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Story Year 2003

The Bohrok-Kal

The Bohrok-Kal Steal the Nuva Symbols

  • Tahu Nuva returns to the outskirts of the village of Ta-Koro. He believes that with their new powers, each Toa Nuva can meet any challenge alone. To Tahu's surprise, the Matoran guards seem to be protecting the village from him; Vakama appears and explains they are not used to his new appearance. Tahu assures him that his love for his people has not changed.1
  • Vakama and Tahu come to the suva, where Vakama lifts up Tahu Nuva's symbol. A throng of Ta-Matoran celebrates, and Vakama says that even now, in every village, the Matoran gather to celebrate the symbols of the Toa Nuva's might and pledge to protect the symbols for all time.1
  • Takua is part of a celebration that takes place after the Bohrok have been driven off.2
  • In Ko-Koro, Nuju, Matoro, and Kopaka Nuva stand by the suva. A group of Kohrak Va is performing repairs nearby. Nuju holds up the symbol and, via Matoro, asks Kopaka if he is pleased with this tribute to his might. Kopaka dismisses it as an object with no power of its own, but Matoro assures Kopaka he will guard it all the same.1
  • The Toa Nuva's decision to split up has left them vulnerable to attack.3 Knowing that the Toa Nuva will attempt to prevent them from freeing the Bahrag, the Bohrok-Kal sneak into the Koro and steal the Nuva symbols, robbing the Toa Nuva of their elemental powers.4, 5
  • The Bohrok Va which the Matoran have brought into their villages help the Bohrok-Kal sneak in and steal the Nuva symbols.6
  • The Bohrok-Kal send a signal that recalls the Bohrok to their nests.7
  • As the Bohrok-Kal are active, all Bohrok return to their nests to await the Bahrag being freed.8
  • The Bohrok Va return to the nests.9

Tahu Nuva's Symbol Is Stolen

  • Bohrok-Kal steal the Nuva symbol from the Ta-Suva, robbing Tahu Nuva of his elemental power of fire.10 Reportedly, the creature [Kohrak-Kal] that steals the icon in Ta-Koro disables the guards with a wall of intense sound so loud that it cracks the walls of the suva.11
  • Tahnok-Kal takes Tahu Nuva's symbol from the suva.12
  • None of the other Toa know that Tahu once briefly had his mask replaced with a krana. Tahu sometimes worries that his decision to split up the team might have been caused by the Bohrok somehow.13

Lewa Nuva's Symbol Is Stolen

  • Returning from the Toa Nuva's meeting, Lewa Nuva soon sails in for a landing on the outskirts of Le-Koro. Even in the short time he has been away, the Matoran have made progress.11
  • Lewa hears a sound in the brush nearby, and a Tahnok Va emerges. Because of his experience with the krana, he understands the Tahnok Va's communication – it is saying that there is news ahead. Lewa asks if something is wrong in the village, but the Tahnok Va says there is nothing wrong, then scurries away into the jungle. Troubled, Lewa swings upward on a vine into the village. As he lands, he finds the entire population of the village gathered nearby, and they let out a cheer. Matau welcomes Lewa back; they have just finished repairing the [Le-Suva], and they can finally put his power icon in its proper place. Soon, the entire village is in celebration. While someone plays a lively tune on a Madu-shell xylophone, Matoran dance, leap, and swing playfully on nearby vines. Before Lewa joins the party, Matau takes Lewa aside and brings him to the suva. There, the symbol is resting in a niche carved in stone. The symbol is square and intricately carved out of a greenish stone-like substance. Lewa gazes at it curiously for a moment, but his thoughts quickly return to the party.11
  • Lewa and Matau rejoin the party on the platform. Lewa dances and laughs along with the villagers, forgetting some of the tension of the recent battles. Overwhelmed by joy, Lewa calls for attention and prepares to leap from the edge of the platform. He springs up, putting all of his energy into the leap. He soars up and up above the treetops, almost blinded by the sun. When he reaches the peak of the jump, he is startled by how high he has come. He tries to summon a breeze to help him land, but it fails to materialize. He tries again and again, but he realizes in a panic that his elemental powers have suddenly deserted him. He plummets to the ground.11
  • Bohrok-Kal steal the Nuva symbol from the Le-Suva, robbing Lewa Nuva of his elemental power of air.14 The creature [Gahlok-Kal] that steals Lewa's icon uses a strong magnetic force to push away the Le-Matoran.11
  • It looks like Lewa is in trouble, so Kongu flies up on his Gukko bird Ka to check. Before Lewa smashes into the ground, Kongu and Ka break his fall. Lewa explains that the wind did not answer his call. Kongu deposits Lewa safely on the swampy ground. Lewa swings up into the village on a vine, while Kongu follows aboard Ka.11
  • When Lewa lands on the main platform, he finds the villagers clustered together and full of fear. He reassures them that he is alright, but Matau rushes up to him to tell him his power icon has been stolen.11
  • Just when Lewa starts feeling like himself again after being controlled by the krana, he loses his elemental power of air, making him feel lost in his own land again.13

Onua Nuva's Symbol Is Stolen

  • Bohrok-Kal steal the Nuva symbol from the Onu-Suva, robbing Onua Nuva of his elemental power of earth.15
  • [Lehvak-Kal] comes to the [Onu-Suva] to steal Onua Nuva's icon. Onepu faces the creature, and with a metallic voice, Lehvak-Kal tells him to step aside so it can claim the icon. Onepu refuses, and Lehvak-Kal sucks in all the air within the suva. Onepu tries to hold his post, but with no air, he finds himself helpless. Lehvak-Kal pushes past him and grabs the icon, then leaves.11
  • Onua Nuva talks with Onepu about what happened, listening patiently as Onepu describes the creature and its strange ability. Onua realizes that while he had thought the icons were merely artistic tributes to the Toa's elemental powers, they had actually held these powers within them. Now that the symbol is gone, so are his powers. Onua recalls Gali's warning earlier that day that Makuta might send some new threat. Onepu asks Onua if he should assemble the Ussal forces to chase the thief, but Onua tells him to tell the Turaga, while he checks in with the other Toa Nuva and they decide what to do.11

Pohatu Nuva's Symbol Is Stolen

  • Bohrok-Kal steal the Nuva symbol from the Po-Suva, robbing Pohatu Nuva of his elemental power of stone.16 The creature [Pahrak-Kal] that steals it throws off such intense heat that everything around it turns instantly to plasma.11

Gali Nuva's Symbol Is Stolen

  • The village guards in Ga-Koro are helpless before the intruder [Tahnok-Kal] which steals Gali Nuva's symbol. It disables them by filling the suva with electricity that pins them to the walls.11
  • Lehvak-Kal takes Gali Nuva's symbol from the suva.12
  • When the Toa Nuva symbol is stolen from Ga-Koro, Nokama suspects that something might happen, like Gali Nuva losing her elemental powers.13
  • Gali Nuva loses her powers just as an enormous wave of water rushes toward her as she stands on a rocky outcropping. Although the wave would have been easily handled with her powers, it suddenly threatens to become a disaster.12
  • Hahli sees Gali Nuva on the beach. A huge wave comes at Gali Nuva, and she raises her aqua axes, but she cannot stop it – her power over water appears to be gone. Alarmed, Hahli rushes off to find Turaga Nokama as fast as possible.13
  • Others who saw what happened in Ga-Koro track the thief to the edge of Po-Wahi, where they see it join two others like it.11

Kopaka Nuva's Symbol Is Stolen

  • Some time after leaving Matoro in Ko-Koro, Kopaka skis down the slopes of Mount Ihu, pondering the Toa's new powers and how it drove the team apart. This troubles him, and he wonders if some new threat intended for them to split apart.1
  • Back in Ko-Koro, Matoro is standing guard at the suva when suddenly a powerful force pins him to the ground. A strange voice says that he and his "brothers" will claim what they seek, and the Toa Nuva will not be able to stop them. Kohrak-Kal [sic?] takes the symbol from the suva.1
  • Nuhvok-Kal takes Kopaka Nuva's symbol from the suva.12
  • The Nuva symbol is stolen from the Ko-Suva.17 The creature [Nuhvok-Kal] that steals it affects gravity, making the Ko-Matoran guard's limbs and body too heavy to move.11 Kohrok-Kal and Nuhvok-Kal steal Kopaka Nuva's symbol from his village.13, 18, 19
  • Kopaka is in the midst of crossing a chasm on a bridge of ice created by his power, when suddenly the ice crumbles beneath his feet. Kopaka tries to create an ice slide to break his fall only to find that his ice powers are gone. Kopaka continues to plummet.1
  • Kopaka plunges into the crevasse. As the walls of the crevasse grow narrower, Kopaka holds out his ice blade horizontally so that it catches the rock walls, bringing him gradually to a safe stop.12
  • Kopaka Nuva goes off on his own, but the sudden loss of his elemental powers almost costs him his life.20

The Toa Nuva Have Lost Their Powers

  • Once the Bohrok-Kal steal the symbols of the Toa Nuva from the six Matoran villages, the effects are felt right away all over the island. The Toa Nuva lose their elemental powers, and nothing can bring them back.12

Nuju Rescues Kopaka Nuva

  • Turaga Nuju rescues Kopaka Nuva with the Mask of Telekinesis.12
  • Turaga Nuju uses the power of his Noble Kanohi Matatu to save the powerless Kopaka Nuva from plunging into a crevasse, who has lost his elemental ice power.21, 22, 20
  • Kopaka Nuva's elemental powers suddenly desert him. It is only thanks to his determination, and the help of Turaga Nuju, that he survives a sudden tumble off a crumbling ice bridge.11
  • Nuju believes that the loss of the Toa Nuva's power is related to the thefts of the Nuva Symbols.12
  • When Nuju hears that Kopaka Nuva's elemental powers are gone, he suggests that Kopaka seek out the other Toa Nuva, to see if it also happened to them.11

Hahli Finds Nokama

  • Hahli rows her canoe frantically through Gali's Bay in search of Turaga Nokama, ignoring dangerous Makuta fish pursuing the boat.13
  • Hahli beaches her boat on the outskirts of Ga-Koro. She finds Macku, her kolhii ball partner [sic], on the beach, repairing a seaweed fishing net. Macku tells Hahli that Nokama is inspecting the work site, and Hahli rushes off to find her right away.13
  • Hahli finds Nokama up on a ridge, supervising a Ga-Matoran work team. The Matoran are tearing down what is left of a dam the Bohrok tried to build to cut off the waters of Gali's Bay. Out of breath, Hahli tells Nokama to come quickly. She tells her that she saw Gali Nuva on the beach, having lost her power over water. Nokama tells Hahli to stay while she goes to Gali, saying she will need someone who understands.13

Nokama Traps Gali Nuva in a Cave

  • Nokama arrives on the beach to find Gali Nuva stalking up and down, her aqua axes cast aside. Nokama has never seen her so angry before. Gali complains that she can no longer sense the water of the island, and she no longer feels a part of it. Gali blames her brother Toa; she points out angrily that when she told them they should stay united, Tahu and Kopaka would not listen, and not even Onua stood with her. Nokama urges Gali to calm herself, and she assures her that she understands what she is going through, hinting that she will tell her a tale one day that will make her understand. For now, Nokama dives into the bay and tells Gali to follow her.13
  • Nokama swims quickly, leading Gali deep into the night-black waters near the bottom of the bay. Along the way, Gali worries that if Makuta should return, the Toa Nuva will not stand a chance against him without their elemental powers.13
  • Nokama and Gali arrive at a sea cave which Gali has never explored. Inside, the cavern holds air pockets, although the atmosphere is heavy and stale. A large lightstone embedded in the wall illuminates the entire cave. Nokama tells Gali that this a place of memories, and she shows her a carving on the wall. It depicts six figures Gali does not recognize but who unmistakably look like Toa. Nokama says that now is not the time for Gali to know who they are, but she says that she is here to find a Kanohi Nuva in the cave, as well as a test. Gali wonders why the Toa still need to be tested after all they have achieved, but Nokama replies that that is the answer to the test. Nokama swims out of the cave, and before Gali can follow her out, Nokama pulls an ancient stone lever. This causes a huge stone slab to slam down, blocking the exit. Gali is unable to move the stone and is trapped inside. Worse, she feels betrayed by the one she trusted most. Outside the cave, Nokama wishes there were another way to teach Gali the lesson she wants to teach her, but she knows that Gali will need true wisdom in the time to come, and that making her find escape from the cave will be more effective than merely telling stories.13
  • Gali treads water and tries to think. Rather than worry about why Nokama trapped her, she focuses on finding a way out. She remembers Kopaka's saying that the trap itself contains the key to escape. She calms herself and then takes in every detail of the cave. The walls are too smooth to climb and appeared to be polished, not natural, more like an Onu-Wahi tunnel. She takes another good look at the carvings in the cave, which appear to be very old. The Toa pictured are definitely not Gali and her team, but she finds their masks oddly familiar and even thinks that one of the Toa resembles [Nokama], although she convinces herself that she is mistaken. Remembering that a Kanohi mask is hidden in the cave, Gali dives underwater and swims deeper into the cave.13
  • Gali swims slowly, surfacing now and then to get her bearings. She sees schools of Ruki cut off from the open sea, but strangely no larger fish. When she explores further, she finds bones littering the cavern floor. She brings one to the surface and recognizes it as the bone of a Makuta fish. Gali becomes a little afraid to think of what creature might have defeated such formidable Rahi. She looks down the tunnel but sees only what she thinks is the glow of two lightfish.13
  • Gali continues to search underwater but finds no sign of a Kanohi. She draws closer to the two lightfish. Suddenly, their light winks out for moment, and Gali realizes in horror that they are actually the eyes of a massive creature. Too late, she tries to swim away, but tentacles wrap around her legs. Despite all of her power, the creature drags her backward. Gali turns around to see a monster with twelve enormous tentacles [a Great Temple Squid]. Not wanting to harm a living thing, Gali considers fighting it to be a last resort. Another tentacle reaches toward her, but she avoids it by diving toward the cavern floor. She plants an aqua axe into the stone floor and reaches out with her free hand for something to hold on to. Instead, she feels the shape of a Kanohi mask and quickly puts it on, feeling the speed power of the Kanohi Kakama. She is disappointed that it is not a Pakari Nuva, but she remembers Tahu once saying that fire always finds a way. Using the mask's power, she kicks her legs at high speed until they create a strong current that slams into the creature, rocking it just enough for its grip to loosen. Gali rockets forward and leaves the creature far behind in a split second. Unfortunately, she finds herself racing uncontrollably toward the slab covering the cave entrance. Gali counts on the fact that the Kakama Nuva is more powerful than the old Mask of Speed and wills her body to vibrate until it is nothing but a blur, hoping to pass through the stone. Just before she hits it, she closes her eyes thinks of the other Toa, wishing her last words to Tahu and Kopaka were not so harsh. However, moments later, Gali opens her eyes to find herself safely in the open waters of the bay. She calls the Kaukau Nuva back to her and turns to find the slab covering the cave intact, surprised by the Kakama Nuva's new power.13
  • Gali breaks the surface and finds Nokama waiting for her on the beach. Gali remarks that Nokama wanted her to discover the Kakama Nuva's powers on her own and to see they were not the same as before. Nokama tells Gali that nothing is the same, and that everything she knows about Mata Nui might be just a fraction of the truth. As they walk along the beach, Gali asks Nokama if the carvings in the cave were of Nokama herself, but Nokama dismisses the idea, saying she is just a Turaga, and that those Toa were heroes of a long-ago age. Still, Gali becomes suspicious of what Nokama might be hiding.13
  • Gali teams with Nokama to search for Kanohi Nuva. Nokama goes so far as to lead Gali to the underwater tunnel between Metru Nui and Mata Nui where her carving of the Toa Metru could be seen.23 Gali is trapped in the tentacles of a Great Temple Squid that made its way into the tunnel and is almost killed.24, 25
  • Nokama denies to Gali any connection to the figures carved in the cave.23

Tahu Nuva, Takua, and Jala Search for the Bohrok-Kal

  • Takua and his best friend, Jaller, journey with Tahu for a brief time after the appearance of the Bohrok-Kal.26

The Toa Nuva Gather

  • Gali hears from a messenger that thieves have struck all of the Toa Nuva's villages, and that the one in Ga-Koro was seen meeting up with two others like it. She rushes to the Toa's meeting place to bring them the news.11
  • At some point, Onewa mentions to Pohatu Nuva a Mask of Shielding hidden in an ice cave at Mount Ihu.13
  • Before Pohatu leaves Po-Koro, Onewa tells him that it is easy to be a hero when you have plenty of power; it is more difficult when all you have is your wits, and your biggest enemy is yourself.13
  • Kopaka Nuva skis carefully down a snowy slope, having lost his elemental power. He sees that Gali's earlier worries were well-founded, and that their split seemed almost too easy this time, as if someone had wanted it to happen.11
  • Before long, Kopaka leaves the snow behind and climbs down to the Toa's usual meeting place. There he finds both Pohatu Nuva and Tahu Nuva waiting for him in the clearing. After losing his powers, Tahu is particularly on edge, being especially short with Kopaka. Pohatu urges them to put their petty disagreements aside. Just then, Onua Nuva, then Lewa Nuva appear, confirming they have lost their elemental powers as well. When Onua says they need to decide what to do, Tahu simply responds that they will find the thief and take the symbols back. Annoyed with Tahu's blustering, Kopaka criticizes him, saying this is no plan; Pohatu agrees that it would be foolish to rush into action without their powers. Tahu snaps back at the two of them, but Onua tries to keep the peace and urges them to think on it. Lewa grows irritated, saying they would never get anything done if they spent as much time thinking as Onua wanted. It is clear that the loss of their powers is setting all of the Toa Nuva on edge. Just then, Gali races into the clearing with news. She explains that she heard from a messenger that multiple thieves are responsible for stealing their symbols, and that others who saw the thief in Ga-Koro tracked it to the edge of Po-Wahi, where they saw it join with two others like it. Tahu immediately suggests they go to Po-Wahi and charges off, with Lewa and even Pohatu following eagerly. Onua and Kopaka wish they would wait, considering them reckless. Gali reassures them that in this case, their course might be the best one, since the longer they are without their powers, the more Mata Nui is in danger. They hurry after the others.11
  • The Toa Nuva have lost their elemental powers after mysterious beings have stolen their symbols. Now they are forced to rely on the Kanohi Nuva masks and each other. They combine forces to track down the thieves.12
  • After losing their elemental powers, the center of each of the Toa Nuva's masks turns dull grey instead of its normal color.12

The Toa Nuva Encounter the Bohrok-Kal and Are Defeated

  • Soon, the Toa Nuva are moving as a group through the open, rocky pass between the northern section of Le-Wahi and the eastern slopes of Mount Ihu. Onua says the least they can do to prepare before facing the thieves is to share what each of them knows. Each Toa Nuva describes everything he or she knows in turn. From their accounts, it seems that there are six separate attackers. Tahu says that no matter how many enemies they face, they must face them down. He rushes to the end of the pass, where they see the open, sweeping vista of the northern desert. Onua points out a set of large, deep footprints leading northward in the bare soil. Tahu rushes off in their direction. Pohatu wonders if they should be worried that the thieves are making no attempt to be stealthy.11
  • The Toa Nuva trail the thieves from their villages to a certain part of Po-Wahi.12
  • Tahu leads the way over a rise. Beyond is a rocky plain where the prints disappear. Onua suggests going back, seeking the rest of the Kanohi Nuva first to make it easier to find the thieves. Tahu is unwilling to give up, but even Lewa starts second-guessing their plan. Suddenly, across the rocky plain, Pohatu spots the six creatures and points them out to the others.11
  • In Po-Wahi, Pohatu points out six creatures that look like Bohrok approaching from up ahead. Nuhvok-Kal announces that they are the Bohrok-Kal, in search of Cahdok and Gahdok. Pahrak-Kal demands that the Toa tell them where they have hidden the Bahrag and then stand aside, referring to them derisively as "helpless."12
  • Lewa charges at Gahlok-Kal, who uses its magnetic power to magnetize Lewa's feet to the ground, pinning them in place. Onua Nuva hoists an enormous boulder over his shoulders, but Pahrak-Kal melts the boulder with plasma. Tahu protects Pohatu, Gali, and Kopaka with his Mask of Shielding and tells the Bohrok-Kal that the Bahrag have vanished. Nuhvok-Kal refuses to believe him and uses its gravity power to bringing Tahu crashing to the ground, causing the shield to go down. Tahnok-Kal, Kohrak-Kal, and Lehvak-Kal combine their powers of electricity, sonic power, and vacuum blast and fire at Kopaka, Lewa, and Pohatu, knocking them all unconscious.12
  • The six creatures, which look like more powerful, more menacing Bohrok, come closer. The red-colored one steps forward and announces that they are the Bohrok-Kal, and that they are searching for Cahdok and Gahdok. It demands to know where the Toa have hidden the Bahrag, not wishing to harm "helpless" foes. Taking offense, Lewa charges forward, but one of the Bohrok-Kal raises its shield to unleash a magnetic force. Lewa's feet are magnetized to the ground, and he becomes unable to move. Onua hoists an enormous boulder above his head, but another Bohrok-Kal sends a wave of concentrated power at it, melting it into magma. Tahu leaps beside Gali, Pohatu, and Kopaka and surrounds the four with the force field created by his Mask of Shielding. Tahu says the Bahrag have vanished from Mata Nui, but [Nuhvok-Kal] does not believe him. It uses its gravity power to pin Tahu hard to the ground, multiplying his weight many times. Tahu's shield goes down, and Tahnok-Kal, Kohrak-Kal, and Lehvak-Kal direct a combined attack of electricity, sonic power, and a vacuum blast at the remaining Toa Nuva, knocking them unconscious.11
  • Gahlok-Kal's power is strong enough to pin Lewa Nuva to the ground.27
  • The Bohrok-Kal proceed to search Mata Nui for the location of the Bahrag. They encounter the Toa Nuva in battle and state that their mission is to free the Bahrag and release the Bohrok swarms once more.4
  • Later, at evening, the Toa Nuva regain consciousness where the Bohrok-Kal left them in Po-Wahi. Tahu is determined to strike back at the Bohrok-Kal for daring to challenge them, but Gali reminds him that the most important thing is that they do not find the Bahrag and allow the Bohrok to strike again. However, the Toa Nuva have lost their elemental powers and do not even know where the Bahrag are themselves. Tahu tells Gali, Kopaka, and Pohatu to go back to the Bohrok nest to see if they can discover what happened to the Bahrag. Meanwhile, he, Kopaka, and Lewa will pursue the Bohrok-Kal and see if they can slow them down. Lewa already dreads having to work on a team with both Tahu and Kopaka's strong personalities. Onua suggests that the Toa keep an eye out for Kanohi Nuva masks, since they need all the help they can get without their elemental powers. Although the Bohrok-Kal are powerful and have weakened the Toa Nuva, the Toa Nuva are determined to stop them.12
  • Later, the Toa Nuva regain consciousness. There is no sign of the Bohrok-Kal, and the Toa do not seem to be seriously injured. Tahu starts blustering about how they will repay the Bohrok-Kal, but Gali tells him not to worry about their pride, and that their priority should be to stop the Bohrok-Kal from freeing Cahdok and Gahdok. Lewa seems puzzled, and he explains that he thought he heard "thought-talk" communication coming from the Bohrok-Kal, as if they had krana inside them. The Toa conclude it is likely that the Bohrok-Kal are controlled by their own kind of krana. Unlike the Bohrok, they do not seem interested in damaging the villages, but rather in trying to frighten the Toa Nuva so they will not try to stop them. For once, Kopaka and Tahu both agree that running is not an option. Tahu tells Gali, Pohatu, and Onua to return to the Bohrok nest to try to discover what happened to Cahdok and Gahdok. Meanwhile, he, Kopaka, and Lewa will chase the Bohrok-Kal and try to slow them down. Onua suggests that the Toa look out for Kanohi Nuva masks, since they can use all the help they can get with their elemental energies gone.11

Pohatu, Onua, and Gali Attempt to Return to the Bohrok Nest

  • Onua, Gali, and Pohatu head for the entrance to the Bahrag's nest in Po-Wahi. Onua is troubled, wondering how they are supposed to fulfill their destiny with their greatest powers gone. As if sensing his concern, Gali tells him this is the greatest challenge they have ever faced. The Toa wonder if the Bohrok-Kal's weakness lies in the krana-kal, which may be controlling them just like the krana controlled the regular Bohrok swarms. Just then, something fast-moving appears from around a bend in the riverbed: Tahnok-Kal. Tahnok-Kal tells the Toa Nuva to stand aside, but they stand in its path defiantly. Without stopping, Tahnok-Kal shoots lightning bolts from its shield at the ground which fling the Toa off their feet. Tahnok-Kal hurries along the riverbed without a backward glance. As it runs away, the three Toa spot a krana-kal beneath its face shield. Not even able to slow Tahnok-Kal down, the Toa are shaken, and decide to hurry to the tunnel entrance while the Tahnok-Kal heads in the wrong direction.11
  • Soon, in Po-Wahi, the three are hurrying up a rocky slope. At the top, they expect to find the entrance, buried under a giant pile of rocks. When they come to the rock pile, Pohatu tries kicking the boulder away, but his foot bounces painfully off the stone, which fails to budge. It is clear that without his elemental powers, he cannot move the stones. Gali decides that seeking out the Bahrag themselves is a waste of time, since they would probably not be able to stop the Bohrok-Kal from reaching them anyway. Instead, they should focus on disabling them by taking their krana-kal.11

