is not sure what he means.71
  • Onepu is kept busy digging new tunnels in Onu-Koro these days.72
  • In a rocky place near the sea, Lewa and Kopaka are surrounded by a couple of Nui-Rama and Nui-Jaga and must fight against them.53
  • The Matoran learn the secret to defeating the Rahi: removing their masks [sic, did they not know before?].28
  • Tahu finds a mask by a river of molten lava.53
  • A storm summoned by Toa Gali accidentally injures a number of Waikiru. Thereafter Gali places the species under her protection.73
  • The Toa collect the six Makoki Stones shortly after their arrival on Mata Nui.74
  • The Makoki stones found by the Toa Mata are the same ones the Toa Hordika found in their search for the Avohkii.75
  • Ahkmou apologizes profusely when he returns to Po-Koro after the Comet incident.76

Jala, Huki, Onepu, Kongu, Matoro, and Maku Defeat a Nui-Jaga

  • In a rare moment of peace, Lewa and Kopaka recline with a group of Matoran – Jala, Huki, Onepu, Kongu, Matoro, and Maku – by a tree near the sea, so that the villagers can learn from the legendary warriors. Their work done for the day, the Matoran have made time to gather together and participate in the disk throwing championship today. Kongu sits with Lewa in the tree, while Matoro stays close to Kopaka. Matoro asks Kopaka if the Toa will be coming to their championship. Kopaka begins to say that the Toa do not have time for games, but as Kongu and Lewa drop to the ground, Lewa cuts in and says they would be happy to come, since it is good to be reminded why they are here. Lewa reminds the Matoran that they should be heading to the field, and the Toa and Matoran part ways.72
  • As the Matoran leave, Maku remarks that she loves the championship tournament, since it is the one time they can all get together. Onepu agrees, pointing out they all have duties to attend to in their villages. Jala tells the others to quiet down, as they have a long and dangerous walk ahead to the field. He orders Maku to swim ahead in the nearby waters to scout for Rahi, while Huki brings up the rear. Huki protests, saying he wanted to practice his throws to make up for his poor accuracy, but Kongu convinces him that watching out for Rahi is more important.72
  • Maku swims ahead, annoyed that Jala orders the others around like they are members of the Ta-Koro Guard. Soon, she spots a Nui-Jaga ahead and hurries back to warn the others.72
  • Maku tells the others that there is a Nui-Jaga approaching. Matoro asks if he should run back and get the Toa, but Jala says they have the whole island to worry about, so they will handle it themselves. Onepu worries that the Nui-Jaga is stronger than they are, but Kongu comes up with an idea to stop it.72
  • Kongu gathers vines from the treetops and puts the others to work weaving a great net. Meanwhile, Huki breaks down boulders into smaller stones. Kongu's plan is to suspend the net from a branch with a vine. When the Nui-Jaga comes close, someone will cut the vine by throwing a disk, dropping the net on the Nui-Jaga. Jala assigns Huki to the task of cutting the vine. Huki protests, worried that he will miss the shot, but Jala assures him he will hit the target.72
  • The Matoran finish hauling the net into place just as the Nui-Jaga arrives, and Jala tells Huki to take the shot. Huki throws his disk and, to his relief, hits the vine and snaps it, ensnaring the Nui-Jaga. When it becomes clear that the net will not hold it for long, the Matoran hurriedly concentrate and, with a bright flash, merge into one large form [a Matoran Nui]. The combined being grabs the Nui-Jaga in the net and hurls it into the distance. However, mere moments after being formed, the Matoran Nui must already split apart from exhaustion. Exhausted by the merge, the six Matoran stand victorious, and Maku urges them to get going, now that they have a tale of their own to tell the Toa.72
  • Hewkii, Jaller, Kongu, Macku, Matoro, and Onepu form a Matoran Nui to defeat a Nui-Jaga.77, 78

