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Angonce was one of the Great Beings who ruled Spherus Magna prior to the Core War and was an important figure in the construction of Mata Nui. Before the Core War, Angonce was known for being less aloof from the inhabitants of Spherus Magna than was typical for Great Beings. According to legend, Angonce once taught a female Skrall how to advance her natural psionic powers and ascend to a whole new level of power. Because of this, the Sisters of the Skrall were intent on finding Angonce and learning this secret. Angonce was often critical of his fellow Great Beings; he considered the name "Great Beings" to be a misnomer, and he disapproved of the construction of the baterra during the Core War. Although Angonce disappeared with the other Great Beings after the Core War, he was still present on Spherus Magna after the final battle between Mata Nui and Makuta Teridax, when he monitored the return of the inhabitants of the Matoran universe and tried in vain to stop Marendar from being unleashed.


Angonce did not have spies on Spherus Magna or in the Matoran universe like Velika did.1