The Toa Nuva Attempt to Take the Krana-Kal

  • Tahu Nuva is unpleasantly surprised when he first hears that Onua Nuva has decided to change plans without consulting him. At first, he starts to insist on doing things his way, just to assert his leadership. However, Gali and Pohatu convince Tahu that Onua's decision is right.11
  • The Toa Nuva split up, trying to get the Krana-Kal.11
  • Each encounter with the Bohrok-Kal ends the same way – with the Toa Nuva groaning on the ground, while the Bohrok-Kal continue their quest without so much as a pause. Along the way, the Toa Nuva find a few Kanohi masks, so each of them regains some of their mask powers.11
  • The Bohrok-Kal roam Mata Nui at will, searching for the imprisoned Bahrag.28
  • The Toa Nuva try desperately to stop the Bohrok-Kal, collecting Kanohi Nuva along the way.4
  • Lehvak-Kal prefers to stay in Le-Wahi, where it can disappear into the jungle.29
  • Kohrak-Kal often works on its own, since its power can affect even the other Bohrok-Kal.30
  • Gahlok-Kal's magnetic force field proves capable of resisting Tahu Nuva's full power.31
  • Kopaka is known to travel out of Ko-Wahi rarely these days.13

Pohatu and Kopaka Find a Hau Nuva beneath Mount Ihu

  • Two days (no more) after the Toa Nuva have lost their elemental powers One night, Kopaka Nuva travels the icy pathway to his secluded place on the slopes of Mount Ihu to be alone.13
  • While Kopaka Nuva is following the ice path, Pohatu Nuva interrupts his solitude, calling out to him with a voice that booms across the quiet snowfield. Even though Pohatu is clearly struggling to walk through the hip-deep snowdrifts, Kopaka ignores him and continues walking up the icy pathway. Pohatu continues to call out to him, but Kopaka simply walks on. Determined to reach Kopaka somehow, Pohatu decides not to use his Mask of Speed, given the slippery ground. Pohatu follows Kopaka through the darkness, enduring the cold, while Kopaka does his best to ignore Pohatu in the hopes that he will turn back.13
  • Pohatu loses his footing and falls down, but then pretends to be unable to get back up. He calls out to Kopaka for help. Reluctantly, Kopaka splits his ice blade into power ice skates and skates down the mountain. He soars off the curved lip of a ridge and does a series of mid-air flips before landing and sliding to a stop beside Pohatu. He curtly tells Pohatu he will help him up, and then Pohatu will leave. Pohatu springs up on his own and tells Kopaka they should work together; Kopaka realizes the fall was a ruse. Kopaka explains that a blizzard is coming, and without his powers, he will not be able to stop it. Still, Pohatu refuses to leave, and he tries to convince Kopaka that they should help each other to find the new masks, as they did when they first arrived on Mata Nui. Kopaka bluntly tells Pohatu that he does not want his help and that he will find the Kanohi Nuva on his own. Kopaka disappears again into the darkness, but Pohatu continues to follow him.13
  • The blizzard that strikes is one of the fiercest ever known in Ko-Wahi, and the traces left behind by Kopaka which Pohatu has been following disappear. Inventing a new use for the Mask of Speed, Pohatu spins his arms in front of himself rapidly, creating two blasts of air which blow the snow away to reveal the path which Kopaka has been following. He continues on.13
  • Kopaka Nuva, having lost his resistance to extreme cold along with his elemental powers, feels the numbing temperatures of Ko-Wahi for the first time. Too tired to go on, he lies down to rest and dreams about Kohrak-Kal and Nuhvok-Kal stealing his symbol from the village.13
  • Pohatu, still searching through the snow for Kopaka, starts calling his name. Kopaka wakes with a start to find a growling Muaka standing over him, sniffing him to determine if he is prey. Kopaka knows that without his elemental powers, the Muaka is a serious threat. Pohatu's shouting distracts the Muaka long enough for Kopaka to roll away, grab his blade, and sprint toward the mountainside. The Muaka chases him, and Kopaka spots a narrow ledge too high on the rock face for the Muaka to reach. With the Muaka literally breathing down his neck, Kopaka makes a break for the mountain. At the right moment, he plants his ice blade in the ground and vaults onto the ice-covered rock face, struggling to hang onto the ledge while the Muaka waits below with open jaws. Pohatu hurls one of his climbing claws, burying it in the rock face near Kopaka and offering him a handhold. With it, Kopaka lifts himself onto the ledge with the last of his strength. The Muaka tries in vain to claw its way up the icy rock. Pohatu starts throwing rocks at another spot, using the sound to divert its attention, and soon the Muaka goes away to investigate.13
  • Pohatu Nuva follows Kopaka Nuva through the Drifts of Mount Ihu during their search for Kanohi Nuva. Together they are menaced by a Muaka.32, 33, 34
  • Kopaka frees the climbing claw and returns it to Pohatu. Less icily than usual, he tells Pohatu he should go home, admitting that even he is having trouble in this climate. Still, Pohatu refuses to turn back. Kopaka criticizes Pohatu for risking himself to save him. Suddenly, too late, Pohatu spots an avalanche coming toward them down the mountain. The snow slams into the two Toa and sends them tumbling down Mount Ihu, bashing into rocks along the way.13
  • The two wind up sprawled at the base of the mountain, buried in snow. Not seriously injured, they stagger to their feet. Kopaka points out that the Mask of Shielding would have protected them, and he agrees that Pohatu might as well travel with him to help him find Kanohi Nuva as quickly as possible. Pohatu tells him that Onewa mentioned a Mask of Shielding in a nearby ice cave. Kopaka uses his mask to peer through tons of stone into the network of caves within Mount Ihu. In a matter of moments, he spots a cavern in which there is a lone Kanohi Hau Nuva. It is perhaps half a kio up the mountain, but the entrance is blocked by boulders. Pohatu shows off by using his Mask of Speed to go there and see for himself – and come back – before Kopaka can even finish telling him, which Kopaka sternly disapproves of.13
  • Against his will, Kopaka ends up teamed with Pohatu in the search for Kanohi Nuva masks.35, 36, 20
  • The storm continues to grow worse, and the Toa can only see a short distance ahead as they walk together silently back up the mountain. At one point, Pohatu breaks the silence and asks Kopaka why nothing he has done has been able to please him. Kopaka responds he is not here to be pleased, but to find the Kanohi Nuva so he can regain his powers. With that, they fall into an uncomfortable silence again.13
  • Kopaka and Pohatu reach the mouth of the cave, only to find that it is blocked by massive boulders that fell sometime during the night. Kopaka tries in vain to pry the stones away with his ice blade, while Pohatu observes them rocks carefully. Once Kopaka gives up, Pohatu steps in, laying his hands upon various parts of the rock pile, as if listening to it. He explains that the pile is like a puzzle – a trick he learned from Onewa. Pohatu finds the rock supporting all the others and shatters it with a kick, bringing the pile down and opening the entrance to the cavern. Pohatu points out that like the rocks, when the Toa do not work together, they cannot perform their task, something which Kopaka finds almost amusing.13
  • Kopaka leads the way into the ice cavern, carrying a lightstone. They walk so long that Pohatu loses track of where they are.13
  • Their progress is halted by a great crevasse in the cavern floor. The gap disappears into the darkness, with no sign of the bottom. Kopaka tells Pohatu that the Kanohi Hau is at the bottom, to Pohatu's annoyance. Pohatu uses his climbing tools, and Kopaka the two parts of his ice blade, to start climbing down the ice wall of the crevasse.13
  • The climb down is slow and treacherous. Once, one of Pohatu's claws slips, and only fast action by Kopaka saves him from falling.13
  • By the time the two reach the bottom, they are both exhausted. They see the grey Hau Nuva wedged in a far corner about a hundred kio away. Kopaka steps toward the mask, but Pohatu holds him back, sensing something wrong. Suddenly a violent tremor strikes the mountain. The roof of the cavern far above collapses, sending tons of rock and ice raining down on them. Without hesitation, Pohatu rams Kopaka, sending him across the icy floor toward the mask. Kopaka stops just next to the mask but looks up in alarm to see Pohatu about to be crushed by rock. He slams the mask onto his face, knowing that he might be able to extend its power to Pohatu. The shield appears around Kopaka, protecting him from the falling stone, but there is no sign of Pohatu. Unknown to Kopaka, the power of the mask protects Pohatu, but not before he is stunned by the falling rubble.13
  • When the quake finally ends, Kopaka scrambles over the rubble where he last saw Pohatu standing, but there is no sign of life underneath the rock despite his digging. Grimly, Kopaka assumes that Pohatu must be dead. After taking a moment to pay his respects, he begins the long journey back to the surface.13
  • Pohatu forces his company on Kopaka during the search for the Kanohi Nuva masks, even saving Kopaka's life during a rock slide.37

Pohatu and Kopaka Return to Po-Koro

  • A full day passes as Kopaka travels to Po-Koro.13
  • Pohatu digs his way out, which is made easier by Kopaka's earlier efforts. Too tired to climb, he walks until he finds a series of tunnels.13
  • Pohatu eventually emerges in Onu-Koro, then makes his way towards Po-Koro.13
  • A full day after the incident in the ice cave Kopaka reaches the village of Po-Koro. Matoran line its newly constructed walls, on alert for Bohrok-Kal, and they stir at the sight of Kopaka. Onewa meets him at the gate. Kopaka hands him the Hau Nuva, telling him Pohatu died as a hero. Suddenly, Pohatu's booming voice comes from behind. Showing for just a moment that he is not so cold, Kopaka smiles as he turns to see Pohatu, who is battered and weary, but very much alive. Pohatu explains he was stunned by the falling rubble but still protected by the mask, allowing him to survive and dig his way out. Kopaka takes the Hau Nuva from Onewa and hands it to Pohatu, commending him for his courage. Pohatu accepts the mask, saying they will need all of their power and courage in the days to come.13
  • Pohatu almost dies on the adventure, and Kopaka and Pohatu grow closer as friends in the end.20

Onua and Whenua Find a Kaukau Nuva Underground

  • Onua Nuva decides to seek out a Kanohi Kaukau Nuva said to be hidden far below the surface. Over his objections, Whenua insists on coming along. Whenua decides to come with Onua to see what he has learned from the past.13
  • Onua teams with Whenua to find Kanohi Nuva.38, 39
  • Onua and Whenua journey for more than a day through tunnels long abandoned by the Matoran.13
  • No more than a few days after the Toa Nuva lose their powers After journeying for more than a day through the abandoned tunnels, Onua Nuva and Whenua encounter a massive subterranean worm. Because the worm is blind, they manage to avoid capture for the moment. While Onua struggles to avoid its flailing tentacles, Whenua does his best to hold it off with his drill without actually doing it any harm. Onua tells Whenua that he thinks they will need to subdue the creature, but Whenua protests, saying the creature has existed on Mata Nui longer than either of them and must not be harmed. Onua grabs one of the worm's tentacles and tries to use the power of his Mask of Strength to hold it steady, but the worm easily tosses him aside. Whenua leaps over a swinging tentacle and lands next to Onua. He tells Onua that force is not the answer and tells him to think about what he knows about the creature. While dodging the worm's wild swings, Onua ponders the problem and realizes that the blind worm must navigate by hearing. Despite the danger, Onua grows pleased with himself as he realizes that an easy way to drive the creature off is to make a loud noise. He uses his twin quake-breakers to carve two huge stones out of the rock wall, then smashes them together with a deafening crash. The sound deafens and stuns even Onua, and the worm lets out a roar of anger and retreats into the darkness. Once Onua's hearing comes back, Whenua congratulates Onua on finding its weakness, claiming it was knowledge from his past experience of Onu-Wahi that allowed him to prevail. Whenua beckons Onua further down the tunnel, saying they have far to go.13
  • Onua Nuva and Whenua encounter a subterranean worm while searching for Kanohi Nuva. Onua defeats it by slamming two rocks together and deafening the beast.40
  • Later, Onua and Whenua sit in a small cavern and share a meal from their packs. Even Onua cannot remember being down this deep. He wonders what waits below and what adventures the other Toa might be having far above. As if reading his mind, Whenua assures him they will fine, as long as they remember the source of their power. Onua asks if he means the Kanohi, but Whenua replies that he meant the power of six Toa, side by side. Onua recalls how the Toa Nuva decided to split apart against Gali's wishes, not so long ago, and finds himself regretting his silence on the issue. Whenua tells Onua that the Toa have but one destiny, and he mentions that they owe it to the past – and to "the Toa who have gone before you" – to see that destiny through. Puzzled by Whenua's mention of "Toa who went before," Onua turns to ask him about it, but Whenua is already gone.13
  • Onua catches up with Whenua around the next corner. The tunnel slopes sharply downward, and the air is warmer. Onua wonders if they have journeyed into Ta-Wahi. Onua presses Whenua for an explanation of his words, but Whenua says he meant nothing, saying they have a more important issue. Onua realizes that Whenua sees something with his Kanohi Ruru that he cannot; looking harder, he sees that the floor and walls up ahead seem to be moving. He realizes that this is a swarm of Kofo-Jaga. Knowing the threat they pose as a swarm, Whenua says they must turn back, although Onua scoffs in disbelief at having to run from such small creatures. Still, Whenua tells Onua that although he is wise, he should let his experience guide him, telling him that Kofo-Jaga once felled a full-grown Kane-Ra. Onua reluctantly realizes that he is right, and he turns back without a word.13
  • Onua does not speak a word until Whenua explains that he came with him to see what he has learned about the past. Bitterly, Onua says that all he has learned is that without his powers, he must flee from the smallest creatures. Whenua tries to convince Onua that to be a Toa is not to defeat all one's enemies, but that a Toa's strength lies in mind and heart.13
  • Onua and Whenua follow the tunnels deeper and deeper. The tunnel grows hotter the farther they go, until the walls become too hot to touch, and the air becomes too hot for comfort for even a Ta-Matoran. At times, Whenua has to stop to catch his breath while Onua waits patiently.13
  • While Onua waits for Whenua, Onua jokingly suggests that one day, he will pluck a Kanohi mask from a tree like a fruit. Whenua responds that when that happens, Makuta might also come out into the sun, or play a friendly game of kolhii [sic, Koli]. Whenua points out that the masks are so hard to find because the Toa are meant to earn them.13
  • Onua and Whenua hear a noise up ahead, like the sound of massive claws snapping. With dread, Whenua realizes that the chamber of the mask is just ahead, but that the presence of a Kanohi has drawn the Manas. Edging closer, Onua and Whenua see two Manas clashing with each other in a huge chamber. Beyond them, the Kanohi Kaukau Nuva rests on a rocky outcropping. Onua recalls how it required the strength of the Toa Kaita to defeat the Manas before, and he shudders to think how he could ever defeat them alone in his current condition. Unfortunately, the Manas are too big to slip by and too fast to avoid. After a moment of thought, Onua suddenly has an idea, thanks to Whenua's advice to look to the past. He decides to bore holes into the tunnel wall until he finds a magma flow, so that he can attract the swarm of Kofo-Jaga to distract the Manas. Without explaining his plan, he starts boring holes into the tunnel wall with his quake breakers, releasing superhot air. Whenua protests, thinking Onua is acting crazy, but Onua gradually starts conveying his idea. When Onua strikes lava, it starts flowing slowly toward the Manas's chamber, and Whenua hangs jumps onto Onua and hangs around his neck. He catches on to Onua's plan, impressed by the Toa's good thinking. As the lava seeps closer to the Manas, which are still fighting each other, a large swarm of Kofo-Jaga starts coming down the tunnel, drawn by the lava. Onua and Whenua let the Kofo-Jaga go by. Finally, the Manas notice the lava heading toward them, backing away angrily toward the Kanohi. The Kofo-Jaga make their way across the magma and approach the Manas by the thousands, then the millions, ready to sting them with their fiery stingers. The Manas cannot cope with their numbers and are forced to give ground. Onua takes the opportunity to charge into the chamber. Before the creatures cam react, he snatches the Kanohi and dives back toward the tunnel entrance, almost colliding with Whenua. He hits the ground quake breakers first, carving through the stone and dropping into a subterranean river. Onua, now wearing the Kaukau Nuva, beckons Whenua to jump down so he can catch him, which Whenua does despite his fear of heights.13
  • Onua and Whenua defeat the Manas again in a subterranean cavern by unleashing a swarm of Kofo-Jaga upon them. The swarm of Kofo-Jaga drives off much larger and more powerful Manas crabs.41, 42, 38
  • The river carries Onua and Whenua far from the Manas and the Kofo-Jaga to the mouth of a wide tunnel.13
  • Once Onua and Whenua are back on dry land, Onua shifts from the Kaukau Nuva to the Pakari Nuva. Together, they begin the long trek up to Onu-Koro.13
  • After walking for a short time, Whenua pauses, running his hand over the tunnel wall. There are faded Matoran letters carved into the stone just below the ceiling, but they are too old and worn to read. With wonder in his voice, Whenua says he carved the letters long ago, the same day he carved this very tunnel, although he says nothing further. The discovery lifts Whenua's mood for the entire trip back to Onu-Koro.13

Tahu and Lewa Fight Nuhvok-Kal in Le-Wahi

  • Turaga Vakama tells Tahu Nuva where to find two Kanohi Nuva in Le-Wahi. Tahu goes to find them.13
  • Tahnok-Kal orders that the Kanohi Nuva masks be found and hidden so the Toa cannot use them.13
  • As per Tahnok-Kal's orders, Nuhvok-Kal searches for the Kanohi Nuva masks in the jungle of Le-Wahi since first light, with no success. Nuhvok-Kal is frustrated, since it would rather be accomplishing its mission to free the Bahrag. It also does not like the jungle, since there are too many places for enemies to hide.13
  • Deep in the Le-Wahi jungle, Nuhvok-Kal uses its gravity power to cause a grove of trees to float out of the ground, then makes them so heavy that they crash to the ground and cannot be moved, blocking the way.13
  • Days after the Toa Nuva lose their elemental powers Lewa is troubled by the loss of his elemental power. Just when he finally felt like himself again after being controlled by the krana, the loss of his power made him feel lost in his own land once more. In the days since, he has not attempted to glide on the air. Against his better judgment, Lewa decides to go to the top of a cliff to test if he can still glide.13
  • Lewa Nuva stands on a cliff overlooking Le-Wahi. Knowing that Le-Koro is hidden in the jungle below, Lewa shudders a little at the memory of the Bohrok destroying the village and controlling his mind with a krana. He prepares to step off the cliff, planning to glide into the heart of Le-Koro, if all goes well. At the last moment, Matau appears and startles Lewa, who almost loses his balance. Matau grabs Lewa and pulls him back from the edge of the cliff. Matau, looking concerned, explains that he heard Lewa was seeking Kanohi Nuva, but there are no masks up here. Lewa tells him it has been too many days since he last rode the wind. Matau laughs and tells Lewa he will find one of the other Toa down below. Lewa picks up the scent of smoke, and Matau warns that a fire threatens to burn Le-Koro if not stopped. Although Matau says so lightly, Lewa takes this warning seriously and is determined not to fail his village a second time. He launches himself off the cliff.13
  • At first, Lewa has a hard time holding steady. The gusts blow him about, up above the mountain and then down almost to the treetops. The smell of fire grows stronger. Lewa tries to shift his body to turn right, but the wind blows him off course, and he spirals toward the ground. Realizing that the fire might have been caused by Tahu if he had somehow regained his powers, Lewa stops testing his flying and uses his Miru Nuva to float gently to the ground.13
  • Lewa lopes along a path (though he dislikes walking on flat earth) toward the smell and sound of fire. Coming around a rock, he finds Tahu standing in front of a blaze. Tahu appears to be trying to stop the fire by drawing it into his swords, but it is not working. Lewa has to grab his arm to get his attention. Tahu is clearly frustrated that his powers still will not work. A small group of Le-Matoran scurries into the clearing and begin shoveling earth on the fire to put it out.13
  • Lewa leads Tahu away and asks him why he came to Le-Koro. Tahu mentions that Turaga Vakama told him where to find two masks, and Lewa offers to be his guide. Tahu gladly accepts, although he still finds it difficult to trust Lewa after his takeover by the Bohrok. Tahu is secretly glad that he can now keep a better eye on him.13
  • After the loss of the Toa Nuva's elemental powers, Tahu Nuva and Lewa Nuva are forced to team up to search for Kanohi Nuva.43, 44
  • Lewa and Tahu make an exhausting trip deeper into the Le-Wahi jungle, hacking their way though vines every step of the way.13
  • In the center of the swamp, Tahu and Lewa find a grove of trees that has been torn out of the ground and piled up to block the path. Tahu tries to lift one of the trees, but they are far heavier than expected, and Tahu gives up. As Tahu points out, Nuhvok-Kal evidently came through the area, using its power to make the trees float out of the ground and pin them to the ground. Tahu strikes a nerve in Lewa when he insinuates that Lewa, of all Toa, should know what the Bohrok-Kal are up to. Lewa insists he does not know anything, but Tahu openly suggests that Lewa might be leading him into a trap. Tahu cannot help but be suspicious of Lewa, but he remembers that he also wore a krana briefly (a fact which none of the other Toa know about), so he backs off. Tahu guesses that Nuhvok-Kal knows that they need the Masks of Power, so it must be heading for the same spot. Tahu suggests that they capture it and make it give their powers back. As Lewa effortlessly climbs over the barrier of trees, he reminds Tahu that Nuhvok-Kal is not so easy to capture. Tahu starts to climb, but with more difficulty. At one point, he slips and almost falls to the bottom, which does nothing to improve his mood. Tahu sarcastically suggests asking the Nuhvok-Kal to think about giving them back their powers, and Lewa suddenly has an idea. As Tahu reaches the top of the barrier, Lewa starts darting acrobatically through the trees from branch to branch. He tells Tahu about how bog snakes [Kuna] defend their nests from Nui-Jaga by confusing them with their overwhelming numbers. Tahu understands Lewa's point, and the two start to form a plan. With the help of the Le-Matoran, they plan to come at the Nuhvok-Kal from different directions, forcing it to use its power again and again until it reaches the limit of its power.13
  • Lewa sends a message back to Le-Koro, instructing Turaga Matau to send as many vinesmen and windriders as possible. Meanwhile, Tahu scouts ahead to see if he can spot the Nuhvok-Kal.13
  • When Tahu returns, Lewa is already putting the Matoran to work. The Matoran are up in the trees all around the clearing, preparing rocks and nets of vine. Not a single tree around the clearing is empty, as the Matoran turn the jungle into a giant trap. Tahu is impressed by their hard work. Kongu asks Tahu what will happen if their plan does not work, but Tahu and Lewa assure him that it will. Lewa and Tahu agree to have Tahu lure the Nuhvok-Kal into the trap.13
  • Nuhvok-Kal is still searching the jungle when Tahu Nuva finds it and shouts to get its attention. Sneering at the Toa, Nuhvok-Kal uses its gravity power to send rocks and trees floating above Tahu's head, then brings them crashing down on him. Tahu backflips out of the way just in the time and scrambles away toward the clearing where Lewa is waiting, taunting Nuhvok-Kal into following him. Tahu races away as Nuhvok-Kal chases him, just barely keeping out of range of its gravity power. At one point, Tahu grabs a tree branch, spins around it, and uses the momentum to shoot forward toward a hanging vine. As Nuhvok-Kal brings down trees behind him, Tahu swings from vine to vine until he lands hard in the clearing. Lewa meets him there, amused to see Tahu vine-swinging. The two Toa rush to different sides of the clearing, and Nuhvok-Kal bursts through the trees. Lewa raises his air katana, signaling the Matoran to attack. From all around the clearing, Matoran sling disks, stones, and branches at Nuhvok-Kal. Nuhvok-Kal reacts by negating the gravity of the objects thrown, but the Matoran keep throwing more and more items, and Nuhvok-Kal tries frantically to keep track of everything coming its way. Before Tahu can stop him, Lewa makes a dash to steal Nuhvok-Kal's krana-kal, but Nuhvok-Kal pins him to the ground with gravity just before its feet. For an instant, Tahu hesitates to help Lewa, wondering if he is still under the Bohrok's influence and this is all an elaborate trap. However, he quickly decides he cannot abandon a brother Toa, and he charges in. Nuhvok-Kal tries to strike Tahu with its power, but Tahu leaps into the air too fast, striking falling stones with his magma swords. The flying rocks ricochet off one another, and Nuhvok-Kal tries in vain to track all of the fast-moving objects. Taking advantage of the distraction, Tahu grabs Lewa and carries him to the safety of the trees, then tells him to wait while he deals with the Bohrok-Kal. However, having exhausted its power, the Nuhvok-Kal retreats into the jungle, using the last of its power to bring down trees behind it. Tahu starts to go after it, but Lewa holds him back, saying there will be another time to deal with the Bohrok-Kal. Rather than argue, Tahu decides to trust Lewa, and he suggests they continue looking for the Kanohi Nuva.13
  • Tahu and Lewa head into the jungle, Tahu walking and Lewa swinging through the trees. Lewa teases Tahu for swinging through the trees earlier, but Tahu warns him sternly never to tell anyone. After a moment, the two start laughing over it.13
  • After fighting the Nuhvok-Kal, finding the masks is a simple matter for Tahu and Lewa.13
  • That same day, Vakama notices that Tahu is in a foul mood when he returns to Ta-Koro. What Vakama does not know is that this is likely because of Tahu's humiliating vine-swinging experience.13