The Turaga Gather at Kini-Nui

  • At the [Amaja-Nui], the six Turaga gather around the sandpit and retell the tale of Mata Nui using symbolic stones. They reiterate that the Toa are destined to defeat Makuta and save their world. Nokama tells a tale of Gali's adventure just after the six Toa met for the first time, when she fought a Tarakava on her way to find Ga-Koro. Matau tells the tale of how Lewa, at the same time, sought his counsel and then found his first mask, a Mask of Speed, underwater. Nokama continues by telling how Gali, at the same time, found a Mask of Levitation at the top of a rocky peak, only to end up in the midst of dangerous Rahi. Meanwhile Lewa, Matau says, was ambushed by a Muaka in the jungle.41

The Comet Ball Incident in Po-Koro

  • Ahkmou, working as a trader, sells comet balls (a popular type of Koli ball) infected with Makuta's darkness to unsuspecting Matoran in Po-Koro.79, 80, 81 The infected spheres bring their Matoran owners under the sway of Makuta.82 The Comets are infected by kraata.83
  • Takua helps the Po-Matoran deal with the infected Comet balls.2 Takua uncovers Ahkmou's Comet ball scheme. Takua and Pohatu destroy the infected Koli balls.80
  • The Comet falls out of favor after the incident with Ahkmou.82

Lewa and Much of Le-Koro Are Captured by Nui-Rama

  • Allowing his impetuous nature to get him into trouble, Toa Lewa is forced to wear an infected mask and temporarily serves Makuta.84, 12, 65 He is transported to a Nui-Rama nest.13

Takua Visits Onu-Koro

  • Taipu first meets Takua while participating in a digging project to construct a tunnel to Le-Wahi. He informs the newcomer about Onu-Matoran mining and what is known about Toa Onua.85
  • Takua helps Onu-Matoran miners.2

Takua Visits Le-Koro

  • Later, Taipu is captured by a Nui-Rama swarm and the infected Toa Lewa.85

The Gukko Force Attacks the Nui-Rama Nest

  • The Gukko Bird Force attacks a Nui-Rama nest, as part of Kongu's aiding Takua on a rescue mission to save other Matoran from the nest.86, 87
  • Takua helps save the Le-Matoran and Toa Lewa from Nui-Rama.2
  • Takua rides as a second on a Gukko bird.88

Onua Rescues Lewa and the Others from the Nui-Rama Nest

  • Onua saves Lewa from the thrall of the infected mask.12, 13 It is his quiet reassurance and faith in Lewa's strength that helps him overcome the threat.65
  • Taipu is saved by Onua's intervention.85

