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lava spear

The lava spear was a long, spear-like weapon that served as Norik's Toa tool when he was a Toa Hagah.1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Norik used it to channel and focus his elemental power of fire. The spear also had additional abilities.6 For one, Norik could use it to shoot a stream of molten lava at an enemy. Additionally, the touch of the spear could either heat up an object and melt it instantly, or remove all heat from it in a split second. This was especially useful for turning a lava wave into an almost impenetrable wall of volcanic rock.3

Norik presumably acquired the lava spear when he became employed as one of Teridax's Toa Hagah7 (all Toa Hagah were equipped with similar spears8), although Norik wielded a spear that could shoot lava even before this.9 When Norik was mutated by Roodaka into a Rahaga, the lava spear was mutated into a small staff.10 When Roodaka reversed Norik's mutation, the lava spear returned to its original form.CN Norik presumably continued to use the lava spear on Spherus Magna.