Tahu, Kopaka, and Gali Venture into the Place of Shadow

  • Nokama tells Gali that three Kanohi Nuva can be found in the "place of shadow."13
  • Although Gali initially dismissed Tahu and Kopaka as foolish and vowed not to ally with them again after the Toa Nuva disbanded, her talk with Nokama has convinced her that perhaps she is the one being stubborn. She decides that she must try to bring the Toa back together. Gali arranges for Tahu and Kopaka to meet her at Kini-Nui so they can team up to find Kanohi Nuva, although she does not let either one know that the other is coming.13
  • Hahli sends word to Kopaka Nuva that Gali needs to meet him at Kini-Nui.13
  • Gali teams up with Tahu and Kopaka to search for Kanohi Nuva masks.45
  • Tahu Nuva, Kopaka Nuva, and Gali Nuva come to the Place of Shadow to search for Kanohi Nuva.46
  • Gali waits for Tahu and Kopaka at Kini-Nui. At twilight, Gali stands there in meditation, reflecting on how the Toa Nuva disbanded after their transformation. She is interrupted by the arrival of Kopaka. She welcomes him and tells him that their meeting concerns the Kanohi Nuva. Just then, Tahu arrives as well, and he immediately starts blustering. Gali sharply tells the two of them to set aside their pride so that they can work together to find Kanohi Nuva.13
  • Gali, Tahu, and Kopaka make a very tense trip along the border of Ta-Wahi and Ko-Wahi. Kopaka stays almost completely silent since leaving Kini-Nui. Tahu, on the other hand, will not stop boasting about his adventures, telling Gali twice about his exploits with Lewa against the Nuhvok-Kal. Gali grows irritated with the two Toa, and she has to intervene when Kopaka insults Tahu. At that moment, Gali points out that they have arrived at their destination: a narrow path that winds between the mountains. Kopaka recognizes it as the "place of shadow," an area avoided by the Matoran and even the Bohrok. Gali says that Nokama told her that three Kanohi Nuva can be found here. Tahu suggests using Gali's Kakama Nuva to race in and out of the place, but Gali says they must go through the path slowly to avoid rushing into a trap.13
  • Although the sun is shining when the three Toa begin their trek, they are barely on their way when the mountains seem to close in around them, cutting off all light. There is an eerie silence. Kopaka leads the way, sharing the power of his Akaku Nuva. Suddenly, the rumble of thunder shakes the ground, and there is a howling wind. Where moments ago there was clear sky, black clouds hang overhead. Lightning flies from the clouds and strikes the peaks, shearing off huge chunks of stone that tumble down the mountainsides toward the Toa. Tahu suggests using the Mask of Shielding, but Kopaka argues that they need to use the Mask of Strength to avoid being buried. Gali stops Tahu from arguing further, and Tahu summons the Pakari Nuva and shares its power with Kopaka and Gali. The three spread out and smash the falling stones to dust with their tools before the rocks can hit them. Lightning bolts continue to send ancient rocks falling toward them, but the Toa's reflexes save them from being crushed. When the avalanche finally ends, the three slump to the ground, exhausted. However, both Tahu and Kopaka agree that they need to keep moving.13
  • Tahu leads the way now, while Gali hangs back with Kopaka and tries to explain that the pressure of being leader means Tahu is reluctant to ask for help. Suddenly, a raging wall of fire erupts from the ground, blocking Tahu's path. Even as another wall of fire appears behind them, Gali has to keep Tahu and Kopaka from bickering. The Toa realize that they will not be able to climb over the flames. Gali starts staggering due to the heat. Tahu and Kopaka decide that their best chance is to race through the flames at high speed, and Gali manages to summon her Kakama Nuva. The three of them use its power to run through the fire at top speed and emerge on the other side unharmed. However, Gali is convinced that something is amiss, and she plunges her hand into the flames. The fire has no effect, meaning that all of it is just a trick. Although Tahu and Kopaka think for a moment that Gali has lost her mind, the certainty in her voice convinces them that the fire is not real. As soon as they accept this, the flames vanish. The Toa realize grimly that they encountered something like this before, in the Bohrok tunnels – only now they know that it was not the Bahrag's doing, but Makuta's. Gali supposes that in the moments when they turned away from their unity, they became vulnerable to Makuta. With renewed confidence, Tahu scoffs at Makuta's attempts to stop them from finding the masks and brashly marches off. Kopaka and Gali soon follow, wondering if the next challenge might be more than just an illusion.13
  • The Toa Nuva encounter a wall of fire and conclude, incorrectly, that the illusory wall they encountered in the Bohrok nest was Teridax's doing.47
  • Darkness brings the Toa's journey to a temporary halt. Gali has the unique privilege of watching Tahu and Kopaka work together to start a fire. Once it is started, Kopaka goes off to stand guard while the other two rest. Gali breaks the silence by mentioning that Kopaka said Pohatu is well, and Tahu says Lewa is also well, although he has heard nothing about Onua. Gali argues once more that the Toa were meant to work together, but Tahu argues that each of them has enough power to defeat any menace, even going so far as to anger Gali by scoffing at her power over water.13
  • The next morning dawns bright and clear. Gali and Tahu are not speaking to each other, and Kopaka is characteristically silent. The Toa travel only a short distance before Gali spots a carving on the rock wall. It shows the same six Toa that Gali saw before, this time fighting valiantly against what looks like a many-armed creature in a place of fire.13 Unbeknownst to the Toa, this is in fact a depiction of the Morbuzakh.48 Tahu says he has never heard of such a creature, but Kopaka points out that the Turaga seem to hold many secrets from them, such as the Bohrok. Privately, Gali starts to doubt what they know about the Turaga, and she hopes to get some answers after the Bohrok-Kal are defeated. Up ahead, Tahu spots three Kanohi Nuva – a Pakari Nuva, a Miru Nuva, and an Akaku Nuva – sitting atop stakes planted in the ground. Gali and Kopaka see nothing stopping them from taking the unguarded masks, but Tahu is unusually cautious, convinced that there is a trick. Kopaka uses his Akaku Nuva to confirm that the masks are not illusions, and Tahu reluctantly joins the other two in claiming the masks, reaching for the Miru Nuva. Suddenly, the ground gives way beneath the Toa, sending them tumbling into a dark, bottomless well. Tahu manages to put the Miru Nuva on his face and activates its power for the three of them, allowing them to float gently in the air.13

The Toa Nuva Face the Rahi Nui and Finish Finding the Kanohi Nuva

  • The Rahi Nui returns from being dissipated shortly before the Toa Nuva and Turaga Vakama encounter it.49
  • The Toa reach the bottom and find themselves in a cold, dark chamber far beneath the surface. Gali senses that they are not alone, and soon Onua, Pohatu, Lewa, and Turaga Vakama step out of the shadows. Tahu wonders if the Bohrok-Kal are responsible for bringing the Toa Nuva together in this place, but Vakama says ominously that not even the Bohrok-Kal, nor the Toa Nuva at full power, could tame what lives here. A deafening roar fills the chamber, and Vakama says that the powerful creature they now face was created for one purpose: to defeat Toa.13
  • The Toa Nuva take up positions around the chamber, eyes fixed on the entrance to the darkened tunnel where the roar came from. Tahu tells the others to close in on the beast from behind while he baits it. Gali suggests using the powers of the Kakama Nuva and Miru Nuva to fly out of the chamber, but Kopaka points out that the hole through which they fell has been replaced with sharpened stalactites that would be impossible to get past safely. It is clear that the Toa will have to fight the creature. Tahu asks Vakama for more information about the beast, but Vakama seems more defeated than he ever has before, managing only to recite a foreboding piece of text warning of the "Rahi Nui." The Toa scramble to form a plan; Tahu suggests that the Toa slow down the creature while Vakama escapes, then sees to it that Takua honors their struggle in the chronicles after they have fallen. Before anyone can think of something better, the monstrous Rahi Nui lets out a great roar and emerges from the tunnel before the shocked eyes of the Toa Nuva. Tahu uses his Hau Nuva to cloak all of them in a shield. The Rahi Nui eyes each of the Toa and strangely pauses on Vakama, as if it recognizes him. Tahu steps between the Rahi Nui and Vakama. The Rahi Nui lowers its head and charges, striking Tahu's shield and sending him flying across the chamber. Onua quickly moves between Tahu and the stone wall to cushion his impact, stunning both of them. Lewa comes up with an idea to deprive the Rahi Nui of air. Before anyone can react, he summons the Kakama Nuva and races in tight circles around the Rahi Nui, forming a vacuum around it. However, the Rahi Nui lashes out with its foreleg, causing Lewa to trip and fly headlong into the chamber wall. With already three of the Toa Nuva unable to fight, Vakama remarks that the Toa Nuva are still fighting as lone Toa, but the Rahi Nui is too powerful to be beaten that way. The Rahi Nui approaches Gali, lashing out with its stinger. Gali flips through the air and narrowly avoids it. Kopaka snaps at Vakama to start helping them by telling them what he knows about the beast. Vakama says the beast was bred for power, not intelligence, which is how it was trapped in this place before. As Tahu, Onua, and Lewa get back up, Kopaka tells Pohatu to share the power of his Kakama Nuva with the rest of them and gestures to the stalactites hanging above the Rahi Nui. Pohatu shares his mask power, and all six Toa circle around the Rahi Nui at high speed to confuse it. The Rahi Nui cannot keep track of all six Toa at once and grows frustrated. Pohatu uses this opportunity to join his climbing claws into a ball and fling them at the ceiling, shearing off stalactites that fall onto the Rahi Nui, further enraging it. Onua shares the power of his Pakari Nuva, and as one, the Toa Nuva slam their fists on the ground, creating a massive shock wave that sweeps into the center of the chamber and knocks the Rahi Nui onto its side. A second shock wave keeps it from getting back up.13
  • At this moment, Vakama starts speaking, using his Noble Huna to conceal himself. Vakama's intent is to try to make the Rahi Nui so angry that it will forget how it was trapped before. Vakama addresses the Rahi Nui, saying that he is the voice of the one trapped it long ago, a statement which puzzles Tahu and Gali. The Rahi Nui does seem to recognize and hate the voice, and it turns this way and that in a vain attempt to find Vakama, growing more and more frantic. Vakama continues to taunt the beast, mentioning that it managed to harm some of his friends the last time they met, but that its rage proved to be its undoing. He wonders aloud if the Rahi Nui's master had abandoned it, or if he is the reason all of them are here. Suddenly, the chamber grows darker and colder, and a pair of massive, glowing red eyes appears. The voice of Makuta addresses Vakama, saying that the Rahi Nui has not been abandoned, but has been awaiting his return. Tahu is astonished that Makuta controls the beast, since it wears no infected mask. Makuta says there is no need, since it hates Toa. Vakama snaps back at Makuta, scoffing at him for striking from the shadows through pawns. Vakama tells Makuta that he has been defeated before, but Makuta hisses that he can never be defeated, only delayed. Tahu challenges him defiantly, and Makuta issues a deal: if the Toa can defeat his Rahi, they may leave the chamber; if they fail, Mata Nui will be his. Makuta disappears, leaving the Toa to their fate.13
  • After a long moment, Vakama tells the Toa Nuva to run for the tunnel while he distracts the Rahi Nui. Tahu, dodging a strike from the Rahi Nui, argues with Vakama that Toa do not run, but Vakama sternly tells him to do as he says. The other Toa convince Tahu to trust Vakama. While the snarling Rahi Nui moves toward Vakama's voice, the Toa Nuva slip past the beast into the tunnel. Vakama stands with his back to the chamber wall and becomes visible again, taunting the Rahi Nui into charging. Aghast, Tahu shouts a warning, and Pohatu and Onua have to hold him back from racing in, telling him to trust whatever plan Vakama has in mind. As the Rahi Nui prepares to charge, Vakama himself is not so certain. The Rahi Nui lunges, but Vakama leaps aside at the last moment, turning invisible as he does. The Rahi Nui slams headfirst into the wall, burying its horns into the rock. The force is so powerful that it cannot withdraw its horns from the rock, leaving the Rahi Nui stack fast to the wall.13
  • Cautiously, Vakama steps away and turns visible again, joined by the Toa Nuva. Vakama says the Rahi Nui will eventually free itself. Now that the Toa Nuva have all of their Kanohi Nuva, Onua suggests they they return to the surface. As they walk into the tunnel, Tahu tells Vakama that he took a great risk, but Vakama responds that if he had failed, then someone else would have taken his place as Turaga, just as someone else may become Toa of Fire when Tahu's destiny is fulfilled. Vakama explains that he needed to make the Rahi Nui so angry that it would forget how it had been trapped before.13
  • The Toa reach a dead end and see the sky through an opening in the ceiling. They use the combined power of the Kakama Nuva and Miru Nuva to allow themselves and Vakama to fly back up to the surface of Mata Nui.13
  • Far below, deep in the darkness, Makuta laughs to himself, convinced that Vakama's secrets will be the end of the Toa.13
  • Tahu, Kopaka, and Gali come into conflict with Makuta Teridax and the Rahi Nui.45
  • Over 1,000 years after the Toa Metru's battle with the Rahi Nui50 The Toa Nuva defeat the Rahi Nui with aid from Vakama. Its whereabouts later become unknown.50
  • Although the Toa Nuva's quest for the Kanohi Nuva is at an end, they must put aside questions about their future as a team and the secrets of the Turaga in order to deal with the threat of the Bohrok-Kal.13
  • At some point, Nuju learns about the Toa Nuva's encounter with the Rahi Nui. Vakama asks Nuju to keep it a secret from the other Turaga.13

Lewa Attempts to Attack Kohrak-Kal

  • After the Toa Nuva have found a few of their Kanohi Nuva Lewa Nuva stalks Kohrok-Kal from the treetops, swinging from tree to tree while Kohrok-Kal walks on the ground below, apparently unaware of his presence. When Kohrak-Kal nears the center of a clearing, Lewa swings on a sturdy vine and skims just above the swampy ground, aiming for the Kohrak-Kal. He is just about to come up from behind it and snatch its krana-kal when a burst of noise from the Kohrak-Kal knocks him to the ground. Lewa springs back up, but the Kohrak-Kal continues on, hardly sparing a glance as it uses its shield to create a high wall of solid sound between itself and Lewa Nuva. Lewa uses his Mask of Levitation to float to the top of the wall, but the sonic waves move and surround him, pummeling him with their intensity. Lewa falls helplessly to the ground as he tries merely to survive the assault. The attack is unbearable, like nothing he has ever experienced or imagined before.11
  • Later, Gali Nuva finds Lewa Nuva in shock following the Kohrak-Kal's attack, curled up on the ground and muttering to himself about the "soundshape." She calls out to Kopaka Nuva, who is examining a Bohrok-Kal footprint nearby. Seeing Lewa covering his ears, the two realize that Lewa Nuva must have tried to take on the Kohrak-Kal by himself. Gali pries his one of his hands loose, and Lewa slowly relaxes, realizing that the sound is gone. Kopaka helps the shaken Lewa to his feet, and Lewa explains that he tried to grab the Kohrok-Kal's krana-kal by vine-swinging from above. Gali and Kopaka both think this was reckless. Kopaka asks what they should do, now that their enemy seems too strong to stop. Lewa says pessimistically that it is only a matter of time until the Bohrok-Kal find the Bahrag, but Kopaka says they cannot give up on their destiny to protect Mata Nui. Lewa points out that they have tried many plans and failed, but Gali says there is one thing they have not yet tried.11

Tahu and Jala Almost Defeat Pahrak-Kal

  • In a place where the ground is hardened magma, Tahu Nuva appears atop a ridge right next to the Pahrak-Kal and challenges the creature, determined to take its krana-kal. The Pahrak-Kal simply turns its back to him. Tahu charges, but the Pahrak-Kal easily deflects the blows from his magma sword. Then, it uses its shield to melt the ground beneath Tahu's feet into lava. To Tahu's surprise, the heat of the lava affects him now that his elemental powers are gone, and he is forced to leap back. The Pahrak-Kal taunts Tahu scornfully, which only makes Tahu's anger worse. The Pahrak-Kal steps toward Tahu and raises its shield, surrounding Tahu with a wave of searing, painful heat. Although Tahu could retreat, he is too stubborn to allow the Pahrak-Kal to get the better of him with his own element and decides to stand his ground, or else fall trying. Just then, Jala appears with several other Ta-Matoran and calls out to Tahu. Momentarily distracted, the Pahrak-Kal turns its shield away from Tahu; Tahu slumps to the ground in relief. The Pahrak-Kal mocks Tahu's apparent rescue party, but Jala boldly tells the creature to leave them alone. The Pahrak-Kal says it has no quarrel with the likes of Matoran, but that their Toa had wanted to test its powers. With that, it simply turns and moves on along the ridge. As Tahu gets up, Jala comes to his side. Tahu brushes off Jala's concern and immediately means to head after the Pahrak-Kal again. With surprising anger, Jala holds Tahu back, saying he has no right to sacrifice himself and forsake his duty to Mata Nui for the sake of personal pride. Tahu is impressed by Jala's courage in standing up to him. The Pahrak-Kal, which has paused to listen nearby, starts mocking Tahu and tells him to follow his friend's advice; Tahu promises the Toa Nuva will stop the Bohrok-Kal, barely containing his anger. While the Pahrak-Kal is laughing scornfully at Tahu, Jala surprises everyone by leaping forward suddenly. Catching the Pahrak-Kal off guard, he manages to wrench its krana-kal free. The Pahrak-Kal twitches and then falls still. Tahu starts to congratulate Jala and celebrate their victory, when one of the other Matoran spots a Gahlok Va scuttling toward them from the end of the ridge. To their dismay, it is clutching a replacement krana-kal. Tahu and the Matoran flee and scatter as fast as possible. Tahu Nuva realizes that their alliance with the Bohrok and Bohrok Va seems to have been a mistake, as the Bohrok-Kal are exerting some kind of influence over them. For a moment, Tahu considers using the Kanohi Vahi, but he continues to run, feeling helpless and angry.11

Tahu Leads a Swarm of Tahnok against Nuhvok-Kal

  • Tahu has access to a Tahnok swarm; they are the ones working near Ta-Koro and the ones Nuparu worked on first.51
  • On a rocky plain somewhere (on the other side of the island from the jungle, so probably Po-Wahi), Tahu Nuva leads a massive swarm of krana-less Tahnok into battle against Nuhvok-Kal. Nuhvok-Kal scoffs at the attempt and casually decreases gravity around the Tahnok, sending them flying into orbit, where they will be safe until he needs them. Then, he increases gravity around Tahu, pinning him to the ground.28
  • Tahu Nuva leads a swarm of Tahnok minus their krana against the Bohrok-Kal. Nuhvok-Kal negates gravity around them and sends them into space, where they remain in orbit.52
  • Nuhvok-Kal uses its gravity shield to erase gravity around a swarm of Tahnok and send it flying into space.53
  • Nuhvok-Kal easily defeats Tahu Nuva by increasing gravity and sending him plunging into the earth.54

Bohrok-Kal Kaita Ja Defeats Wairuha Nuva

  • In the jungle, Lewa Nuva, Kopaka Nuva, and Gali Nuva combine their powers to form a mighty Toa Nuva Kaita (Wairuha Nuva). Wairuha Nuva chases Gahlok-Kal through the jungle, but Gahlok-Kal meets with Lehvak-Kal and Kohrak-Kal, and with a bright flash, they merge into a single, more powerful form of their own (a Bohrok-Kal Kaita).28
  • In the jungle near Le-Koro, Lewa, Kopaka, and Gali prepare to merge into one. Gali closes her eyes, gathering and focusing her energy. She concentrates on the other two Toa Nuva, allowing her own mind to flow and merge with theirs. A moment later, the Toa Nuva Kaita [sic] Wairuha is formed. He moves toward the Lehvak-Kal, which is searching a boggy area nearby. The Lehvak-Kal stops what it is doing and lets out a series of shrill calls. Seconds later, the Kohrak-Kal and Gahlok-Kal appear. Wairuha gathers his powers, but the Bohrok-Kal ignore him and instead turn toward each other. There is a blast of energy, and suddenly a single, larger creatures appears in their place – a Kaita of their own. The creature flings a solid mass of flickering sound at Wairuha, who fails to dodge it. Wairuha is trapped within an airless, magnetized vortex of sound. Struggling to maintain consciousness, Wairuha is forced to split back into the three Toa Nuva. Nearby, the Bohrok-Kal Kaita splits apart as well. The Lehvak-Kal remarks that that was almost fun, although the Kohrak-Kal reminds him they must waste no time finding the queens. Without further discussion, the three Bohrok-Kal scuttle off in different directions. [Later, Gali says the Bohrok-Kal Kaita heads toward the north [sic].] The Toa Nuva manage to get up as they are leaving, dismayed that not even the Toa Nuva Kaita [sic] can slow the creatures down. Even Gali is downcast, and she fears that their only hope is that the Bahrag are truly gone for good.11
  • Wairuha Nuva is formed in an attempt to defeat the Bohrok-Kal but is defeated by Bohrok-Kal Kaita Ja.4, 55, 56, 57
  • Deep underground, [Makuta] senses the defeated Toa's words and laughs to himself, delighted to see them finally proven weak and flawed before this more powerful enemy. He wonders if the Toa have finally met their end. He turns to the enormous mask in the cavern wall nearby, telling his "brother" not to fear – as long as he is here, nothing will ever disturb him.11

Boxors Surprise a Bohrok-Kal and Steal its Krana-Kal

  • According to Turaga Nokama, their boxors surprise a Bohrok-Kal long enough to steal his krana-kal. They learn much: that the Bohrok-Kal are an elite squad of Bohrok whose only mission is to free the Bahrag.28

Pahrak-Kal Discovers the Location of the Bahrag

  • Pahrak-Kal discovers the location of the Bohrok queens and leads the rest of the Bohrok-Kal squad to find them.58

The Bohrok Return to the Nest

  • The Bohrok swarms leave the koro and return to their nests, as if obeying a command.28
  • The Bohrok-Kal summon the Bohrok back to their nests to await the call to invade Mata Nui again. This includes the remaining Tahnok.59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 52 The Bohrok return to their nests and go back to sleep, awaiting another signal to awaken.65 The Bohrok swarms leave the villages where they are working. All of them seem to be heading back to their nest, as if obeying a command.11 The Bohrok Va return to the nests too.66

Pohatu and Onua Almost Defeat Tahnok-Kal

  • Pohatu makes up a plan to defeat Tahnok-Kal. Working with Onua, the two of them will use a highly polished stone to deflect its lightning bolts.28
  • Pohatu and Onua sneak up on Tahnok-Kal on a beach, hiding in the nearby jungle foliage. While Pohatu holds on to their highly polished ball-shaped stone, Onua steps out onto the beach and taunts Tahnok-Kal into attacking him with electricity. Just as Tahnok-Kal unleashes bolts of electricity, Pohatu kicks the stone into its path, deflecting the bolts back at a tree above Tahnok-Kal. The tree splinters apart and falls on Tahnok-Kal, trapping him.28
  • Pohatu and Onua track the Tahnok-Kal to the beach on the eastern shore of the island. They hide in the woods nearby and concoct a plan to disable it by reflecting its lightning bolts back over its head toward a tall tree behind the creature.11
  • For once, the Toa's plan goes perfectly. The tree cracks and falls right on the Tahnok-Kal, trapping it. Pohatu and Onua remove its krana-kal with little trouble.11
  • Pohatu and Onua easily remove the krana-kal, a Krana Za-Kal, from the fallen Tahnok-Kal. However, the krana-kal speaks to them and claims they are too late – the Bohrok-Kal have already discovered where the Bahrag are hidden. Pohatu insists that the Bahrag disappeared after an earthquake brought the nest down, but the krana-kal insists they are waiting underground. Nokama appears holding a Krana Za-Kal [a different one? the same one?] and tells the Toa that the krana-kal may be right. She reports that their boxors surprised a Bohrok-Kal long enough to steal his krana-kal, and they learned that the Bohrok-Kal are an elite squad of Bohrok whose only mission is to free the Bahrag. She also says that the Bohrok have left the koro and begun returning to their nests of their own accord.28
  • The krana-kal speaks to Pohatu and Onua, telling them they are already too late – the Bohrok-Kal have learned where Cahdok and Gahdok are trapped. Pohatu and Onua do not believe it, but the krana-kal is convinced they are wrong.11
  • After Pohatu and Kopaka's search for Kanohi Nuva Pohatu and Onua battle the Tahnok-Kal.37
  • Pohatu and Onua turn around and see that the Tahnok-Kal is gone. Onua assumes that the Bohrok Va must be serving the Bohrok-Kal. He tells Nokama to warn the koro while he and Pohatu find the others before it is too late to stop the Bohrok-Kal.28
  • In a rocky desert area, Pahrak-Kal senses that the Bahrag are waiting behind a barrier of stone. He uses his plasma power to melt a hole in it.28

The Toa Nuva Gather Again

  • A Matoran tells Pohatu Nuva and Onua Nuva that they saw Lewa Nuva, Kopaka Nuva, and Gali Nuva in the jungle.11
  • Eager to tell the other Toa Nuva what they have learned, Pohatu Nuva and Onua Nuva meet up with Tahu Nuva, then take him to the jungle to meet with Lewa Nuva, Kopaka Nuva, and Gali Nuva. Pohatu and Onua insist on waiting until they meet with the other Toa before telling Tahu their news, which tries Tahu's patience.11
  • Tahu, Pohatu, and Onua arrive in the jungle. Eventually, they run into Lewa, Kopaka, and Gali in a clearing. Lewa, Kopaka, and Gali were just considering finding the others to tell them about their recent encounter. They tell Tahu, Pohatu, and Onua how Lewa had fought the Kohrak-Kal, and how then the three of them formed Wairuha, only to be easily beaten by a Bohrok-Kal Kaita. Gali mentions that it headed toward the north, and Onua says he and Pohatu may know the reason. As the Toa start walking north, Pohatu tells the others how he and Onua trapped the Tahnok-Kal and took its krana-kal, which spoke to them and claimed that the Bohrok-Kal had already learned where the Bahrag were trapped. Additionally, the Bohrok swarms have left the villages and seem to be returning back to their nest, as if obeying a command. Onua says they need to reach the Bahrag before the Bohrok-Kal, which is why they must head north, to Po-Wahi. By now, the Toa Nuva have already reached the edge of the jungle. Gali points out that they already visited the tunnel and found that it was filled in with rocks. Pohatu says that now that they have most of their Kanohi Nuva, they may be able to make their way underground before the Bohrok-Kal. Vaulting over a low wall of tumbled stones, Lewa asks what good this will do if they cannot beat the Bohrok-Kal. Kopaka remembers that the Exo-Toa are still near the Bahrag's lair; they can use the suits for added strength.11