Takua Visits Ko-Koro

  • Matoro rescues Takua when he is lost in the snow drifts of Ko-Wahi.40

The Toa Complete the Quest for the Masks

  • The Toa collect all 36 [sic, should be 30] Noble Kanohi and return them to their villages.89
  • The Toa Mata only need to collect the Great Masks to get the golden Kanohi. However, they also come across Noble Masks in their adventures and return them to the koro for the Turaga to use. Collecting the six Noble Masks is part of the Toa's quest, but they do not need them to get the golden Kanohi, which only contain the powers of the six Great Masks. The Turaga use the Noble Masks to help defend their villages. The importance of the Toa's collecting the Noble Masks is not so much to use their powers, but rather to return them to the Turaga so they can use them to help defend the villages. The Toa certainly use the Noble Masks on occasion, but the Noble Masks have so much less power in comparison to the Great Masks that the Toa are less likely to use them.90
  • The Toa collect Noble Masks likely at the same time that they are collecting their Great Masks.91
  • The Toa Mata use Noble Kanohi before giving them to their Turaga.92
  • The Toa remove the infected masks of the Kane-Ra, which retreat to the valleys, no longer a threat.93
  • The Toa Mata defeat Makuta's Rahi.21 The Toa defeat most of Makuta's Rahi, removing their infected masks and taming them. Those that are not captured continue to lurk in the more remote regions of Mata Nui as of mid-story year 2003.54
  • The Toa dare to challenge the might of Makuta's powerful beasts, the Rahi, risking all to save Mata Nui.53
  • All six Toa come to the drifts of lower Mount Ihu to retrieve the final mask: Tahu's Kanohi Kaukau. After they de-mask a Rahi and it scurries away, Tahu claims the mask triumphantly. Gali and Tahu still do not seem to be getting along, which strangely pleases Kopaka, although he does not know the reason behind their ill will. Now that all of the masks have been found, Onua wonders what the Toa are supposed to do next. Tahu suggests defeating the rest of the Rahi, now that they have all of their powers and know how to disable them. Lewa thinks this is waste of time, since the Matoran now know the secret to disabling them, and has a hunch that they are meant to do something else. As much as Kopaka hates the idea of following hunches, he recalls his vision in the Lava Lagoon. Gali suggests that their next duty has to do with the golden Kanohi her Turaga mentioned. None of the other Toa know anything about these masks, and all that Gali was told is that the Toa are meant to find such a golden mask somehow. Gali supposes they will need to go back and ask what to do. Kopaka speaks up and tells the other Toa about his vision in the Lava Lagoon, during which he saw a huge temple in the center of the island. He suggests that they look for the golden Kanohi there. Tahu is irritated that Kopaka did not mention this sooner, but Gali rushes to his defense; Kopaka supposes this is because of their disagreement.28
  • The Toa complete finding the Great Masks originally hidden by the Toa Metru.94

Takua forms the Chronicler's Company

  • As a reward for his recent services, the six Turaga appoint Takua as Chronicler of the Toa.95, 2
  • One of Takua's first acts as Chronicler is to form the Chronicler's Company to aid in the defense of the island.2 Kapura, Hafu, Taipu, Tamaru, Kopeke, Maku and are part of the Chronicler's Company assembled by Takua to defend the Kini-Nui against Rahi attack.96, 97, 98, 60, 85, 99

The Toa Arrive at Kini-Nui

  • The Toa gather six Kanohi Masks of Power and use them to obtain a Golden Kanohi.25
  • The Toa arrive at the temple. Kopaka is amazed to find that it looks just like it did in his vision. Right away, Onua points out a set of life-size carvings of the six Toa cut out of the temple walls, complete except that they wear no masks. It seems that the Toa are supposed to place their masks over the carved faces. Tahu takes off his Kanohi Kaukau and starts to put the mask on his carving, but Kopaka warns the Toa not to throw their powers away foolishly. Gali reassures Kopaka that she thinks Tahu is right; whatever was bothering Gali and Tahu before seems to be over. Tahu puts his mask on the stone face, and the mask melts into the stone. Tahu then places his Kanohi Miru, then his other masks, onto the carving in the same way. Lewa and Pohatu follow Tahu's lead, and even Gali approaches her sculpture, Kanohi Akaku in hand. Onua lets Kopaka know that he would not normally do something so rash himself, but he has a strange feeling that this is what they are meant to do. Kopaka admits he has the same feeling, which convinces both of them to put their masks on the carvings. Onua puts his Kanohi Kakama on his carving, then his other masks. His last mask melts into the stone like the others but remains visible, tinting the stone black. For a moment, nothing happens. Then there is a peal of sound, and a new, brilliant golden Kanohi appears on the face of each stone carving. Onua puts the mask on his face and feels waves of power blast through him. He senses that this new mask unites all the powers of the other six, except that it is even stronger. Gali says they truly have the power to fight Makuta now. Suddenly, the ground begins to shake, and a chasm opens up in front of them, right in the middle of the main temple area. The shaking stops, leaving behind a tunnel into the ground big enough for the Toa to walk through. The Toa decide to follow it.28
  • Once the Toa have all their masks, they bring them to the Kini-Nui and place them on life-size carvings of themselves. In the next instant, the masks are replaced by new golden Kanohi, each of which contains the powers of all six.51
  • When the Toa have gathered all of the Great Masks of Power, they are each rewarded with a Gold Mask which has the power of all six types of Great Mask.29 After the Chronicler's Company defends the Kini-Nui from Rahi attack100 [sic], the Toa bring their Kanohi masks to the Kini-Nui and receive golden masks which contain a full range of six powers.100
  • The Toa enter the Kini-Nui using the Makoki Stones.100
  • While the Toa go to battle Makuta underground, the Chronicler's Company is assigned to defend the Kini-Nui from Rahi attack.2, 101
  • Before going below, Gali establishes a mind link with Takua so that he can be aware of all that goes on and can keep an accurate record.2
  • The year before story year 2008 Gali forges a mental link with Takua the Chronicler so that he can see what the Toa see when they fight Makuta.102

