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Teridax's Toa Hagah · Rahaga

Toa Hagah was the name given to the six elite Toa whose job it was to safeguard Makuta. Each Toa Hagah wore unique armor which identified him or her as a member of this special group. The six Toa Hagah were Norik, Pouks, Bomonga, Iruini, Kualus, and Gaaki.2

For Toa Hagah in general, see Toa Hagah.

Rahaga was the name given to six former Toa Hagah who were transformed by Roodaka into shrunken, bent creatures with the heads of Rahkshi. The Rahaga were Norik, Pouks, Bomonga, Iruini, Kualus, and Gaaki. Roodaka coined the term as a play on the words "Hagah" and "Rahkshi." The Rahaga were partially Rahi and had enhanced senses and agility as a result.3 Each carried a staff and had a Rhotuka launcher as part of their anatomy3, 4, which was their primary offensive and defensive tool.5 The Rahaga continued to oppose Roodaka and the Visorak, making every effort to rescue Rahi before the Visorak could capture them.3


Toa Hagah

The Toa Hagah had been chosen to protect Teridax.6

In the tens of thousands of years before the Brotherhood of Makuta rebelled against Mata Nui, they often employed Toa as guards. One such Toa team was the Toa Hagah, led by a brave hero named Norik.7

The Brotherhood of Makuta chose the members of their Toa Hagah teams from existing Toa teams, and the Toa's masks were presented to them by the members of their former teams as a badge of honor.8

All Toa Hagah teams carried weapons like Norik's team: special armor, Rhotuka shields, and spears.9

The deputy leader of the Toa Hagah was most likely Bomonga.10

The Toa Hagah were not mask-makers.11

The Toa Hagah with silver armor did not have a different rank from those who wore gold.12

The Hagah were formed to defend Makuta against dangers such as Rahi attacks and natural disasters. Makuta could deal with these dangers themselves, but didn't want to bother doing so.13

The Toa Hagah were never part of the Brotherhood's army.14

The Toa Hagah's duty was to protect the Brotherhood of Makuta. Their destiny was to save the Mask of Light from them.15

The Toa Hagah wore masks carved in the shape of the masks of past heroes as a tribute to them. A standard Pehkui didn't look like a Kiril, but Norik's did because it was worn by a Toa Hagah and therefore carved that way as a tribute.16

The Toa Hagah's Kanohi were shaped after those of great heroes of the Matoran Universe, not Brotherhood of Makuta members before their betrayal.17

The Hagah's masks were not in the shapes of the masks worn by the members of the first Toa team.18

A Toa's ability to complete their destiny without their team depended on what their destiny was. Part of Norik and Iruini's destinies was to save the other Rahaga, so their destinies were different from their team's.19


From out of the shadows of Metru Nui came the mysterious Rahaga, weird figures combining the wisdom of skilled hunter/trackers and the animal instincts of Rahi. Only they were able to help the Toa Hordika master their new powers and control the savage beasts within. Using their Rhotuka spinners, the Rahaga captured wild Rahi to keep them safe from the rampage of the Visorak hordes.20

The Rahaga were utterly determined to stop the Visorak hordes because of the destruction they caused.21

Keetongu could not cure the Rahaga because they weren't mutated by Visorak venom.22

The Rahaga didn't have whirling rotors to fly with.23

Rahaga could fly by hooking their tools into the magnetic field of their Rhotuka but rarely did so.24