Toa Nuva Return to the Bohrok Nest

  • The Toa Nuva continue across the plains and deserts of Po-Wahi, saying little.11
  • Finally, the Toa Nuva reach the base of the hill leading to the cave entrance. Tahu leads the way up the slope.11
  • A moment later, the Toa Nuva are surprised to find that the huge pile of rocks covering the entrance has been completely melted away. Instead, the entrance yawns open, leading down into the darkness.11
  • The Toa Nuva arrive at the spot where Pahrak-Kal visited before. They find that a hole has been melted through the stone barrier. Warily, they enter the dark tunnel.28

The Bohrok-Kal Defeat the Exo-Toa

  • The Brotherhood of Makuta likely sets the Exo-Toa to automatically guard the Bahrag.67
  • The Toa Nuva descend into the chamber where they last saw the Bahrag. They find a hole melted into the stone floor whose edges are still hot. Tahu has Lewa levitate down the hole to investigate.28
  • The Toa Nuva enter an underground chamber. It has not changed much after they last saw it, just after the defeat of the Bahrag. They find a jagged hole burned into the floor. The other Toa Nuva wait as Lewa levitates down the hole to investigate.11
  • The Bohrok-Kal discover the location of the Bahrag. The six Exo-Toa, running on automatic and guarding the Bahrag's prison, fight the Bohrok-Kal but are easily defeated and destroyed.4, 68
  • When Lewa descends through the hole into another chamber. He is shocked to find the Exo-Toa, with no one inside to operate them, engaged in a furious battle against the Bohrok-Kal. However, the Exo-Toa are overwhelmed by the Bohrok-Kal's powers.28
  • The Bohrok-Kal touch the Bahrag with the Krana-Kal Xa, meaning they only need to fit the icons into the cube to dissolve their prison.69
  • With the Exo-Toa demolished, the Bohrok-Kal gather around the floating Nuva cube, holding the Nuva symbols. They prepare to fit the symbols onto the cube and free the Bahrag.28
  • Down below, Lewa is surprised to find the Exo-Toa guarding the Bahrag's prison – by themselves. The Exo-Toa are fighting against the Bohrok-Kal, but they are outmatched. In the front of the cavern, Lewa sees the Bohrok-Kal standing in a group in front of a hovering, glowing cube, carrying the Toa Nuva's stolen icons. The cube has shapes carved into the sides, a perfect fit for the power symbols. Lewa cannot see what lies in the dark cavern beyond, but he guesses that it is Cahdok and Gahdok. The Bohrok-Kal destroy most of the Exo-Toa before Lewa hurries back to tell the other Toa.11

The Toa Nuva Attempt to Stop the Bohrok-Kal

  • After a while, Onua hears distant sounds coming from the hole, like shattering glass or stone. Lewa suddenly pops out of the hole in a hurry, looking worried and speaking in rapid treespeak. Slowing down, Lewa tells the others what he saw. Onua realizes that the Bohrok-Kal must have wanted their icons in order to fit them into the cube and release the Bahrag, since the cube acts as a kind of lock. The Toa Nuva realize they need to do whatever they can to stop the Bohrok-Kal, but they no longer have access to the Exo-Toa and have only a few paltry mask powers. Nevertheless, Tahu leads the Toa Nuva down the hole, wondering if now is the time to reveal the Kanohi Vahi, and if he is ready to control its terrible power.11
  • All six Toa Nuva descend through the hole into the chamber. The Bohrok-Kal are too absorbed in their task to notice them, but the Toa Nuva have no time to stop them. In desperation, Tahu does something he hoped he would never need to do and summons the Mask of Time to his face.28
  • Tahu slows his descent as the lower cavern comes into view. All six of the Bohrok-Kal are gathered around the floating cube. Most of the Exo-Toa have been pulled to pieces, and their remains lie scattered on the floor nearby. Seeing no other option, Tahu accepts destiny and makes the decision to use the Vahi.11
  • The Bohrok-Kal surround the Nuva cube and are just about to fit the symbols onto it. The Bahrag, speaking telepathically, encourage the Bohrok-Kal to free them. Lewa exclaims in disbelief when he sees that Tahu has the Vahi, the Mask of Time, and Gali says bleakly that Tahu may have doomed them all. The Bahrag say that the Toa Nuva are too late, as the Bahrag have already been touched by the Krana-Kal Xa. Gali warns that if Tahu uses the mask, all of reality may be undone. Tahu assures her that he will not fail and activates the mask.69
  • Gali exclaims as Tahu's mask morphs into an unfamiliar orange shape. Tahu finally reveals the Great Mask of Time – something he hoped never to have to use, since it could mean the end of everything. Gali says bleakly that he may have doomed them all. From the cavern below, the Toa Nuva hear the voices of the Bahrag, encouraging the Bohrok-Kal to free them. Tahu levitates downward in front of the other Toa. Soon all of them can see into the cavern beyond the cube, where the monstrous forms of Cahdok and Gahdok are barely visible beyond a hazy wall, trapped in a glutinous cage. The Bahrag spot the Toa Nuva, and Cahdok tells them they are too late. The Toa Nuva touch down on the floor. Tahu assures Gali that he must use the mask's power and master it, or else all is lost. Gali warns that if he fails, all of reality may be undone.11
  • When Tahu uses the Vahi, its power slows down time around the Bohrok-Kal to a virtual standstill. Tahu is already strained to the limit while trying to use the mask and tells the Toa to get their symbols back.69
  • Tahu is determined not to fail, and the mask glows brightly as he activates it. A ripple of energy radiates out from the mask and strikes the Bohrok-Kal just as they move their clawed arms to move the icons into place. Their movements slow more and more, until their motion is barely perceptible. To their relief, the Toa Nuva see that the mask is working, but Tahu quivers uncontrollably, barely able to maintain control. He tells the others that he cannot hold time back much longer, and tells them to get their symbols back.11
  • Faced with no choice, Tahu Nuva summons the Kanohi Vahi, a potentially dangerous option, and uses it to slow time around the Bohrok-Kal.4, 3, 70, 71
  • The Toa watch as the krana-kal behind the head-plates of the Bohrok-Kal turn from their normal colors to silver. A spherical field of energy appears around the Bohrok-Kal. Kopaka assumes that in the final moments before completing their task, the Bohrok-Kal are protected from all harm, something which not even the slowing of time could stop. Onua tests this theory by hurling a stone at the force field, and the stone disintegrates against it.69
  • The Toa Nuva leap toward the Bohrok-Kal. As Gali approaches the Nuhvok-Kal, she can see its krana-kal, which still appears to be pulsing evenly despite the slowing of time. She watches as the krana-kal shimmers and glows. She alerts the others that the krana-kal appear to be changing – turning silver. Kopaka moves forward for a better look but runs into an invisible barrier. He realizes grimly that a field of energy surrounds the Bohrok-Kal, concluding that in the final moments before they complete their task, they must be protected from all harm, something which not even the slowing of time could stop. Onua tests this by hurling a stone at the Bohrok-Kal, and the stone disintegrates against the force field.11
  • Although things look bleak, Gali reminds the Toa that their powers are linked to their symbols, something which they can use against the Bohrok-Kal. She tells the Toa to focus their willpower and reach out to the symbols, even though they will need to free the Bohrok-Kal from the Vahi's power.69
  • Tahu continues to struggle to maintain the mask's power. Dejected, the Toa Nuva realize they have failed; they cannot stop the Bohrok-Kal from freeing the Bahrag, who were almost impossible to stop even when the Toa had their powers. Despite the others, only Gali is unwilling to give up, and recalls how the Matoran creed – unity, duty, destiny – has not failed them so far. She reminds the other Toa that they have always had the most success when they were willing to dig deep inside their hears and risk even their very selves. She explains that if the essence of their powers is housed within the symbols, they may be able to use them against the Bohrok-Kal. Both the Vahi's power and Tahu start to weaken. Kopaka snaps Tahu out of his daze and tells him to send the Vahi away; Tahu listens and deactivates the Vahi, which fades. Pohatu helps Tahu pull himself together.11

The Bohrok-Kal Are Destroyed

  • The Toa Nuva focus their willpower on their symbols, creating an aura of energy around them. Their willpower penetrates the Bohrok-Kal's shield and causes their symbols to glow, feeding energy into the Bohrok-Kal. The Bohrok-Kal turn away from their task in excitement as they feel the rush of power. Lehvak-Kal exclaims that with this power, the Bohrok-Kal can return Mata Nui to the before-time even without the Bahrag. Gahlok-Kal says they will rule beside the Bahrag. However, Gahdok [red] yells that they have been tricked.69, 72
  • The Bohrok-Kal, free from the Vahi's power, begin to stir. Together, the Toa Nuva face the cube and push their strength and energy outward toward the symbols. Sensing the power of the other Toa, Tahu has never felt such an intense wave of energy. A glow surrounds the Toa and slowly takes separate form, and it moves toward the Bohrok-Kal. It nears the the force field surrounding the Bohrok-Kal, and Tahu urges the Toa Nuva to concentrate and break through. The symbols glow in response to the Toa Nuva's energy, and the glow pulses outward and surrounds the Bohrok-Kal. The Nuhvok-Kal suddenly realizes that it feels stronger, that the symbols are feeding them energy. The Lehvak-Kal exclaims that with this power, the Bahrag do not need the swarms, and that they can return Mata Nui to the Before-Time themselves. Gahdok howls at them not to be distracted from their task.11
  • Fed with so much power, Nuhvok-Kal becomes unable to control his gravity power. He drops the symbol he is carrying and starts to crumple upon himself, then finally implodes into a little black hole. Pahrak-Kal, surrounded by a nimbus of plasma, hurls his symbol away, determined to control his power. However, the ground melts beneath his feet, and he plunges out of sight. Gahlok-Kal lifts his symbol up to the Nuva cube, convinced that his power cannot be used against him. However, the broken remains of the Exo-Toa armor come flying toward Gahlok-Kal, crushing him. Lehvak-Kal's vacuum power sends him hurtling through the ceiling of the cavern, smashing through multiple underground chambers above, all the way to the surface and high into the sky beyond. Tahnok-Kal is imprisoned by his own electrical power. Kohrak-Kal disintegrates due to his own sonic power, with only his krana-kal escaping.69
  • Gahlok-Kal cries that they will rule beside the Bahrag, but suddenly shudders. All of the Bohrok-Kal start convulsing uncontrollably, realizing that they now have more power than they can control; Cahdok roars that they have been tricked. The Toa Nuva watch as the Nuhvok-Kal drops its symbol and its own gravity starts crushing its own body. As it cries for aid from the Bahrag, the Nuhvok-Kal crumples up and disappears into a miniature black hole in the middle of the chamber. The Pahrak-Kal hurls its symbol away, but its body is already glowing with plasma-fueled heat so intense that the floor melts beneath its feet. The Pahrak-Kal cries defiantly that it cannot be defeated, but it seems to start melting itself, and it disappears into the floor as it gives way. Tahu sees the Gahlok-Kal step toward the cube with its symbol, determined to free the Bahrag on its own. Tahu stands back rather than try to stop it, knowing that it would need to collect all of the symbols. The pieces of the shattered Exo-Toa armor shoot toward the Gahlok-Kal, pulled by its magnetic force, and crush it. Tahu watches as the vacuum forces emitted by the Lehvak-Kal finally overwhelm it and send it rocketing upward through the cavern ceiling. Tahnok-Kal has teetered over to a corner of the cave, locked in place as it is trapped by its own electrical forces; Onua expects it will stay trapped until it runs out of energy entirely. Kohrak-Kal stands near the cube, trapped in the middle of a sonic vortex. Its body finally gives way to the pressure and crumbles into dust. Only its silvery krana-kal escapes, scuttling away into the shadows. The six power symbols are left lying on floor, and their glow slowly fades away.11
  • Through force of will, the Toa Nuva trigger the power stored in the Nuva symbols, which are in the Bohrok-Kal's possession, and cause it to flow into the Bohrok-Kal. The Bohrok-Kal absorb more power than they can control and overload.4, 5 Gahlok-Kal's magnetic power goes wild and draws every loose metallic object in the room toward it, crushing its body.73 Kohrak-Kal is shaken apart by its own energies.74 Lehvak-Kal loses control of its power and blasts itself into orbit.75 Nuhvok-Kal's power turns back on itself and turns Nuhvok-Kal into a black hole.76 Pahrak-Kal superheats and melts through the floor, vanishing possibly all the way to the core of the planet.77 Tahnok-Kal is overloaded with electricity, and its moving parts fuse together.78
  • At least some of the Krana-Kal survive the destruction of the Bohrok-Kal.79
  • With the Bohrok-Kal defeated, Lewa starts to ask if the Bohrok-Kal are dead, but Kopaka responds that they did not live as they understand life. Gali explains that she gambled that tapping the power of their symbols would overwhelm the Bohrok-Kal, and Kopaka praises her wisdom, mentioning that she talked about the need for the Toa to control their powers just a few days ago. Gali asks Tahu where he got the Vahi from, and he explains that Vakama gave it to him, warning him that its power might be too much for a Toa to wield.69
  • Now that the cavern is still, Lewa wonders if the Bohrok-Kal are dead; Kopaka responds that they did not live as they understand life, but they have been defeated. Tahu mentions the escaping krana-kal; Gali expects that the others managed to get away too, but they will remain powerless without the Bohrok-Kal to house them. Relieved, Tahu and Kopaka realize they have won, and Kopaka congratulates Gali for her wisdom. Gali admits that she gambled that tapping the power of the symbols would overwhelm the Bohrok-Kal. She asks Tahu where he got the Vahi from, and Tahu explains that Vakama gave it to him, warning him that its power might be too much for a Toa to wield.11
  • Now that the Toa Nuva's powers have returned, Kopaka creates a staircase of ice leading to the surface. They will let the Turaga decide what to do with the Bohrok-Kal.69
  • Tahu feels his elemental powers return, and he blasts a nearby rock with flame from his sword to test it. Kopaka forms an icy staircase leading to the surface, and Tahu leads the other Toa Nuva up.11
  • After a long walk, the Toa Nuva return to the surface of Mata Nui through the entrance they came in. Since the Toa have never come closer to defeat, they have a great deal to think about.69
  • The Bohrok-Kal are defeated, the Bahrag remain imprisoned, and the Bohrok remain asleep in their nests.69
  • The Toa Nuva finally reach the bright surface and sink to the ground in relief. Gali is concerned that Tahu kept the Vahi a secret for so long, but she suppresses her unease. Gali wonders if they will be able to put Mata Nui right again, and Tahu responds that they will, now that they have finally learned their lesson – when they keep unity, duty, and destiny in mind, they can do anything.11

The Toa Nuva Return to the Villages

  • With the Bohrok-Kal defeated, the Bahrag remain imprisoned, and the Bohrok remain dormant.80, 59, 4, 65 The Toa Nuva regain their Nuva Symbols.5
  • After the defeat of the Bohrok-Kal, Onua returns to Onu-Koro.81
  • Voporak may well be seeking out the Toa Nuva following Tahu Nuva's use of the Vahi.82
  • Voporak continues his hunt for the Mask of Time in the wake of Tahu's use of it.83
  • Voporak and Ancient travel towards the location where Tahu Nuva used the Vahi.84
  • Tahu Nuva returns the Vahi to Vakama's care.70
  • After the Bohrok-Kal are defeated, the Turaga take care of their remains and leftover parts as a precaution.85
  • The Nuva Symbols are relocated to a safer place than the koro.86

The Matoran Hold Naming Day and Are Rebuilt

  • After the Bohrok-Kal came so close to victory, the Turaga decide to share a secret they have known for a long time with the Matoran: how to essentially rebuild themselves so they are faster, more agile, and better able to defend the koro.87 The Matoran are probably nervous about the change at first, but they trust the Turaga.88 It is not clear where the Matoran rebuild themselves, but it is most likely in the individual villages.89 They rebuild themselves with solid protodermis mined from Onu-Koro.90 The Turaga refer to this knowledge as a "gift" from Mata Nui.91
  • Following the defeat of the Bohrok-Kal, the Turaga teach the Matoran how to rebuild themselves to become stronger and more agile, a secret which it is believed they may have learned from the Rahaga at some point in the past.92
  • The Turaga teach the Matoran how to rebuild themselves because the Bohrok and Bohrok-Kal attacks showed that Teridax was upping the stakes of their conflict.93
  • The Matoran exploit their biomechanical nature to rebuild themselves completely.94
  • It's likely the rebuilding was painless due to the special knowledge the Turaga had.95
  • The Matoran aren't asleep while they're rebuilt.96
  • The Turaga didn't reveal how the Matoran could rebuild themselves sooner because it might have raised questions on how the Turaga knew that and they weren't prepared to answer that.97
  • Jaller, Hewkii, and Macku are rewarded with name changes during Naming Day ceremonies.98, 99
  • Takua is not nominated for a name change because, although he has done many brave things, Vakama thinks that he is reckless and irresponsible.100

The Mask of Light


  • The next few weeks following the defeat of the Bohrok-Kal are peaceful ones, giving the Toa Nuva time to think, rest, and heal. The Toa spend many days in training, repairing koro defenses, and attending Matoran competitions.69
  • Despite the Toa Nuva's near-demise, Tahu Nuva still has not learned a badly-needed lesson in unity. His stubbornness alienates him from Gali Nuva.3
  • With the Bohrok and Bohrok-Kal finally defeated, the Toa return from their struggle and join with the Matoran to repair damage done to the villages. All enjoy a rare feeling on Mata Nui: peace.13
  • Nokama carves a new Chronicler's Staff for Takua to carry during his time of service.101
  • Takua the Chronicler records the history of Mata Nui on the Wall of History in Ta-Koro.102
  • With Makuta's Rahi gone, travel between koro becomes much easier. Inter-koro kolhii games are played once again. Kolhii becomes a centerpiece of Matoran life, and matches become an occasion of great celebration. Variants of the game include an Onu-Koro version played on Ussal crabs and an aerial version played by the Le-Matoran flying on Gukko birds.103
  • Hahli forms a close friendship with Jaller, though the relationship does not progress beyond that.104
  • Recently as of mid-story year 2003 Le-Koro is rebuilt following the damage done by the Lehvak. The tall trees are once again alive with the chatter of the Le-Matoran.105
  • The Toa and Matoran work together to erect a great kolhii stadium.103

The Kolhii Tournament And Hahli's Adventures

  • Matoro is tapped to lead Ko-Koro's Kolhii team, giving up his pursuits as a tracker and hunter of Rahi.106
  • Hahli is unexpectedly tapped by Nokama to play on the Ga-Koro Kolhii team.104
  • Hafu serves on the Po-Koro Kolhii team with Hewkii.107
  • Macku joins with Hahli to form Ga-Koro's winning Kolhii team.108

The Turaga Debate Revealing Metru Nui

  • The Turaga observe that the Toa Nuva continue to argue with one another. Kopaka squabbles with Tahu, and Gali avoids speaking with either of them. It seems that there is little friendship left among the Toa Nuva.13
  • Turaga Vakama calls a council meeting with the other Turaga in order to debate whether to share the secrets of Metru Nui with the Toa Nuva. Even before the meeting, his experience of facing the Rahi Nui again has convinced him that keeping the truth from the Toa Nuva puts them in danger.13
  • The Turaga are gathered for a council meeting at night. The Matoran, tired from their labors, have gone to sleep, and the island of Mata Nui is quiet. Although it should be a time of celebration, the Turaga are now preoccupied deciding whether they should share the many secrets they have kept from the Toa. Nokama insists that they must tell the Toa the truth, pointing out that tit has saved them many times from Makuta's power. Onewa argues that they have done so without knowing more than they needed to, and he prefers it stay that way. Nuju interrupts with a string of clicks and whistles insulting Onewa, which Matoro is hesitant to translate. Chuckling, Vakama defends Onewa, reminding the council that knowledge can be harmful in the wrong hands. Matau says they know the pain of not being trusted themselves, and argues that the Toa are wise enough to know everything, which they must to achieve their destiny. Onewa slams his hammer for emphasis, saying that since the Toa became Toa Nuva, they have done nothing but argue with one another. Nokama and Matau remind him that there was a time when Toa argued often. Whenua, having listened quietly to the others, rises and starts to address them; Vakama stifles Nuju's impatient clicks. He says how the Onu-Matoran live in darkness, and how he used to believe all answers could be found in the past. The Toa overcame the threats to Mata Nui in darkness, but he argues they could achieve more with the light of truth, with which Nokama agrees. Vakama wonders how the Toa will feel about the Turaga's deception if they learn about Metru Nui, and he asks how they can know the right thing to do. Nokama suggests turning to the stories of the Toa Nuva's recent quest for the Kanohi Nuva. Although he has heard the tales before, he decides it is a wise suggestion to revisit them more attentively. He proposes that each Turaga tell a tale of the Toa Nuva's search for the Kanohi Nuva, and then they will make a decision at the end. Nuju and Onewa argue over who will speak first; Nokama gently urges Nuju to save his story for later and allow Onewa to go first.13
  • Onewa tells the story of how Pohatu Nuva and Kopaka Nuva found a Hau Nuva in a Ko-Wahi ice cave. Kopaka repeatedly refused Pohatu's help, only to begrudgingly accept his companionship after Pohatu saved him from a Muaka. Together, they found the Hau Nuva at the bottom of a crevasse, where they escaped a rain of falling rocks so narrowly that Kopaka thought Pohatu had been killed. Once Onewa's tale is finished, he points out how Kopaka's refusal to accept help could have led to disaster, showing that he has learned nothing about unity. Nuju argues that Pohatu was too stubborn to leave when asked. Matau argues that the mask was still found, and now the two Toa are better friends. In reply, Vakama asks if they have the wisdom to understand what has gone before, cueing Whenua to begin his tale.13
  • Whenua tells the story of how he and Onua Nuva journeyed deep underground to retrieve a Kaukau Nuva. During their journey, they encountered a swarm of Kofo-Jaga and were forced to take another way. They eventually found the chamber where the mask was kept, only to find it guarded by the Manas. Onua surprised Whenua by remembering the past when he did not, using his knowledge to come up with a plan to use the Kofo-Jaga to distract the Manas. After retrieving the mask, the two of them came across very old writing in a tunnel that was once carved by Whenua himself. Whenua's point in telling the story is to prove that the Toa Nuva are wise enough to understand the truth. Onewa agrees that Onua and Whenua trust each other, but he questions whether the Toa Nuva trust each other. Vakama sadly agrees, saying there is little friendship left among the Toa. Matau uses this moment to take the opportunity to tell his story.13
  • Matau tells the story of how Lewa Nuva and Tahu Nuva worked together to drive off Nuhvok-Kal when searching for Kanohi Nuva in Le-Wahi. At first, Tahu found it difficult to trust Lewa because of his past experience of being controlled by the Bohrok swarm. However, when Lewa really needed Tahu's help against Nuhvok-Kal, Tahu decided in that moment to trust him. At one point, Tahu even swung from vine to vine through the trees like Lewa. Vakama laughs hard after learning that Tahu swung through the trees. Matau points out that all doubt between the two Toa has been gone since then. However, Onewa argues that the Toa might feel betrayed and doubt the Turaga if they reveal the truth. Nokama chooses this moment to cut in with her story, saying she recently betrayed one of the Toa herself, and she asks that they not judge until she has finished.13
  • Nokama reveals a story of how she once led Gali Nuva to a hidden sea cave containing carvings of the [Toa Metru]. Nokama trapped Gali in the cave as a test, forcing her to master the power of the Kakama Nuva to find escape. Afterward, Nokama denied to Gali any connection to the carvings in the cave. When Nokama is done with her tale, the other Turaga, except for Whenua, look at her incredulously. Vakama criticizes her for not covering up those carvings long ago. Nokama says she does not like asking the Toa to risk their lives while lying to them about the past, and Whenua comes to her defense. Onewa says he is still not convinced that the Toa will understand the tales of Metru Nui, let alone one another. At this moment, Nuju, through his interpreter Matoro, starts telling his tale, saying that sometimes accepting what you do not understand is the first step toward understanding.13
  • Nuju tells a story which none of the other Turaga besides Vakama have heard before. He tells how Tahu, Kopaka, and Gali ventured into the Place of Shadow to retrieve Kanohi Nuva. When claiming the masks, the Toa were lured into a trap that sent them falling into a cavern far beneath the surface, where they encountered Pohatu, Onua, Lewa, and Turaga Vakama as well. Together, they found themselves trapped with a terrible beast. At this point, Vakama interrupts Nuju so he can finish telling the tale himself, since he was actually there. Vakama explains that he asked Nuju not to tell this story to the other Turaga, but he agrees that it is time to share the tale.13
  • Vakama reveals the story of how he and the six Toa Nuva became trapped in an underground cavern with the Rahi Nui. The Toa Nuva fought a desperate battle against the beast. At one point, Makuta himself briefly spoke to them, saying that he could not be defeated, only delayed. Taking a great risk, Vakama used the familiarity of his voice to enrage the Rahi Nui, managing to trick it into getting its horns stuck in a stone wall. Once Vakama is finished with his tale, Nokama consoles him, now aware of Vakama's purpose in calling the meeting. Vakama explains that if he had told the Toa about the Rahi Nui before, they might not have been in such danger. Now that the storytelling is concluded, all six Turaga agree that the time has come to share everything with the Toa. Vakama proposes that they speak with the Toa following the kolhii tournament, and Nokama reminds them that they had better get going to the field. The Turaga say brief farewells and end the council.13
  • Vakama consults with the other Turaga and chooses to share the tales of Metru Nui with the Toa Nuva.109 The Turaga decide to tell the Toa after the kolhii tournament.110
  • The Turaga walk in silence to Ta-Koro. On the way, they pass Jaller, who explains that Takua, his kolhii partner, has wandered off again and that he is searching for him. Vakama assures him that Takua has probably been distracted by some trivial matter and tells him to keep looking, and Jaller dashes away.13