The Toa Become the Toa Kaita and Fight the Manas

  • The Toa descend into the tunnels below the island's temple [Kini-Nui] to confront Makuta.25
  • The Toa descend into the tunnel, expecting to find and defeat and Makuta. Tahu lights the way with his sword as the tunnel twists and turns, traveling deeper and deeper.28
  • Finally, the Toa turn a corner to find themselves in a broad, long cavern. Thick slashes of lightstone in the walls cast an eerie pale glow over the place. At the far end, an immense iron door fills most of the wall. Several other passageways snake off in various directions along the sides of the cave. The Toa agree that behind the door must be where they will find Makuta. Suddenly, two large, squat creatures skitter out of two side passages with a loud screech. Lewa recognizes the creatures as Manas from a Turaga's description. Tahu leads the charge against the Manas, but Lewa recalls that the Turaga said no single Toa could defeat them. Lewa somersaults onto the back of one of the Manas and tries to flip it over, but it easily tosses him off. He joins Tahu and Onua as they battle furiously against one of the Manas. Pohatu races past, pausing to tell Lewa that Gali has set a trap in a small tunnel nearby. Pohatu races to the back of the cave, and Lewa tries to taunt the Manas into following him, although it simply continues fighting Onua. Together, Onua and Lewa start baiting the Manas in the right direction. Nearby, Kopaka also tries to lure the second Manas in the same direction, and Gali serves as a distraction whenever the Manas seems to be getting the better of him. Step by step, the six Toa lead the Manas toward the tunnel. Finally, Gali gives the signal. Lewa, Tahu, Pohatu, and Onua leap over the Manas, and Gali rushes to the tunnel's entrance, causing the waters stored there to churn and spill out a little bit onto the cavern floor. Kopaka freezes the water, creating a slick coating of ice on the floor between the Manas and the tunnel, in the hopes of making it easier to push the Manas into the trap. The other four Toa fight the Manas back until they back onto the ice. Kopaka joins them, and the five of them push the Manas over the ice toward Gali's cave, enduring the Manas's powerful blows. Before the Manas finally slide into the cave, they surprise the Toa by locking claws, making themselves too big to fit into the cave. Lewa jumps in to try to separate them, but the Manas send him flying with a powerful combined blow. The Manas bounce off the cave entrance and slide back onto dry ground. It is clear that the Manas are no ordinary Rahi. The Manas knock Tahu into a wall with a powerful blow, and one of them moves in on him. Kopaka freezes the floor in front of the approaching Manas, which slows it down long enough for Lewa to swoop in and drag Tahu to safety. Since the Manas are clearly too strong, Gali suggests retreating, but Tahu insists that they must unite against the Manas. Gali tells Kopaka she had a vision telling her that the Toa would need to unite after all the Masks of Power, and Kopaka admits that he thinks he had the same vision. While the other Toa fight the Manas, Gali recalls the vision telling her that three shall become Wairuha, and three shall become Akamai, giving them the strength to triumph. She senses that the Toa can become these beings if they want to. Kopaka finds the idea of giving up his individuality to become one being revolting, but agrees that his own powers have often fallen short. Gali beckons the Toa to retreat for a moment, and Pohatu and Onua collapse part of the ceiling in front of the Manas to keep them at bay momentarily. Gali quickly describes her vision to the Toa, and the Toa agree to try what she suggests. Tahu, Pohatu, and Onua form a group, while Lewa, Kopaka, and Gali form another. In each group, the three Toa lock eyes and become one.28
