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Carapar was one of the six Barraki.


Prior to the coming of the Mask of Life, Takadox rarely left his cave – he simply mesmerized Carapar into getting whatever he needed.1

Carapar was the ravager of the seas. He was the physical powerhouse of the Barraki and was virtually invulnerable to everything but electrical attack. He used his powerful embrace and giant claw to shop up and cut down anything in his path. Prior to his exile in the Pit, he was known as the most ferocious of the Barraki – the slightest sign of disrespect from one villager would mean destruction and death for an entire village. He once ended a siege by withdrawing and leaving the enemy city a gift of foodstuffs, which turned out to be poisoned. Although his intellect was dulled somewhat by centuries of Takadox's hypnosis, he was not to be underestimated. As Takadox had noted, Carapar was not as stupid as he looked, for no one could be. Carapar commanded an army of keras crabs and pit war tortoises. His weapon was a squid launcher. His natural tools were a pincer and thick armor. He had no powers.1

Pit war tortoises were recruited by Carapar into his undersea army, and the fiercest served as his personal steed in battle.2

Brutal and bestial, Carapar's approach to life was that there was no problem so great that it could not be torn to pieces with his claw. Although not as brilliant as Pridak or Kalmah, his strength and his armor still made him their equal in combat. His weapon was a squid launcher, and his natural tool was a claw.3

Carapar had monstrous claws, although one was detached in order for him to hold a squid launcher. He had a thick armored shell.4

Carapar was the strongest member of the Barraki. He was brutal and violent. He led an army of fierce crabs and used his powerful pincer to squeeze his enemies until they begged to surrender. Carapar was frequently hypnotized by Takadox, which over time affected his ability to think clearly. In the past, Carapar had been quite a clever conqueror. Carapar carried a squid launcher.5




“Takadox says stop,” Carapar shouted.

Ehlek’s response was to give off an electric shock – generally, his response to everything. Carapar was already braced for the pain, but it still stung. He grabbed Ehlek in one of his pincers and squeezed until his fellow Barraki screamed.

“If I so much as see a spark, I’ll cut you in half,” Carapar snarled.

“What do you want?” Ehlek screeched. “I’ve done nothing to you!”

“It’s what you’re doing to them that matters,” Carapar answered, gesturing with his free pincer to Mahri Nui. “Takadox says stop. He doesn’t want them slaughtered … yet. Says they have something we want.”

“Yes,” Ehlek responded. “Lives. Breath. Futures. All of which I am going to take from --” Carapar squeezed harder until he heard something crack. “What did I say? Did I say, ‘Ehlek, go ahead?’ I didn’t hear myself say that.”1