Takua Finds the Mask of Light

  • About a year after the Toa Mata arrived on the island The Mask of Light is discovered.111
  • Jaller and Takua are supposed to be on their way to a kolhii match.112
  • Takua's greatest adventure begins when he wanders off before a Kolhii match and finds a lava cave, wandering into a forbidden cavern.26, 113
  • Prior to an important Kolhii match, Jaller goes in search of the missing Takua only to find him in a forbidden lava cavern.98
  • In Ta-Koro, Jaller calls out to Takua but hears no answer. He hurries to the Wall of History, where he sees Takua's kolhii stick leaning against it. Annoyed, he goes through the door carved into the wall. He races down the steps and finds himself in a lava runoff tunnel.112
  • The tunnel finally widens into a cave with a wide river of lava flowing through it, which runs over the steep drop-off of the thousand-foot Lava Falls. Jaller spots Takua hopping from rock to rock across the lava flow, carrying a lava board under his arm. Pewku is waiting patiently on the shore at the edge of the cave. Jaller calls out to Takua, who winces when he realizes that he forgot all about the kolhii game. Takua apologizes but tells Jaller to wait while he checks out a totem just ahead. Jaller can hardly believe that Takua is hopping across lava to look at a warning totem, and he reminds him that Vakama would disapprove. Still, Takua nonchalantly hops to the next rock, unwilling to turn back now. Soon he is only one jump away from the edge of the island. It is a long jump, but he leaps across without hesitation. He scrambles for a hold on the other side, getting his foot uncomfortably close to the lava before quickly yanking it away to safety. Jaller congratulates him on the feat but urges him to get going. Takua barely pays attention to Jaller, now captivated more than ever by the totem sign on the stone pillar. He pulls it loose and turns it over in his hands. Suddenly, there is a loud rumble. The stone pillar sinks into the ground, and the island and its surroundings start shaking violently. Takua is knocked off his feet, and he drops the totem, which slips into the lava and disappears, to Takua's disappointment. Jaller urges Takua to hurry as the cavern's ceiling starts to collapse. A section of the wall cracks and collapses, causing lava to pour out and swell the river. The rising river wipes out the path of stones Takua used to reach the island. Before Takua can figure out a way back, a sudden beam of blinding light shines at him. Squinting, Takua sees that the source of the light is a mask floating in the lava, unharmed by the heat, which convinces him that it must be a Toa's mask. Jaller exclaims that it is a Great Kanohi mask. Takua leans out over the lava and manages to grab the mask. With the quake having faded away, Takua studies the mask, which seems to glow more brightly than ever. On the other side, he notices strange, incomprehensible writing in a language he has never seen before. With an impatient Jaller calling after him, Takua makes a plan to cross back over the river. He heaves the mask across the river to Jaller. When Jaller catches it, he notices that the mask does not look as bright as it did from a distance. Takua picks up a flat, paddle-shaped stone and then flings his lava board forward into the river. As it hits the surface, he leaps onto it, which sends him skimming forward. However, he soon loses momentum, and the current turns his board toward the falls. As Jaller and Pewku wait for him on the other side, Takua starts paddling with the stone. Suddenly, the cavern wall collapses into the river and frees a torrent of lava. Jaller watches in horror as the lava rushes down the river toward Takua in a huge wave.112
  • Takua is fascinated by a strange stone marker. Jaller finds Takua investigating it.26 As Jaller watches, Takua stumbles and drops the marker, which dissolves in the lava to reveal the legendary Mask of Light.114, 98, 115, 26 Takua finds a large rock in the forbidden cavern. When he accidentally drops it into a lava stream, the rock burns away, revealing a golden mask beneath: the Kanohi Avohkii, the Mask of Light.113
  • As Takua stares in awe at the massive wave coming toward him, Tahu appears at the far side of the river, surfing on the lava incredibly fast toward him. Tahu yanks Takua out of the path of the wave and flings him onto his back. Jocularly, Tahu suggests that they take a closer look at the falls, and he shoots straight off the edge of the falls, just as the wave crashes down and spurts over the edge. From Jaller's point of view, he only sees Tahu emerge from in front of the lava wave before disappearing over the falls, and he thinks in horror that Tahu was too late to save Takua. Meanwhile, Tahu surfs down the sheer vertical face of Lava Falls, with Takua clinging in terror to his shoulders. As the lava wave rushes toward them from above, Tahu splits his lava board into twin magma swords. He plunges them into the solid rock behind the falls, stopping their fall abruptly. Teasingly, Tahu asks Takua if the view is close enough. Just before the lava wave falls on them, a translucent red force field shoots out from Tahu's mask, protecting the two of them from the lava as it flows around them. Once the lava has passed and Tahu lowers the shield, he starts climbing up the rock face by plunging his swords in and out of the rock, while a terrified Takua holds on to him.112
  • At the top of the falls, Jaller kneels in grief beside a sobbing Pewku, wondering why Takua had to go after the mask. Suddenly, Tahu somersaults from over the edge of the falls, startling him. Jaller greets him with a sudden burst of hope, but in dismay he sees no sign of Takua. Suddenly, Takua hops to the ground from behind Tahu's back. Pewku jumps happily toward him, almost knocking him over. Relieved, Jaller welcomes him back. Tahu sees the mask Jaller is holding and grabs it, surprised to see him with a Great Kanohi mask. Jaller starts to explain what happened, but Tahu interrupts him, telling him it could be important and to take it to Turaga Vakama. Jaller starts to rush off, but Tahu tells him to do it after they have won the kolhii match. Jaller happily rushes toward the steps back to the village, with Takua and Pewku right behind.112

The Championship Kolhii Match in Ta-Koro

  • The Ta-Koro stadium is crowded with villagers from three of the six villages of Mata Nui. One section of the bleachers is full of rowdy Po-Matoran, another is full of the quieter Ga-Matoran, and the hosting Ta-Matoran are scattered throughout the crowd. Turaga Vakama addresses the crowd as Tahu, Pohatu, and Gali sit on a special dais overlooking the stadium. Vakama proclaims a hopeful new chapter in their history, giving thanks to the Great Spirit for their six guardians, the Toa Nuva, who have saved them from Makuta. At the mention of Makuta's name, there is a visible shudder from the crowd. Vakama then announces the presence of each of the Toa Nuva in turn. First, Tahu leaps up onto a wall and sends a ribbon of fire into the air from his magma swords, delighting the crowd. Then, Gali and Pohatu are introduced, who simply wave. As Vakama continues speaking, Tahu and Gali exchange a tense greeting, leaving a seat between them as they sit down. Pohatu sits between them and puts a friendly arm over each of them, trying relieve their ill feelings toward each other. Meanwhile, Onewa and Nokama watch the Toa Nuva's squabbling in concern, worried that they have forgotten that they need each other. Vakama pauses just long enough in his speech to agree with them. Vakama steps forward to continue speaking; he dedicates the new kolhii field to the Great Spirit, Mata Nui, and the three virtues: unity, duty, destiny. The Matoran cry the three words in unison, and Vakama announces the beginning of the tournament.112
  • The kolhii announcer beings to introduce each of the teams. A section of the wall spins around to reveal the first kolhii goal, and Hewkii and Hafu stride out. The announcer introduces them as "Copper Mask winners and undisputed kolhii champions," and the crowd cheers as they raise their sticks. Another goal opens up, and Hahli and Macku step out as the announcer introduces them as the challengers from Ga-Koro, and the crowd cheers again. The third goal opens up, and Takua and Jaller bound onto the field, introduced as the Captain of the Guard and the Chronicler. The crowd cheers as Takua waves his kolhii stick. Jaller whispers to Takua to try his new move, but Takua decides against it, saying that it only works in practice. The two clunk sticks and part ways to take their positions: Jaller in front of the goal, and Takua in the center of the field facing the other offensive players. Hewkii, Hahli, and Takua wish each other "play well."112
  • Hewkii, Hahli, and Takua huddle around the circle in the center of the field. The circle soon launches two kolhii balls into the air. Takua instantly lunges for one, but Hahli is too fast – she scoops it up and jumps away. Takua and Hewkii swat at the second ball, and Takua manages to catch it with his scoop. However, Takua spins around too fast and trips over his own stick, and Hewkii makes off with the loose ball. Disgusted with himself, Takua races after Hewkii, and the two dodge and weave as they fight for control of the ball.112
  • Hahli sprints toward Jaller, dribbling the ball with the hammer end of her stick. She flips the ball up and smashes it toward the goal, but Jaller deflects the shot with his stick. Hahli pauses a moment to trade some playful banter with Jaller, then she walks away.112
  • Hewkii gains control of the other ball. He races toward the Ga-Koro goal with Takua in hot pursuit. With a burst of speed, Takua darts past and flings himself on the ground directly in Hewkii's path. Without missing a step, Hewkii vaults over him. Hewkii flips the ball up and kicks it toward the goal. Macku dives for the ball but misses, and Hewkii scores.112
  • Some time later, Po-Koro and Ga-Koro have each scored two goals, while Ta-Koro still has none, to Takua's dismay. The balls are served from the circle again, and Hahli swipes her stick low, sending the two balls skittering in different directions. Takua and Hewkii leap for the same ball but smash into each other. Takua manages to scoop up the ball first and decides to try his special move. He uses his stick to vault into the air over Hewkii's head. As he somersaults in midair, he flings the scoop end of his stick forward, shooting the ball out at high speed. Instead of hitting the Ga-Koro goal, though, the ball goes wide and sails into the stands, sending the spectators running for cover. Takua hits the ground face-first as the announcer comments on the embarrassing display.112
  • Hahli sprints past Takua, kicking the other ball in front of her. She closes in on the Ta-Koro goal and whacks the ball right past Jaller and into the goal. The announcer proclaims Ga-Koro the winner of the tournament, and the Ga-Matoran section goes wild. Pohatu offers a friendly fist-clank to Gali, but Tahu does not return the gesture to Gali. Jaller grabs his kolhii bag from the sidelines, discouraged that he cost Ta-Koro the tournament. Takua follows Jaller as he comes back onto the field to join the other players. Jaller congratulates Hahli in a teasing way, and Hahli encourages Takua to keep working on his move. Takua, however, is despondent over the loss.112
  • Vakama congratulates Ga-Koro and all the players. The players raise their sticks in salute, but as they do so, the mask in Jaller's bag falls out and lands on the ground against Takua's foot. To the amazement of the crowd, a beam of bright light shoots out of the mask straight at Jaller. Jaller staggers back, momentarily blinded by the glare. In awe, Vakama steps forward and reaches for the mask, saying they must take it to the suva immediately.112
  • A match among Ta-Koro, Ga-Koro, and Po-Koro takes place. Pohatu Nuva is present.36 Hahli leads her team to victory against Po-Koro and Ta-Koro, with the Po-Koro Kolhii team, Hewkii and Hafu, narrowly losing.107, 104, 103
  • In the immediate aftermath of the match, it is discovered that Takua carries the Mask of Light.103, 36
  • The Turaga pretend not to recognize the Avohkii because otherwise they would have to reveal they were lying about the Matoran's past.116
  • Although the mask's illumination clearly falls on Takua, marking him as the Herald of the Seventh Toa, he does not want the responsibility. He tricks the Turaga into believing that it is Jaller's destiny to fulfill that role.114, 98, 26

The Turaga Name Jaller Herald of the Seventh Toa

  • A few minutes later, most of the crowd is gathered around the suva in the center of the village. Nokama chants unintelligible words while reading from the floating mask, then eventually pulls it down. To the astonishment of the crowd, she announces that it is the Great Kanohi Mask of Light, a mask to be worn only by the Seventh Toa, the Toa of Light. Vakama explains that legends foretell the coming of a Seventh Toa who will bring light to the shadows and awaken Mata Nui. Tahu leaps down from the village wall and impatiently asks how they can prepare for this Toa's arrival. Onewa explains that the Toa will not simply appear, but that the Seventh Toa must be found. Nokama suggests that the Mask of Light chose who would find it, and that it might also have chosen who would deliver it. Tahu points out that in the stadium, the mask threw all its light on Jaller, meaning he must be the Herald of the Seventh Toa. Jaller stammers, quietly urging Takua to tell the truth about who really found the mask. However, Takua is afraid to take responsibility for such an important quest, worried that he will mess it up. He thinks that it would be better suited for someone responsible and mature like Jaller, so he plays along with the crowd, and soon the crowd is enthusiastically hailing Jaller as the Herald of the Seventh Toa. Vakama tells Jaller to approach, and Jaller grabs Takua before approaching the Turaga. Jaller accepts the Mask of Light, and the duty to search for the Seventh Toa, from Vakama. However, he also announces that Takua has volunteered to join him on his quest.112
  • Jaller gets even with Takua by insisting that he accompany him on his search for the Seventh Toa. Vakama and the other Turaga charge Takua and Jaller with finding the Toa of Light and bringing the mask to him.114, 117, 98, 115, 26
  • As the crowd thins out, the Tahu and Pohatu meet on the wall above the suva. Tahu wonders why a Seventh Toa would appear now, when all of Makuta's threats have been defeated. Pohatu plans to take the news to the north; Gali has already left to "ponder her great thoughts."112
  • Although the Turaga planned to tell the Toa about Metru Nui after the kolhii tournament, the appearance of the Mask of Light has banished all other plans from their minds.110

Gali Meditates at Kini-Nui

  • Gali travels alone to Kini-Nui to meditate.45
  • Gali sits at the edge of the Amaja Circle at Kini-Nui, pondering the significance of the news of a Seventh Toa. A constellation in the sky catches her eye: six stars that gleam far more brightly than the surrounding stars. Gali gasps as a seventh point of light, even brighter than the rest, sails through the constellation.112
  • The appearance of a seventh star above Mata Nui heralds the coming of Takanuva, the Toa of Light.118

Makuta Unleashes Panrahk, Lerahk, and Guurahk

  • News of the discovery reaches Makuta in his dark lair far beneath the surface of Mata Nui. Now that the Rahi and Bohrok swarms have failed to break the Matoran, Makuta decides to send forth his Rahkshi "sons." Lerahk's arm shatters and bursts out of a glass tube. Makuta sends Panrahk, Lerahk, and Guurahk to "keep his brother asleep."69
  • In his dark lair deep beneath the island's surface, Makuta himself ponders the revelation of the coming of a Seventh Toa. He paces restlessly, talking to his "brother," an enormous carving of a mask representing Mata Nui. This time, Makuta intends to defeat the Toa once and for all. He pauses by three massive stone pillars, resigned to releasing his most terrifying minions. Makuta plunges his hand into his chest and pulls out three writhing creatures: the kraata. Saying that the Matoran's unity can be poisoned, he slaps one of the kraata onto the first pillar. A beam of dark energy bursts out and causes rubble to fall, and from it appears a Rahkshi: Lerahk, the Poison-Rahkshi. Saying that the their duty can be broken, Makuta moves on to the next pillar and slaps another kraata on it. The kraata burrows into a creature at the heart of the pillar, and the creature bursts out of the pillar, revealing the second Rahkshi: Guurahk, the Disintegrator-Rahkshi. Finally, saying that he must shatter their destiny, Makuta slaps a kraata onto the third column. The column shatters, and another Rahkshi bursts through: Panrahk, the Fragmenter-Rahkshi. A door opens for the Rahkshi to leave through, and Makuta tells his "sons" to go, and to keep his brother asleep.112
  • Whatever plans Makuta might have been making are changed by Takua's discovery of the Kanohi Avohkii. Knowing that the coming of a Toa of Light could mean his doom, Makuta unleashes the six Rahkshi to stop the Herald and recover the Avohkii.119, 120 With the Mask of Light discovered and the prophecy of the Toa of Light beginning to come true, Makuta decides to unleash the Rahkshi.121 The Rahkshi are so powerful that even Makuta expresses reluctance about setting them free.122 Makuta creates the Rahkshi in Mangaia and sends them forth to battle the Toa Nuva.123 Makuta commands the Rahkshi to seek out the Herald of the Seventh Toa, who is on a journey to find the Toa of Light, and then bring the herald to him.121 Makuta Teridax unleashes his evil Rahkshi on the island to hunt down Takua and Jaller and the Avohkii.113 As far as Teridax knew previously, the Toa Hagah had stolen the Avohkii and concealed it somewhere. As it turned out, the mask had been smuggled to the island of Mata Nui and hidden inside of a marker stone, which was found by Takua. Suddenly, for the first time, Teridax has reason to be concerned. Makuta, including Teridax, are creatures of shadow, and light is their enemy. The possibility of a Toa of Light coming into being is cause for dread. Until now, Teridax has resisted unleashing Rahkshi on Mata Nui, knowing the destruction they could cause. Now, he has no choice – the mask must be recovered before a Toa of Light can be created.124
  • Part of the reason Teridax only sends six Rahkshi is due to the long time it takes for a Kraata to be transformed into Rahkshi armor.125

Takua and Jaller Leave Ta-Koro on Their Quest

  • Takua and Jaller prepare to leave on their quest. Jaller nervously tries to say something to Hahli before he leaves. He simply tells her she owes him a kolhii rematch, and Hahli playfully tells him that she will be practicing. As Hahli walks away, Jaller wonders if he might never see her again. Jaller joins Takua on Pewku's back, and Vakama reminds the two of them to take the threat of Makuta seriously on their journey. Vakama tells them to let the Mask of Light guide their way. Sure enough, when Jaller pulls the mask out of his bag, it shines brightly when he turns it in a particular direction. They head off on Pewku's back, as Vakama tells them to remember their duty and walk in the light.112
  • Having found a Kanohi mask resembling the legendary Mask of Light, Takua and Jaller set out on a journey to find the seventh Toa.126 After Takua brings the Mask of Light to Ta-Koro, he is told that its discovery means that the Toa of Light will soon arrive. Takua and his best friend, Jaller, are sent to find this seventh Toa and give him the mask.113
  • Takua and Jaller set out, accompanied by Takua's pet Ussal crab, Pewku.26, 127
  • The Mask of Light is discovered, meaning that the legendary Seventh Toa is coming to save the island of Mata Nui. Two brave Matoran seek out the new hero.128
  • Nokama lingers in Ta-Koro following the kolhii tournament.112

Two Matoran Look for Artakha

  • Two Matoran on Mata Nui start a quest to find Artakha, but fail and turn back.129

The Rahkshi Emerge at Kini-Nui

  • Gali continues to meditate at the Amaja Circle. Suddenly, the bright sunlight is cut off by thick, gray clouds that roll across the sky. Gali gets up and goes to a plateau overlooking the entire temple. She watches as the suva sizzles with energy and then explodes into countless shards. Three horrifying figures (the Rahkshi) emerge from the hole left behind. Gali gasps as one of the Rahkshi turns toward her and bangs its staff on the ground, sending dark energy arcing into the air. Gali somersaults backward off the plateau just before the arc strikes the spot where she stood. She hides under the surface of the temple pond. The Rahkshi lose track of her and climb higher to find her, but soon give up in frustration. The Rahkshi hover upward on their dark energy and fly away from the temple area. Gali emerges from the pond and watches in alarm as they fly toward Ta-Koro. Determined to warn the village of the coming danger, she dives back underwater and swims through a river in the direction of Ta-Koro. As it flows around the base of the Mangai volcano, Gali takes to the land, leaving steaming footprints.112
  • Makuta Teridax directs the Rahkshi attacks against the Matoran from Mangaia.130
  • Years after the Toa defeat Makuta the first time After years of the Toa believing Makuta to have been defeated and banished forever from Mata Nui, Makuta returns, attacking the Toa Nuva through his Rahkshi "sons."128
  • Guurahk, Panrahk, and Lerahk are the first Rahkshi to attack the island of Mata Nui.131, 132
  • Kini-Nui is the site of the first appearance of the Rahkshi on Mata Nui.133
  • The Rahkshi first appear on the island of Mata Nui at Kini-Nui.134
  • Gali is the first to see the appearance of the Rahkshi on Mata Nui and speeds to Ta-Koro to warn the village.24, 45

The Rahkshi Destroy Ta-Koro

  • Gali rushes to warn Ta-Koro, but she is too late.45
  • As Gali approaches Ta-Koro, the guards summon Tahu and Vakama. Tahu leaps onto the wall of Ta-Koro and sees Gali below. Suddenly, thunder rumbles in the distance as a dark cloud obscures the sun over the village. The three Rahkshi appear on the far side of the Lake of Fire, hovering over the ground. Vakama and Nokama appear, and they grimly identify the creatures as Rahkshi, "the sons of Makuta." Vakama mentions that this is exactly as was foretold. Tahu leaps confidently off the wall to meet the attackers. The Rahkshi hover effortlessly over the lava lake, and Tahu readies his magma swords. As the Rahkshi reach the shore, the Panrahk shoots a bolt of dark energy from its staff at Tahu. Tahu activates his shield, but the energy hits it with awesome power, sending Tahu flying backward through the gates and into the village courtyard. Tahu wonders blearily how this enemy could be so powerful, then loses consciousness.112
  • The Rahkshi hover through the wrecked gates, and Gali drops in front of them from atop the village wall. Guurahk swings its staff at her, but she blocks it with her axes and tries to grab the staff. The Rahkshi proves too strong and sends her flying onto the ground.112
  • Guurahk touches its staff to the courtyard wall, spreading cracks throughout the structure. The village guards leap away just before a huge portion of the wall collapses. While Guurahk inspects the wreckage, Lerahk sticks its staff into the ground, sending poison spreading outward and turning the ground a sickly yellow-green.112
  • Just as Tahu regains his senses, Panrahk walks by him, looking left and right. It points its staff toward a lavastone hut, blasting it to pieces, and starts sifting through the rubble. Tahu shouts to get its attention and jabs his flaming swords into the ground, sending twin streaks of fire along the ground toward the Rahkshi. The streaks split apart and form a wall of flame around it. However, the Rahkshi steps through the flames unharmed. Tahu and Panrahk fight furiously, matching each other's blows, and Tahu worries that he cannot stand against it for long.112
  • Guurahk sticks its staff into the wall near the ruined village gate, causing it to crack. As it turns away, Gali blocks the way and causes a geyser to erupt from beneath its feet. Caught off guard, the Rahkshi gets its feet stuck in the muddy ground. Then, the gate wall tumbles onto it, trapping it for the moment.112
  • Gali turns her attention to the fight between Panrahk and Tahu. Tahu manages to flip it onto the ground. Then, he plants his magma swords into the ground, and the ground beneath the Rahkshi splits open with bubbling lava. The Rahkshi sinks out of sight as Gali approaches. However, the Rahkshi quickly crawls out of the lava unharmed. Gali tells Tahu that they must get the Matoran to safety right away. Tahu protests against the thought of retreating, but Gali convinces him that the battle is already lost and that they need to regroup.112
  • Vakama cries out as he tries feebly to hold off Lerahk with his firestaff. Tahu and Gali come to his defense. Gali sends a blast of water at the Rahkshi, but it dodges it at the last moment, and the blast knocks Tahu over instead. The Rahkshi looms over Tahu and strikes at him with its staff, but Tahu manages to knock out its legs from under it. As soon as Tahu lands on his feet, he drops to his knees, and a faint greenish-brown scratch glows on the surface of his mask and then fades away. Gali start to apologize, but Tahu brushes her off. Tahu grabs Vakama as Lerahk plants its staff into the wall behind him. The Toa leap away just ahead of the already spreading poison.112
  • Tahu, Gali, Vakama, and Hahli stand together on the shore and watch as the entire village of Ta-Koro sinks into the lava. Crowds of Matoran are huddled nearby. The Rahkshi hover away, disappearing into the steam on the far side. Ta-Koro is gone, but the entire population of the village has escaped. Tahu remarks that the Rahkshi could have destroyed them and wonders why they did not. Vakama points out that they were simply looking for something and did not find it. Tahu and Gali realize that the Rahkshi must be looking for the Mask of Light and the Seventh Toa, meaning that Takua and Jaller are in danger. Gali says they will summon the other Toa to find them, but Tahu tells her he will see to their safety by himself. Gali argues with him, saying they must remain united. For a moment, a sickly yellowish-brown glows flashes through Tahu's eyes. Tahu gives in to Gali's request.112
  • When the Rahkshi attack Ta-Koro, Tahu Nuva stubbornly attempts to challenge them on his own.3
  • Despite Tahu and Gali's best efforts, the Rahkshi Panrahk, Lerahk, and Guurahk successfully attack and destroy Ta-Koro, which sinks into the Lake of Fire without a trace.135, 131, 132, 136 The Ta-Suva is destroyed along with the rest of the village.10 In an ensuing battle between Tahu Nuva and Lerahk, Lerahk scratches Tahu's mask, poisoning him.24, 119, 137, 138, 139, 140, 3 The Wall of History is lost with the rest of Ta-Koro.102 Ta-Koro is destroyed by the Rahkshi.141
  • Ta-Koro is destroyed in the conflict to free Mata Nui from darkness.142
  • During the first major battle with the Rahkshi, Tahu is poisoned by Lerahk and driven insane.143, 136
  • Vakama reveals information about the Rahkshi only after they have appeared on Mata Nui.109

