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earthshock drills

The earthshock drills were a pair of scoop-shaped tools that served as Whenua's Toa tools when he was a Toa Metru.1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Whenua used them to channel his elemental power of earth.6 Despite their shape, they functioned primarily as drills. When activated, they spun at high speed and could bore through almost any substance.7, 8 When spun at maximum speed, they produced a powerful hum that could be used offensively, although it put strain on Whenua too.6, 8 The scoops could be fitted together and used like a jackhammer for fast tunneling.9

Whenua selected these tools from a compartment in the Toa Suva when he first became a Toa.10, 11 When Whenua was mutated into a Toa Hordika, the earthshock drills mutated into thumpers. When Keetongu cured him, the earthshock drills returned to their original form.CN They transformed into Whenua's drill staff when he became a Turaga.12


  • These tools could bore through any substance known to Matoran.7 Even at low speed, they could bore through almost any substance.8
  • These tools produced a loud hum when spinning. When they were spun fast enough, this hum went from painfully loud to ultrasonic, at which point it could cause nearby structures to crack.8