  • The two Toa Kaita are a worthy match for the Manas, and now the battle rages more furiously than ever. Akamai fends one off with a series of powerful blows. One leaps at Wairuha and latches on with its pincers, causing him to stagger backward. Wairuha manages to rip the Manas free with all his strength and fling it against the wall. The Manas charges back toward him, but Wairuha uses the combined powers of ice, water, and wind to summon a raging blizzard in the cavern. Akamai uses his combined powers to cause giant craters to explode in the cavern floor, spraying stone, earth, and lava. Akamai creates craters around the Manas until they are trapped on an island surrounded by a moat of lava. Wairuha focuses the blizzard into a single beam. As he passes the beam over the Manas, they freeze solid. Akamai says this is not enough to kill the Manas, but Wairuha points out that there is no need to kill them. The two leap across the moat and remove the frozen Manas's masks, dropping them in the lava. Akamai causes the ground around the moat to close up. The cavern has returned to the way the Toa found it, save for the frozen Manas in the middle. Their work done, the Toa Kaita close their eyes and split apart.28
  • In Mangaia, the Toa are forced to merge into the Toa Kaita, Akamai and Wairuha, to defeat the Manas. Tahu, Pohatu, and Onua briefly merge to form Toa Kaita Akamai. Lewa, Kopaka, and Gali briefly merge to form Toa Kaita Wairuha. Akamai and Wairuha fight and defeat Makuta's Manas guardians. The Manas seem to have some connection to energy towers constructed by Makuta; when these towers are destroyed, the Manas are apparently weakened.103, 10, 100, 11, 12, 21, 104, 105, 13, 14, 15, 67, 106, 30, 56
  • The Toa finally combine their bodies and minds to defeat Makuta's monstrous guardians, the Manas [note that more than two are seen here]. At one point, Akamai remarks that the ice and snow being created by Wairuha will slow the beasts down, allowing them to take their masks.53
  • In the tunnels below, the Toa combine their bodies and minds to form two great Toa Kaita: Akamai and Wairuha. More powerful than ever before, they defeat the Manas, Makuta's crab-like guardians.25
  • Over a year before mid-story year 2003107 In the end, it takes all six Toa to defeat only two Manas.108 Only by merging their forms into the two Toa Kaita are they able to defeat the Manas which guard Makuta's underground lair.107 Nonetheless, they are able to defeat the Manas who guard Makuta's lair.22
  • It takes all six Toa, merged into the mighty Toa Kaita, to defeat Makuta's two Manas guardians and drive them away. When the Toa Kaita face the Manas, they defeat them with intense cold.71 The Toa Kaita defeat the Manas with extreme cold. They destroy towers that serve as heat generators for the Manas, since the Manas thrive on heat.109
  • The Manas flee deep underground where the caves are heated by magma.71
  • The Toa split back to their individual forms.106
  • The Toa Kaita split apart on their own; Teridax doesn't use the Spear of Fusion on them.110