Takua and Jaller Meet Lewa in Le-Wahi

  • Takua and Jaller travel to many places on Mata Nui, traveling through Le-Wahi, Ko-Wahi, and Onu-Wahi.26 The mission proves to be extremely dangerous, as Makuta sends his Rahkshi to find the Herald of the Seventh Toa and the mask.115 The travelers have to dodge Rahkshi attacks along the way, and it becomes clear to them that the Rahkshi are seeking the Herald and the mask.26 They encounter trouble from Rahi, an ash bear, Rahkshi, and Makuta himself.114, 98
  • An ash bear briefly menaces Jaller and Takua in Le-Wahi. Lewa Nuva encounters them and subdues and calms the beast, saving the two Matoran.144, 43, 44
  • Takua and Jaller ride Pewku slowly through the huge, ancient trees of Le-Wahi. Jaller hold the glowing Mask of Light. Takua complains about the sticky, buggy jungle, but Jaller thinks it is incredible. Jaller points out that Takua seems to feel at home nowhere, and that he wanders away even from Ta-Koro whenever he can. Suddenly they hear a loud roar, and Takua urges a frightened Pewku to go a different direction. However, the Mask of Light fades when they change direction, so Jaller coaxes her into staying on track. Something large whizzes in front of them, which Takua fails to notice while bickering with Jaller about heading into danger. Jaller reminds Takua that even if he is the real Herald, he weaseled out, so now he is in charge. Suddenly an ash bear steps out in front of them, letting out a frightening roar. Takua and Jaller duck out of the way as the ash bear's claws swat at them. Pewku scampers behind a large tree. The ash bear pursues them, and heads them off when Pewku tries to change direction around the trunk, narrowly missing them with its claws. Inspired by one of Tahu's moves, Jaller jumps onto the trunk and starts climbing, telling Takua to distract the creature. As the ash bear backs Takua and Pewku up against the tree, Jaller jumps from a tree branch onto the ash bear's back. He mistakenly lands facing its hindquarters, and the ash bear leaps and twists angrily to try to dislodge Jaller. Takua and Pewku race away from danger, but Jaller starts to lose his grip. Suddenly, a pair of vines shoots out of the brush and wraps the ash bear's feet together, hoisting it off the ground. Jaller falls to the ground. Lewa drops from the foliage above as Jaller gets back up painfully.112
  • Lewa playfully congratulates Jaller for his brave display. Lewa lowers the ash bear to the ground and releases it. Although it gets up and growls, Lewa speaks to her soothingly, and the creature walks off into the jungle. Lewa has heard news in the jungle that Takua and Jaller are looking for the Seventh Toa, and he offers his help. Jaller eagerly accepts, and a large Gukko swoops out of the trees for the Matoran to ride. Lewa asks them if they have ever ridden a Gukko bird, and Takua says he has only been a second before. Even so, Lewa tells them to learn quick as he plops them on the Gukko's back. Using his air katana as wings, Lewa leaps into the air. The Gukko starts to follow, and Takua calls to an anxious Pewku below to go back home. Pewku lets out a sad whine as they fly off.112

Takua and Jaller Fly to Ko-Wahi

  • As the Gukko swoops after Lewa, Takua and Jaller soon get the hang of following its movements. Once, the Gukko dives through a grove of trees; Takua ducks out of the way, but Jaller ends up with a mouthful of leaves. Lewa flies beside them and invites the Herald to lead the way. Jaller raises the mask, whose glow directs them up through the jungle canopy, over the treetops toward the steep, snow-covered peaks of Ko-Wahi.112
  • Soon, they reach a snowy plateau. In the background, sheer cliffs rise into snow-covered peaks. The Gukko glides to an abrupt landing, flipping Takua and Jaller head-first into the snow. Although Jaller is annoyed at Takua's driving, he sees that the Mask of Light is directing them toward a ravine between two snow-capped peaks and compliments him for keeping them on course. They find Lewa standing at the edge of the cliff, looking concerned. They hear the faint sound of tribal drums in the distance. Unusually solemn, Lewa says the drums of Le-Koro report that Ta-Koro has fallen to "Rahkshi, the Makuta sons." Jaller can hardly believe what he is hearing and is anxious to return right away. Lewa tells him that it is too late for him to help and that the Mask of Light needs him most, but Jaller insists that Takua will continue in his place. Takua and Jaller start bickering about whom the duty should fall to, but Lewa sternly tells them there is no time for in-fighting. Lewa says he must join the other Toa, but he promises to Jaller that he will go to Ta-Koro afterward. Lewa flies away, and Jaller heads toward the ravine with the mask, with Takua in tow.112
  • Lewa Nuva leads Takua and Jaller to Ko-Wahi.43
  • The village drums inform Lewa that Ta-Koro has fallen to the Rahkshi. He leaves the Matoran to join the other Toa Nuva.43

Takua and Jaller Meet Kopaka in Ko-Wahi

  • Jaller and Takua struggle through whiteout conditions in the snowdrifts as dark storm clouds gather overhead. They never notice a dark shape [Pewku?] watching them from a ridge above the valley. After a while, Takua notices that they have passed the same distinctive stone with writing carved on it a number of times, and they can see their own footprints leading ahead of them. The Mask of Light dims, and Jaller starts arguing with Takua that the real Herald should take the mask. Suddenly, Jaller walks blindly into a tall, white figure, and the two of them are alarmed to see six Bohrok towering over them. However, they soon realize that they are frozen in place; one of the Bohrok falls over to reveal Kopaka standing behind it, ice blade drawn.112 These Bohrok were frozen by Kopaka during the Bohrok invasion and never had a chance to return to the nest.145 Kopaka says suspiciously that the two Matoran were following him, which confuses Jaller. Kopaka puts his blade away and walks away without a word, but Takua and Jaller hurry after him, eager to have him guide their way. Jaller explains that they are on a mission to bring the Mask of Light to the Seventh Toa, but Kopaka silences him abruptly. Remembering that Takua is the Chronicler and that his stories have aided the Toa in the past, Kopaka agrees to take them to Ko-Koro and state their purpose to the Turaga. He silently starts walking in the direction of the village.112
  • Ko-Koro is severely damaged by the Rahkshi.146, 147 The Rahkshi damage Ko-Koro, although they do not destroy it, since Takua was never there.148
  • At the main temple [Kini-Nui?], Lewa glides to a landing in front of Tahu and Gali. Tahu tells him that Ta-Koro is gone, buried beneath the lava. Gali looks at the scratch on Tahu's mask and notices with concern that it seems to be spreading. Tahu angrily brushes her off, more concerned about the loss of his village. He sighs in defeat that their power did nothing to save it. Lewa and Gali try to reassure him that united they can stop the new threat, but Tahu stalks away without answering.112

Kopaka Traps Panrahk, Lerahk, and Guurahk in Ko-Wahi

  • Takua, Jaller, and Kopaka round a hill of ice and see Ko-Koro on the far side of an ice bridge in a snowy valley. However, the village wall has fallen, huts are in shambles, and smoke rises from the ruins. There is no one in sight. Jaller and Takua run toward the ice bridge to help, but Kopaka sees a dark shadow fall over the valley and stops them short. The terrifying figures of three Rahkshi hover up from the chasm under the bridge. They land in front of the terrified Matoran, and Panrahk shoots an arc of power toward them. Kopaka slides in and deflects the bolt with his shield. The bolt knocks him backward but bounces back toward the Rahkshi, sending them diving for cover. Kopaka races away with Takua and Jaller close behind, dodging bolt after bolt of energy launched by the Rahkshi.112
  • After the first half of BIONICLE #14: At Last -- Takanuva! and the fight in Onu-Koro? On the icy peaks of Mount Ihu, Kopaka dodges a crevasse created by Panrahk.149
  • Kopaka suddenly holds out his blade to stop Takua and Jaller from racing right off a steep cliff in front of them. He drops his shield face down in the snow so the Matoran can use it as a sled to escape. Although Jaller does not want to run, Takua pushes both of them on board, and the two slide off the edge of the cliff and race down the incredibly steep incline. Meanwhile, Panrahk shoots another arc at Kopaka, who dodges out of the way. He steps onto his twin blades to form power ice skates and uses them to glide down the cliff face.112
  • Kopaka appears beside the Matoran sledding down the cliff. Ahead, the base of the cliff slopes into a sheer rock face, and only a narrow ravine leading to a small lake offers a path through. Kopaka goes in front and pulls the sled into the ravine. Suddenly, an arc of energy from Panrahk strikes right in Kopaka's path, knocking him off his feet and sending him rolling into the snow. The shield flips over, sending Takua and Jaller tumbling to the edge of the lake. Panrahk hovers down toward the Matoran; the other two Rahkshi hover right past Kopaka, who seems to be unconscious. Takua grabs the Mask of Light from Jaller, and the mask glows brighter than ever. Takua pushes Kopaka's shield onto the lake and jumps on, using the mask as a paddle. The three advancing Rahkshi hover past Jaller, ignoring him completely, and chase after Takua.112
  • Just as the Rahkshi fly within reach of Takua, Kopaka, who is awake again, appears on the shore and sends a blast of ice from his ice blade at the Rahkshi. It knocks all three Rahkshi into the water. Just as one of their hands shoots up to try to grab Takua, Kopaka jabs his blade into the edge of the lake, instantly freezing the water solid and trapping the Rahkshi in place.112
  • Kopaka and Jaller walk out onto the ice. Takua is surprised to receive a word of praise from Kopaka. Then, the three of them are amazed to see Pewku racing toward them across the ice. Pewku runs into Takua, who exclaims she must have come all the way through the jungle. Jaller turns to talk to Kopaka, but he has already returned to the shore and started climbing up the icy cliff. Takua understands that Kopaka must see to his village, and he hands the Mask of Light back to Jaller. Jaller hesitates, saying that Takua is making a good Herald and suggesting that he hold onto it, but Takua refuses it.112
  • Takua and Jaller travel through Ko-Wahi and the Drifts of Mount Ihu on their quest for the Seventh Toa, where Kopaka Nuva saves them from a Rahkshi attack.32, 33, 35, 20
  • Kopaka uses his Akaku Nuva to spot the damage done to Ko-Koro by the Rahkshi.150 Discovering that it has been badly damaged by the invaders, Kopaka bids the Matoran farewell and goes to aid his village.35, 20
  • Kopaka freezes Panrahk in a lake.132

Takua and Jaller Head Underground

  • A few hours later, Takua, Jaller, and Pewku reach a small tunnel entrance dug into an icy mountainside. A battered totem at the entrance reads "Onu-Koro." Takua notices that it does not look like it has been used in a while and that they do not have a lightstone, but Jaller holds up the faintly glowing Mask of Light and leads the way into the tunnel. Takua hesitates but follows him into the darkness.112

Makuta Causes Takua to Abandon Jaller

  • The tunnels are too low for Takua and Jaller to ride Pewku, so they proceed on foot. Takua lags behind, and privately he is made uneasy by the still darkness of the underground. Takua hears someone whisper his name behind him, but he turns to find no one there. When he turns back around, Jaller and Pewku have disappeared. The voice says his name again, and Takua nervously races forward and calls after Jaller.112
  • In the blinding dark, Takua runs into a wall and falls down. A pair of glowing red eyes appears in the darkness and starts speaking. Takua realizes at once that he is speaking with Makuta, and he struggles to contain his fear. Makuta claims that Takua will not find the Seventh Toa, and that Takua already knows this deep down. Takua responds that if he does not find the Seventh Toa, Jaller might, but Makuta tells Takua ominously that Jaller will die if he does not, in which case Jaller's death will be Takua's fault. Makuta bargains with Takua to bring the mask to him, so that he will not lose his friend Jaller. Takua is horrified by the prospect of having to choose between betraying Mata Nui and allowing Jaller to die. Knowing that Makuta is said to be a master of lies, Takua refuses, trying to sound bold. Makuta tells him not to be a fool; in return for the mask, both the villages and Jaller will be spared. Takua stammers in confusion.112
  • Suddenly, a flash of light appears as Jaller and Pewku walk into the tunnel, looking for Takua. Jaller says he has found some better tunnels; Takua looks around nervously to check for Makuta, of whom there is no sign. Still speechless, Takua starts following Jaller and Pewku down the tunnel, struggling to make up his mind. Finally, he tells Jaller he cannot go on with him, which makes Jaller furious, who thinks Takua is ditching him after sicking him with his duty. The mask fades slightly. Takua refuses to explain his reasons why and can barely meet Jaller's eyes as he turns away, telling him to take the mask and go. At that moment, the last of the mask's light fades. Jaller gives up trying to argue with Takua and is determined to find the Seventh Toa, Herald or not. The mask's glow returns a little. Takua walks away, followed by Pewku.112
  • Makuta warns Takua that continuing the quest will cost Jaller his life. After this incident, Takua refuses to accept responsibility for the quest, going so far as to quit the journey entirely.26 Badly frightened, Takua at one point abandons Jaller to carry on the quest alone. In his heart, Takua knows that he is the one meant to find the Toa of Light, but he fears that the search will lead to disaster.113

Makuta Unleashes Turahk, Vorahk, and Kurahk

  • From his lair deep beneath the tunnels, Makuta watches Takua retreat, furious that his "fairness" has been spurned. With his sons trapped in ice, Makuta's hand is forced once again. He turns toward three more Rahkshi pillars, from which three new Rahkshi burst out. He stops by each of them in turn. According to his plans, Kurahk, the Anger-Rahkshi, will use anger among the Toa to threaten their unity; Vorahk's hunger will consume their duty; and Turahk's fear will keep them from their destiny. Makuta turns from the three new Rahkshi and turns to the mask of Mata Nui, saying they will not disturb his sleep.112
  • Makuta hopes that Kurahk will destroy the unity of the Toa Nuva by turning them against one another.151 He wants Turahk to make the Toa Nuva so afraid that they will forget their duty to Mata Nui.152 He hopes that Vorahk will sap the Toa Nuva's strength, making it impossible for them to achieve their destiny.153

The Toa Nuva Fight the Rahkshi in Po-Wahi

  • Believing the Rahkshi to be heading for Po-Koro, Tahu and Gali journey to Po-Wahi in pursuit, traveling through the desert by surfing on a huge wave created by Gali's power.128
  • Tahu and Gali spot Panrahk, Lerahk, and Guurahk in the Po-Wahi desert. Tahu drops down from the wave to land on a rocky outcropping, but the Rahkshi disintegrate it before he lands, sending him tumbling down the mound of rocks. Lerahk pounces on Tahu, brandishing its poison staff, but Tahu rolls away just in time. Gali alights on the ground to face Guurahk. Gali notes that the sight of the Rahkshi chills her soul like nothing else has since Makuta. Guurahk uses its staff to create a fissure beneath Gali, who wrenches her arm when catching the edge to avoid falling in. Just as Guurahk closes in on Gali, Lewa swings in on a vine and carries Guurahk away between his legs. Guurahk snaps the vine with its staff, sending them hurtling toward Tahu, who is fighting against Lerahk and gaining the upper hand. Lewa and Guurahk collide with Tahu, and the three Rahkshi regroup. Lerahk uses its power to poison the ground in front of Tahu, Lewa, and Gali, cornering them against a sheer rock face. The Rahkshi combine their powers to crumble the stone above the Toa, burying them under huge rocks. Makuta, watching from his lair, assumes that the Toa have met their demise.128 Tahu, Lewa, and Gali are buried under tons of rubble. However, Tahu's Mask of Shielding saves them.149
  • Lerahk uses its power to trap Tahu, Gali, and Lewa in a rockslide.136
  • Back in Makuta's lair, emboldened by his victory against Tahu, Lewa, and Gali, Makuta decides to release his other three Rahkshi: Turahk, Vorahk, and Kurahk. Makuta believes that, whereas brute force might win a battle, Kurahk's anger will threaten the Matoran's unity, Vorahk's hunger will consume their duty, and Turahk's mastery of fear will keep them from their destiny.128
  • Whenua brings Pohatu and Onua to the outskirts of Po-Wahi, even though they could be helping the other Toa against the Rahkshi or helping Takua and Jaller instead. Whenua brings them to the mouth of a cave marked with a carving of a kraata, which is something that the Toa do not recognize. Whenua explains that the kraata are pieces of Makuta's essence that inhabit the Rahkshi. It is the kraata that infected the Kanohi masks used to control the Rahi, and the Turaga have hunted them in secret for years. Whenua explains that the Turaga are worried that the Rahkshi may attempt to free the captured kraata.128
  • Whenua takes Pohatu and Onua inside the cave to reveal a huge collection of thousands of kraata trapped safely inside stasis containers, where they have remained for years. Pohatu is angry that the Turaga imprisoned the kraata in his realm without telling him and wonders what else the Turaga have been keeping secret.128
  • Pohatu is infuriated to learn that the Turaga have been keeping captured Kraata in a cave in Po-Wahi without informing him.36
  • Outside, Panrahk and Guurahk collapse the entrance of the cave, trapping Pohatu, Onua, and Whenua inside. The blast also cracks the kraata cylinders inside the cave, setting kraata loose inside the cave.128 Pohatu, Onua, and Whenua are trapped in the cave with thousands of kraata.149
  • Guurahk is responsible for trapping Onua, Pohatu, and Whenua in a cave full of kraata.131
  • Sliding in on an ice slide, Kopaka arrives nearby at a place where the Toa agreed to meet. However, he finds no one there. Instead, he turns around to find himself facing all six Rahkshi.128 Kopaka was supposed to meet with the other Toa to plan strategy against the Rahkshi. Instead, he is forced to face all six of them alone.149
  • Lerahk is the first to attack, leaping toward Kopaka, but Kopaka freezes it in mid-air. Turahk, standing on a rock ledge above Kopaka, uses its staff to hit Kopaka with waves of dark energy that cause him to freeze with fear of failure. However, Kopaka soon shakes off the feeling, turns around, and freezes Turahk. Vorahk then grapples with Kopaka and quickly overpowers him as it saps Kopaka's strength.149
  • Lerahk is defeated by Kopaka.136
  • Vorahk defeats Kopaka.154
  • Just when things look bad for Kopaka, Tahu, Lewa, and Gali appear on a rock ledge, who survived thanks to Tahu's Mask of Shielding. However, Tahu and Gali start bickering with each other instead of attacking, and Lewa realizes that Kurahk, standing down below, is using its staff's power on them. Lewa creates a cyclone that knocks Kurahk's staff from its hands, and Tahu and Gali stop fighting.149
  • Gali dives off the rock ledge and hits one of the Rahkshi with a blast of water. She drops to Kopaka's side, but Panrahk and Guurahk use their powers to crumble the rock face above Kopaka and Gali. Tahu melts the falling rock into magma, while Lewa uses his wind power to carry Kopaka and Gali out of harm's way. The Rahkshi take advantage of the Toa's distraction to escape.149
  • Lerahk is rescued and resumes its attacks.136
  • The Toa wonder where Pohatu and Onua have gone. Suddenly, a nearby rock face explodes, and Pohatu, Onua, and Whenua come running out of the tunnel created. They urgently tell the Toa to seal the cave behind them, and without hesitation, Tahu and Kopaka use their powers together to seal the entrance shut. Pohatu catches a purple kraata [shadow kraata] in his climbing claw as it tries to slip out of the cave.149
  • With the other kraata trapped in the cave, Pohatu shows the purple kraata to Whenua. Whenua warns him that this kraata has reached the ultimate stage of its evolution and can infect masks from a distance, and only Pohatu's grip keeps it from using its power. The Toa Nuva leave Whenua to deal with the kraata while they continue trying to stop the Rahkshi.149

The Rahkshi Attack Onu-Koro

  • Pohatu travels to Onu-Koro.37
  • Pohatu and Onua are conferring in the center courtyard of Onu-Koro when they see Takua riding toward them from one of the tunnels atop an exhausted Pewku. Pohatu greets Takua and asks where the Herald is, but Takua says uncertainly that they got separated after they met the Rahkshi. Just as Pohatu and Onua ask him what "Rahkshi" means, the ground shudders, upsetting the villagers. The cavern wall bursts open to reveal the three new Rahkshi, and Takua explains that these are the Rahkshi, albeit different ones. Onua shouts to the villagers to leave the cave and close the tunnel behind them. The Onu-Matoran scatter into the tunnels leading away from the cavern, and Pohatu and Onua face the three Rahkshi. Onua slams his fists onto the ground, sending a wave of earth and stone at the Rahkshi, but the Rahkshi rise up again unharmed. Vorahk leaps toward Onua, brandishing its staff, and Onua grabs at its staff. Meanwhile, Pohatu races toward Turahk, but Turahk hits him with a circle of dark energy waves from its staff. Pohatu is overwhelmed by all his worst fears at once, fears of water and drowning. Vorahk activates its staff, draining power from Onua and channeling it into itself. Onua falls over, too weak to move, while Pohatu remains paralyzed with fear. The more Pohatu struggles, the worse the fear becomes, and finally Pohatu falls too.112
  • Turahk is a key part of the attack on Onu-Koro, using its power to paralyze Pohatu with fear.155, 37
  • Onua is in Onu-Koro when the Rahkshi attack, losing a battle with Vorahk.81 Pohatu is with Onua in Onu-Koro when the Rahkshi Vorahk, Kurahk, and Turahk attack.37 Vorahk defeats Onua Nuva.154
  • After the first half of BIONICLE #14: At Last -- Takanuva! The Toa Nuva struggle against the Rahkshi in the tunnels of Onu-Koro, where Onua grapples with Vorahk.149
  • Takua and Pewku head toward escape among the crowds, but the Rahkshi spot Takua and knock other Matoran out of the way as they head toward him. Pewku makes it to a tunnel while the Rahkshi are still halfway across the large cavern, giving them a chance to escape. However, Takua watches as the Rahkshi stomp huts and terrify the Onu-Matoran, while the Toa lie helplessly on the ground. Since he is the one the Rahkshi are after, Takua feels responsible for the scene of destruction and decides to take action. He grabs a kolhii stick leaning on a hut nearby and turns Pewku to face the oncoming Rahkshi. However, the flow of fleeing villagers makes it too difficult for them to move in the opposite direction. Finally, the disheartened Takua gives up, slumping to the ground in defeat and waiting for the Rahkshi to reach him, despite Pewku's frantic attempts to get him to move.112
  • Tahu, Lewa, and Gali race through a tunnel into the main cavern of Onu-Koro and arrive to see the mayhem. By now, half of Tahu's face is covered with the poison taint. Spurred by rage, Tahu heedlessly charges at Kurahk, who promptly uses its staff to send a ripple of dark energy across the floor that knocks Tahu off his feet. Lewa and Gali leap into the action. Lewa sees Takua and Pewku in trouble and glides toward them, grabbing one in each arm as he passes by. The Rahkshi stalk after them as Lewa flies them across the cavern.112
  • Meanwhile, Tahu gets up, eyes dark with anger energy. The poison has spread to cover Tahu's entire mask and the rest of his body as well; the Rahkshi's anger energy has apparently caused the poison to spread more rapidly. Gali steps toward him in concern, but Tahu shouts menacingly and attacks her, slamming his swords into the ground to cause fissures of lava to burst from the ground. Gali balances on a pillar of earth as the ground below is consumed by fire. Tahu looks at Gali with pure anger and sends another lava fissure right at her, and she leaps away just in time.112
  • Lewa lands across the cavern and deposits Takua and Pewku beside Pohatu and Onua. Lewa tells Takua to hurry to Jaller and warn him at once, and Takua hesitantly agrees as Lewa is already gliding away toward Tahu and Gali. Takua leads Pewku toward an escape tunnel, but Pewku veers into a narrow foundry doorway instead, and Takua follows her in. A moment later, the Rahkshi follow them through the doorway too. Meanwhile, Pohatu and Onua come to.112
  • Takua follows Pewku into the hot depths of the foundry. Several fires burn beneath narrow exhaust chimneys in the rock ceiling, and mine cars loaded with lightstones sit on their tracks. While they are stuck in what appears to be a dead end, the Rahkshi emerge in the foundry chamber. Pewku grunts urgently at Takua as she starts scrambling up one of the chimneys. Takua leaps up after her, doing his best to climb up the rough rock sides. However, the Rahkshi move directly beneath him, and Turahk lunges up to grab Takua's foot. Suddenly, one of Pohatu's climbing claws pins Turahk's arm to the wall. The other two Rahkshi charge toward the Toa. Onua causes the section of ceiling over the Rahkshi to collapse, burying them under rocks. All of this gives Takua a chance to pull himself up to safety.112
  • In the courtyard cavern, Tahu swipes his swords at Lewa, who dodges them easily. Rocks and snow rain down on Tahu from the ceiling, and Gali strikes Tahu from behind with a stream of water. Gali pleads with Tahu to remember his destiny, but Tahu roars furiously that he has no destiny. Suddenly, Kopaka drops down behind Tahu, catching him by surprise, and touches his sword to the ground. A layer of frost spreads and traps Tahu in a thick coating of ice. Together, Lewa and Kopaka carry Tahu toward an exit tunnel. At that moment, Onua smashes through the collapsed foundry entrance with his quake breakers, and Pohatu and Onua join the others. Lewa, Kopaka, and Gali make it into the tunnel with Tahu, but just before Pohatu and Onua make it to safety, the entire cavern collapses on top of them. Gali tries to go to their aid, but Kopaka stops her with a somber look, as it looks like there is no chance that the two of them survived. Nothing stirs among the debris, and a saddened Gali turns away to follow the other Toa.112
  • The Lerahk's poison ravages Tahu Nuva's system, causing him to become enraged easily and to turn against his allies. It takes Kopaka Nuva's ice power to stop him.3
  • Pohatu and Onua battle the Rahkshi in a futile defense of Onu-Koro.38, 36
  • Onua revives and leads a counterattack which temporarily defeats the Rahkshi but also brings down the ceiling of Onu-Koro. Only Kopaka's appearance saves Onua and Pohatu.81 Pohatu rallies to help defeat the Rahkshi temporarily. Pohatu and Onua are then trapped in a cave-in but rescued by Kopaka.37
  • Turahk, Vorahk, and Kurahk attack and destroy Onu-Koro.156, 157, 158, 159, 160 Onu-Koro is destroyed by the Rahkshi.161 Only part of Onu-Koro caves in.162
  • Pewku pulls herself up and out of the chimney and falls to the snowy ground outside. An exhausted Takua clambers after her. Without giving himself time to rest, he hurries off to find Jaller.112

Panrahk, Lerahk, and Guurahk Are Freed

  • A short distance away, the last rays of the setting sun touch the frozen lake where the other Rahkshi are still frozen. The end of one of the Rahkshi's staffs protrudes from the ice. Moments after the last light fades away, a flicker of dark energy bursts from the staff, and the ice around it splinters and starts to break apart.112
  • Panrahk is rescued from the frozen lake by its brothers.132

Takua Rejoins Jaller

  • As the sun rises, Jaller struggles to climb toward the craggy top section of the Mangai volcano, clutching the Mask of Light. He crests one rocky slope only to find another steep cliff side between him and the top. Tired and dismayed, he worries if the Mask of Light will not lead him off in yet another direction once he reaches the top, and he cries out to Mata Nui to show him where his destiny lies. Suddenly, the ground quakes, and Jaller falls off the ledge, barely managing to grab onto the edge. Then, Jaller hears footsteps galloping toward him – and soon Pewku appears with Takua riding atop her, holding out a kolhii stick for Jaller to grab. Takua pulls Jaller to safety onto Pewku's back. Jaller asks what happened to Takua's quitting, and he responds that no one will let him. Takua grows serious and tells Jaller that more Rahkshi have appeared and taken Onu-Koro. Jaller points out that the Mask of Light was never at Onu-Koro, and Takua is convinced that they do not want the mask – they are looking for the Herald.112

The Toa Nuva Heal Tahu

  • In a clearing somewhere in the jungle, the enraged Tahu is bound with vines to a large, flat stone, lying on his back. Lewa, Kopaka, and Gali watch him from near a tunnel entrance. Tahu struggles to free himself and turns the stone beneath him glowing hot, and he seems hardly aware of the others' presence. Gali notes that the poison is destroying him, and she tells the other Toa to summon all the healing powers they possess. The three of them gather around him. Lewa raises Tahu's magma swords, which burn weakly, and Kopaka raises his own blade. They cross the blades in front of Tahu's face, and the energy of two Toa's blades explodes in a blinding flash of light, then flows down Tahu's body. Tahu is enveloped in glowing white steam, and Gali has Lewa and Kopaka pull back the swords. The steam dissipates, and Tahu is still covered with the poison taint, but he lies still, his eyes dark. Gali brings her hands together and forms a sphere of water that spins in front of her. Gali focuses all of her energy on the cleansing power of this "liquid of life." She releases the water onto Tahu in a gentle mist, which washes away the poison and the scratch on his mask, returning his armor to its healthy red hue. Gali slumps, exhausted, and Kopaka takes her away to rest; Lewa stays by Tahu's side.112
  • The sphere of liquid may be Gali channeling the other Toa's elemental energies through her to heal Tahu.163
  • Gali leads all of the other Toa Nuva in a healing ritual to remove Tahu's poison and save his life. It takes the combined power of all five of the other Toa Nuva to heal Tahu Nuva.24, 138, 3, 143 Gali plays a key role in saving Tahu from the Rahkshi's poison.45
  • Gali kneels beside a jungle pond, drawing energy from it with her hands dipped in the water. Kopaka stands behind her. Gali asks if the Turaga were right in saying that the Toa have lost their unity, but Kopaka is already gone when she turns around. Lewa calls out to Gali and tells her Tahu has awakened.112
  • Gali hurries back to the clearing to find Tahu sitting up. At first Tahu says grumpily that he is not well, but he is grateful to Gali and clanks his fist with hers.112

The Toa Nuva Fight the Rahkshi Kaita

  • The shadow kraata have broken free of their stasis tubes and are spreading rapidly.110
  • Tahu, Lewa, and Kopaka travel to Le-Wahi in search of the Rahkshi. They come upon a forested area where several trees have been felled as if hit by a cyclone, and there are several Matoran there as well. The Toa approach the Matoran to find out what happened, but the Matoran [including Hafu and Matoro?] turn around and attack them, as they are wearing infected masks. Kopaka holds them off by creating a wall of ice.110 These Matoran (a Po-Matoran and Ko-Matoran) were doing the shadow kraata's bidding and setting a trap for the Toa.164 These Matoran were in Le-Wahi because Makuta had a job for them, which they did not finish doing.165
  • Tahu spots a shadow kraata nearby which must have been responsible for the infected masks. Lewa hits it with a cyclone, stopping it from using its power to infect Kanohi at will. Kopaka notes that they still need to figure out what caused the damage to Le-Wahi.110
  • The Toa follow a trail left by their foes; Kopaka notes that their foes are leaving a clear trail, as if they want to be followed. The Toa reach a rocky, snowy pass. At one point, Kopaka feels a sense of dread and has trouble going on, and Tahu grows impatient and frustrated with him. Lewa realizes that they are being affected by the Rahkshi's powers.110
  • The Toa turn around and see the two Rahkshi Kaita. Tahu is confident that they can beat the Rahkshi like before, but to the Toa's surprise, the three-headed Rahkshi formed by Turahk, Lerahk, and Kurahk forms a cyclone around its lower body, which slams into the three Toa. Lewa faces the other Rahkshi Kaita, but it saps Lewa's power with its staff and makes him weak. The Rahkshi Kaita releases a blast of power from its staff at Lewa, but Kopaka manages to deflect it with a wall of ice. Kopaka deflects the blast off of two more ice walls and gets it to hit the first Rahkshi Kaita.110
  • The Toa agree that they need to regroup with all the others. Tahu tells Kopaka to find Pohatu and Onua, while Tahu sees to the injured Lewa.110
  • Before Tahu and Lewa leave, Tahu uses a blast of fire to bring down a nearby snowy rock peak on top of the second Rahkshi Kaita. Tahu leaves with Lewa to tend to Lewa's injury.110

The Toa Nuva Continue to Clash with the Rahkshi

  • Kopaka saves Pohatu and Onua by digging them out.112
  • Guurahk battles Gali Nuva repeatedly.131

Showdown at Kini-Nui

  • Jaller and Takua reach Kini-Nui as the sun sets on the surrounding mountains. The Mask of Light glows as they cross the Amaja Circle. As they approach the giant head carved into the stone at the edge of the plateau, its light fades. Jaller is awed by the sight of the temple, but Takua is incredulous that the mask led them all over the island to end up here. Takua grabs the mask to check on it. It immediately glows brightly, and a beam of brilliant light shoots out of the mask and hits the stone head. The ground shakes, shaking loose some of the old dirt and grime from the carving. The outlines of a mask start to become visible underneath, just as the sun dips beneath the horizon and the temple becomes dim.112
  • Suddenly, Panrahk, Guurahk, and Lerahk step out from behind a rock. Jaller urges Takua to give him the mask, but Takua says they both know that the mask chose him to be the true Herald, and he takes charge. Takua, Jaller, and Pewku run toward the lower plateau. However, a fissure erupts at the base of the steps, and the other three Rahkshi burst out of the ground, trapping them between the two groups of Rahkshi.112
  • Tahu resumes leadership of the team, rallying them to stop the Rahkshi at Kini-Nui.143
  • At last, in the shadow of Kini-Nui, the six Toa Nuva face off against all six Rahkshi.149
  • A flare of bright fire flies overhead, illuminating the temple. The Rahkshi shield their faces from the glare. An urn atop the stone head is lit, revealing Lewa, Gali, and Tahu. They leap to Takua and the others' defense, determined not to run anymore. Panrahk shoots an arc of energy at them, and Tahu raises his shield around the Toa and Matoran. He staggers back as the bolt hits, but recovers quickly. Tahu and Lewa stand side-by-side as Panrahk, Lerahk, and Guurahk approach, while Gali leads Takua and Jaller down the steps toward the lower temple.112
  • Lewa creates a cyclone that picks up sand from the Amaja Circle and envelops the oncoming Rahkshi. Tahu sends a blast of fire into the whirlwind, causing the sand to melt and then harden, trapping the Rahkshi in glass.112
  • Combining their powers, Tahu Nuva and Lewa Nuva trap Panrahk, Lerahk, and Guurahk in a prison of glass, defeating them.119, 138, 43, 139, 44, 131, 132, 136
  • In the lower temple, the other three Rahkshi move toward Gali and the others, cutting off their escape. Suddenly, the ground between them bursts open, and Pohatu, Onua, and Kopaka leap out. They explain that Kopaka went back and rescued Pohatu and Onua. Turahk sends a ring of dark anger energy at the Toa, but it does not affect them, while Tahu proclaims that they are united. Lewa and Pohatu somersault quickly around the Rahkshi, and the Rahkshi clumsily end up striking each other instead. Vorahk hits Turahk with its staff, draining its fear energy and causing it to tumble helplessly to the ground. Vorahk turns away from the encircling Toa and leaps toward Takua and Jaller. Tahu and Gali combine their powers to hit it with a blast of steam that lifts it into the air. The Toa close in on Kurahk. Meanwhile, they fail to notice Turahk rising to its feet and heading up the steps toward Takua and Jaller. Onua, Pohatu, and Tahu combine their powers to create a wave of lava that envelops Kurahk. Vorahk falls back down and lands on top of Kurahk. Kopaka strikes the lava with his sword and freezes it instantly, along with the Rahkshi. To make sure the Rahkshi will not escape this time, Kopaka yanks the kraata out of their bodies.112
  • Tahu Nuva, Pohatu Nuva, Onua Nuva, and Kopaka Nuva team up to imprison Kurahk and Vorahk in a prison of frozen magma.35, 156, 160, 154

Death of Jaller; Takua Becomes Takanuva

  • Takanuva becomes a Toa a year after the Mata arrived.166
  • Up above, Pewku lets out a frightened squeal as Turahk tosses her down the steps. Turahk advances on Takua and Jaller, backing them up the steps. Takua is caught by the beam of dark fear energy emanating from Turahk's staff and is instantly transfixed. Turahk swings its staff toward the helpless Takua, but Jaller leaps forward and blocks it with his kolhii stick. Takua screams as dark energy sizzles through Jaller's body. Gali and Pohatu grab Turahk by the arms to keep it from striking Takua.112
  • During the final battle between the Toa Nuva and the Rahkshi, Jaller sacrifices his life to save Takua from Turahk, who overwhelms him with fear and kills him.117, 98, 120, 26, 167 Turahk is responsible for the death of Jaller.155 Jaller takes the brunt of a Turahk attack meant for Takua. He dies as a result.113
  • Takua drops the Mask of Light and races to his fallen friend's side, cradling him in his arms. Jaller's eyes start to dim, and Takua laments that as the Herald he was supposed to make the sacrifice. With his last breaths, Jaller tells Takua that he knows who he is, and that he was always different, as he hands Takua the mask. Jaller goes limp, and Takua stands up, the mask glowing brighter than ever. Nearby, Turahk struggles free of Pohatu and Gali's grip, sending them two of them tumbling into the other Toa coming up the steps.112
  • Takua puts on the Mask of Light, realizing that he is the Seventh Toa. The mask's power floods through his body, making him taller and stronger, and the light emanating from him freezes Turahk in its tracks. The other Toa gaze at him in awe and fall to their knees, hailing him as a brother Toa.112
  • As Jaller lies dying, Takua realizes that he is the one destined to become the Toa of Light. He puts on the Avohkii and transforms into Takanuva, Toa of Light, discovering that he was not only the true Herald but also destined to become the Toa of Light. This could only have happened to a destined Av-Matoran.114, 168, 117, 115, 26 Realizing what he must do, Takua dons the Avohkii and is instantly transformed into a powerful Toa of Light.113 Donning the Avohkii transforms Takua into the Toa of Light.71
  • Less than one year ago but more than one month ago Takua becomes Takanuva, Toa of Light.169
  • Takua's Pakari likely ceases to exist.170
  • In the battle against the Rahkshi at Kini-Nui, the Toa Nuva are blinded by a bright flash of light. They soon realize that the Toa of Light has at last appeared. The gold and white colored Toa, wearing the Mask of Light, raises his staff and announces that he is Takanuva, the Toa of Light.149
  • Takanuva defeats Turahk, freezing the creature of shadow with a blast of light energy.155 Takanuva's first act is to help defeat the marauding Rahkshi.113
  • Takanuva likely shoots a beam of light at the Kini-Nui statue instinctively.171
  • Their unity restored, the Toa Nuva, with help from Takanuva, defeat the Rahkshi.120, 38, 36, 122, 3, 115 Takanuva defeats Turahk.167, 20 The Rahkshi fall before the might of the seven Toa.149
  • Takua's hand glows white with light energy. He picks up Jaller's kolhii stick, and a spark jumps from his hand to the stick, transforming it into the Kolhii Staff of Light. Takua faces the other Toa and declares that he is Takanuva, Toa of Light. As white light bursting from him illuminates the entire temple, he picks up Jaller's body and carries it down the steps. The other Toa raise their weapons in salute as he passes and follow him solemnly.112
  • Takanuva likely learns how to use his powers from the transformation process itself and the fact that he had seen Toa in action for a year.172

Takanuva Prepares to Face Makuta

  • With the Rahkshi defeated and Takanuva determined to challenge Makuta, Teridax is forced to improvise a plan quickly. He knows that the Matoran's return to Metru Nui would be the first step toward the reawakening of Mata Nui, but he also knows that they will inevitably find the city again someday. He supposes that the time is right for them to do so. He also cannot be certain that he can walk away from a battle with Takanuva and his allies undamaged.124
  • A suva-style grave dome for Jaller is raised in a quiet spot overlooking Kini-Nui. A memorial pillar rises from the top of the dome, and Jaller's mask rests on it.112
  • The next morning, Takanuva stands by Jaller's grave dome.112 Vakama remarks to Takanuva that after being a Chronicler for so long, he has finally found his own story.112, 26 Vakama sees that Takanuva still seeks answers, and Takanuva wonders why all this had to happen for him to discover who he was. Vakama trusts the wisdom of Mata Nui, and he points out that Takanuva's journey was not to bring him "here," as in a physical place, "but here," Vakama says, tapping Takanuva on the chest. Vakama tells him to understand that he has but one destiny.112
  • Takanuva prepares for a confrontation with Makuta Teridax, a final battle for the freedom of all Matoran.113
  • With help from the Toa Nuva, Takanuva builds the Ussanui, a vehicle constructed from the parts of the defeated Rahkshi and powered by Kraata. The purpose of the craft is to serve as transport to Makuta's lair. The Kraata's presence enables the craft to detect Makuta's location and bring Takanuva right to it.173, 122, 115, 174
  • The Toa use parts of the defeated Rahkshi to construct a vehicle they call an Ussanui. They include a special slot to hold the kraata.112
  • As the new day dawns, Takanuva prepares for a dangerous journey to Makuta's lair. The Toa have built the Ussanui vehicle. Takanuva places a purple kraata [shadow kraata] into a compartment of the vehicle and explains that the vehicle will find Makuta because "what is Makuta's will return to him." Takanuva says that he knows that Makuta is waiting for him to battle him, but that to end Makuta's reign, both of them must become more that what they are (this is a reference to their combining into Takutanuva) [sic, why the heck would he know this?].149
  • Lewa asks how the vehicle will find Makuta, and Takanuva answers that what is the Makuta's shall return to him, as he places the six kraata into the slot.112
  • Before long, all seven Toa stand around the completed Ussanui. Hahli walks up to them carrying Jaller's mask. Hahli attaches the mask to the front of the vehicle, saying that Jaller has Takanuva's Herald, and now he can continue to lead Takanuva to victory. Pohatu points out that there is no room for all of them to ride in the vehicle. To their surprise, Takanuva insists that he will go alone to face Makuta, as is his destiny. He tells the other Toa to gather the Matoran and Turaga and wait for his return. Takanuva mounts the Ussanui and bids his farewell.112
  • Takanuva mounts the vehicle and prepares to journey underground. The Toa Nuva offer to come with him, but Takanuva insists that it is his destiny to go alone. Takanuva tells the other Toa to gather the Turaga and Matoran and wait for his return.149
  • The Toa watch Takanuva shoot into the nearby dark tunnel on his vehicle. Tahu worries that he will not return.149

Takanuva Rides the Ussanui to Makuta's Lair

  • Takanuva uses the Ussanui to travel to Mangaia and confront Makuta.123, 115
  • Takanuva rides the Ussanui grimly as it rockets through the tunnels beneath the Kini-Nui.112
  • Finally, the Ussanui rounds a corner, and an immense door blocks the tunnel. The vehicle never slows and crashes straight into the door, cracking it open. The Ussanui bounces off and skids to a halt.112
  • The Ussanui is wrecked when Takanuva uses it to break into Makuta's lair.174
  • Takanuva climbs out of the wrecked Ussanui. Takanuva is surprised to see Hahli climb out from behind a piece of the damaged vehicle. Hahli takes Jaller's mask from the front of the vehicle and volunteers with determination to be Takanuva's Chronicler. Takanuva agrees hesitantly.112
  • Hahli stows away on the Ussanui on Takanuva's journey to Makuta's lair. Once there, she volunteers to serve as Chronicler in his stead.168, 104
  • Hahli is able to safely stow away in the Ussanui most likely because the kraata was weakened from having been beaten in combat and torn out of the Rahkshi. If it was in full control of its faculties, it would never have helped power a vehicle to get Takanuva to Makuta.175
  • The Ussanui is likely not rebuilt because it needs kraata to power it.176

Takanuva Faces Makuta in Kolhii

  • Takanuva takes the six kraata out of the wreckage and steps through the cracked door into the chamber beyond. He gestures for Hahli to stay behind.112
  • The light from Takanuva's mask allows him to see several massive, carved columns holding up the stone ceiling. Takanuva releases the kraata, which slither toward a dark doorway on the opposite end of the chamber. Two large red eyes open in the darkness. Tightening his resolve, Takanuva tells Makuta he can no longer hide in shadow. Makuta responds, saying ominously that he is shadow: the shadow that guards the gate. Takanuva realizes what he must do; he declares that he is done running, and that Mata Nui will be awakened this day. He tells Hahli to summon the Matoran, and Hahli hurries off to serve his request.112
  • Hahli leaves Mangaia, likely following the path the Ussanui took through the tunnels.177
  • Takanuva sends Hahli back to the surface to gather the other Toa, the Turaga, and the Matoran and bring them down with her.104
  • Makuta steps into the light, towering over Takanuva. Makuta tries to dishearten Takanuva, reminding him that he failed to save his friend Jaller. A Kolhii Staff of Shadow grows out of Makuta's arm, and Makuta proposes "a simple game of kolhii" to decide their battle – if Takanuva wins, he may try to open the gate behind Makuta; if he loses, Makuta will have the Mask of Light.112
  • Takanuva accepts, and a silvery ball rises from a nearby pool of silvery liquid like mercury, hovering between them. Takanuva is faster and snatches the ball in his kolhii staff. The two leap up and perch on separate pillars. The ball in Takanuva's staff transforms into a glowing ball of light, and Takanuva hurls it at Makuta. Makuta dodges the ball, which explodes against the pillar. Another ball of silver liquid rises from the pool, and this time Makuta grabs it first with his kolhii staff. The ball turns into a ball of dark shadow energy, which Makuta flings at Takanuva. Takanuva leaps aside, and the ball splinters the pillar.112
  • The kolhii match continues like this. Neither players speaks nor hesitates, and neither manages to score a hit on the other. Every time a ball crashes out of the game, another rises from the pool to take its place.112
  • Mangaia is the site of the battle between Takanuva and Makuta Teridax.130
  • Makuta challenges Takanuva in combat.120 Light and darkness clash.115
  • Makuta uses his Staff of Darkness as a sort of Kolhii staff in his battle with Takanuva.178 Takanuva likewise uses his Staff of Light as a Kolhii staff, catching and hurling balls of energy with it.179
  • The contest between Takanuva and Makuta apparently involves light and shadow energy bolts.180
  • Takanuva later refers to this as a "kolhii match masquerading as a battle."2
  • Makuta launches a ball of darkness at Takanuva that flies faster than ever. Takanuva leaps away just in time, but the impact causes the pillar behind him to break apart and come loose from the ceiling, falling into a sudden hole in the floor. Takanuva comes to a stop inches from the pool of liquid, and Makuta snatches the next ball before he can react. Makuta stalks toward Takanuva triumphantly and hurls the ball of shadow straight at him.112

The People of Mata Nui Descend into Makuta's Lair

  • Hahli fetches the Toa, Turaga, and Matoran as asked.104
  • Hahli runs through the tunnels, still clutching Jaller's mask. The thought of her fallen friend gives her the strength to move onward.112
  • Hahli emerges from the crater of the ruined suva dome and into the main temple area at Kini-Nui. She finds the six Turaga and six Toa waiting around the hole. The entire population of the island has gathered on the hillsides surrounding the temple, waiting to hear the fate of the Toa of Light.112
  • Hahli brings word from Takanuva that he wants all of them to follow him – they are to awaken Mata Nui today. The crowd murmurs with uncertainty. Citing a prophecy mentioning "a light among the shadows," Vakama is convinced that they must go. Onewa says grimly that if they descend into the tunnels, they may never return, and the crowd grows more nervous.112
  • Hahli climbs onto a chunk of stone and holds up Jaller's mask. Drawing strength from her own convictions and her memories of Jaller, she gives an impassioned speech to the crowd. She reminds them that Jaller respected his duty, and she calls on them to honor him by fulfilling their destiny. The crowd hangs on to her every word, and when Hahli calls on them to awaken the Great Spirit, they burst into cheers.112
  • Tahu leads the Toa Nuva into Mangaia for a confrontation with Makuta Teridax.143

Takanuva Bests Makuta

  • Teridax throws the fight so Takanuva doesn't truly defeat him.181
  • Takanuva barely manages to dodge the ball of shadow, forcing him to jump off a pillar into mid-air. He readjusts himself and starts running straight down the pillar. His momentum carries him to the pool as another ball rises from it. Takanuva catches it and immediately hurls the ball of light at Makuta. Makuta is ready, catching the ball in his own staff and turning into a ball of darkness. Makuta hurls it back at him, forcing him to dodge it and collapsing yet another pillar. Takanuva lands on another pillar; only two are left standing, and Takanuva is growing tired. Takanuva starts to doubt he can keep up the fight much longer.112
  • Makuta grabs the next ball and approaches the two pillars in search of Takanuva, who leaps high up just out of sight. Makuta says that an audience is gathering to witness Takanuva's final failure; Takanuva responds that if they do not see him win today, someday they will triumph. However, Makuta says he will not let them leave, after all the trouble they have been.112
  • Just outside the door, Hahli rides Pewku toward the door, leading the Toa, Turaga and Matoran crowd behind her. The Toa peer through the crack in the doorway. Takanuva clings to the last pillar left, with Makuta standing at the base with a ball of darkness in his staff. With horror, Takanuva realizes that he has led his people into a trap.112
  • Takanuva cries out, and Makuta launches the ball toward his voice. Takanuva ducks it, and the ball collapses the pillar behind him. Takanuva lands on the opposite side of the pool from Makuta. Without hesitating, Takanuva flips over the pool. Just as another ball rises from it, Takanuva grabs it in mid-flip. He immediately rolls into his special kolhii move, somersaulting and throwing the ball at the same time. This time, it works, sending the ball of light straight into Makuta's chest. The force of the impact knocks Makuta backward across the chamber. He staggers and falls to his knees, light energy flashing through his body. The light energy pains and weakens him, but Makuta is not finished yet. When Takanuva approaches him, Makuta suddenly flings out his hand, shoving him back with surprising force. He lands hard near the pool of liquid.112

Takanuva and Makuta Become Takutanuva

  • Makuta indicates Mata Nui being asleep spares him from physical pain.182
  • Makuta is the cause of the pain he claims to be sparing Mata Nui from.183
  • Teridax states Mata Nui would suffer if awakened. This is just him rationalizing for the sake of the Toa.184
  • Makuta gets up and approaches Takanuva, saying that he is protecting Mata Nui from him. Takanuva is confused, and Makuta explains that sleep spares him pain; awake, he suffers. Takanuva is backed up closer to the pool, perplexed how Makuta could think that keeping Mata Nui asleep is best for the island. Takanuva protests that Mata Nui cannot live that way, but Makuta insists that his duty is to the shadows. Suddenly, Takanuva knows what to do – he drops his staff and leaps onto Makuta's chest so they are face-to-face. He pulls off Makuta's Mask of Shadow [sic] and his own Mask of Light, then swaps them, putting the Mask of Light on Makuta's face and the Mask of Shadow on his own. Makuta howls defiantly and staggers in a circle with the mask pulsing on his face. He topples backward into the pool of silver liquid, pulling Takanuva along with him.112 Takanuva wants to put the Mask of Light on Makuta to try to enlighten him so they can achieve a sort of mutual understanding.185, 186
  • Takanuva defeats Makuta in part by removing the Kanohi Kraahkan from his face.187
  • The Toa Nuva look on as Takanuva defeats Makuta.24, 35, 43, 188, 38, 3
  • Takanuva is able to defeat Makuta by ripping his mask off, then having both of them merged together with protodermis, giving Makuta at least temporary enlightenment. If Makuta did not see the light in this moment, Takutanuva would not accomplish anything in this moment.189
  • Just after Takanuva pulls Makuta's mask off, the two fall into a pool of energized protodermis together. They merge into a combined entity called Takutanuva. Because Makuta's mask had been torn off just before the immersion, Takanuva's more benevolent personality dominates Takutanuva's mind.104, 120, 115, 190 The energized protodermis pool is the same pool which Makuta uses to create Rahkshi from Kraata.123
  • The Toa, Turaga, and the others rush into the room and gather around the pool. The surface of the pool remains unbroken for a long moment. Then, arcs of dark and light energy shoot out from it, and the Matoran step back. A huge head rises from the steaming liquid: the merged face of Takanuva and Makuta – half Mask of Light, half Mask of Shadow. An enormous merged figure continues to rise slowly out of the pool, half light and half shadow – Takutanuva.112