The Toa Fight the Shadow Toa

  • The Toa become separate again, feeling dazed. The Toa watch as the mask-less Manas thaw from the ice and then scuttle away into a nearby tunnel, no longer a threat. The Toa wonder if they have defeated Makuta, but Pohatu and Onua sense that there is more to come, as the Manas were merely guardians. Gali thinks she sees something move in the darkness, and the Toa listen quietly. Suddenly, a voice addresses the Toa that seems to come from all around – the voice of Makuta. Tahu boldly demands that Makuta reveal himself, but Makuta simply mocks him. There is a glimmer of movement in one of the tunnels. Tahu leaps toward it instantly but finds himself striking empty air. Pohatu warns Tahu to wait until they understand what they face, but Makuta mocks him as well. Onua tells Makuta mere words will not defeat them. Makuta responds that he only needs to sit back and watch as the Toa defeat themselves. With this confusing statement, the voice disappears.28
  • A dark figure races toward Tahu, wielding a sword. Gali warns Tahu in time for him to protect himself against the onslaught. His attacker wears a blackened, pitted mask, and black smoke billows from its sword. Tahu tries to hold it off by melting the ground beneath its feet into glass, but the stranger simply leaps out of the glass pit, taunting Tahu. Enraged, Tahu's strikes recklessly at his foe with his sword, sending stray sparks all over the cavern. Still, he is unable to best his attacker, who keeps trying to goad him into becoming angrier. Finally, Tahu melts half of the cavern floor into lava, putting the other Toa at risk. His opponent simply surfs across the lava on a rock, telling Tahu to give into his anger. Startled, Tahu sees five more attackers appear out of the shadows to challenge the other Toa.28
  • Gali struggles with another opponent who looks just like her, except colored a sickly brownish-black. Gali unleashes a raging flood against it, but it seems unaffected. Gali asks who her foe is, but it responds mockingly that it is Gali herself.28
  • Pohatu jumps atop a boulder to avoid Gali's flood, warning Gali to take care. Pohatu's opponent sneeringly questions his loyalty to his friends. Pohatu shatters the boulder into flying shards that ricochet toward the attacker, but it simply dodges them and continues to taunt Pohatu.28
  • Lewa faces his own opponent, who looks like him but with a different, sickly color. Lewa nearly backflips into the lava pool created by Tahu, then has to avoid Gali's flood. He then flips over his attacker and out of the path of a runaway boulder. The boulder strikes the wall, but Lewa's opponent is unharmed. Lewa summons a whirlwind that rages through the cavern, sweeping up his foe. However, his opponent glides through the winds unharmed.28
  • Kopaka quickly realizes that Makuta has created these shadow versions of the Toa to challenge them where the Manas and all his other creatures have failed. Kopaka fights his opponent with carefully executed moves, but his attacker counters with equal skill. Neither wastes time on words. Kopaka freezes the cavern floor into a sheet of ice, but to his dismay, his foe skates over it easily.28
  • Onua first tries to overpower his enemy with raw strength, but its strength matches his own. He then attempts to trap it by tunneling through the wall and then collapsing the tunnel on top of it, but his foe burrows out easily. The Toa appear to be at a dangerous impasse, doomed if even one of them falls. Uncharacteristically desperate, Onua strikes the ground with all his might, shaking the entire cavern and sending rocks and earth raining down on everyone. Although the Toa are knocked off their feet, Onua's opponent merely leaps over the torn earth and moves in to attack.28
  • Kopaka hits the ground as the quake hits, and his enemy is on top of him immediately. Kopaka blocks its blow and then actually manages to freeze his opponent solid. Kopaka sends his frozen enemy sliding across the ice until it smashes into the cavern wall, shattering into pieces. However, each piece starts to form into a new enemy. Onua suddenly realizes that since they are evenly matched against their counterparts, the key to defeating their enemies is to work as a team. Onua tries to tell the others, but he is busy fighting his own double. Pohatu hears him and realizes what his plan is. As if reading his mind, Pohatu's foe tries to convince him that the other Toa will take advantage of his strength to save themselves. Pohatu shatters another boulder with a kick, forcing his enemy to fall back, then spins away to help another Toa. He sees Tahu struggling to fend off his opponent. He leaps up and strikes the cave ceiling, causing pieces of it fall onto Tahu's double, who is unable to avoid being buried beneath the rocks. Tahu is annoyed, but Pohatu tells him to help Gali while he deals with his own opponent again. Gali's opponent has her backed up against the lava pool. Tahu engulfs the Shadow Gali in flame; steam hisses out in all directions, and nothing remains of Gali's enemy when it clears. Now at a numerical advantage, Gali sends a flood at Onua's enemy, who erodes away into nothing. Onua then helps Lewa, whose enemy keeps leaping out of reach, by causing the earth beneath it to rise up, trapping it in a floor-to-ceiling column of dirt and stone. Lewa decides to help Kopaka, who is surrounded by ice shard enemies. Lewa dives in and tells Kopaka to duck, then directs his whirlwind to scoop up the shard soldiers, smashing them together into fine pieces. Tahu evaporates the pieces into steam so they cannot form new enemies. Only Pohatu is left fighting against his shadow self. Kopaka freezes the floor around Pohatu, causing the Shadow Pohatu to skid across and land in Tahu's lava pool, where it disappears.28
  • The Toa collapse wearily and catch their breath. Onua believes they have won an important battle, but that there is more to come.28
  • The version of the fight against the Shadow Toa told in BIONICLE Chronicles #1: Tale of the Toa is not considered canon; the one described in the BIONICLE Encyclopedia is.111
  • Finally, the Toa overcome shadow version of themselves and achieve a great victory over Makuta.25
  • Shortly after the Toa's arrival on Mata Nui, in Mangaia, the Toa, led by Tahu, fight the Shadow Toa unleashed against them by Makuta as a test of their power.100, 21, 105, 15, 22 Faced with essentially fighting themselves, the Toa manage to triumph by acknowledging that the darkness is a part of themselves, just as it is part of all beings. This realization allows the Toa to reabsorb the Shadow Toa back into their bodies, ending their threat.112
  • The Toa defeat the Shadow Toa by accepting the fact that the darkness is part of themselves, not separate from them.113