Takutanuva Opens the Gate; Jaller Comes Back to Life

  • Takanuva's and Makuta's minds are melded into one. At this point, Makuta gets some insight into how much harm he has done.191 Getting turned into Takutanuva wasn't planned by Teridax.192
  • The Takanuva side of Takutanuva says that light has revealed the will of Mata Nui; the Makuta side adds that their brother must be awakened. None of the Toa, Turaga, and Matoran are sure how to react to this. Takutanuva steps out of the pool and walks to the huge door on the far side of the cavern. He crouches down and starts to lift the door from the bottom; the door creaks and groans and slowly starts to rise.112
  • Under Takanuva's influence, Takutanuva uses his great strength to open the gateway that leads from Makuta's lair to Metru Nui.190, 120
  • As Takutanuva struggles under the weight of the giant door, the Toa and the others walk uncertainly through into the chamber beyond. Hahli is still carrying Jaller's mask as she walks past. The Makuta side of Takutanuva tells Hahli to stop, saying that the mask needs life. The shadowy side of Takanuva reaches out a hand and sends a powerful pulse of dark and light energy into Jaller's mask. Hahli watches in amazement as Jaller's body quickly regenerates from the mask out of nothing. Jaller's eyes light up, and he falls backward into the stunned Hahli's arms.112
  • Hahli is one of the Matoran who passes through the gateway leading to the shores of the silver sea around Metru Nui. She carries the late Jaller's mask with her. Takutanuva stops her and, in an act of great self-sacrifice, uses part of its life force to bring Jaller back to life.104, 98, 120, 190 Takutanuva brings Jaller back to life.155
  • Takutanuva uses part of Teridax's life force to revive Jaller. This life force remains in Jaller.193
  • Since Matoran don't need as much energy to survive as a Makuta does, Takutanuva can sacrifice enough of Teridax's life energy to revive Jaller without giving all of it up.194
  • What Takutanuva does to revive Jaller is essentially what the red star is supposed to do. This is possible because Jaller's pattern is still accessible somewhere in the Matoran universe, not just the red star.195

Metru Nui Is Rediscovered

  • Probably a year after the Toa Mata arrived on the island Metru Nui is rediscovered.196
  • The energy of re-creating Jaller takes too much out of Takutanuva, and he strains in vain under the weight of the door. The metal door smashes down on him, sending up a cloud of dust that obscures the onlookers' view. The Toa and Matoran bow their heads sadly; Jaller calls out Takua's name, and Pewku whines sadly nearby.112
  • The heavy gate slams down with great force, shattering.197
  • After Takutanuva gives up part of his life force to Jaller, the merge cannot hold, because there are no longer two full beings involved. The door becomes too heavy for Takutanuva to hold up, and it comes down as Takanuva and Makuta revert to separate beings. The door crushes both of them, and Takanuva's mask slides out. Takanuva is then restored to life in much the same way Jaller was.198, 199
  • Weakened from reviving Jaller, Takutanuva can no longer support the gateway, which immediately comes crashing down on him even as the entity splits back into its two halves.120, 123, 190
  • Since Takanuva survives the falling of the door, it is reasonable to assume that Takanuva and Makuta split apart as they are being crushed. If Makuta's body takes the brunt of the impact, this could explain how Takanuva survives unscathed.200
  • Teridax allows Takanuva to think he has defeated him. He knows that if the Toa believe him beaten, they will move on, never imagining what he is truly planning. However, not everything goes smoothly. A stumble into energized protodermis results in the merging of Takanuva and Teridax into one being, Takutanuva, which is a truly revolting experience for Teridax. When they return to their individual selves, a collapsing gateway shatters Teridax's armor, which is an annoying turn of events for him.124
  • The gateway leading from Mangaia to Metru Nui collapses on Makuta's protosteel armor and shatters it.201
  • Teridax threw his fight with Takanuva, but had no way to forsee being merged into Takutanuva while his mask was off. He therefore didn't plan on being crushed by the gate.202
  • Getting his armor crushed is a roadblock for Teridax, but he always has backup plans.203
  • As a being of pure energy, Makuta is able to survive. With his armor shattered, his energy is unleashed in the form of antidermis.120 There is some question whether Makuta was actually defeated by Takanuva or simply let the Toa think they had won.204
  • Takanuva's body is reconstituted by the power of light, allowing him to survive.190 Of Makuta there is no sign, and the Toa Nuva presume him dead.120, 123, 190
  • The cloud of dust swirls vigorously, and suddenly Takanuva steps out. Jaller races toward his friend, and Pewku leaps onto Takanuva joyfully. Jaller barely notices Takua's new form and has a happy reunion with him. Vakama interrupts their moment and beckons them to awaken the Great Spirit.112, 205
  • Hahli, Jaller, and Takanuva follow Vakama to the far end of the new chamber, where a ledge plunges away into dark nothingness. Solemnly, Vakama recites the words "Unity! Duty! Destiny!" As he speaks, Takanuva's power illuminates himself, Jaller, and Hahli. Their light shines down into the abyss, and the Matoran gasp in amazement as they see what lies below. The chamber at the bottom of the cliff is indescribably huge and stretches farther than the eye can see. A strange new world stretches out before them; strange structures dot the landscape, and flashes of energy dance here and there. A feeling of certainty settles through Takanuva. Soon they will understand everything, he thinks – who they are, where they came from – their destiny.112
  • Mata Nui is not yet completely awakened. The Matoran will need to return to Metru Nui before he can wake up fully.206
  • After being returned to his individual form, Takanuva uses his light powers to help illuminate the newly discovered Metru Nui.115
  • Less than one year ago but more than one month ago169 Metru Nui is rediscovered.24, 35, 43, 188, 3, 169
  • Makuta is defeated, and the city of Metru Nui is discovered. Not much of the city can be seen from the shore.110
  • After Makuta's defeat, the Toa of Light rediscovers Metru Nui.207
  • After the final confrontation with Makuta, the Toa discover a new island far beneath the surface of Mata Nui. It sits in the center of a silver sea of protodermis, and they can see few details of it from the shore. Vakama insists that this place is Metru Nui, the original home of the Matoran, to which they must return.208

The People of Mata Nui Return to the Surface

  • The entrance back into Makuta's lair remains blocked with the remains of the massive stone door. The Toa and Matoran apparently return to the surface by some other way.180
  • Takanuva and the Toa return to Mata Nui.115
  • There are 999 Matoran on Mata Nui.209

Metru Nui Revealed

Aftermath of Makuta's Defeat

  • Makuta has been defeated and light restored to the island of Mata Nui. Everywhere, Matoran are celebrating and preparing for their journey to Metru Nui. As the Toa Nuva wonder about what lies ahead, the Turaga wrestle with the decision whether to share all that they know about Metru Nui. The truth would help prepare the Toa for the dangers that lie ahead, but it might also shatter their trust in the Turaga forever.110
  • Makuta Teridax has apparently died, his armor shattered. This sets back the Brotherhood of Makuta's plans, but they remain on track.210, 187 The Matoran have found their home once more, the Toa Nuva are triumphant, and the threat of Makuta appears to be over – or so Teridax wishes them to think.124
  • Some days before the Piraka arrive Makuta Teridax continues to float in Mangaia in his energy state without a body, a disturbing experience, pondering his next move. He risks dying permanently if he goes without a body for more than a few weeks.124
  • Initial reports that Teridax has been killed following a battle with Takanuva reach the Order of Mata Nui.211
  • Takanuva believes that his destiny, to defeat Makuta, has been fulfilled; but only time will tell whether Takanuva has achieved all that he was meant to achieve.115
  • The Toa, Turaga, and Matoran believe Teridax to be dead.212
  • All kraata and Rahkshi in the Metru Nui area are aimless after Teridax's defeat.213
  • Ahkmou abandons his service to Teridax, believing him to be dead.214

The People of Mata Nui Prepare to Migrate to Metru Nui

  • Vakama lives in Po-Koro following the destruction of Ta-Koro.109
  • The Turaga announce that the inhabitants of Mata Nui will return to the city they call Metru Nui. The Matoran work on building boats to carry everyone across the silver sea to reach it.110
  • It is announced that the Matoran are going to move from the island of Mata Nui to the island city of Metru Nui. Ever since this announcement, Matoran toil day and night to build enough boats for the great journey. The Ta-Matoran, including Jaller, welcome the nonstop work after losing their village, and they live in other villages until the time comes to leave Mata Nui forever. Talk around the fires at night is about Metru Nui, what wonders they might find there, and how soon they will be able to leave.142
  • The Matoran begin building boats to transport them back to the city of Metru Nui, their original home. Whether they will ever have reason to return to Mata Nui remains to be seen.215
  • After this time, Hahli serves as Chronicler.104 The Chronicler's staff passes on to Hahli.101
  • After this time, Jaller helps to oversee the construction of transport craft for the return to Metru Nui.98
  • As Takua's successor as Chronicler, Hahli starts a new Wall of History in Ga-Koro.102
  • Gali, Kopaka, and Lewa help with the construction of boats for the journey back to Metru Nui.24, 35, 43
  • Tahu Nuva helps oversee the construction of the boats.3
  • Takanuva oversees the building of transport craft in preparation for the return to Metru Nui.115
  • Takanuva gives Pewku to Jaller because Jaller is his best friend.216
  • Jaller adopts Pewku.127

The Turaga Reveal the Tales of Metru Nui

  • Tahu, Kopaka, Gali, and Nokama walk on the beach where Kopaka first washed ashore. They discuss how the Matoran are building boats to prepare for their return to the city which the Turaga call Metru Nui. Nokama says that Metru Nui was once the most beautiful place in all of Mata Nui's creation, but she warns that the Toa must learn that appearances can be deceiving.110
  • Takanuva, Jaller, and Vakama stand on a ledge overlooking the lava lake where Ta-Koro once sat, contemplating the loss of the village. Vakama says that Metru Nui is their old home, to which they are returning, where they will find familiar and unfamiliar dangers. Vakama warns them that they cannot always judge an enemy by its appearance, and he recalls the story of when the Toa Nuva fought the Rahkshi Kaita. The point of his story is that the Toa Nuva's ignorance of the Rahkshi Kaita's additional powers almost cost them dearly. Vakama says that the Toa need to know the truth about everything and that they must gather the Toa to listen to another tale.110
  • At night, on a rocky beach, with a full moon in the sky, all six Turaga and all seven Toa stand assembled. Vakama announces that tomorrow, they will begin the long journey to Metru Nui, the land from which the Matoran came, and the home the Turaga and Matoran left to come to the shores of Mata Nui. Vakama tells the Toa that the Turaga planned to tell them the secrets they have kept about Metru Nui after the kolhii tournament, but the appearance of the Mask of Light disrupted those plans. Whenua warns that the Toa will find that Metru Nui is full of mystery and dark secrets. Vakama chooses this moment to announce a startling revelation to the Toa – that they are not the first Toa, and that others walked the path before them.110 The Toa are shocked and demand that Vakama explain himself. Vakama explains that in the time before time, the Turaga were actually once Matoran living on the island city called Metru Nui, which is the island that was rediscovered after Makuta's defeat. There they were mysteriously transformed into Toa, called Toa Metru. In a vision, Vakama learned that the Great Disks were needed to defeat a dangerous plant called the Morbuzakh that was spreading throughout the city and causing destruction. The Toa Metru had to find six missing Matoran who knew the locations of the six Great Kanoka disks.207 Once they had found the Matoran, the Toa retrieved the six Great Disks with the help of the Matoran. Then the Toa and Matoran regrouped and deduced that the king root of the Morbuzakh, the key to its defeat, was hiding in the Great Furnace.217 Finally, the Toa Metru confronted the king root in the Great Furnace and used the power of the Great Disks to destroy it.218
  • The Turaga make the startling revelation that Metru Nui was once home to six other Toa, called the "Toa Metru," who existed long before Tahu and the others appeared. However, Vakama does not say anything more about these early Toa.208
  • After the defeat of Makuta and the rediscovery of Metru Nui, the Turaga reveal to the Toa Nuva that they had once been Toa themselves and that the Matoran had once lived on Metru Nui.219
  • The Toa Nuva and Matoran prepare to leave the island of Mata Nui for all time and travel to the new land of Metru Nui. They turn to Turaga Vakama for tales of Metru Nui.207
  • Tahu Nuva confers with the other Toa, and they decide that Tahu should ask Vakama to tell them everything he knows about Metru Nui, so they can better protect the Matoran from any threats that might lurk there. The other Toa gather at Kini-Nui to wait for Vakama.208
  • On a beach, Matoran from all over Mata Nui work hard on constructing boats for the journey to Metru Nui. The Po-Matoran work on widening the tunnels so that the boats can be carried to the subterranean sea.208
  • Vakama stands a on a high cliff overlooking the beach. Far below, Matoran from all over the island are hard at work constructing boats for the long journey back to Metru Nui. Tahu Nuva approaches, and Vakama reports that preparations for the journey to Metru Nui are going well. Tahu tells Vakama that he has come to ask him to tell the Toa all he knows about Metru Nui. Vakama warns that the tales of Metru Nui may change what they think about the Turaga and Matoran, but Tahu assures him they are prepared for that. Vakama agrees to meet the Toa gathered at the Kini-Nui.208
  • Vakama tells tales of the life on Metru Nui centuries ago, which the Toa Nuva listen to. Hahli attends almost all of his tales as acting Chronicler.24, 104, 35, 38, 3
  • The seven Toa stand silently around the Amaja Circle. Vakama places the stone representing Mata Nui in the center of the circle and begins his tale. Vakama tells the story of how he and the other Turaga were once Matoran living in Metru Nui who were transformed into the Toa Metru when the city was threatened by the Morbuzakh. Vakama tells how they split up to find the six Matoran who knew where to find the Great Disks, and how it appeared that one of them, Ahkmou, had tried to betray the others to a pair of dangerous villains.208
  • After so many years of Vakama thinking he might never get the chance to share these tales, the words spill forth from him and are almost too much for him to bear. Vakama finishes his story early and promises the Toa that he will continue his story tomorrow. The Toa Nuva head off in different directions, but Takanuva stays behind and asks Vakama why he cannot remember living in Metru Nui. Vakama assures him he will learn the reason in time, and that the Turaga kept this from them because they felt it would be cruel to remind them of a home to which they might never return.208
  • Tahu Nuva is shocked by Vakama's tale.220
  • The Toa gather again to hear more of Vakama's tale. Gali notices that it is hard for Vakama to continue, but Vakama insists on resuming his story now. Vakama continues where he left off: after finding the missing Matoran, the Toa Metru split off in groups to find the Great Disks. Vakama tells the tale of how, with the help of the six Matoran, the Toa Metru retrieved the six Great Disks and used them to defeat the king root of the Morbuzakh in the Great Furnace. After proving themselves as heroes, the Toa Metru decided to announce themselves to the city.220
  • Vakama finishes his tale there. Takanuva is eager to hear how the city received the Toa Metru, but Vakama suggests that things did not turn out so happily. Vakama emphasizes that they had assumed wrongly that their world was simple, with good on one side and evil on the other. It is late, so Takanuva suggests that they let Vakama rest and continue tomorrow. Gali can tell that Vakama is troubled and stays behind to talk to him. Vakama explains that whereas the enemies the Toa Nuva have faced did not hide their evil, the challenges the Toa Metru faced were different. Vakama says he and the other Toa Metru had felt that they had nothing left to learn about being heroes, but they had yet to truly form their unity. Their true challenges still lay ahead.220
  • Having recently been named the new Chronicler, Hahli travels from place to place gathering tales about Metru Nui. She hopes to be able to share the stories with the other Matoran during the long journey to come.142
  • Jaller pauses from his labors for a moment, and Hahli comes to talk to him. Hahli is on her way to hear Vakama continue his tale of Metru Nui to the Toa to record it for the new Wall of History on Metru Nui. Hahli convinces Jaller to take a break and join her. Jaller and Hahli set out for the Amaja Circle [Amaja-Nui?].142
  • On the way to the Amaja Circle, Jaller asks Hahli if the rumors about the Turaga once being Toa and defeating the Morbuzakh are true, and Hahli confirms that they are. Jaller and Hahli reach the gathering just as Vakama begins his tale. The seven Toa are gathered around Vakama.142
  • Vakama tells the tale of how the Toa Metru ventured into the Archives to seal a leak in the sea wall but encountered a dangerous shapeshifting creature called a Krahka. At various points, the Krahka disguised herself as members of the Toa Metru and used that ability against them. Ultimately, the Toa Metru defeated the Krahka but let her escape, believing that she was only defending her home. Afterwards, Hahli points out that the moral of the story is that no force could overcome the Toa when they worked together. Vakama also points out that the story reveals the importance of placing one's trust wisely. The Krahka exploited the Toa Metru's trust in each other, and Vakama advises the Toa Nuva to trust what their mind and heart tell them. However, Vakama hints that after their adventure, all did not go well for them.142
  • Sensing that Takanuva and the others will not be satisfied until they have heard the whole tale, Vakama continues the story long into the night.142
  • On the natural stone balcony that looks out over the vast silver sea, Vakama stands with an Amaja circle directly in front of him. Surrounded by the other Turaga, the Matoran, the Toa Nuva, and Takanuva, Vakama begins to tell the most important story of all. His story tells how Toa Lhikan gave Toa stones to the six Turaga when they were still Matoran living on Metru Nui. They were transformed into Toa Metru and collected the Great Disks. When they brought the disks to Turaga Dume in the Coliseum, they were branded as impostors. Half of them were imprisoned, and the rest were chased through the city by Vahki and Dark Hunters. With the help of Lhikan, who had turned into a Turaga, the Toa Metru confronted Dume in the Coliseum, learning that he was actually Makuta in disguise. By then, Makuta had fooled the entire Matoran population into entering pods that trapped them in an unnatural sleep. A major cataclysm struck Metru Nui, covering it in darkness and destroying much of it with massive quakes. The Toa Metru fled to the silver sea. Upon reaching the Great Barrier at the edge of the sea, the Toa fought with Makuta and sealed him in a prison of protodermis, although Turaga Lhikan was killed. Eventually, the Toa Metru brought the Matoran pods beyond the Great Barrier to the island of Mata Nui. There, the Toa Metru sacrificed their Toa power to rouse the Matoran from unending sleep and transformed into Turaga in the process. Jaller learns that his Kanohi mask is actually the same mask that Turaga Lhikan once wore. Vakama ends his story by placing the stone representing the Great Spirit in the middle of the sand circle.221
  • Nuju strenuously objects to Vakama's telling the tale of the Toa Hordika. He tries his best to talk his old friend out of it, and when that fails, he signals his displeasure by sitting apart from the other Turaga as Vakama begins the story.22
  • Despite the objections of Onewa and Nuju, Vakama relates the history of the Toa Hordika.109 Onewa strongly opposes revealing all that happened on Metru Nui to the Matoran and the Toa Nuva; Vakama must do so over his objections.222
  • Hahli writes the main chronicle of the defeat of the Visorak and the Great Rescue, Takanuva only writes about the origin of the Rahaga. It's likely that Hahli wasn't present when Vakama shared this story, and Takanuva offered to record it.223
  • Hahli lets Takanuva chronicle the history of the Toa Hagah because of their connection to the Avohkii. He signs the Chronicle with his Matoran name for sentimental reasons.224
  • Takanuva chronicles the history of the Toa Hagah, possibly in honor of the Turaga and therefore does so under his Matoran name.225
  • Takanuva writes the chronicle of the history of the Rahaga. Since all of his other chronicles were under his old name, they are still collectively referred to as the Chronicles of Takua. Vakama refers to him as Takua by a slip of the tongue after knowing Takanuva by his former name for multiple millennia.226
  • It takes about 3 months to tell the tale of Metru Nui.227

The People of Mata Nui Return to Metru Nui

  • The Boxors are disassembled for transport to Metru Nui.228
  • Unknown to anyone, Nuparu salvages some of the wrecked Exo-Toa armor and brings it to Metru Nui in hopes of studying it.68, 229
  • Many pieces of the Exo-Toa are salvaged by Nuparu.230
  • The Matoran do not bring the Wall of Prophecy with them, instead intending to create a new one in Metru Nui.231
  • The Ussanui is left behind in its wrecked state.232
  • 1 Month Ago233 Led by Tahu Nuva3, the Toa Nuva, Turaga, and Matoran return to Metru Nui to bring the city back to life. They find Turaga Dume still living there.234, 24, 35, 43, 235, 92, 23, 22, 236, 38, 115, 237, 39 Dume is thrilled to see the Turaga and Matoran return.233
  • When the Matoran return to the island, Dume is the rightful ruler of Metru Nui.238
  • Keetongu leaves Metru Nui to save other victims of the Visorak.239
  • Keetongu is not on Metru Nui when the Matoran return.240, 241, 242
  • There are no webs or cocoons when the Matoran return to Metru Nui.243
  • It takes days or perhaps a week for the Toa Nuva to reach Metru Nui.244
  • Mata Nui is abandoned and left empty besides Rahi.245
  • No Vahki remain in Metru Nui.246
  • It's doubtful any Vahki are left.247
  • The Shadowed One learns about Takanuva from spies.248
  • The Shadowed One likely learns about the island of Mata Nui after the Matoran return to Metru Nui from elsewhere.249

Metru Nui Is Repopulated

  • Dume continues to rule over Metru Nui.234, 233, 250 The other six Turaga aid him in governing the city.233
  • The Coliseum serves as Turaga Vakama's workplace since his return to Metru Nui.251
  • The Matoran and Turaga repopulate the city and go to work rebuilding it.188 The rebuilding work itself is a massive undertaking. Moreover, they have no memory of their lives on Metru Nui, so they must re-learn the technology. Also, now that they are back on Metru Nui, it is possible for new Matoran to come into being, which was not possible on Mata Nui.233
  • Vakama assists in the management and rebuilding of Metru Nui.109
  • The Rahaga leave Metru Nui.252
  • Dume welcomes the Vakama and others warmly when they arrive in Metru Nui.253
  • Dume is thrilled to see the Matoran return. He likely respects the Turaga for all they have done for the past 1000 years, knowing they returned as soon as they could. He likely regards some of them as too idealistic.254
  • The other Turaga defer to Dume as the elder of Metru Nui.255
  • The Turaga of Mata Nui act as a council of advisers for Dume.256
  • The Turaga of Mata Nui are like Dume's council. The Rahaga have left.257
  • Dume doesn't have any issue with other Turaga helping run the city because he's still the leader with the others acting as his council of advisors.258
  • The Matoran of Metru Nui don't mind the change in leadership as long as they are treated with respect and honesty.259
  • Since Po-Metru was the least damaged during the quake, many of the Matoran take up residence there while their own metru are being repaired.233
  • Now that the Matoran have returned to Metru Nui, they can make new Matoran again.260
  • The Ga-Matoran restore the Great Temple from the damage originally caused by Toa Hordika Vakama.261
  • Takanuva's personality does not change much from when he was a Matoran. He retains his insatiable curiosity about new things and new places and prefers exploring to doing more mundane work. He is awed by the power and responsibility he has as a Toa and by being in the company of Tahu and his other heroes. He proves to be a good student of their training, driving himself hard to master his powers. However, he does not share with them that he secretly worries that Makuta will return someday and seek vengeance for his defeat. Takanuva is determined to be ready should that happen. Takanuva is welcomed into the company of the other Toa, but he still feels most comfortable with his Matoran friends, especially Jaller and Hahli. Takanuva experiments with more advanced usages of his light power, such as increasing his speed or creating solid light projections.115
  • At some point, an Order of Mata Nui agent hears Turaga Vakama mention the Toa Metru's encounter with the Energized Protodermis Entity. This is how Toa Helryx first hears of the Entity.251
  • Gali learns to control liquid protodermis.262
  • The Visorak are likely under new leadership because they are a useful tool for the Brotherhood of Makuta despite their failure in Metru Nui.263
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta know about Teridax's defeat.264
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta is likely aware that Metru Nui is being rebuilt.265
  • The Brotherhood of Makuta see no point in preventing the rebuilding of Metru Nui. Teridax always knew the Toa and Matoran would return to the city, so he intentionally lost his fight with Takanuva and allowed them to think they had won. Getting crushed was not part of his plan. The positives of allowing Metru Nui to be rebuilt include keeping the Matoran occupied and convincing them that Teridax was no longer a danger so they would ignore what he was really doing.266
  • The Matoran probably go back to their former jobs.267
  • The Matoran still do not recall their personal memories of Metru Nui.268
  • When the Matoran use technologies or participate in cultural practices that were not brought to the island of Mata Nui, they must relearn about them from the Turaga.269
  • The Matoran repopulating Metru Nui is a necessary step for him to wake up, but he would've still fallen asleep if they never left.270
  • The Nuva Symbols are brought to Metru Nui.271 They are most likely hidden in the Coliseum or Great Temple.272
  • The Matoran will be capable of making more Kanoka once they relearn how to do so.273
  • The Vahki are pretty much all destroyed.274
  • The Vahki are not rebuilt275 because last time they were built they were reprogrammed and became a menace.276
  • The Matoran still have to eat, just not as often.277