The Chronicler's Company Defends Kini-Nui

  • The Chronicler's Company participates in a great battle against various forms of Rahi which ends successfully thanks to the intervention of the Ta-Koro Guard, the Onu-Koro Ussalry, and the Le-Koro Gukko Bird Force.86, 100, 85 The Ussalry is instrumental in helping to defend the Kini-Nui.114

The Toa Fight Makuta

  • After the Rahi are defeated, Takua journeys down to Mangaia to witness the Toa's fight with Makuta.2
  • When the Toa Mata reach Mangaia, Makuta Teridax warns them of the power they face, but they will not surrender. Instead, they attack.22
  • The Toa see only one small part of Makuta's true form.115 The Toa are wearing their golden Kanohi in their battle with Makuta Teridax.51
  • Although the Toa fire elemental attacks at Makuta simultaneously, they do not form protodermis because the Toa do not combine their powers into one stream. Each attack hits separately.116
  • The Toa Mata blast Teridax with their elemental powers sequentially, not simultaneously, so a Toa seal is not created.117, 118
  • In Mangaia, the Toa fight and triumph over Makuta himself.100, 21, 105, 15 Unwilling to waste his energies in battle with the Toa Mata, Makuta Teridax lets them believe they have beaten him.22
  • The Toa win a great victory in their first confrontation with Makuta. At last, they believe Mata Nui and its people are safe.25

Makuta Awakens the Bohrok

  • Makuta is not defeated, merely weakened. Even as the Toa depart, secure in their victory, he plots to strike again. Makuta buys time to regain his strength by sending a simple sonic signal which awakens the Bohrok swarms.119, 21, 22 With the Toa having defeated the Rahi, Makuta unleashes a new menace: the Bohrok.120 At this time not even Makuta Teridax understands why the Bohrok's mission is to scour the island of Mata Nui clean.22
  • Less than one year ago Makuta unleashes the Bohrok.9
  • With Makuta defeated, it seems that all will be well on Mata Nui. However, even as the Toa win their victory, deep in a hidden cavern, the mysterious and powerful Bohrok begin to awaken.53
  • Takua witnesses the awakening of the Bohrok, barely escaping with his life.2
  • The Bohrok underneath Metru Nui wake up and begin traveling to Mata Nui.121
  • The Bohrok sleeping underneath Metru Nui are awakened at the same time as the rest of the swarm.122
  • A few hours before the Toa emerge on the surface Mata Nui is peaceful and quiet.25
  • Takua is part of a celebration that takes place after the Toa first defeat Makuta.102